Alien Shooting – RENO 911!

[indistinct radio chatter] – Sheriff’s department!
– Sheriff’s department! Frisbee! (Garcia)
‘Chandler, Ross, Joey’ ‘Oliver, Greg,
get in the house!’ ‘Get in the house!’ (Garcia)
‘How are we doin’ today?
How are we doin’?’ We got a call down there
at the department uh, some, uh, aircraft takin’ off from, uh,
Reno airport’s been receivin’ some, uh, fire,
some, uh, bullet rounds. (Frisbee)
‘What airline was it?’ (Garcia)
Uh… Doesn’t really matter, Frisbee,
honestly… I don’t shoot at airlines.
Alien aircraft. (Garcia)
‘You only shoot at
alien aircraft?’ What I think is alien aircraft,
ET stuff. (Garcia)
Uh-huh, how would you
distinguish that from regular aircraft? It’s got aliens in it. What if you start [beep]
spirits, uh, aircraft? What if they were just, you
know, doin’, a little, uh drive by and you start, uh,
takin’ shots at ’em ‘and suddenly, holy [beep]’ we just took a first shot
at an alien spacecraft? That’s a good question.
What’s your name? – ‘Travis, Travis Jr.’
– Travis. Travis, that’s a good question. Thank you. – I like your look.
– I like your, uh, lifestyle. (Frisbee)
‘Thanks a lot.’ Got a nice house, got a good,
good wife, second cousin. – ‘How you doin’, ma’am?’
– Hi, I’m good, thanks. If we were to look,
say, for example ‘in that bunker
that you covered with tarp’ ‘right before we came over…’ I ain’t been in there
for so long I have not,
I haven’t been over there– You never make it
to this corner of the yard. – That’s not even ours.
– This is not yours? – Oh… Honey, is that ours?
– Shut up! – I’m sorry.
– ‘Oh.’ – Oh, ho ho ho ho!
– Oh, my lord! [police laughing] (Garcia)
‘Wow! Oh, Frisbee!’ (Frisbee)
‘Yeah, I got this
at a yard sale.’ What? [beep].
I never find [beep]. (Jones)
‘You got a bargain too.’ You’re just shootin’
at these cans right there? ‘That and the oranges.’ – Alright, so just cock her up.
– ‘Just hug up to it.’ Alright, put the hand
underneath. Here we go. – Whoo-hoo!
– Feed and bleed! – Alright, here we go.
– Let it feed and bleed! [gunshots] – ‘Oh!’
– ‘That’s it!’ [explosion] That was pretty [beep] cool. – Can I do it next?
– Sure, go ahead.

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Reader Comments

  1. krrrruptidsoless

    Okay I'm not sure what or why that guy…..why he was standing so closely behind that guy while he was shooting or what he was actually trying to imitate by standing directly behind that guy holding his hips and moving with him…🤔

    But it ended up in the deeestruction of a
    pole lease car

    Maybe that has something to say about two guys standing waaaay too close to each other. 😐

    It's destructive posturing is what it is, destructive posturing…. Yes sir, mm hmm

    They should ban it.

  2. Tyler C

    Kirsten Dunst is still the most beautiful girl in the world, even if she is married to her 2nd cousin Frisbee and 8 & 1/2 months pregnant with her 6th or 7th child lol

  3. Ceiling Cat9001

    Rural "law enforcement" here((National Park Ranger))

    this is accurate. lots of these good ol boys are so paranoid they forget we are not only good ol boys ourselves.. we have our own range.. be really cool to cops and they are usually like in Reno 911. Put your game face on rabbit line from super troopers also comes to mind. We say that to our rookies :3

  4. Ball Baby

    Fuck I loved this show Nick swordson playing terry lol love his role in the movie " dad gave me a jet for flag day do u wanna ride in my jet or the fart mobile". And yes I had no one to talk to this show about it seemed like no one knew it was on tv. Lt dangle was the best and I still fuck with my wife when driving by looking her in the eye amd sayin "babe I just had the weirdest dream" wife says you realize ur driving right" lol one lf the funniest parts of the movie and it was the opening scene lol does any one remember the show that truedy an dangle was one they was different characters

  5. Winict Maximus Cosmo

    this show (just like Family Guy) highlighted the average American people's life style and it is how exactly other countries see American people now a day , uneducated, ignorant, guns lover, and retarded

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