5 Easy Minecraft Command Block Tricks YOU can create!

Hey guys! Welcome to the team wooloo channel! Today we will show you 5 super easy command
block tricks, you can create and modify yourself. These will all consist of only one command
block being activated at the time, powered by this command block clock! Some of you might already know what I mean
with the weird term “Command Block Clock” but for the people that don’t know, this is
how they work! Command blocks ofcourse HAVE TO be powered,
and with this super awesome device you can make them power 20 times a second!
You just make a sandwich out of 2 command blocks and one redstone block, paste these
two commands in it, then replace the redstone block, and DONE!
If you are not able to break the redstone block anymore, that means it is now working!
You can place a third command block at the side of the redstone block
To activate it! Now to the real purpose of this video, what
are some cool commands you can activate with this device? Hey Guys! Have you ever wanted to make a big cool command
block contraption? But realized it is actually quite complicated? Well today we will show
you 5 just as awesome, but a little more easy to make command blocks
tricks. For these command tricks you need a command
block clock, if you don’t know what that is, I will explain it at the end of the video. The first one makes snowballs a little more..
interesting.. By pasting this command into the command block
snowballs will now shoot.. SUPER AMAZING FIREBALLS OF DEATH You can destroy EVERYTHINGGGG even cows The command basicly summons a fireball at
everysnowball, and by doing that the fireball will get knocked into the direction you were
looking, and the snowball will be destroyed! You can add this final part and even change
the blast power of the Fireball. This number here at the end is the power of
the SUPER AMAZING FIREBALLS OF DEATH, by increasing it the explosion will be EVEN BIGGER! This is normal, this is 5, this is 10 and
this is explosion power 15!!! The next one is a little more.. artistic.. What you just saw was done with only one command! This command to be exact. When you constantly set any block at the location
of an item, it will try to get out in a random direction, if you repeat this process once
it is out of the first block You get these weird wires! By changing the
block type you can make it even more artistic! Here we first dropped a ton of items, and
then activated the commands! We created this artistic ehm terrain with caves. See what you can create! If you like shooting sheep at other people
with sheep, this one is for you! By typing /give @p bow 1 0 and then copy pasting
this last bit in you can give yourself a bow with the punch enchantment, level 20! This will knock mobs and players really far
away, but it can get even cooler! By summoning a sheep at the location of arrow
will do a simular thing to the first one with the fireball, but this time the sheep will
get shot away! It’s really fun, and you can basicly shoot
anything, even villagers! Do you like.. creepers? Good we neither. But we still created a way for you to make
other animals into creepers to! This command checks for from the player looking
for any Animal of type -what ever you fill in- in a radius of what ever you fill in this
number. Then if it finds any it summons an instant exploding creeper! This is a quite evil command, perfect to troll
your friends or give yourself a challenge! The last one is a little bit more happy, particle
trails! This is the command you have to connect to
your command block clock. Look how fun it is! You can change this word to alll these kinds
of different particles, and they are all beautiful! Here are some fun ones: reddust, creates rainbows! portal, is really mysterious and majestic! enchantmenttable, is evne mysteriouser barrier, creates some kind of barrier thrail
thingy! and hearts ofcourse creates hearts! And that is it! 5 super awesome, not complicated
commands! I really hope you enjoyed, and I encourage you to test these out in your own
worlds! See if you can try changing parts of the commands,
I challenge you to make something unique based of the commands I showed you! Just beware, always have a back-up plan if
something messes up! This command will kill everybody but you, so have it ready when you
are doing dangerous stuff! But that is all for this video, if you want
to see what we recreated, there are two videos on screen right now you can go and explore! In one we made drones, those quadcopter thingies
you might have heard about in one command! Or if you don’t really like that complicated
stuff, we also made you able to become a unicorn in only one command! If you think this video was useful and you
want to see more, please subcribe! It motivates us a lot to make more stuff for
you, and you will get notiefied as soon as we publish our next video! Alright that is all, see you next time!

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