Amazing Minecraft Creations & Builds EVER!

– [Narrator] What can you
do with unlimited blocks, creative imagination
and lots of free time? Impressive mega-builds on
Minecraft, that’s what. Who would’ve thought a simple
game far off from the visual quality of recent video game
titles can be so phenomenal, that everyday, inspiring
creations emerge out of nowhere. Thanks to aficionados
concocting mind-blowing designs, we have another set of 10
epic Minecraft creations. – Amazing! – [Narrator] Number ten,
City on the Sea, Altissia. Final Fantasy XV was arguably, one of the most anticipated games of 2016. And so it was only a matter
of time until someone built an impressive monument from
the said title on Minecraft. As expected, a group named
Team EthosPix worked on recreating the illustrious
city of Altissia. Looking at the finished city,
you can see that this task was done with extreme attention to detail. For example, the entry point
of incoming sea vessels shines at nighttime. Also, each of the lined-up
pillars that created a semi-circular facade, were
made with intricate detail that inspire awe and amazement. The four towering
statues were even created outside the city, closely replicating the original ones from the game. To finish the masterpiece, an immense cathedral-like construction was built in the city in the center of it all. If there is one striking
thing that they could add if they decide to, then
perhaps Leviathan looming over the city would be a great pick. None the less, it doesn’t take away from the regal aura of
the completed project. Number nine, Mansion of Versailles. This humongous mansion
was a collaborative effort of four builders namely Rexrocks1, Lady_Sanita, denis9932 and TheShadowDM. Just how big is it you ask? It has an 80 block height, 368 block width and 412 block length. Structure wise, it has 34
bedrooms, 55 bathrooms, 11 kitchens, 293 rooms
and at least 10 pools. If you played hide and seek here, you’d probably be looking
for each other for a week. Numbers aside, the masterpiece
is really expansive. So much so, that there’s a lag
time when navigating the area especially when hovering over the yard. There are even signposts with suggestions on how to tour this colossal creation since you can easily get lost. despite being a large project,
they didn’t compromise the design, picking up on even
the most intricate detail. There are perfectly constructed fences, majestic chandeliers,
attention-grabbing landscapes and even hidden rooms just to name a few. There’s just too much to behold that you’ll have to see it to believe it. Talk about dedication! Number eight, Monumental Desert Temple. There’s something mystical
about the combination of a desert, an oasis
and a towering pyramid. Can you make it even more enigmatic? Apparently, yes you can as is shown by Jeracraft’s unbelievable
desert temple build. What started as a bare landscape
became a monumental display of boundless imagination,
a huge crater in the center became lush greenery with
water flowing from all sides. A stone pillar was formed
in the midst of it all, which is the midpoint
of a passageway towards a majestic pyramid at the
far end of the crater. And no, it’s not an ordinary pyramid. It has a hovering structure at the top. And the arched entry point
does not pale in comparison either as intricate designs
were carved on top of them. As if that’s not enough, five
floating islands were created surrounding the area and were tied down to the ground with huge black chains. Each of them was connected
to the hovering pyramid by beams of light adding further fantasy-feels to the project. Maybe next time we’ll see Lara
Croft or Indiana Jones in it. Check out Jeracraft’s
video for an even more in depth view of the whole project. Number seven, Minecraft Theme Parks. When was the last time you
went to an amusement park? Well, you won’t have
to spend a pretty penny traveling to Disneyland to do just that. A contest was held on Planet Minecraft to see who could build
the best theme parks and the top three contenders have concepts to blow your mind. In third place, Jimjabway
built his version on a solitary island filled
with colorful attractions. This masterpiece had a grand Ferris wheel, kid-friendly carousels
and a roller coaster with lots of loops. Meanwhile, if you’re a huge
fan of social media inspired masterpieces, builders
Necrosys and MysticBuildz created the perfect representation. Several attractions were
named after famous apps and a so-called emoji fall
has even been constructed. The impressive part is
that it had a roadway that separates it from the mainland making it a truly sweet escape. But if you’re a fan of partying
and havin’ a good time, Shapescape’s Playlist park
is going to hit the spot. Each of the attractions
is related to music. Like The Record, The
Metronome and The Bass Drop. The futuristic and party vibe was enough to crown this one the winner. Number six, Insane Roller Coaster. Why pay for a roller coaster ride when you can just sit at home
a feel the rush for free? CaptainSparklez’s Minecraft
version gives that feeling and so much more making
you cling to dear life with every twist, turn and sudden dives. While there are a lot of roller
coaster builders out there, this is particularly
different as it defies the laws of physics and breaks every safety measure there is. Forget steep 90 degree
drops because this ride goes even further than that. I can’t count how many times
the ride dashed through on its side, made nauseating loops, got suspended upside down
for God knows how long and combined every unbelievable trick that real life roller
coasters wouldn’t dare do. Midway through the ride,
there are two things that will probably happen to you. Either you’ll get motion
sickness for watching too long or you’ll forget which way
is up or down or even both. Now imagine if this
game had VR capabilities and you had to finish the whole ride. That would be sick! Number five, Jurassic World. Steven Spielberg teased our imaginations when he created Jurassic Park in 1993. But the franchise had some failures in its second and third films. Fortunately, it made a successful comeback with its latest
installment, Jurassic World and it’s only fitting that it
gets immortalized in Minecraft thanks to the creativity
of builder Simon Masrani. Masrani certainly did the film
justice with his creation. He built almost everything
there is to see from the movie. The containment facility
for the genetically modified Indominus rex? Check, the velociraptors’
controlled environment? Another check, the observatory dome teeming with pterodactyls? Yep, there’s that too and so much more. The whole area is so massive
that there is a lag time hovering from one place to another. If you think that’s impressive,
then you’ll be amazed even more by the the
fact that the dinosaurs can actually move, that’s right! The flying reptiles, the raptors, the long-necked creatures, everything. Someone obviously put their whole heart and soul into the project. If I had a redstone torch, I wonder if the famous T-Rex
would also run after me? Number four, Atari 2600 Emulator. Do you miss playing
some classic 80’s games? Well, SethBling apparently
does and has painstakingly, recreated Donkey Kong,
Space Invaders and Pac-Man via an Atari 2600 emulator on Minecraft. What’s even more impressive
is that no plugins or mods were used for this project,
only sheer ingenuity. In order for the emulator
to work, it runs off about 2,000 command blocks
which are using actual ROMs scanning electron beams
on the game screen, draws pixels until the
desired image is created. SethBling also replicated
the binary system by using dirt blocks to represent zeroes and stone blocks to represent ones. If that isn’t the work of genius,
then I’m not sure what is. While it does sound exciting,
it doesn’t let you play the emulated games for
a couple of reasons. First, no controller was programmed. And second, the emulator runs at 60 frames for, wait, what? Every four hours, be that as it may, this build still deserves
a spot in this video due to its utter cleverness. Number three, Lost City of Atlantis. Atlantis has always been the
subject of myth and lore. And yet again, master builder
Jeracraft had the vision of bringing this lost city into reality, well at least in Minecraft that is. While it may sound easy,
actually creating it is a lot harder than it looks. The concept that Atlantis sits
in the bottom of the ocean is a big problem as there is
minimal to zero visibility underwater and most
blocks are not compatible. With a stroke of genius, he
decided to create his own ocean. He achieved the ultimate
illusion by crafting a blue stained glass ceiling
that mimics the ocean surface and white stained glass
to look like bubbles. He then made coral formations to further exude the underwater feel. The next step was to
create houses, bridges, towers, statues and a massive wall. The challenging but fun part
was when he started building the main fortress made of
over five million blocks. Can it get even more complicated? Yes, at the center of the structure, he erected a titan-like
figure holding up a globe and he did all this in just two weeks. Someone give this man a trophy. Number two, 3D Pokemon Megabuilds. Pokemon is arguably one
of the most successful video game franchises of all time. As popular as it is, father
and son team inostupid has created numerous giant 3D incarnations and they are nothing
short of jaw dropping. Every detail and color
is meticulously perfected to represent these subjects
of childhood daydreams. For example, the ferocious
gyrardos towers above the terrain making the canopy of trees
look like tiny swarms of ants. Just like in the anime, the
water serpent sits on the ocean baring its spiky fins, long cerulean body and its signature cavernous maws. Looking for legendaries,
they were also able to build the weather trio namely Groudon,
the land’s personification. The ruler of the seas, Kyogre, and the sky high Pokemon Rayquaza who resides in the ozone layer. Even mythical Pokemon can’t escape from the duo’s creativity. The God Pokemon himself,
Arceus, stands tall and majestic looming over the landscape. The long mane, green eyes and red pupils and golden cross-like
wheel around its body are designed carefully. Luckily for us, we don’t need to stock 99 Ultra Balls to catch them. Number one, Star Wars in Minecraft. When you here the phrase, “A long time ago “in a galaxy far, far away…”,
what pops into your head? Surely, no other than Star Wars. It’s become such a pop culture phenomenon, that seeing lots of Minecraft homages to the movie is no surprise. While many are outstanding,
it looks like the Force is strongest in the father
and son duo, inostupid again. Just look at their R2D2 creation, and you’ll immediately be
astonished by the resemblance. The bipedal build, dome-like
head and color scheme were done perfectly replicating everything that fans know and love. If there is anything different,
is that it’s no longer a diminutive droid, but a
structure taller than a mountain. Luke and Leia would be shocked. But if we’re talking about
size, then wait until you see the iconic Millennium Falcon they built. It’s so massive that it covers
portions of the sea and land. The front-facing mandibles,
side-mounted cockpit and quad-laser cannons will instantly make you recognize this beauty. Different shades of gray were also used to stay true to the Falcon’s appearance. Anyone else really want to
see it go into hyperdrive? So that’s it, I certainly
hope this inspired you to keep building and challenging yourself in the game’s limitless possibilities. Which among them impressed you the most? Did your favorite build
make it to the list? Or better yet, do you have a masterpiece that you wish to share with us? Let me know in the comment section below. And if you enjoyed this
video, make sure to watch our previous one on Epic Minecraft Builds. Also, don’t forget to subscribe,
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