Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey PC review

hello everybody my name is Hayden big
man and I’m here with Brad charkas hello a rare treat in San Francisco and also
Adam Patrick Murray as usual a little-known fact I don’t like monkeys
I’m gonna freak me out okay well first of all these are Apes
oh whoops you’re racist sorry yeah so we are playing ancestors a humankind
Odyssey is very hard to explain what this game is but I guess we should start
with so Patrice désilets worked on Assassin’s Creed the original and then
had a let’s say fraught relationship with you was soft in the years since
including if you remember he was soft buying his studio from THQ when they
went bankrupt and then shutting down his game yes whoops so this is the game that
he made after that and it is a game about evolution quite literally we like
Spore yes but way more intense so I like there’s not even a good way to demo this
game because it’s like a very meditative experience so I have like you can see I
have my little ape baby on my back and basically it’s like a survival crafting
game but you are a primitive Abel so we can like pick up rocks we can hit rocks
against each other wait so is this like a 2001 Space Odyssey uh yeah consider
one point I kill a warthog and I had a I bone and that felt very 2001 so yeah
like we can everything is like very slow-paced it really I don’t know how
many hours I played because this is the epic game store and it is impossible for
me to tell but I would guess probably 10 or 15 hours so far and a lot of it has
just been doing stuff like this what are you doing I am using a tool yes
I am using this rock to strip the bark off of this branch and then eventually
it’ll be sharp and then I can use my sharp stick to kill animals it’s on Brad
the weird thing about this game is like you start with zero knowledge it is like
very not hand holdy and so when I finally like sharpens a stick and it
took me like two or three hours learn how to sharpen a stick in this game oh
Jesus we’re getting attacked so yeah you’ll get attacked by Tigers
occasionally hit him with a rock he runs away I should hit him with that stick
yeah it’s not sharp yet so we’re close there’s like those one of the hard
things about this game is their audio cues to tell you when you’re supposed to
do anything you can might be able to hear underneath us talking it’s like a
clicking noise I can just that like a little click right there is when you’ve
done the the correct amount of effort for everything and if you can’t hear
them it’s very hard to play this game but we’ll do our best here so yeah when
I finally figured out how to sharpen a stick that was like a huge day and then
I killed a warthog with two of these sharp sticks at one point and that felt
like the most incredible achievement in any video game ever I feel like this
game is about evolution in more ways than one it’s really like a I like I
don’t know it’s neat because you’re like learning about this world as you do
stuff and actually gaining knowledge of your surroundings I love when games are
able to tie theme into gameplay like that yeah and so like we can so you have
senses also so right now this is our intelligence and so we can look around
the environment and all these things I’ve already played as I said like 10 or
15 hours of this so a lot of this stuff is already stuff that we know and you
can see above it it has the applications for each of these things as you discover
them so these I don’t know grass cycads or whatever these ferns you can use as a
sleeping area so we could actually run over and collect them and then you put a
bunch of them together in a pile and you can build a sleep area from what you’re
saying it feels kind of weird that it uses like proper sciency terms for that
stuff yeah yeah Internet instead of just like grass
you naming yourself or yeah it’s kind of neat though cuz it does feel like almost
edutainment sort of stuff like that and that glory days of edutainment so we put
three these ferns together we can build a bed and then this is the other half of
the game right here we can evolve so you can pull open we have this big menu here
and each of these is things that as you go through so these black ones are
things that we haven’t discovered yet and then these white ones are things
we’ve discovered but we haven’t put points into to know what they are and
then these ones are ones that we know what they’ll do and in fact most of
these I’ve unlocked at some point because what happens is so we can I
don’t know we’ll put some points into sound localization so our art hearing
will be better so this little ball of light in the middle decreases as we do
that the neuron forms we unlock more neurons for later and then eventually
what you do is you level up your kid huh and so you can choose certain ones you
you might notice that these ones are like a different color than everything
yeah these are ones that I’ve already it’s called reinforcing you can
reinforce them so that the next generation you start with those skills
already unlocked but everything else just resets to zero and so it’s a really
cool idea yeah so when you evolve basically so that baby on my back that
I’m carrying right now is actually the next generation that I will have going
forward reminds me of that game reins yeah it’s like a crazy amount of
carrying forward and you have to make sure that you have like enough kids each
generation to be able to have kids in the next generation or like find there
are other apes out in the world that you can recruit if you do the right thing
so like offer them food or or comfort them stuff like that how big is this
world gigantic I like feel like I’m still I so there are landmarks which are
these like diamond-shaped ones mhm and as we if we look around like
this one is where we just were the place that my base is right now is
that one this one with a leaf over here and that would probably take us like ten
minutes or so to walk over to right now it is enormous to like a in like kind of
a daunting way yeah should be – a monkey learning this stuff
yeah well that’s so like you start out and you have just one tiny colony and
one area I’m gonna I’ll be honest I killed like half my Apes in the first
like 10 minutes of this game because they don’t explain anything so we have
like this you might see about at the middle bottom of the screen there’s like
a circle with a green a yellow and a red ring thank gripmeter its you’re like
stamina meter and so the green is like everything’s good and so if I rest here
for a second that’ll fill back up mm-hmm and then the red is like your life
expectancy and so as you get older the maximum amount of stamina you have goes
down and down but that life expectancy ring also decreases if you like get
grievously injured so if a tiger actually gets through to you like you
don’t know how to attack as being in the game mm-hmm
and so that tiger if he had like jumped at you all you can do is dodge and if
you miss time to dodge he’ll strike you and you’ll end up with just like a
bleeding wound and if you don’t know how to how to patch yourself up you’ll just
like slowly lose life expectancy until you die I came was not on my radar but
this sounds like extremely my jab yeah it’s like very it’s it’s really neat I
mean I have a feeling it’s gonna be very divisive because it’s gonna it’s like
very slow everything is very hard like I I have
had multiple times where I was like maybe I should just restart and so far I
haven’t and I’m just trying to like push it as far as I can but like I don’t know
if I’m gonna be able to finish this game with this clan of apes because so many
of them died at the beginning that like having enough kids to make my next
generation last every time it seems like all is impossible but you’re only
controlling one at a time right yeah yeah and so then you have like a bunch
more back at base and I’m slowly kind of heading back there I climbed up here to
sort of give you an idea like this is just part of the world that we can see
right now it’s bigger even than this and so yeah
like the and we can you can sort of swing from trees I don’t think we have
any around but it hurt so we have broken our leg and so our backs on stamina is
down luckily we know I know where the how to fix a broken leg we have some
some monkeys around here actually or some Apes so but yeah there are like
plants that you discover can heal broken bones stuff like that otherwise you just
kind of have to sleep it off and you can see in the bottom left we have a like a
effects meter so if you go back to home base with the other Apes can you say
okay I want to control that way over there control different ones you can
also yeah you can set up like mating pairs so that you can make sure you have
kids in the future you can also once you’ve leveled up your communication
skills or like increase your communication skills you can have all of
them follow you so you can actually like we have a we have a certain base and
it’s back at like the start right now because when you there’s a third level
of evolution where you basically skip forward multiple thousands of years at
once and that comes like later in the game so I’ve done that once already I
skipped forward like a million years in one go Wow Wow so we’re actually at the
second stage of human evolution in this but yeah the when I did that or reset my
base back to the start basically but you can also tell everybody to like hey
follow me and we’re all gonna leave and go to a new base oh no what he felt
brother man I’m trying to make it back to home so the problem at home in the
following home where we all right now is it’s up these like massive cliffs like
and I have a broken leg very slowly so how long is one Apes life so at the
beginning I was lasting like 20 minutes at a time and it was it was I was
burning through Apes now I’ve gotten to a point where I can pretty much like go
an entire day playing this with just the same guy
okay so like this is a young ape that we’re playing right now and his his like
maximum is all the way full and if you’re careful about managing that he’ll
last for a long time the problem is like trying to balance you can only reinforce
so many skills for each generation so there comes a point where it’s like
probably more time effective to just move on to the next generation or reset
all your skills and then start teaching the next generation you just have to
make sure you have enough Apes to go around you like to have enough kids for
the next generation so so are those skills for your whole clan or they hurry
they’re for your whole like whichever a pure controlling per generation has the
same skills they just reset when you change to the next generation
well so but the the next generation being so if you change anything in that
menu or pick those ones does it affect the baby that’s on your back or the next
baby that’s born sorry what was that I was the the when you go into the menu
and you say okay I want to reinforce this to pass it down are you passing it
down to the baby on your back or the next one that’s born no no I’m the one
that if the baby on your back like that that baby will grow up to be your next
adult and he will heal he or she will start with those skills already unlocked
got it so they’ll have an easier time next time like I’ll have to check when
we get in but like some of the ones I’ve reinforced already are like you can tell
your clan members to automatically dodge enemies because like early on you like
tell all your your ape friends to follow you and then a tiger attack will happen
like that and they’ll just like get mauled and then you have to like go hunt
down stuff to fix their bleeding because they can’t do it because they’re dumb
and so there’s a lot of that like there’s a lot of quality of life stuff
in those menus of like Oh your clan members will automatically defend
themselves or your clan members will automatically mimic your actions like
they you can tell them to like eat this food or something like that but then a
lot of them just apply to whichever one you’re playing in turn at the moment so
like we don’t have a broken leg stand up and
walk on two feet for a bit that was one of the ones I think I reinforced at one
point there’s also like a bunch that relate to construction like using fewer
fewer materials for those construction attempts also using tools more
effectively stuff like that so it’s the end game playing a human I think so but
like I’m honestly not sure this game is like I feel like for the longest time
like we would see this game in shows like we only saw trailers I’ve never
played this game before we got code for review and I feel like the question
every time we saw a trailer like Gamescom last year or whatever which is
like what is this game because we would just see like a bunch of apes running
around like going crazy jumping off of off of treetops all that stuff and there
wasn’t really any indication of like what you would do in the game and now I
start playing and honestly it just feels still really weird and surprising in a
lot of ways so now we’re back at our base we have all of our other eight
plays here and they’re just chilling yep and we have like – I want to say two
more babies that are chillin somewhere over here so you don’t have any sort of
form of language right now – no I have I have grunting so I can though all answer
me that’s pretty much it I built these fences that was a real big day whoo you
can use branches to build fences and see I got two more babies waiting for me
over here on the other side of the fence oh yeah by accident so that’s one thing
I just learned like 20 minutes before coming to the office that you can have
two babies piggybacking you at the same time and so I’m wondering if that’ll
speed up how much stuff I get how much like skill point stuff I get every time
among which would be exciting yeah it’s it’s just a very dense game and I don’t
really know where it’s going and I kind of don’t want to know and we got a
reviewers guide and I almost was like oh we should check like I should check like
what is the most effective way to play this game but I feel like that kind of
ruins it do you know what I mean like you really lose those
moments like that killing the warthog wear it which is like so satisfying to
finally do to finally pull that off you kind of lose that so we also have there
I should mention there like mutations that happen and so we have one here we
get more energy per food portion and those just arise as you have kids and
then if those kids have kids and they become your like dominant lineage that
gets like folded into your skill tree and they have skills that come off of
those also so can the mutations be bed as well I haven’t seen any yet but it’s
a good thing yeah I assume possibly but it’s neat because like there’s some
really beneficial ones on there like this if we unlock this we can be
shielded against poisoning and injury for a longer period by eating certain
foods yeah there’s just a lot of a lot of neat stuff in here and so yeah as I
said I was like I have prioritized things that keep my clan alive because
my clan is so small but there’s I surprised if from the way describing it
they expect that to be the case or oh yeah so like the advanced version so
there’s like I played on the normal difficulty which is you start with like
six apes in your clan or whatever and I think two babies but the the advanced
difficulty is just you start on your own you just have to like build a clan by
yourself which seems wild like I can’t even imagine but yeah so like this is
the this will fix our broken leg here in a second
easy there so like certain plants have certain capabilities oh I forgot to
mention we can also so I showed off the intelligence which is like one way of
identifying things but you also have a smelling button so we can smell
especially like food tends to be on that one and then you can also listen
so I think there’s a baby over there I’m not really sure what else we’ll see in
the listening one that tends to be more niche but yeah it’s why arrey interested
in this game yeah it took me by surprise I thought that this would be kind of the
like I y’all play ancestors but who knows well I got asked cuz people
usually wonder how’s the performance on your rig at home it’s been fine
some of it is janky like I think this is still a pretty small team that made this
game and it shows in some ways like some of these animations are a bit weird and
wonky like he’s gonna go through that ape on the way to us like that that’s
weird also the I think that they might tone
down the tiger attacks after the game actually comes out because right now it
is constant this thing is just always mad this was it just show up yeah it’ll
I mean I think they’re like stimulated in the world so they come in but they’re
like just always showing up everywhere I go I feel like I’m fighting Tigers which
seems a little excessive maybe but who knows maybe I just need to defend myself
better maybe there’s a can they wreck your clan
they have killed multiple Apes of mine so yeah and yeah you uh like you as I
said you have to like go through and and patch up any of the ones that get hurt
so we have a pregnant ape there this one has a broken bone or actually protection
against broken bones right now from something they ate this is my my mom or
my dad actually yeah so yeah there’s just a lot to uncover I really like as I
said there’s not a great way to demo it because so much of it is just so
time-consuming like I showed you how to make the the
bed earlier but like even the making a fence is like complicated oh I’ve got a
leaf in my hand still you can you know you have to like upgrade like carrying
two objects at the same time stuff like that we’re also very sleepy right now
which is why we’re getting so that’s what that is I was wondering what that I
kept going to black so yeah you have to like move things in your left hand in
order to alter them you have to move things in your right hand in order to
drop them it’s like a very complicated control setup that you eventually get
used to but it takes a while and you said on keyboard and mouse it’s not
impossible especially like the swinging through the trees and stuff and there’s
a lot of stuff that I think that they could tell you better so for instance
you can swing in the leaves but you have to like go they have a whole extensive
help menu here and I’ve actually had to like go in and read this stuff because
there’s stuff that I so like the construction thing that like making a
pile of resources and then turning them into a fence or a bed or whatever mm-hmm
it was just like never explained to me any point in this game and so I didn’t
understand that was a thing until probably like seven hours and I was
looking through a menu and was like oh okay like that’s an important thing to
know I kinda I kind of like that it plays into the whole evolution and you
find in the world thing but yeah I haven’t in them menu yeah having a menu
kind of defeats the purpose and same with like so you can swing through
so he’ll automatically grab on like branches and trunks of trees but you can
also swing through leaves they just you have to hold down the a button till I
catch it and they don’t tell you that and so I just had no idea of that
existed until so far into the game and there’s no like a on-screen prompt
either no there’s like nothing so which I again I like that it’s just also kind
of weird yeah anyways yeah this is ancestors I think it’s really neat I
don’t know what’s the price on this oh you know Adam you know I would honestly
I’m guessing this is a full price game this is a feels like a full price game
yeah I’m trying to remember who published this is Eve I think it’s a
private division it’s the 2k like two K’s indie label the one that is also
publishing outer wilds oh that Python just killed that pig oh
yeah actually it’s $40 u.s. dollars then is definitely I would say worth that
because yeah it’s really neat it’s one of those games that is just very
experimental in a fun way also there’s a baby chilling behind me
and I don’t know why that baby’s there so I think we can take that baby back to
our clan maybe can can you eat the baby yeah I think this baby is just left on
its own oh gee it’s the og baby oh gee baby
so yeah that’s ancestors I think we should quit monkeying around yeah yeah
after that we should definitely anyways $40 as Adam said and things Adam for
joining me and thanks Brad for joining me
no problem and yeah I hope that has a big-ass snake yeah he still has eggs and
eat them and then throw up cuz you are not adapted to eat eggs it’s just a wild
game guys so yeah thanks and we will see you back here soon

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  1. Kapunology

    Can you help me to recommend a Pc for High End Gaming example GTA? FORTNITE etc. And the Price? My budget is around $1,000 ish .. How much Ram needed and how much GB Graphic Card is needed please.?

  2. Nathan Brown

    This looks great. I freaking hate puzzles in games, pointless busy work but this game does it right. Puzzles should naturally generate themselves through circumstance and be resolvable with basic logic. Going to buy this game. Now only if I had time to play…

  3. Viki's Art

    Can you tell me the controls,please? I play PC version and it's really hard to do anything especially
    hunting (I don't know what is A on keyboard)

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