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  1. Xavior Spade

    Go support the campaign and lets get those cards:
    Who else wants the cards?

  2. Igor Svačić

    The original ones are more than great, this Cgris' version, well, not so much imho

    I just love the only one type of cards, and its all about back design for me. This type as those original ones, than David Blaines splits, lions,Daniel Madison has a few, Asad from 52 card made beautyfull ones,those cards with some gears I saw, bykes, phoenix's etc. It must have some "complex" design on the back, but done with thin lines, and that it covers whole back, so it becames just a "wall" in a sense. Two colours. Thats it. I dont like plain one colour backs (like Alex' NOCs), and the WORST are plain one colour with a SMALL logo of some type. I damn hate those. Also, the back design if its possible Im avoiding "circles". As in Tally Whores, the bykes have small ones so, it can pass.

    PS. Just saw Shin Lim's "Regalia".
    Im fucking drulling all over my body for an hour. So fucking much class its not even fair. AND, when I saw the box I came a little in my pants.
    Damn you Shin Lim, I'll by a brick at least

  3. Simafication

    those cards are sexy as hell. simple but probably one of the better jokers I've seen. and that TUCK CASE. thinking dirty thoughts about that side open case! so awesome of you to inform us of these. thank you, both of you

  4. Juan José Fonseca Godoy

    That T-shirt made me laugh…like super loud…while riding the bus to get home.

    BTW, Mayhew is a monster, I love all of his work and that effect that he shared was so damn simple and yet so pretty. I'll use it for sure

  5. Anton Nova

    The Leon deck rocks. I HAVE SEVERAL versions/colors of the rare original deck also. This is a great project and hats off to Chris I will be buying several and I also like the idea of helping out with such a worth while venture. WUNDERBAR. Oh, thanks 2 X 4 the heads up U ALSO ROCK.

  6. vj v

    Did your parents name you Xavier Spade as soon as you were born or Did you name yourself after you became a magician? ???? But sincerely your tutorials are great and you are a an awesome magician.

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