6 Hour Small Backyard & BBQ Area Makeover on a Cheap Budget

Hey awesome ones. Do you have a backyard
area, maybe have a really small backyard like we do when we downsize.
You’ve kind of neglected it? Well that’s what this video is all about. You know
what? Try to use every inch of your backyard that you can and we’re going to
show you how we fix it up in just a second. Now again we’re keeping it real and this
is kind of embarrassing. If you saw the garage one that we did, I’ll put it up
there, the garage is a place that I hardly ever go. To the kids a lot of them
have moved out so they just keep throwing their stuff that they don’t
want to put in a locker or storage unit into our garage. Well this part of our
backyard is very much the same. If you remember seeing the video that we did on
our gazebo, which is on our deck, again I’ll put that up there. We’re kind of
living in the gazebo right now, but this whole area down here has been neglected.
Now I’m going to show you…. you know around in just a second. Now the main
thing about this area is it could be really really beautiful and whatever
Bill is doing his charcoal barbecuing of course he…..we like to have it in a safe
place not on a deck and…..he comes down here and he’s all alone and nobody wants
to come down and visit him. So we’re not only going to set up a really nice
little barbecue area and sitting area, but I’m also gonna change my lifestyle a
little bit so that when he’s barbecuing we’re sitting down and we’re having a
glass of wine together and we’re really kind of enjoying. So let’s take a look at
this downsize….this is our downsized backyard now and oh well here’s the
reality of it all. If you want to follow around Bill…..yeah there’s a few weeds,
there’s a table here that really needs to be cleaned up it’s got some ceramic
pieces on it. Over here we have a really nice fire pit. Again we never use it
because it just sort of gets stuck out there. Here we have a lovely lounger and I’ve
got a beautiful brand-new cover for it to lay down on. Do we use it? Nope don’t
use that. Here we have our watchdog, Hurricane. Okay what are you looking for?
What do you see? He’s sniffing something underneath our deck. Sometimes we get the
odd raccoon and that, so I’ve got to keep my an eye out for him. We’ve got items for the
barbecue here. Here’s Bill’s poor lonely station that he has to do his charcoal
barbecuing. Hey guess what? He’s gonna show you how to do charcoal barbecuing
in another video coming up, but and then I have no idea everything seemed to have
gathered over here. This probably just blew in from somewhere, those leaves
probably blew in from somewhere. It’s just a mess we have old chairs here that
are piled up rusting out. And back to where I started here. You’ve got a corner in
your yard or if you’ve got a yard, a little tiny yard that you thought, eh
forget it, it’s not worth anything. This isn’t that big, but let’s see how we do
on fixing it up and making it another little living area. Look at these trees
we’ve got to benefit from this. So I’m all ready to go on this project. I’ve got my
compostable leaf bags, I have something to kneel on because I’m gonna be pulling
a lot of weeds. I’ve got my gardening gloves and I even have my rain boots which are
also working as gardening boots as well. So part of the yard work that we’re
doing to get ready here is we’ve got this set of chairs. We’ve had them a
while but I’m gonna give them a good heavy-duty clean up and then we’re gonna
spray-paint them and they’re gonna look brand new. We’re gonna throw some
beautiful seat covers on and there you go!
So I’m all set to go. I’ve got my spray paint. We’ve got some green spray paint
that’s an outdoor anti rust. It’s for you know, mostly metal but you can
use it on wood or plastic. So what I mentioned to you earlier, what I’m gonna
do is we’re gonna spray-paint these chairs. I’m just gonna do the arms
because the rest of its kind of plastic. And you’re not going to see it anyways
with the seat cover on it and then of course Heather found a couple other
things for me to do. Right here we’ve got an umbrella stand that’s seen better
days. So I’m gonna give this a nice spray. Match it to the chairs and then
of course she also found the garbage can for the the charcoal ashes to go in
there. So We might as well make it all look green. So it’ll be a green yard! Hello again. Well as you can see I forgot
to put my mask on earlier and Heather made sure I add my mask on. Had to be
safe. And of course she found something else that has to be done. So hopefully we
run out of paint if you know what I mean. So Bill is doing a really good job as
you can see. He’s got all the spray painting done and I just want to tell
you that I’m ready to start creating the design of this barbecue area. We decided
on this area here by the fence, of course we won’t have it near any flammable
bushes or anything like that, but yeah at the hardware store I bought these
shelves. I bought some loops. I bought some lights, I bought a bunch of other
things. And I am no designer, okay I’m not a designer, but I know
we can do a lot better than…….Bill show that little barbecue area there. We can
do an awful lot better than what we’ve got right there. So I’m going to start
putting things together and designing this little area. Don’t judge me too much.
It’s just we want to make it comfortable. Look who we have right here.
Hurricane. Hey are you helping with the yard work? Oh you are. You’re being on
your best behavior – all right let’s see if we have some stuff that you can carry.
Or…. oh you just want to be on guard. Okay you be on guard. Well what we’re doing
right now is we want to see if everything is gonna fit. So we’re kind of
placing things where we think where they’re gonna go and then the next step
I’m going to be doing is I got to level things off. The racks arn’t level here. This
one’s not level. So we’re just getting a feel and then I’ve got to move over to
this tree here. Trim it all back. Get it all cut back so that we can have a
clear area here. So actually it’s coming along already. So far so good! There’s always something to do out here.
What we’re doing now is that this tree has just come into the backyard. So we’re
gonna push it back. Trimmed it back last year, but as you can see it just….nature,
it just keeps pushing ahead. So you know how I’m always talking about a touch of
whimsy. So I found these popsicle lights. They’re actually solar lights. So I got
the solar panel right here and I’m just kind of stringing them up right now. And
of course we’re going to have some beverages cooling around here. So I’ve
got my tiki bar sign. All right so more touch-ups and you just can’t beat some
real……these are great because geraniums they last through everything. So we’ve
got a few touch-ups here. It’s coming along and you know it’s amazing what you
can find even around the house. So I found this pillow. Looks fantastic and Bill, I
gotta say, I’m looking at all this work you’ve been doing. I just pulled Bill
away from the job that he was doing to say hey let me do this
little video clip, but man you know, we started around noon. I think it’s around
4:30 now, we’ve got an awful lot done. Way to go Bill! All right I know I look a little bit
frazzled, but I’m really proud of what we did. We started what…….around one ish
something like that. And it’s not quite 6:30 yet. So what we accomplished in that
short of time, I mean I just find it really amazing. Now some of these items
that I’m going to show you….I will put, I can’t put them all, but I’ll try to find
some that are like them and put them in the blog and in the description. You can
link to the blog and and find out about them and yes I have to say this. We do
make a bit of Commission on that and it really helps us to keep going with these
videos. So thank you very very much for that. So let’s walk around and take a
look. So we’ve got this lounger here that you know, actually it’s an old lounger. We
just sprayed it and the cushion actually I turned the cushion over so it looks a
little nicer. And then over here we bought ourselves a nice geranium. They’re
so Hardy. I saw them in the store a couple weeks ago. I just had to have them and
you know some other whimsical types of things that I like……always have some cold
water. I’ve got to fill that up with some cold water. Um you never know whether
you’re gonna go red or white for your wine. So we’ve got that there. Bill are
you gonna be okay? Just allergies. Yeah I know and some cold drinks on ice and
some white wine on ice with some coolers. so we’ve got that all together of course.
We love to charcoal barbecue and I think we mentioned to you that we’re going to
show how to charcoal barbecue, cuz Bill’s become a master at that. Another nice
little plant here and I just want to get in here, that I don’t know if you can see
me okay. Oh yes the umbrella. We put the umbrella
here because so many times poor Bill, again poor Bill he goes out, he’s making
all the charcoal barbecuing and I swear to God that some little black cloud
decides to show up and just rain on him. So now you can just put this up.
It’s safe distance from the charcoal barbecue and so is the fence of course.
And what I really like here is this little area as well. If I’m making a
salad, sorry I didn’t have time to make you a salad, but I put the salad there. The
idea that I’m trying to do now by the way hopefully…… am I my okay in the light
there Bill?…. oh not bad. Okay one of the things that I’m really trying to do is
spend more time, the whole idea about this was to spend more time with Bill
when he’s out charcoal barbecuing. Because what ends up happening, it takes
about a half an hour for the coals to get ready and then if you’re making
chicken or something in an indirect heat that takes another 30 minutes. So he’s
back here all by himself. So I’m gonna have salads pre-made, maybe a potato
salad or maybe a nice Caesar salad. Whatever I want to do. Pre-made so that I
can come out here put the salad….cover it up with something and just sit down in
these lovely chairs that we have here, that we’ve just spray-painted. We’ve got
the same cushions on them that we had up in the gazebo and so that works really
well. I love these stem….will get to the stemless glasses in a minute, but I
wanted to show you something here as well. You know a nice wooden tray to
bring down the meat or whatever we’re going to be barbecuing. Also this is
really really handy these little containers and inside we could have well,
I’m sure there’s going to be a lot of different things coming in here because
right now if I can ever get it open. I’ve got, oops! Wow I’ve got napkins. I
have charcoal grilling recipes and other recipe books in here. So we could just be
sitting down and maybe earlier in the day deciding on you know what exactly we
want to do as far as the barbecue is concerned and then this little baby,
it’s sort of for tools and things. Bill’s always running into the house especially
if it’s making steak or something and says, I need a knife and fork. So now
he’s got his knife and fork. We got our bottle openers, we’ve got our
wine openers and there’s another layer under here for you know, those safety
gloves the heat gloves they also save you from your cutting your hands. So
we’ve got all that in there and everything is really nicely tucked away.
So i’m gonna move over here a little bit again. So there you have it. We’re
going to finish up in just a second and we’ve really realized how bad the grass
is back here. That’s probably our next project. You
certainly can’t do that in this video, but well we’ll put down some grass seed
and make it really nice. Bill did you want to show the magic of the evening? Oh the
magic of the evening? Well we’re….you’re seeing us right now and let’s see it
looking at night. Wow just like that it”s nighttime. Boy the day’s a short day
isn’t it. Well here’s a view of what it looks like at night. We replaced the
table where we had our wine and that going, with the fire pit. And again we’ve
got the fire pit covered so no sparks really fly anywhere. And it’s
important you do cover up in a you know a kind of a small space like
this, because you have neighbors. You don’t want a bunch of sparks flying into
their yard or anything like that and also check…..this is the only spark. Oh I
think that was a compliment, but thanks man,
but anyway as far as the fire pit goes you know you’ve got to check and make sure
that you can do it. This is one of those ones that are store-bought that you can
have, but there’s certain regulations all over the world.
So check that out. A couple of other things I want to show you about this backyard,
so I don’t know if you can see this or not. It says….ye old smoking pot. I got
this at a craft show and Bill and I, we don’t smoke, but some of our friends do.
So it’s just a little smokers pot, it’s kind of cute here and there’s sand in
there and that way you know people are out in the fresh air and they can go
ahead and smoke if they like. Now Bill’s going to turn the light off on the
camera and we’re just going to show you a little bit of the ambience here at
night and then we’re going to get back to the video the original video on the
daytime. You see all the solar lights that we
have. My little popsicles are all glowing and it’s really quite cozy and comfy out
here. So we really hope this video helps you to find maybe a little neglected,
neglected area in your backyard that needs some sprucing up and we got her
done in about five hours. Hey this backyard needed some sprucing up. It was,
it was certainly neglected. So yeah it just blows my mind how it looks now. I
had the idea in my mind. I remember walking around the hardware store with
Bill and he’s like what are we getting this for like these shelves are for a
garage and I’m thinking I could make something out of this. I can make
something out of this and we did it. Turned out great.
Yeah so talking about great, you our subscribers, you guys are just
fabulous. We just love you so much. We love the comments you know we’ve really
got a community here and we found out about this Bell thing, so somewhere
around our video is a bell and if you click on the bell you’ll be notified of
our videos. And again the inspirational, home, food, you know that sort of thing,
they come out on Tuesdays and on Fridays, since I was an 80s model, I do the beauty
and the fashion and all that kind of stuff. So you know and if you’re not a
subscriber there’s a button down there. I would love to have you. Yeah you’ll learn
a lot and it doesn’t really matter how old or young you are you know, come on
down and take a look at some of these ideas that we have for you. So in the
meantime we all just want to wish you the very, you know we only have so many
summers, so if you haven’t got an area it’s just amazing what you can find and
what you can do to make it your own and we hope you enjoy whether it’s a balcony
or or whatever. Good point Heather, it could be a little balcony, it could be a
big yard, little yard whatever. Or your nearest patio. You know restaurant, just
enjoy the fresh air. And until next time keep it awesome. Keep it awesome.
Everyone’s invited to subscribe and join us on our journey.

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Reader Comments

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    Hi it's Heather, here's a link to our blog where you can find some similar items that we had in the video https://www.awesomeover50.com/inspirational/6-hour-backyard-bbq-area-makeover/

  2. Brett Nine

    What a lovely sunny yard. You did a great job, without fuss. It looks like a cosy lounge outdoors, especially with your fire-pit lighting. Inspiring. Thanks for the ideas, guys. Enjoy the Tiki bar.

  3. Hunnie B

    Hey Heather & Bill…….WOW, you both did an amazing job with your backyard, it's the perfect spot to relax and BBQ. Love all your touches Heather, and Bill did a great job with the spray paint. Gosh, that fire pit is way cool, I totally have to get one like that…….thanks so much for sharing, wishing you both well 🙂

  4. Rebecca Dietrich

    Great job!! I've been working on our "small" backyard as well. Just got some edison style solar lights hung, a stepping stone path, and just waiting on sod to be laid next week!! Now if it just wasn't so hot here right now, we might be able to start using it. Enjoy!!

  5. Beth Brown

    Hi Heather and Bill , oh and beautiful furbaby♥ First I want to tell you I have been a subscriber for quite awhile and I dont believe I have ever made a comment,,shame on me LOL.
    I loved this video!! I am a real DIY er and I love making something nice from basically nothing as you did with your adorable little grill area.
    You did wonderful job and it looks so relaxing and romantic! Is your little ones name Hurricane??? I love the style of haircut he has. I am the parent of a full Yorkie and a half Yorkie half wiener, both are rescues and they are the light of my life.
    I just wanted to let you know I was here and always watching your videos and LOVE the ones with the furbaby in them♥

  6. cobweb afternoon

    That turned out so nice! We have those exact chairs, probably as old as yours too! The paint really put life back into them!
    It's been excessively hot here in WNY! Too hot to enjoy the backyard for us, although we have been watching movies back there after dark.
    I love the shelves and all the accessories, especially the solar lights!
    Little Hurricane is so cute! My dog sits and watches the squirrels. It's so nice to have an outdoor space to enjoy! 😎
    Oh, we pulled a tick off of our dog a few weeks ago. Yikes!!

  7. Michelle Greenhalgh

    It looks great,it doesn't matter how big or small your garden is you can always do something with it,I say its like having anther room so its great to sit outside,I love what you have both done,thank you for sharing.xx

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    Heather &Bill you guys did a great job in one day. Enjoy the fruits of your labour! We have to enjoy every minute of our short Cda summers! 😊

  9. Alice Diamond

    Hooray for hand-pulling weeds!(No chemical weed killers) I'll bet your hamstrings and butt muscles were sore after that–it's a great isometric exercise. At a slightly higher budget level, you can get a professional to design a backyard for you and then do the work yourself. Just let the pro know your skill level. My brother did that for his whole yard and though it took a few years to get it all done, the result is lovely.

  10. Jeanette Dalton

    Happy 4th of July, AWESOME ONES!!! Bravo… You guys did an AWESOME job in just a few hours. Your backyard looks simply amazing. Bill, you're such sweet & loving man. The teamwork paid off ROYALLY. The ambience is rather romantic now. I don't have a private yard because of living in a park community. However, we've decided that we will create a lounge area in our small front area. We won't be getting to it this year, it's on the list for next summer; however. This year we have to get our roof worked on before seasons change. I've received a lot of excellent tips & ideas for my project next year, thank you so much. Hurricane was such a sweetie while you guys were busy. He's the BESTEST little Yorkie, big hug for my little buddy. I have that Bell for new notifications from you AWESOME ONES. Be well.:)

  11. SuperSydneyh

    Loved this video & the way you 'keep it real"! I must say my barbecue area is a definite "before" and you've inspired me to get busy and enjoy the space I have. Hurricane is so cute! He will protect you from the wild critters in the back garden!

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    you guys have done an awesome job in your small back yard loved your video you both seem so nice…looking forward to seeing more videos.

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    You did a fabulous job! Makes me wish our little community could come out and hang with you and enjoy a glass of wine. Cheers from San Diego!

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    You are both fun to watch and i love this video!! We're doing our house now and i love the solar light idea. Keep up the wonderful videos you two!! I want to apologize for how our president is treating you Canadians, believe me when i say we do not allbelieve in what he is or stands for, and most of us are very embarassed of him. Gary.

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    I appreciate your video because it's so real….. making your little space your little peace of paradise. Nice lil get away out in nature with the lil birds!…… nice!

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    You should pain all your metal furniture in bright colors,makes you feel happy …trust me!! I did that and I wanna sit every day in my garden ..You did a good job!!

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    Just found your channel. Subscribed and clicked on the bell. That was an awesome make over.
    I have been concentrating on my no dig, organic, cottage garden in only sun I have in front yard. So my very shady big back yard is in terrible need of attention. Thank you for the inspiration!
    Pat from southern Indiana.

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    Why a very hot bbq grill next to plastic shelves? He should have painted all of the furniture not just the arms. Pretty cushions and bird pillow.

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    What a lovely area❤️! My only suggestion would be to plant some hostas around the perimeter. They are hardy, they are lush, they love shade, and their blooms are so pretty. (And no upkeep👍🏻).

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    Absolutely love it…..love the greenery the most as I live in the brown arid California high desert. Also love the chirping birds in your cozy garden.

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    Hi Heather and Bill, it was so wonderful watching your bbq area makeover!!! I love it 🥰 you guys did a great job. Lots of inspiration!! I’m over 50 and on disability retirement, and I love gardening and my backyard, but I don’t have a lot of energy to do everything I want, but I try to do small touches here and there. I could send you a few pictures. Anyway, I really enjoyed your video and I think you two are adorable. Thank you so much for sharing.

  23. Gina Reynolds

    It looks great! Now everyone can sit down there together. Another nice touch would be some type of water fountain with some plants around it. It's so relaxing 💗

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    This has to be one of the best videos I have watched in a while! You guys are FANTASTIC! I came across your channel because I am doing some “sprucing up” in my backyard and this video came up recommend. By the end I was smiling EAR TO EAR! I love your energy, and positive attitudes! And you two are so great together! I subscribed! Great job on your back yard, I hope you both enjoyed it last summer and are excited to get back outside again this summer! Looking forward to watching your content. Thank you for a great video!

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    New subscriber! I loved the video & how everything came together! & I absolutely LOVE y'all's energy & playfulness 😊 God bless ❤️

  26. J Annibal

    Very nice! A smaller yard like that can be turned into a real show-stopper in a relatively short period of time. Keep working on the improvements, maybe some planters from the fence or a raised flower bed somewhere, and clean up that corner under the deck that looks like there's left-over wood stashed there (?) Nice to have the shade from the tree(s) and you already have the tall fencing for privacy! Sprucing up the lawn will be simple, give it a couple doses of weed and feed and seed in thin spots in the fall. Better yet, in such a small yard, buy a roll of sod and cut that up to patch in thin spots, just water it a few times a day for a week or so and voila, you'll have a lush green lawn.

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    Great job! The lawn looks good to me, I have patches of sand in mine 😄
    I really like the shelf with plastic bins for storing paper goods and utensils, how convenient. Your prep and spray painting of the furniture has inspired me to give it a try on my plant stands.
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    Talk about a make over!!!! I did love sitting by a fire pit with a few close friends…But, the gentleman I am with,gets eaten alive by mosquitoes. So….I thing I'll be checking into getting a screenroom. Thanks for the motivation,

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