All Five Jurassic Park Movies Ranked From Worst to Best (w/ Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom)

– With Jurassic World: Fallen
Kingdom hitting theaters, we now have five Jurassic
Park movies and that means it’s time to stop and rank all five Jurassic Park movies, from the worst to the best. Now before I get started, go
ahead and tell me down below in the comment section, how do you rank the Jurassic Park movies? Which ones do you love,
which ones do you hate, and everything in between. Let’s have a nice lively discussion. This is one of those franchises where people have very strong,
very different opinions about the movies in this series, and I’d love to have that
lively discussion down below. Before I go into my list, though, let’s look at how the critics have ranked the movies in the Jurassic Park franchise. Coming in, in last place, is a tie with only 50% you’ve
got Jurassic Park III, as well as Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. In third place, you have The Lost World – Jurassic Park with 53%. In second place, you have
Jurassic World with 71%. And in first place, you have the original Jurassic Park with 92%. So those results aren’t
too terribly surprising. I also posted a poll in my YouTube stream asking you guys what is the
worst Jurassic Park sequel, and you definitively
declared Jurassic Park 3 is the worst of the Jurassic Park sequels. So with that said, let’s just
go ahead and dive into this. Coming in, in last place, is
going to be Jurassic Park III. Now I think the basic
concept of this movie, about doing a more streamlined story that’s a rescue mission
to get a stranded teenager off the second island
is actually pretty good. It’s a good direction to go
for a Jurassic Park sequel that’s not trying to
outdo the original film. The problem here is the execution. As they were working on the movie, there were some production issues, and they threw out
multiple different scripts. In fact, when they went
in to shooting this movie, they didn’t have a
completed script really, and they were kind of finishing
it as they went along. And I think you see that in the movie. There’s a lot of elements to
it, even the way it’s shot, the special effects don’t look as good, things lit look like they’re lit a little bit more like a TV show is lit where everything just
kinda has light on it instead of kind of
having more shade to it. And just throughout the
story, there’s little things that don’t make a lot of sense about how the story’s unfolding at different points in time. Why does someone have a parachute. And then there’s just
the infamously bad scene in the movie where Alan dreams and a dinosaur talks to him. (dramatic music) – Alan! – So, all in all, this is a movie that should have been so
much better than it was. With Alan Grant returning, getting William H. Macy, Téa Leoni. Joe Johnston seems like he’d be a great fit for the franchise, but for whatever reason this movie just did not come together. And for me, this is easily the weakest film of the franchise. Coming in, in fourth place, is going to be The Lost World – Jurassic Park. Now Steven Spielberg knows how to direct an action sequence, and just
build tension in each moment as it happens, in
particular the RV sequence where it’s going off the cliff. He finds every little
angle to make you just feel on the edge of your seat
as glass is cracking, as things are starting to fall, as they’re doing a desperate attempt to try and rescue them. The problem here is on
the story side of it, and it’s a movie that doesn’t seem to know exactly what it’s trying to be. And so the end result is a movie that has way too many plot lines
going on ’cause it’s about studying the dinosaurs
on the second island. It’s about trying to rescue
Ian Malcolm’s girlfriend, get her off the island. It’s a movie about the T-Rex
getting loose in San Diego. And it’s about all these different things, and so it doesn’t really seem to be about anything in particular. And so you don’t get invested in the story the way you do in most of the
other movies in the franchise. Now of course, Jeff Goldblum
is still amazing as Ian Malcolm ’cause Jeff Goldblum is pretty
well always amazing in things but most of the rest of the
cast seem underutilized, and not nearly as good as
the actors typically are, except for our lead hunter character that has a nice little
screen presence to him. But even he seems a
little bit underdeveloped in understanding his
motivations and where he’s going in all of this. So, overall a movie that
has great sequences, but overall is not all that spectacular. In third place is Jurassic
World: Fallen Kingdom. For me, besides the
original Jurassic Park, this one has the best thrills, scares, and edge of your seat tension. They just find ways in each sequence to build that tension and you’re like how are they gonna get out of this? Are the dinosaurs gonna die? Is that person going to escape? It’s just a great job of
providing those thrills that we want in this franchise. Also it has a lot of
similarities in the plot beats to The Lost World, but I think
this movie does a better job of having a complete
story that flows smoothly from beginning to end. Touching on these plot
beats all along the way. It also, I think, does a better job with the Owen and Claire characters, giving them a little bit more
depth to them along the way. At the same time, there’s also this very annoying intern character in it that just keeps screaming in the movie. (monstrous roar) (high pitched scream) The villains get pretty cartoonish
as the movie goes along, and it’s like they started more nuanced and as the movie goes
along it just kind of shaves off all the nuance
and by the end of it they’re just cartoonish sociopaths. So overall a movie that
has all the thrills that you want out of
a Jurassic Park movie, but struggles as it goes along with some of the plot
elements and characters. Our runner up is Jurassic World. For me this is kinda the quintessential, turn off your brain,
dumb fun, blockbuster. Or as I call them, Taco Bell movies. If you’re just talking
’bout what do I enjoy seeing in a movie where
my brain is turned off, Chris Pratt riding on a
motorcycle with velociraptors to go battle a genetically
engineered dinosaur, pretty high up on the list of amazing, ridiculous things to see. Likewise when you get to
the end of this movie, and you’ve got our
velociraptors, our Chris Pratt, and the T-Rex battling this
gigantic dinosaur monster, that’s amazing. If you try and break down the plot, I can’t defend the
stupidity of this movie. It’s a really dumb movie. But that’s why we all have those junk food entertainment
movies that we love despite the absurdity of those films. This is that movie for me. I enjoy seeing Chris Pratt
in this type of role. It’s fun to see Jurassic
Park finally realized as the Jurassic World with people added. There’s so many just fun sequences in it. Despite all the stupidity, this is a movie that I absolutely love. But coming in, in first
place, is going to be the original Jurassic Park. To me, this is one of the
best crafted blockbusters of all time. It does an amazing job of taking a very clever idea for a blockbuster, combining that with amazing characters state of the art technology
and special effects that are done properly, with that John Williams
score tying it all together, and it just makes for a
movie that I absolutely love. And what’s amazing about this movie is the dinosaurs aren’t freed until about halfway through the movie. That means the first
half of the movie works entirely because the
characters are so well rounded. And they present so many
different worldviews that as they go to this park of dinosaurs we see how different people would see an island filled with dinosaurs and have the conversations
that they would have. Then you throw in someone
like an Ian Malcolm that’s just so quirky and
weird and funny and sarcastic, with someone so down to
earth like Alan Grant, and you just get a nice
blend as it happens. And then we get to that
second half of the movie where the dinosaurs start running wild and Steven Spielberg just wrings out all the tension out of every situation, finding every little thing
that someone might do, whether that’s little kids being
like grabbing a flashlight, like a kid would do, start
shining it, but that draws the dinosaur to them. He just finds every little moment to just bring you to the edge of your seat feeling the dangers, feeling the tension from as soon as those fences go down until the credits start to roll. That is master craftsmanship
and that’s what this movie is, one of the greatest blockbusters, at least in my not so
humble opinion, of all time. I love this movie, for me this is an A+, this is a 10 out of 10 type of movie. I love love love this movie. Anyway that’s my ranking of
the Jurassic Park movies. How about you, how do you rank them? Tell me down below in the comment section. Which ones do you love,
which ones do you hate, and tell me everything in between. I know this is one of those
franchises that people have lots and lots of opinions on,
it’s also 25 years old and so a lot of you that are watching this weren’t even born when
the first one was made, and so you might have
a different perspective on all of this just
based simply off of that. Tell me all that fun stuff down below in the comment section. I’d love to hear your take on all that. And if you’re new to my
channel, please consider clicking that subscribe button and if you’ve already
clicked that subscribe button consider ringing that bell
so you get notifications whenever I put out a new video. But the key thing is I don’t
want to just talk about movies, I want to talk about movies with you. So please join me down
in the comment section, let’s have a nice lively
respectful conversation, and as always, thank you
so much for watching.

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Reader Comments

  1. 501st legion

    5. Jurassic park 3

    4. Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom
    3. Jurassic Park The Lost World
    2. Jurassic World
    1. Jurassic Park

  2. Dino Saur

    My list is fallen kingdom, lost world, Jurassic world, Jurassic park 3, The original Jurassic park. I’m sorry Jurassic world fallen kingdom sucks half the movie wasn’t on an island

  3. Terror TV

    5. Jurassic Park III 3.7/10
    4. Jurassic World 6/10
    3. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom 7/10
    2. The Lost World 7.3/10
    1. Jurassic Park 9.4/10

  4. Moose dude

    5: Jurassic World: Final Kingdom 4/10
    4: Jurassic Park III 6/10
    3: The Lost World: Jurassic Park 7/10
    2: Jurassic World 8.5/10
    1: Jurassic Park 10/10

  5. Lucdog 814

    5:Jurassic park
    4:Jurassic world
    3:Jurassic world: Fallen Kingdom
    2:Jurassic park: Lost World
    1:Jurassic park 3
    0: Sharknado 9

    Btw this is a joke

  6. Marvel and Dc reviews top 10s and more

    My ranking
    5, Jurassic Park 3 5/10
    4. Jurassic Park 2 6/10
    3. Jurassic world fallen kingdom 8/10
    2. Jurassic world 9/10
    1. Jurassic Park 1 10/10

  7. ajdin chip 2001

    5. Jurassic World
    4. Jurassic Park 3
    3. Jurassic Park 2 the lost World
    2. Jurassic World 2 Fallen Kingdom
    1. Jurassic Park 1

  8. Lucdog 814

    5: Jurassic park 3:🙂
    4: Jurassic park 2: 😀
    3: Jurassic World 2: 😁
    2: Jurassic world: 😃
    1:Jurassic park: 😊😋😃💯👍👌😍

  9. Lucdog 814

    5: every Jurassic Park movie
    4: every Jurassic Park movie
    3: every Jurassic Park movie
    2: every Jurassic Park movie
    1: every Jurassic Park movie

  10. Moore Family

    I love JP3. I thought that the storyline was a nice change. It was easy to follow for me as a kid and I like how the incident brought the family back togeather

  11. Jonathan Soto

    5. Jurassic Park III
    4. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom
    3. Jurassic World
    2. Jurassic Park
    1. The Lost World: Jurassic Park

  12. Cole REVIEWS

    My Ranking Of Jurassic Park Movies
    1. Jurassic Park (1993) Rating: A+
    2. Jurassic World (2015) Rating: B+
    3. Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom (2018) Rating: B-
    4. The Lost World Jurassic Park (1997) Rating: C+
    5. Jurassic Park 3 (2001) Rating: D-

  13. CrispyBacon Games

    5.Jurassic Park III (2001)
    4.The Lost World: Jurassic World (1997)
    3.Jurassic Park (1993)
    2.Jurassic World (2015)
    1.Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (2018)

  14. Liam 03

    My ranking Sean all 5 are amazing but top 3 are great
    Bottom 2 are not bad but boring
    1 Jurassic park
    2 Jurassic world
    3 Jurassic park 3
    4 Jurassic world fallen kingdom
    5 Jurassic park lost world

  15. Kristopher Wickline

    5. Jurassic Park III
    4. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom
    3. The Lost World: Jurassic Park
    2. Jurassic World
    1. Jurassic Park

  16. Seraphim Paige

    5. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom 3/10
    4. Jurassic World 6/10
    3. Jurassic Park III 6.5/10
    2. The Lost World: Jurassic Park 8/10
    1. Jurassic Park 10/10

  17. Leo The Lion

    My ranking of all five Jurassic films

    1. Jurassic Park
    2. Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom
    3. Jurassic World
    4. Jurassic Park 3
    5. Jurassic Park: The Lost World

  18. Metro Concerts

    5.Jurassic Park 3
    4.The Lost World
    3.Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom
    2.Jurassic World
    1.Jurassic Park
    Wow for once we have the same lists

  19. lEbyandsmartie l

    Rankings for me:

    1. Jurassic Park I [ Original ]
    2. Jurassic Park III [ Personal to my younger self ]
    3. Jurassic Park II [ Average, wasn't good ]
    4. Jurassic World [ Writing was too good, too much CGI, too much action little tension ]
    5. Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom [ Too much CGI, the practical effects are overlapped by CGI ruining it's point. Horrific action, terrible writing, unneeded characters. ]

  20. Tregh Itolo

    My ranking of Jurassic Park movies
    1.Jurassic Park
    2.Jurassic World
    3.Jurassic Park 3
    4.Jurassic Park Fallen Kingdom
    5.Jurassic Park The lost world

  21. BonecrusherT800

    1. Jurassic Park2. The Lost World: JP3. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom4. Jurassic Park III5. Jurassic World

    I really don't like Jurassic World at all barring the T-Rex and Mosasaurus scenes. A complete bore of a movie and to me an insult to the first film. Boggles my mind to see so many rate it so highly and to often see it rated as the best sequel. To me to even mention it in the same sentence as the original is sacrilege.

  22. Kieran.brennan-182

    5. The Lost World 1/10
    4. Jurassic Park 3 3/10
    3. Jurassic World 9/10
    2. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom 10/10
    1. Jurassic Park 10/10

  23. The Gaming Dinosaur 555

    Ranked worst to best

    Jurassic park 5
    Jurassic park 2
    Jurassic park 3
    Jurassic park 1
    Jurassic park 4

    Maybe Jurassic park 6 ???? We never know??!!?

  24. Lethal Edits

    1. Jurassic Park (9/10)
    2. Jurassic World (8/10)

    Ermmmm, this sucks!:
    3. The Lost World: Jurassic Park (5/10)
    4. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (3/10)

    5. Jurassic Park III (1/10)

  25. Hyra

    I agree with you, expect TLWJP and JWFK should switch places. JP3 is really good too but you really cant compare it to the other movies.

  26. Cityscape Agent

    I changed my ranking a while ago
    5. The Lost World: Jurassic Park A-
    4. Jurassic Park III A
    3. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom A
    2. Jurassic Park A+
    1 Jurassic World A+ (My favorite movie!)

  27. *TheKerbalEngineer*

    *Trigger Warning, This Is My Opinion, Sorry If You Cant Handle It.*
    1. Jurassic World, even though I put this first its tied with jurassic park.
    2. Jurassic Park, yep its still tied.
    3. Jurassic Park 3, I don't know why people don't like this, besides the dream scene, its good.
    4. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, its in a close 4th (compared to 3rd) pretty good, nothing great.
    5. Jurassic Park 2, I've never liked this movie, personally I just don't think it flows well.
    Sorry if you got offended, I Really Don't Care.

  28. Thrilling Productions

    5. The Lost World: Jurassic Park
    4. Jurassic Park 3
    3. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom
    2. Jurassic World
    1. Jurassic Park

  29. Angel And Andrea

    My rranking is:

    5:The Lost World Jurassic Park.

    4:Jurassic Park 3.

    3:Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom.

    2:Jurassic Park.

    1:Jurassic World.


    My list😀
    5. The Lost World : Jurassic Park
    4. Jurassic Park III
    3. Jurassic World : Fallen Kingdom
    2. Jurassic World
    1. Jurassic Park

  31. Cole REVIEWS

    1. JURASSIC PARK (1993) A+
    2. JURASSIC WORLD (2015) A-
    5. JURASSIC PARK 3 (2001) D-

  32. Rob Lloyd

    I think it is completely in release order.
    JP 1 best
    JP 2 fine
    JP 3 underrated but still silly
    Jurassic world is really unwatchable for me
    JW 2 I can not get through. I still haven’t finished it.

  33. im not a rockstar

    anyone that calls JP 1 the best movie in the series its brain dead just like this guy also if u compare 5 movies YOU DONT COMPARE THAT A MOVIE WAS UR FUCKING CHILLDHOOD OR IT WAS UR FIRST FUCKING MOVIE THAT U SAW if u compare a movie to another u compare THE quality which JP1 clearly didint had if u look at the raptors they clearly look like SHIT compared to JWFK JW AND JP3 JP LOST WORLD IS ALSO SHIT

  34. Thomas Bevan

    Man I don’t know.
    JP is 1 for sure
    JP2 is 2
    JW is 3
    JP3 is 4
    And JW2 is 5 I thought The first half was very good actually but the second half was so incredibly bad and stupid I can’t rank it above any of the others lol

  35. DDC Radio 1

    5 Jurassic World. fallen kingdom. Good fights but quite stupid.

    4 Jurassic World. Amazing hype but disappointing. Awfully CJI

    3 Jurassic Park 3. The spino was really crap and overpowered and T rex very underpowered and weak.
    Otherwise good. Better effects than Jurassic world.

    2 Jurassic Park 2. Great movie, scary and gruesome.

    1 Jurassic Park. Amazing movie, terrifying. Definitely one of the best movies ever made.

  36. Lost Storm

    5. Jurassic Park III 3/10
    4. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom 5/10
    3. Jurassic World 7/10
    2. The Lost World: Jurassic Park 8/10
    1. Jurassic Park 9.5/10

  37. pigsrcool626

    5. Jurassic Park III 67%
    4. Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom 70%
    3. The Lost World Jurassic Park 74%
    2. Jurassic World 87%
    1. Jurassic Park 93%

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