5 hours on a knotted rope to save the goldfishes (ENG subs) -Tazio Il Biondo-

I made this video to raise awareness about the cruelty of keeping fishes in a glass bowl. It’s an environment with limited space, low oxygen, dirty water.. practically it’s like a person be forced to live in a small room with bathroom and kitchen, without windows and forever! That’s not exactly “a romantic setting”. So…don’t put fishes into glass bowls. Tell it to those who keep the fishes in the bowls, show them this video. it’s not fair! I bought these yesterday, today they are my special guests and tomorrow I’ll release them in a protected oasis; Yes, they needed to stay 36/48 hours in a bowl, but having regard to the cause I think they would be in agreement with this goal.

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  1. jankk 04

    Mamma mia io sono come te(empaticamente) quando vedo dei pesci dentro delle bocce mi viene da piangere e poi c'é gente che li tiene tutta la vita cosi a caso dentro una boccia nn si capisce perché manco ci parlasse con loro boh. Poveri animali

  2. busnavetta9

    Spero che tu non li abbia liberati davvero. Sono infestanti! Vanno a danneggiare le specie autoctone!


  3. ITGameplayer

    i pesci rossi hanno una memoria cortissima quindi non soffrono il posto in cui vivono, basta mettergli un oggettino ed ogni volta che si girano a vederla penseranno "figa sta cosa" (100000x), smettiamola di dire cazzate senza informarci

  4. Believe Inyourself

    that is just insane cause This guy has a skinny fat body shape,he doesnt even look like he work out.Impressive endurance and strenght.

  5. RadioactiveSand

    As insanely impressive as this is… how is he helping goldfishes – or anything and anyone else, for that matter -, by hanging there for five hours?

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