Advanced Equestrian Jumping Exercises : Trot Over a Fence to Warm Up

Now that we’re warmed up on the flat, we’ll
start our jumping work just by trotting over a small vertical to help warm up the horse. And we’re go back over it the other way. And
we’re going to do it one more time because I want her to be a little more patient trotting
to the base of the jump.

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Reader Comments

  1. horselover3331

    @huntereventer some horses that are really excited for jumping need to go up to the jump very camly or they will completely ignore your contact and take off. I have to go up to jumps like that too on some horses.

  2. Ben Finnell

    My trainer always tells me to go into two point or sit down slightly before the jump, but I find that awkward and strange because I like posting to the base of the jump and then going into two point. Does anyone have tips?

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