Advanced Jump Rope Trick Combo (Learn My Signature Side Hop Skill!) | Killer Combos Series

Kyle: What up, everyone? Welcome back to episode number two of the
Killer Combo Series. My name is Kyle, I’m with, and
this week we’re going to get a little more intense. I’m going to be showing you how to do one
of my more signature jump rope combos that you will often see me do and it is going to
consist of taking the skier combo that we learned in episode one, adding that with a
side side under, side swing combo as shown here. And when you add those both together, you
can end up with something like this. Those are what I call side hops. And if that looks like something that you
would like to learn, let’s do this. Step one is nail down the skier skill at different
speeds to get used to jumping side to side and controlling your tempo. You need to also learn the side side under,
side swing combo. This is a simple pattern that you will ingrain
in your muscle memory through repetition. Start slow and then build speed with this
pattern. Step two is adding the two together, except
the skier skill is adding in a middle jump as well. You will only be jumping the rope in the middle
and on each side jump, you will be doing the side swings. This combo is great for engaging more core
and leg muscles to increase the intensity of your workouts. Step three. Here we are just going to add a little more
style to the move by bending the leg that we aren’t jumping off of. It’s a simple addition that makes the skill
look even better. Step four. Now we are going to add in the side hops. Use the alternate leg skill to lead into the
combo. Let’s break this into three steps. Plant to jump and side swing to the outside. Begin jump with a side swing to the inside
open arms and jump the rope. Upon landing, enter into the side side under
and back to alternate leg. You can now repeat going in the other direction. Step five. Now all we have to do is add in moving forward
and then execute the previous step. Try not to get ahead of yourself here. You will have a tendency to start moving too
fast due to all the moving parts. Stay relaxed, go at your speed and have fun. Learning new skills and combos is the best
part of jump rope. Mastering this combo will take time, so be
patient. If you enjoyed this tutorial, hit that like
button and subscribe to the channel. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you in the
next one.

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