Annoying Orange Let’s Play Minecraft #3: Temple Of BOOM!

-Happy Monday,
my fellow Minescraftmen. Hope you had
a heck of a weekend, got plenty of rest,
ate all your vegetables, and kissed your mom a good-bye, ’cause we’ve got some
heavy-liftin’ to do. It’s time for Let’s Play! -Play more Minecraft. -Uh, yeah. Thanks, Scott
Pettersson, aka Captain Obvious. [laughs]
Now, where was I? I think– -Let’s Play Minecraft #3!
Let’s Play Minecraft #3! Let’s Play Minecraft #3!
Let’s Play Minecraft #3! -I GET IT!
You want me to play more– -More Minecraft!!! -All right, you little griefers! You want more Minecraft,
you got it; but I’m gonna need some requests
of stuff to build pronto! It’ll sort of be like
Ask Orange, but with an axe, so I guess it’s “Axe Orange.”
[laughs] But seriously, I have an axe. [rock music plays] -Make a butt. -Make a butt? I’ve been waiting
my whole life for this moment! Whoo-hoo!
[laughs] All right, as you can see, we’ve built our butt out of TNT. But…I don’t think
we built it big enough. Got to put some more
steps on the back porch, if you know what I’m saying. Ha! You know what I’m saying? Seriously, does anyone
know what I’m saying? Doesn’t matter, because building
butts is what I do best. Ha! The trick is you just gotta
“block” out some time. [laughs] I know, I know,
I should just shut up and work. All these jokes are
just holding up the rear. [laughs]:
Oh man. I can be such a “glute.”
[laughs] And there you have it–
one big butt. Too bad it totally blows!
[laughs] ♪ And another butt down,
another butt down ♪ ♪ Another butt bites the dust ♪
Whoo! ♪ Hey, gonna get you too ♪ ♪ Another butt bites the dust ♪
Ha! -Build a giant pear. -Build a giant pear? Boring. -(Pear) Hey! I heard that!
-Okay, okay. I’ll build a giant “pear”… of butts!
[laughs] ‘Cause one good butt
deserves another. Yup-yup, everything’s
lookin’ pretty good back here. Chisel this block,
drop off some fire, and RUN!!!
[laughs] Double exploding butt
all the way! Oh, my goodness! No, but seriously,
you gotta be careful. Exploding butt is
highly contagious. It’s like throwing
gas on a fire. [laughs]
I can’t stop. Exploding butts! -Grief a server! -Grief a server?
No way, Vampiregirl! If I do that, she won’t bring me
any more cheese fries. Speaking of which… [bell dings]
-Order up. -[chuckles]
Thanks, Edna. You know how much
I love these cheese fries. [munches loudly] Exploding butts! -Build a house. -Build a house?
[burps] Sorry, that was the
cheese fries talking. What I meant to say is,
“Bor-ing.” That’s even more boring
than building a giant pear. -(Pear)
I can still hear you, you know? -And the point is, I don’t play
video games to get bored. I can get bored all by myself.
Seriously, happens all the time. Thank goodness I have a
super-short attention span. What were we talking about?
Oh yeah, cheese fries. Oh, thank goodness
I have cheese fries. Edna! -Build a house out of TNT! -Ehh, what’s this now?
Build a house agai– Wait, out of TNT? [record scratches]
Edna, cancel the fries! I got some building to do!
[laughs devilishly] You know, some say the best
foundations are built on trust. I prefer TNT. Sure, it’s unstable,
highly explosive, and ridiculously dangerous, but– ha-ha!– but–
ha-ha-ha!– but… [sighs]
What was I saying again? Was I talking about my
short attention span again? I do that all the time. No wait– oh yeah,
that’s right. TNT. It goes boom. Orange likey boom. That’s all you really
needed to know. [guffaws] A house made of TNT? Pshaw. When I’m done, you’ll be calling
this the “Temple of Boom!” Why? ‘Cause Orangey likey boom.
[laughs] Oh, I just said that two seconds
ago. Weren’t you listening? Who’s got the lousy
attention span now? Ha! Well– [yawns]
it’s morning now. I really wish I hadn’t canceled that second order
of cheese fries. Who knew Minecraft
could be such hard work? These graveyard shifts
are killing me. But I’m a slave to the boom.
Whatcha gonna do? [grumbles] Who built this
chimney? It’s awful! Santa will never fit!
That’s why I’m tearing it down. Don’t even try
and talk me out of it. None of it works!
Totally ruining the feng shui! Aah! All right!
House is looking good! Just slap a door on it
and we’ll be all done. I could just put one door on,
but if Grapefruit comes over, he’ll never be able to fit,
which, come to think of it, it’s not such a bad thing. Ooh-ooh!
I’m gonna need a window too! I get cranky when
I don’t get enough light… or sleep.
Did I mention I haven’t slept? [brays]
I love coffee. And kicking through doors!
[laughs] Aw, that was adorable.
[laughs] Seriously though,
I hated that door. All right, time to burn this– Oh wait, no, no, no, duh.
I forgot the flowers. I would’ve felt so dumb
if I’d blown up the house without planting flowers first. I mean, really.
What would the neighbors think? Seeing as how they
don’t make fences out of TNT, I’ll just have to go
with the real thing. Besides, I don’t want
any goats getting in here and eating the flowers.
Nope, not gonna do it. Not gonna deal with it!
[laughs] All right, gang. Time to light the fires
and kick the tires! So long, Temple of Boom. WE’LL NEVER FORGET YOU! Oh-ho-ho! Whoa! Oh, from this angle, you can
see the living boom! [laughs] All right, guys. As usual, it’s been extremely
dangerous and extremely fun. Hit me up in the comments below;
let me know what you want to see next time on
Let’s Play Minecraft. As for me,
I think it’s time for a nap…. AND CHEESE FRIES!!
[laughs, imitates munching] EXPLODING BUTTS! Timber!
What the he– okay. All right, trees don’t fall–
okay. Chopping down a floating tree.
Hmm. Yeah, I should probably go home. I’m “trunk.”
[laughs] Wow! What the?
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    If you get more like you will get lots of legs and arms and tnt butts. I love your videos and also I like πŸŽπŸπŸŠπŸ‹ grapefruit in Marcy

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