Adam Ruins Everything – Why Building a Border Wall Makes No Sense

Just building a wall would
be practically impossible. This is where it would be. (dog squeals) It would have to stretch over
2,000 miles of rough terrain… cutting through mountains, rivers, villages and even people’s homes. And all that destruction
is monstrously expensive. Just building the wall would cost between
$15 and $25 billion. (woman gasps) It would easily be one
of the single most expensive pieces of
infrastructure in American history costing
as much as 20 Hoover Dams or NASA’s entire annual budget. (man)
That’s one small step for man, one giant wall for no reason. Not to mention
the astronomical cost of staffing
and maintaining the wall, which taxpayers like you
and your children will be stuck paying forever. I paid for the wall. My father’s father
paid for the wall. And one day you
will pay for the wall. Because this is Wall World. Even just faking
the wall for our show was prohibitively expensive. Looks like our CGI
budget ran out. Okay, yes,
it may be expensive but that doesn’t change the fact that once we build it,
it will work. Not like you think. Increasing security
at the border will never stop illegal
immigration. Why not? No one’s getting passed me. Yes, they are because
it’s estimated that between 27% and 40% of all
undocumented immigrants in America
came here on planes. (plane passing) I forgot about planes. These immigrant’s didn’t sneak over the border. They came here legally, through passport control then just overstayed their visa’s. and guess what, the border wall’s not going to stop them cause, reminder:

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  1. Lizardguy

    The only way to truly stop illegal immigration with a wall is to basically just build a dome that encompasses all of the country. And since that's monumentally stupid, I'll stick with the sane option.

  2. Constantine Aze

    also dumbass trump supporters don't realize Mexicans can easily immigrate thru the underground tunnels in he southwest and by boat and immigrate from Tijuana to California. people are dumbasses I'm native american

  3. Suzi McGowen

    No one mentions what "the wall" will be like in the gulf. Is all ocean front property about to become wall front property? And everyone with a fence knows, you can't just put it up in the front of the yard, you have to go all the way around. The whole idea is a stupid slogan that he can't back away from now. (Except the part about who's going to pay.)

  4. MilkCow

    So we pay NASA each year the amount it takes to build the wall? All they do is look at the sky and make up BS theories. Just cut their budget for 1 damn year, and build the fkn wall. Thanks.

  5. eogg25

    First I have nothing against Legal Mexicans or the Mexicans that are already here living in The USA., working and paying taxes. I feel real bad for these people. I am just commenting on his video. How much do we spend on Illegal Mexicans, Guatemalans, And everyone else that illegally comes here, I heard an estimate of about 90 billion dollars, give or take a couple of billion dollars, the wall is not going to cover the whole border with Mexico just certain areas were they cross the most, the rest is going to be by Surveillance equipment. Very few people come across the mountains and other areas, those are natural fences. even with the fence, people will figure a way to cross, like tunnels.  I am no expert and either is this comedian. I have a plan on how to build the wall cheaply, Higher Mexican laborers after the wall or fence is built, we can grow vegetables on it to help feed the illegals. that make it in.

  6. Tweed Tweed

    I've got this idea for an UZI-drone , which could be controlled from the comfort of your den. Membership is free and you can earn Obamacare points while protecting our southern border from the cartels and other unknown forces which threaten our country daily. Gun and Drone are free to qualified sharpshooters and nominal charges will apply. AMMO NOT INCLUDED!

  7. food

    what makes no sense is why we are spending trillions so far to take care of 30 million Mexican nationales while Americans are starving and treated like garbage.

  8. TheLAW

    Lol he debases his own arguement. "it's estimated that between 27% and 40% of all undocumented immigrants in America came in on planes". Meaning as much as 73% is coming from the boarder. If you can stop 73% of an issue then the general consensus is that you should.

  9. Tom Dutch

    wow someone can use Google.25% how would u even get that number and that still leaves 75-60%…

    u gotta be pretty fn dense to think it was ever gonna be 100% cure all, but it sure would be better then nothing

    O and Mexico built a wall on their southern boarder, didnt want to deal with the insane amount of crime form the neihbors

  10. Winterboarder

    I don't know, maybe somebody should ask china how their wall is working for them. Seems it worked for them for 2300 years. Just saying…

  11. ArcticKomodo

    When the parent company of College Humor has Chelsea Clinton on the board of directors, content like this seems very suspicious.

  12. TankAce

    And a wall wouldn't keep out all the illegal immigrants even if it was built. They have the gulf of Mexico and the gulf of California to use.

  13. king Mc R.

    it just goes to show you California's based quote quote tell you the truth" " > > fake< < TV show is wrong. anything is possible with the right attitude with the right work attitude and work ethics. PS. they said the same thing about the Hoover Dam they said the same thing about the United States international highways so see the TV show is wrong. and this show is not always accurate as it claims to.

  14. Warrior of Light

    we give 35 to 50 billion to foreign aid America is good at throwing money so let's just drop the borders and say everything is free in America

  15. Anakin Skywalker

    Eryk ruins adam. while yes these sound like hard and economical challenges don't forget china built a 5500 mile wall stretching across the country through mountains over rivers and through villages to stop mongols from crossing it into china during 221 bc. You can only imagine what it cost them. Funny you never mentioned it. Oh wait I know it would have ruined you lol

  16. Jackalofdeath

    yeah, the #1 defense all civilization has ever used throughout history, is totally ineffectual, because, some hipster says so?

  17. Ben McKean

    This video is a great example of how easy it is to fool stupid people, of which Adam might be one. Many of his "arguments" could be used for roads or keeping water in a bucket. Hilarious.

  18. Gini Mercurio

    Heard on one of your shows that the US stole S.Dakota from the Indians and then put sculptures of our Presidents and created Mt. Rushmore in S. Dakota. Check out the Louisiana Purchase. Same goes for this property Mexico says we stole from them. We paid Mexico for that land like in 1848. Mexico lost the war and owed America debt and still owed quite a bit after the land was handed over to us. Trouble makers, naysayers and "Indiana givers." After America fixes everything up in the states we acquired, then Mexico wants it back??? so they can have more shabby shacks, fruit stands, and bars living in dry mud with tumbleweeds while they roll their corn and wash their laundry on scrub boards in the river water I don't think your generation will be able to change history so you can make your parents and grandparents look like thieves so you can make your idle, aimless, unloved day care childhoods seem like saviors compared to your honorable predecessors who died for this country and made it nice for you. You abhor success, studious scholars, men with backbone who gave their all to make a nice country for all. Your jealous because the older generations were honorable and self giving, while your generation is jealous, self centered and basically functioning on stupid logic based on false "facts" you created to sustain your criticism of your bold and brave ancestors. Why I was taught in college you could make an argument that a man was an orange, that kind of unlogical logic.

  19. Daniel Ryan

    Get a lot of thumbs down, no doubt, but here goes-there is no rolling back the demographic changes in the US and also Europe. Build a wall, deport all you want, restrict travel from certain places-it won't change it. There no simply flipping it off like a switch. And these demographic changes are not a recent development, nor are they purely a result of "open borders." There is no going back to an idealized past that never existed, as bitter a pill as that may be to swallow.

  20. GWCinstitute

    First of all, if 27% to 40% come on planes or overstay their visas, that means that 60% to 73% aren’t from planes or visas; of course the wall won’t be a total fix, but it would have an effect on the majority if illegal immigration even if we go on the low end of 60% by his own admission. Adam’s “circular flow” argument is ridiculous because that was NEVER what America was intended to be, illegals coming in, abusing the system, then leaving. Coming to country to drain it to send money to other countries is morally reprehensible, and many who come now are taking more than their giving. Also, Adam makes it seem expensive with his charisma, but ONE annual budget is not that much especially considering the economic ramifications by curbing the majority of illegal immigration. And if worst comes to worst, turn NASA off for a year, and let the private SpaceEx do their thing. Further, it is not true that America has no viable path to legal immigration; since 1965, 50% of all Legal immigrants have come from Latin America – 29% from Mexico alone, or 6.65 million from Mexico compared to the 4.5 million from the previous world record holder Italy. Latin America has benefited greatly from our present Legal system of immigration. So, building the wall and beefing up security to stop the majority of illegal immigration is very economically worth it.

  21. Caleb Shonk

    Israel built a border wall and saw more than a 90 percent reduction in terrorist attacks. If such a system can work against people with bombs, it can work against people crossing illegally. Build it.

  22. Mulattiu

    Because not all undocumented immigrants come to America over the border, a border wall is not worth building to keep the rest (the majority) out? And like Ryan Faulk and Steven Crowder pointed out already, you don't have to go through great expense to build a wall through impassable terrain when you can build around them or even utilize them to prohibit foot travel

  23. memetologist

    > trumps wall is illogical because it would build through mountains and villages
    > because building around a village or mountain is impossible

  24. Reverend Rico

    Every time I watch this guy try to make arguments and be funny, he just ruins himself. Not a single argument made had any validity to it.

  25. Use Your Words

    I'm sorry for having to make this comment, Mr. Adam. I really love your show. But, as a devout Republican at the age of thirteen, I find it necessary to argue about your flawed points at 11 at night. First: annually, $135 billion is spent on welfare for illegals, as according to the Washington Examiner. $135 billion. That means that, if we stop supporting illegal welfare for just one year, we'll have much more than enough money to cover the cost of a wall. So, no, we as Americans should not be paying for the wall. The illegals will, out of their own welfare allowance. Now, the remaining $110 billion can be sent on a brilliant Republican-devised principle called passenger profiling. The basis is this: If we know that everybody aboard a plane indeed has a functional passport, then how are illegals supposed to get in? Stowaway in the baggage? I honestly doubt that. You'll argue that passenger profiling is violating a person's privacy, but then again, where in the Constitution does it specifically state that information does not have to be given up when prompted to by federal authorities? Nowhere. Also, if passenger profiling had existed before the 9/11 attacks, then odds were the attacks would NOT have been successful. Think of how many lives could be saved by a simple passport scan. My third and final point is this; Why would the illegals wish to go home to Mexico when they could have everything they want here in America? Seriously, why would they come here in the first place if they didn't want something, whether it be welfare or work? Plus, the poverty level in Mexico is at a whopping 46.2%, whereas in America it's at a whopping 4%. Big difference. Now, if you agree or disagree with this, I would love to know, if you could leave a response. Also, my fellow Republicans, if you survived and agree with everything that I just stated, feel free to drop a like so that this post can be seen by more Republicans. Thanks!

  26. Captain Cornflake

    So, 60-73% of illegal immigrants DO sneak over the border? So we could effectively stop 60-73% of illegal immigration with a wall that would effectively pay for itself in no longer than 5 years due to the money we save from not taking on hordes of illegal immigrants? No need to convince me any further!

  27. Salvatore Dali

    I find it interesting that people are eager to contest the points made specifically about the border wall, but none of the points in the episode that are about why illegal immigration should not be high on the U.S.'s list of priorities.

  28. James Reck

    Does your home or property have a fence or wall? Does your house have locks on the doors and windows? You control who has access into your home, your property and probibly your place of business why shouldnt this country be able to have a similar level of access control?

  29. GuruWalk - Free Tours

    Why not go one step further and try to convince him to drop the idea of building the wall by inviting him to actually get to know the real Mexico?

  30. Gael

    Put your walls as high as you want. Increase your security budget. Waste all that money and there will still be immigrants. To be honest, why a wall? Like haven't we learned from history that walls never stop anything? Like the Great Wall of China. "Oh no, a gigantic wall. What should I do? Should I walk around it? I mean, it is just a wall" build a wall, and people will still be able to get to the U.S by boat and planes. And if you say "The U.S have fine military force to protect the border" then shouldn't you be better off upgrading your border security? And btw, why do you hate immigrants so much, here in Asia, they seem to be very nice people.

  31. Are_You_Serious?

    The reality is that we NEED the wall to help secure the borders. Each Border Patrol Agent has to man between 1-20 miles and I'm not sure how you think they can do that without something there to slow down illegal border crossers. We never considered this a complete solution, this is step one of a few steps to help us manage and control the border and ensure we control the flow of illegal immigration into this country as it helps communities, economy, and general safety and security. Everyone keeps saying building a wall is stupid because people can tunnel under or climb over and that is absolutely true that they can, but with the wall and other means like fiber sensing cables and our agents, we will know the second someone tries to tunnel under or tries to climb over and then the agent can handle that breach effectively. As it is, there is no way to tell and our agents are simply overrun and can't manage anything. Illegal immigration is a major issue no matter where the immigrants come from because when they arrive, they come here with nothing and if they come illegally, then they have to take what jobs they can get. If they can't get a job, they have to resort to whatever means they need to in order to eat and that means stealing or other crimes. We need to put an end to it as best we can and if people want to join this country, then apply like the other million who we welcome each year. If you can't follow our laws, stay out. We need to get the border to help control the flow of illegal immigration to this country.

  32. Jalley

    Adam: 27-40% of illegal immigrants arrive on planes


  33. Curious

    Partial wall, high density areas. Drones, and ample manpower to shut it down.

    The most important wall, legal immigration, which is measured and meritorious based.
    And best of all, The Wall of Accountability! Accountability on employers with cost prohibitive fines, and jail terms for employers. Easy compliance with e-verify, costly penalties for the intentional violators.

    As for those wishing to fast tract immigration by violations, costly visa bans, to the ultimate lifetime ban for the repeat offenders. Not just lip services out getting in line, but the actuality of going to the back of the line.
    Migrants have the highest use, and continued use of welfare. Fix our homeless problem, before adding to it by redirecting benefits to new users.

    Or do nothing, when it breaks, and your check is cut, and the resources are gone, we can discuss all of the above, or not.

    “ things that cannot go on forever, don’t”. Bill Bonnor. Empire of Debt

  34. Donna Saverino

    Adam!!! I am sooo disappointed in you!!! This clip is based totally on pre-justice. Not on FACTS. Your facts are so far off that your reputation is at stake now. Please redo your fact checking based on the truth only. Then make a new clip. I am going to question all your clips now.

    I am for letting the people in legally. We accept more immigrants into this country than any other county in the world!!

    Poor people can’t afford to fly. Criminals would be stopped at the airport like they are at the boarders. There will be some people that make it over but not thousands like now. We spend millions on the illegals that do make it over such as education, food, health etc. By keeping as many as we possible can from coming in illegally will save millions a year in so many ways and that will go back into paying for the wall.

    People are dying in this country from Fentanyl because most of it comes from over the boarder. Are you saying you care more for the illegals than you do for American families suffering from the drugs coming from south of the boarder?

    WE NEED THE WALL/FENCE what every you want to call it. A barrier!
    Please Adam explain why you said what you said. And it better be the facts. REAL facts.

  35. Roger Duhaime

    Adam the only thing you ruined is your reputation. The wall is necessary, it does work, check with Israel, Russia, China….. The people defending them have to be willing to defend, and our Military and Border Patrol are. The cost of the wall will be saved in family and that is not going to illegals. Not to mention our criminal system, hospitals, schools….. And on top of that there won't be anyone under cutting American workers. And payments will go back into the system. And people that don't give a rats ass about America can stay in their own country.

  36. Bugler55

    Came here being slightly anti wall, left being pro wall. Nasa's budget for a year? Are you kidding me? That's chump change – consider the difference in impact shutting down nasa for a year vs halting 70% of on-foot illegal immigration.

    (im not anti nasa when they actually do things, exploration is awesome, but majority is a money sink)

  37. Donna Saverino

    I DARE the LEFT to watch this. I DOUBLE DARE YOU to down load and watch this. BUT You won't because it will prove you wrong and people that believe in something HATE to be proven wrong:

  38. BlazedTesseract

    Why do your citations not provide an actual link to the study, only a name and date? I googled for it and matching the name and date, here is the politifact source you quoted for the 27%-40% stat:

    Politifact themselves rate it as half true. They also clearly state that what is being discussed is immigration from ALL countries, not just Mexico; And, obviously, anyone coming from any place other than Mexcio is not relevant to a discussion about a borderwall with Mexico.

    I think Donlad Trump is obviously a lying piece of trash but upon investigating your citation I'm starting to think you might be as well.

  39. Ben Levy

    Okay, I'm not a "pro wall" advocate, but practically impossible? Really? You're insulting American engineers.
    What if we used the mysterious magic that Qin Shi Huang used 22 centuries ago? The wall built by that Emperor of China is still up, in fact, the Chinese liked it so much they added to it over the years. It crosses much more difficult terrain than ours would.
    And cutting through houses? Really? Show us one. Google Earth is your friend. Explain why a simple change in course wouldn't solve the problem- or a routine application of eminent domain. You'll find houses in Tijuana right up against the existing walls
    (like here: 32°32'30.7"N 117°02'09.0"W) but I dare you to find one that a wall would be forced to cut through.
    And the "oh, it wouldn't stop them all" excuse. Pointless. Do you think we shouldn't build hospitals? They can't save ALL lives, you know, so what's the point?
    Also, the claim about most illegals arriving by air is crap. Most illegals are "Visa Overstays", that's true. But you're making a HUGE leap of illogical to assume that ALL overstays arrive by air.


    This may shock you, but there is an awful lot of fully legal ground traffic across US borders.

    Yes, it would be costly. You've actually got something real there. You should have run with it, instead of throwing out some utter claptrap.

  40. Pamela B.

    As a registered Dem that voted and supported Obama, but not mesmerized by the media, I'm going to be very frank. I see that most of the comments here are from people who have more facts and are better trained than our border agents. I'd like to see a legitimate argument against the wall that didn't come from the media or opposition for the sake of well… opposition. After all the illegal drugs, sex trafficking, rapes, and murders on both sides of the border (straight from the border patrol), one would think that we could alleviate some of this by shoring up areas that need the wall. Our border patrol specifically says this works in areas where they currently exist. When this is completed, officers are freed up to patrol other areas where walls are not possible. We could free up dollars and move those boots on the ground to unsecured, harder to access areas and patrol for other means of entry. Honest people seeking refuge wouldn't have to wait so long since man power would be more available. We spend billions of dollars every year to combat illegal entry, and if we didn't, we would become what some of these people are fleeing from. I can't imagine why anyone would think for one minute that any immigrant that came here to escape lawlessness and poverty would want us to open the flood gates and allow the very thing that they escaped from. Ask the citizens of Long Island what they think? They are over ran by lawlessness. I shudder to think how bad it could get when I walk into my local mom n pop restaurant here in the heartland, and half of the staff have ms-13 tattoos sprawled across their necks and arms, and none of them can speak a lick of english. So I pay close attention to what's going on. I was just in McAllen, TX a few months ago and the hospital in Mission, TX was overrun with captured illegals. There's no telling how many made it alive and healthy. Now we have to feed, shelter them, and get them medical care costing billions from start to finish. So anyone complaining about a wall, without proper insight and facts (not media or political half baked facts), has no regard, first and foremost, for these illegals, or any immigrant currently here for a better life. Another truth: The wall was a none issue when the Dems were running the show and there was plenty of funding to get er done. I didn't flip just because someone I don't care for is running the show. I still think it's a great idea and the numbers show it's the right thing to do for the safety and welfare of everyone involved. Now they're spending our tax money to oppose, oppose, oppose.. simply because Trump is president. Bottom line, period… So it pains me every time i see these uneducated comments coming from the media and party line herd. We need to do what's right for all the people, not the politicians.

  41. TheLoneRideR

    I have been following the issue of illegal immigration since 1995 and in the intervening 20 years have watched it devolve into nonsense with no one doing anything while the number of illegals grew. A wall or fence may not be the answer but if there are so many people here illegally that the argument against enforcing the law and deporting them is that the system is literally overwhelmed and the idea is ridiculous, as opponents of immigration enforcement and proponents of amnesty claim (As in, "don't be ridiculous, you can't deport X million people") than a fence or wall sounds like it might be a good first step.

  42. TheLoneRideR

    If I was a [email protected] I'd say "put anti-aircraft guns on the wall". But the truth is people flying in get checked, obtain visas, etc. If they overstay that's an internal enforcement issue. The idea of border security is about keeping people from coming in illegally, not coming legally and then illegally overstaying, that's what ICE is for…

  43. Big Tasty

    Wow, 25 billion ONCE? What if we had to pay 135 billion annually, and what if that cost is what we are actually paying for illegal immigrants to be here

  44. Tonia Burton


  45. Donna Saverino

    I wonder why border patrol wants one? Do you think there is an agenda behind them going on TV insisting how badly they want one? Maybe they just like Trump and want to agree with him or getting paid from him to say things like that. . What do you people think? Hate to spend money that really isn't really necessary.

  46. Smitty werben JaegerManjensan

    But, he never explained how the wall would work anyway or about coyotes or tunneling, he just said that 40% is by plane, so where is the other 60% coming from, I'm not hearing much about boat crossings

  47. Juan Manuel Penaloza

    I already created a bunch of methods to scale the wall. And so have other Mexicans. Some have even tried to go full Daredevil and jump it with a ramp…they made it, but not the car. Not to mention in some of the walls we do have, the have blown holes into it. Simply put, it's gonna take a lot more than having Navy SEALs say they couldn't get over it.

  48. emis

    Non existing problem ,go around it 0:16 .it would cost as much as 0,5% of american gdp .1:10 the wall pays for its self when you take into cosidiration how much americans loose due to illegal immigration and the crime and drugs they bring in . 1:50 the point is not to stop it, its to reduse it

  49. AJ Alchem

    If the wall ends up preventing 60% of illegal immigration, then wouldn't they get the message and more southerners would end up trying planes? Even if they don't try planes, who knows what other idea's they can come up with to go around a border that's 2000 Miles long. We're human, and we'll always find ways around the rules.

  50. Experimental Experience

    There are many ways in which people will climb Trump's wall: telescoping ladders, tossing rocks with twine and twisting together to make a rope, handholds and footholds attached with contact cement or industrial tape, rope attached with adhesive to the other side, pole walking method (see Vietnamese SWAT team video), and any wall with bars on the bottom can be climbed and descended with 2 ropes and 2 pieces of wood very quickly. More info on my channel.

  51. skunk12

    2:04 *FACEPALM!

    Can Adam name ONE SINGLE government leader claiming that a wall will stop planes?

    No? Hmmm….

    Maybe thats because EVERYONE KNOWS that this wall is inended to impede illegal border crossing on the ground.

    Lets see if we can prove it, shall we?

    Hey, Adam. Is it easier to get from Point A to Point B with a barrier wall in between or without a barrier wall in between?

    He thinks that the audience is too stupid to realize his dishonest and/or idiotic distraction.

    His argument is a stupid as saying, "i was going to buy a car for my commute to and from work, but my office is on the 15th floor and CARS CANT DRIVE UP MY TIGHT STAIRWELL TO MY CUBICLE!"

    We all know that cars are not meant to be driven to our work cubicles.

    Then again, do you know a single-car manufacturer saying that cars are designed to drive you from livingroom to cubicle?

    However, cars do serve their intended purpose in getting us within walking distance of where we want to go.

  52. Death Otter

    So dumb, your "facts" can all be easily proved wrong with a simple google search from everything to cost to these so called villages it would go thru, plus that walls are proven to work in other countries. You're dumb and you've made everyone else a little dumber just for watching. The irony this is written by "tru" tv lmao

  53. Claudia Clark

    You make absolutely no F-ing since these people are not coming via air and they are not coming with Visa's so shut the Hell up.

  54. 1inkdaddy

    Wow What great production on this video wonder where the money came from
    this guy is so wrong on so many levels
    and the statistics that he gets right Proves That the wall would help By his own statistics Over 60% Of illegal immigration Is From border crossings
    and no America was never supposed to be a revolving door where people just came in and worked And then went back to their country

  55. jabberwolf

    Wow so like EVERYTHING this video states is a bald faced lie or hyperbolic!
    I love how the left needs to lie or invent false arguments to make an argument against things.

  56. Rob Nowe

    The cost of illegals is > $116 billion annually 4 times the cost of the wall… The wall will save $116 billion and overstays are stoppable… end visas… the arguments are all faulty.

  57. Confederacy 2 Electric Boogaloo

    Listen here you retard Mexico is a threat to national security and it's very possible to build a wall. Wow more money than Mexico will ever have.

  58. ProDeathBot20

    We spend 110 billion on border security each year. Adam saws it well cost NASA’s yearly salary. NASA salary is 20 billion. Not that bad of a deal.

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