A Guide to Using 3D Shapes in Paint 3D

3D content is proven to be more understandable
and engaging and in Paint 3D we are making 3D
creation easy for everyone. Click on this icon to reveal the 3D Shapes tab.
It contains a variety of 3D shapes and objects to
build into your own models and scenes. There is a selection of blank pre-made models to
get you started on your 3D journey. To create one, simply select the model and your
desired colour and tap the workspace. The bounding box will allow you to change the
scale and position of the model. For a larger selection of pre-made models head
over to our online 3D library by clicking Get
More Models. You will also find a selection of 3D Objects.
These are the basic shapes that can be used as
the building blocks to make more complex models. You’ll be amazed at what you can make by just
changing the scale, position and rotation of
these simple objects. To learn more about selecting and manipulating 3D
models in Paint 3D, follow the link at the end of
the video. If you can’t find the shape that you need, then
you have the 3D Doodle tool to create brand new
objects from scratch. To create a 3D Doodle, simply draw the outline of
the shape and it will pop out into a 3D object. If you want a shape with straight edges, then you
can tap points for the corners and straight edges
will form between them. To change the depth of your custom shape, turn
the object to the side and rescale. These shapes have been created with Sharp Edge
Doodle. If you want to create a shape with a soft edge,
then use the Soft Edge Doodle Tool, which is
great for creating softer looking objects like
clouds. Discover easy 3D creation in Paint 3D – today! Watch the next video to learn about selecting and
manipulating 3D objects.

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