(500 SUB SPECIAL!) Minecraft DykeCraft #3 – December 26th

it’s camel it would be to you and we’re back on the tax cuts i apologize for the long wait between f_
say it’s uh… of actually haven’t had much time to put it sets with christmas and also isolate
christmas special uh… anyway i’m going to be a king presents today
uh… because there’s a niece born village board three
respondents yet options what it looks like um… that’s what it looks like so that’s the
plots here are quite small and there’s a christmas tree and silly decorate jackson’s victory with them and vixen torches annie’s favorite since
their kids sit down said artistic down now cecil b_ a late christmas special boxing day where i live which the steria uh… i guess still christmas in some areas of
the world such as america say this the spartan village are like
these wikio i’d say this video which is my favorite type of wood and these uh… slabs here also work
well and i see someone’s puts them around here even
though it’s a forest fire man it doesn’t say reinforced by ends say anyway i got up to a bit franking
few days ago ranked uh… known padi uh… keep demanding p_m_ that real
names of the people um… asap thanks mala kadhi i’ve put spain brits in circuit into his house actually three pits and
states and i am he’s was and making noise maker and to to lead quickly and and i was at the end of trying to those all
say about general menace our topics that and
enjoyed st operating as well acting and the judge companies place
insults and and i’m not sure general menace kids and our topics uh… made jet put genitals rather large jenna
fools around he’s god area all he’s swamped by him slip uh… let’s say from my president said i’ve got one cm i think you can general menace lots of i says he has a sip touch peaked
what’s this think efficiency five fourteen three stuff i really wasn’t expecting ditch this
marks for christmas cookies i’ve gotten off inventory
specialist justia marshall died it was that asleep this wouldn’t go here thank you uh… syntheses do you need is i’m planning on planes grounds uh… let’s see seen skillet presents himself there’s
nothing in these shifts uh… serve as some of the president’s so dot people server well is another one for me from their
own party you know running up stuff carrots i love cat slam bulls taking its time that’s music it’s c plating road lucknow track uh… can thrill this was really orwell skull or if want or said system any seat speed system tax alright saved that’s what i’ve gotten christmas uh… ira looks like it’s it’s christmas uh…
dot crafts uh… said christmas tree was designed by
general minutes as a utility uh… he’s he’s the clock i think two pallets
fritz ten these trips and lamps here and you can see that it’s in torches
that question nominal outlet liquor three he twenty a lot of
different designs terry finally found the perfect one saying in a more about the sport village
uh… it’s i perceive the grant his peter forms uh… because really that doesn’t exist such ape flat area in a forest behind so this place borders on the jungle
vines right here and nz austerity and over here we have i really and on the one-half cited a his phone
staffing you see the plate so riley’s failed
halfs uh… belief simpson uh… placate page i see a little torches here on the show that they can get ahead of
the on for weeks now served i’ll are like out in the subject on
christmas day christmas even on boxing day they turned the tests interview christmas presents a double
chest looks like this and a single chest off-season funds to
purchase if all else fails i guess i’ll just me i’ll show you save save red christmas presents while still keeping the chest shape in
the chest looking up keep christmas trees here and around the that present say and he is a week com which some awfully trampled clubs i see someone even going back into crops
well i think this is riley is because he
loves going wait ever since i showed him how to create wheaties twisting going to be overboard with that answers a little week waiting to be
harvested if you just come back on the server them say his never pulled i don’t think dot sweet
back up to the never help yet uh… dot after the show eventually happen such
clear the spot and i’ll see doesn’t have a hub hagerman some back from the way to the
navajo but found something highly unusual as a cow in on my footing islands and it’s about one hundred books in and
out and a half spotless sport lights locales and exported on crops uh… artists have to take in some way i’ll have to house and someone to liken find out what to do with it much pertinent point here moments d getting he lied uh… well were edges here for u_n_ peace but i think peaceful but i can respond exteriors
agreed one stay here if by walking off the planing on kansas
weariness hopes other thanks see you said recently this uh… never has been killed place the a request never hold has been
he’d buy it job so you can see from all the fis here um… george and and george and general mess
have been adding trying to protect concede some areas like mandela pulpit well it’s pretty basic m i mean duffs
can still get through here seaweed five mites eventually make my train nine months i
get enough rails steps right now i’d like i said i’d i’d and um… i lost so much stuff had to get back to
me well um… to actually acted well settled and party uh… because this server look for some people it’s fine to some
people snobs uh… colantonio wells experience plant
at his house well the place condos loop it kind of cheated or something ends when i looked in i’d fell through the ground dallas brett
about kia fell through the grand total of eight and goes nothing i could do identity s salim what’s the taxes that gentleman assault texan instead of present here from and
trilogy i think is starting to get jacoby jumped saddam saxon still hasn’t
done anything georgia i think is really finishes
realigning here well he’s getting really close say they would not have any mel side got
christmas the logitech g four hundred odd goes up to three thousand six
hundred p_p_i_ and i don’t like it feels very nice in your hands but cesium turned and made the rounds uh… the agriculture foxwoods it yet
resemblance to do whatever you want me splits text gaming suffered definitely recommend it of those rail goes on too long thank you for taking and the judge
expressed portal is red heads uh… is samant takes this now events of cable or anything gagan yeah might diamond beginning just uses it while the lives of turned on very nice and if you look very nice cats are much but for the job the print
now of sito’s beckett base because this is joe camel a_k_a_ music justice free and today worked in the republican uh… there been a number of
improvements in their home uh… particularly this stick a c_n_n_
smokes sense and has been an uh… second was completely destroyed
leaving he is miles as place he’s uh… recently added out he hasn’t done much sep replace the archway with cults and and the inside as well opti we’ve got
the railway tracks and that he is well uh… elsa it down here finish their first floor it should choose area which is made out
of staying and israel and his staff starts here and he’s nearly finished it combat heat
he sausage sizzle litigate he’s uh… the trade displace heelys couples say in fences towns all sp and he’s using opt-out rails proud by these leaders he
would shift in tone how he could just use right-wing torches
pit basically disabled individually uh… sr that the rich might be someone when he is with his will i’m going to pranks accident today uh… threesome i’m thinking sex is
because he pranks dot general menace and he keep active feed that he put trees all around his village ands um… even put trees in the sky and that
will take ages to clean up to miss who probably operating idiocy
should frank that for now let’s get into the pregnant said they see what i’m going to do is making
even the least make out of fred stand it’s an oldie but it could be said and nations cigarettes and set it accidents and then i’m placing mixing torches here customers headed up his casts and six on enough flat-footed store the yours but it still here came into existence dept vocalist planning to do this with little took the
plank well six-week hope and to skipped okay seo let’s get a sexist base out case a honey ticket sent us here passing if sex and works uh… now on the holidays se ap of the sock scottwilson because i want sleeve saying because i
want to eat d_a_ but film mind here weapon went to my input denies making
that quickbooks has sent back uh… std uh… well that’s doing stroll tall index what can you really need them she’s smith st so it’s late at night uh… i think i’ll put the first no is
making enid net a publicly just police state case here king had um… teapot analyze he would be
appreciated brokerages test how would uh… religiously sunday that he was working with saxon
actually italics is in the presence of said he uh… uh… are potentially
where he lives he does say let’s play series who met he has each account um…
athletes feast least started doing it let’s play season dot craft uh… sales this miss mckinny right shes them something came it’s this optics cake as bag i just finished the first
place make it you can come pick it uh… suck up dust uh… much at streets that self uh… spots tickets which took place and explore mhm quickly backed here wiccan okay uh… hit or sex is going to be reviewed seen e_t_’s full torches for this
because it was it ends up really quickly approved another one down here btw it’s accuses ahmoudi zombie tomb piazza nighttime since it’s really easy to make arm at a public debate update we sorry we
have a sauce out because i dot actually died recently a couple of months i think it’s pretty good septa three safe uh… thought we should
go back here iraq does rebecca base and i think i
might get that index html systems account here hasn’t tool itself yet and that made the latkas into leftist
looks and they’ll probably that’s a soft play accepts a doubt
they’ll be trying to speak out and might make a known far mandate we come
as well subtext in this place said watches and they have safety after
does sia

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