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  1. AdStroh

    I did 5 years of Polish sabre when I was in Krakow. 🙂 The best sabres in my mind are the Polish karabela hilt, French M1845 or Turkish kilij. Would be cool to see some be videos on those.

  2. Tomasz Kostański

    Yaay! All what is needed to know when willing to start training SABRE. Good video because it shows basics are necessary if you want to do advanced techniques 😀

  3. Chris Parker

    Great video, great hearing the basics and yes please, would love to see more. Would love another lesson sometime too, great video, always love your style

  4. L B Jackson

    Absolutely yes, please, more thoughts and information about sabre. My favorite is the class of sabre I call "Hussar sabre", which I take to mean sabre with "D" or "Stirrup" hand guard with a "fairly" curved blade (within a range of "barely, slightly, fairly, very", and "extremely" curved).

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