Annoying Orange – Movie Spoofs! (Saturday Supercut)

(thunder cracking)
(eerie music) (fizzling) – Whoa! Where am I? What’s this thing I’m hooked up to? Ew, who’s that? – Hello Orange. I want to play a game. – A game?
(perky music) Okay let’s play go fish. – What? No. – How about Chutes and Ladders? – No you don’t get to pick the game. – Why not? – That’s not how this works. – Why? – Because. Now just listen. – Why? – Because I said so. – Okay geez. Who crapped in your cornflakes? – Alright. Now Orange so far you’ve made
a living annoying people. Society would call you a nuisance. I would call you an abomination. – Yeah and I’d call you clown face. (laughing) – What? – You look like somebody smeared
mashed potatoes on a mime. (laughing) – That’s enough! – You’re kind of emo aren’t you? – No, I’m not emo. – You’re an emo clown. (laughing) (loud grunting) – Listen, the device you are attached to is a death trap. It’s hooked up to a timer. If you do not locate the
key in time, you will– – You mean this key right here? – What the… Where did you get that? – I don’t know. – That’s just great, you’re
totally ruining the game. – Your game sucks. Let’s play Yahtzee. – I hate Yahtzee. – Jenga? – No! – Do you like backgammon? – Oh my God you’re annoying. Ugh I can’t take it. That’s it, I’m moving on to Eggplant. – Whoa it’s Barney. – Yeah dude, I’m not Barney. – Hello Eggplant. – Hey, hey Barney can I teach you a song? – No! – Hey I’m not Barney. Dude is this part of the torture or what? – Look, this is not how
this usually happens. ♪ I’m an orange ♪ ♪ That’s a key ♪ ♪ There’s an emo clown on tv ♪ (laughing) – Do I look like a giant purple dinosaur? I’m an eggplant. – You look like a potato
with bad circulation. (laughing) – That’s it! I swear to God I’m so done with this crap! Why did I think this was a good idea? (loud static) – Hey, hey. ♪ I’m an orange ♪ ♪ You’re not me ♪ ♪ Jigsaw has to take a pee ♪ (laughing) – Oh shut up! – Hey potato. – What? – Death trap. – Huh? (screaming) – Oh poor potato, he
never saw that one coming. (laughing) How do I get outta here? (snicking) (eerie music) – Okay so the squirrels
looking at me and he says nuts? (laughing) Buddy you’re insane, you’re insane! (laughing) No, true story, true story, but um, that’s, that’s not
why we’re here tonight. (ominous music) You guys hear about this video? It’s pretty scary stuff. – Wait is that the one where
the guy sniffs gorilla glue? – No, no, no it’s the one where the girl kills all those eggs. – No, no, no it’s the one
where the guy does taxes with his cat right? – No, no. This is a different kind of video okay? You watch this video and then you get a phone call from a guy and there’s a voice on the other end and he tells you something and then, seven days later,
something bad happens to you. – [All] Whoa! – So, you guys wanna watch it? – Yeah! (clicking) (eerie music) – I’m hungry. (munching) Hey it’s see food. (laughing) (dog barks) ♪ La la la la la la la ♪ (coughing) (laughing) (screaming) (laughing) (loud static) – Well that sucked. (laughing) (ringing)
(ominous music) Hello? (laughing) Hello? – [Orange] Seven days. (laughing) – What happens in seven days? – [Orange] You’re an onion ring. (laughing) (loud dial tone) – Who was that? What did they say? – I think he just called me an onion ring. And then the squirrel says, “Nuts? “Buddy you are insane!” (laughing) Oh god, I love that joke. – Dude, seriously? You know what time it is right? – Ooh. Time for another video. – It’s been exactly seven days. – Exactly. – Don’t you remember the phone call? – Oh yeah. I wouldn’t worry about that. It’s not a big thing. (loud growling) – Oh my god! – Guys, easy, it’s just my dog Big Papi. – Bobby, why is your dog eating an onion? – ‘Cause I’m out of cantaloupe. Is this guy serious? (laughing) – What was that? – All right, who’s got the remote? – Hey. (laughing) – Oh my god. (laughing)
(dramatic music) – You guys don’t mind if I drop in do ya? (loud screaming)
(laughing) (ominous music) Hey, hey onion rings. Hey, hey onion rings. Hey. Onion rings, hey. Hey onion rings. – [Onion Rings] What?! – Which one of you is the ringleader? (laughing) You’re not laughing. – Well this sucks. – Hey Orange, why don’t you just stop saying stupid puns and change us back? – Because, I like having you around. (laughing) Hey, hey onion rings. – What?! – Pitbull. (loud screaming) (snicking) (loud thundering) – Whoa, this isn’t the kitchen. What’s going on. – [Narrator] Hello Orange. – Hey, I know that voice. – I was hoping you and I
could play another game. – Yay, it’s emo clown! Hey, are we gonna play twister? That’s my favorite game. – No Orange. The name of this game is Death Trap. – Cool what kind of death trap? – Glad you asked. – Is it a waterbed filled with piranhas? – No! – Killer bees in a pinata? – No, that one never works. – Oh, is it a drunk guinea
pig with a chainsaw? – What? – A drunk guinea pig with a chainsaw. – Die you bloody perp! (laughing) – No! How did that even get in here? – Well, what is it? – Oh Orange, don’t you see? The Death Trap is you. (loud thundering) – But I’m not a death trap, I’m an orange. – No one has ever escaped me. Except for you. That’s why I have chosen you to become my apprentice. – Apprentice? What are you, Donald Trump? (laughing) – No, today you will help me by annoying my victim to death. – What are you talking about? – Whoa, where am I? – Whoa! – Hello marshmallow. Want to play a game? – Oh yes, I love games. – Everyone loves games. – And I love everyone, yay! – Yes, all right Orange. Your time to annoy him to death has come. Now, begin. – Miss. – No. Begin. – Nope, my turn. B two. – What? – B three? – No. – B five. – Hey, you sunk my battleship. (laughing) (groaning) – Hey, hey fluffy face, you look like a mini pillow. (laughing) – Yeah, well you sound like a chipmunk riding a rainbow. (laughing) – It’s funny ’cause I do. (laughing) – Everybody shut up. – Jeez, who cut off jigsaws funny bone? – No, don’t annoy me, annoy him. ♪ I’m an orange ♪ ♪ You’re a mime ♪ ♪ Jigsaw’s so boring it’s a crime ♪ (laughing) – That’s it. I see my apprentice
requires further training. Let this be a lesson for both of you. (snicking) – Whoa! – Not squeaky fun guy! – Oh, that tickles! (laughing) – Stop laughing. (snicking) – That tickles. (laughing) – Hey, the Donald’s gonna
take another stab at it. (laughing) – Come on you stupid thing. (snicking) – Do it again! Tickle time! – I knew it! I knew this wouldn’t work! (groaning) Orange, you’re fired. – Whoa, you really are the Donald. (laughing) – And you Marshmallow, you’re roasted. – Whoa!
(crackling) – I feel all gooey! (laughing) – Marshmallow, you’re a real hothead now. (laughing) – Stop laughing. – Whoa, you really lit a fire under me. (laughing) – Hey, hey stop it Donald. I don’t think he can take any s’more. (laughing) – That’s it. I’m out of here. Can’t take it anymore. I need to get a new job. – Hey, where’s jigsaw going? We were just getting warmed up. (laughing) – Well thank goodness
they scared that guy away. I didn’t like where this
whole thing was headed. (screaming) (snicking) (upbeat music) – I’m a star. A great big shiny star. Yay! (loud explosion)
(suspenseful music) (perky music) – [Orange] Whoa, what the heck are you?! Are you a hoagie? Hey, hey Hulk Hoagie! – [Narrator] It’s croissant. – Hey, hey Hulk Hoagie, hey! – It’s croissant okay. You want me to spell it out for you? – Nah, that’s what he’s for. – Hoagie. H-O-A– – That’s it!
(record scratching) You wanna rock and roll with me, come on, let’s rock– (loud shattering) (screaming) – Whoa! – What the heck was that?! – What are these earth shapes? – Ugh, that’s not rock and roll, that’s just rock on a roll. (laughing) – Can you spell zing? – Holy crap, it’s a meteor! – Meteor?! Meteor than what? – Negative. I merely look like a meteor. – So what? You’re like a comet? – He can’t be a comet,
he doesn’t have a tail. (laughing) – Silence! – Silence. S-I– (zapping) – Hey. Now I’ll never learn how to spell. – Behold, I am Meteortron! Emissary of the frotobots. We are an alien race of
shape-shifting robots. Locked in a never ending
battle with omnigods who are also an alien race
of shape-shifting robots. Who we will crush! – Wait, so you got a crush on who now? – Silence! And tell me where you find the relic. – Huh? – You mean like a VCR? – No! The Relic is a device
of unspeakable power. Which I have traced to this very. What the crap is this place? – Kitchen. – Kitchen! Now you must give me the Relic! – Sorry dude, we don’t have any– – You can not deceive a Frotobot! No matter, I have other
ways making you talk. (laughing) – Whoa, cut it out meteor man. If you want the relic so
bad, he’s right there! – Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Easy now. Just put the spinning blade
down and let’s talk this over. – Huh. This does not compute. – Yeah it doesn’t compute! You know why? Because I’m relish, not relic. – Further investigation is required. Initiate dissection. – Oh thanks a lot Orange, thanks. – Uh oh, this is gonna be jarring. (laughing) (exploding)
(groaning) Spell and Speak, you’re alive! – Yes, for I am more
than an educational duel. I am an Aopticon. – Who we will crush! – Meteortron, step away from the Relic. – Awe come on, you can’t spell relish? – Prepare for battle! – Whoa, cyber rock ’em sock ’em robots! – Behold! – Whoa! – Neato burrito! – I am Meteortron! – Hey guys, what’s going on in here? – Hey, hey Mervin. – What’s up Orange. – Robot. – Huh? Whoa whoa, put me down!
– Die – [Meteorman] Aopticon! – Whoa! Heads up! (grunting) – Wow! (laughing) – [Meteorman] Die! (loud lasers) – Wow! (coughing) – Talk about déjà boom! (laughing) – Ugh, why is it we can’t
go one day in this kitchen without something exploding? – Amen! – Yeah, it’s pretty great isn’t it? (grunting) – Fear not friends, we are safe now that the robots have destroyed themselves. Perhaps I can finally
put away this disguise. – Whoa! – Whoa! – Behold, it is I the– (loud explosion) – Whoa, what’s up dudes! I’m looking for the relish,
you seen him anywhere? (snicking) (slow paced music)
(loud thundering) (elevator music) – Well well well, if
it isn’t Orange Potter. – Well well well, if it isn’t Snapefruit. (laughing) – I see you brought along
your meddlesome cohorts. Pear Weasley and Passionate Granger. – Meddlesome? – Cohorts? – Hey, hey Professor Snapefruit! – What? – You’re an apple. (laughing) – I most certainly am not an apple. – Yuh-huh, apple-cadabra! (whimsical explosion) Hey Snapefruit are you embarrassed? ‘Cause you’re looking a little red. (laughing) – Enough of your games Orange Potter. The fruit that must not be named wants to have a word with you. – The fruit that must not be named? (dramatic music) You mean Moldywarts? – Dude! – Orange! – It is madness to speak that name! – Okay! I guess I’ll just have to sing it then. ♪ Moldywarts Moldywarts ♪ ♪ He wears moldy undershorts ♪ (laughing) – Impressive Orange Potter. – Whoa, who’s there? – It is I, the fruit
that must not be named. – More like the fruit that has no nose. (laughing) – Uh, Orange, none of us have noses. – Wait a second, then how do we smell? – Terrible. (laughing) – My lord, I was just
about to deliver these rapscallions to you. – Hey, I’m not a scallion, I’m an orange. – Silence. (loud laser)
(screaming) (shattering) – Hey, that’s not how you play Quidditch. – And now Orange Potter,
you will meet your end. – Don’t worry Orange, we’re here to help – Ya, you won’t have to
face Moldywarts alone. – As a matter of fact, he will. Jell-O-Ramus! – Whoa! Yuck, I hate it when
they put fruit in jello! – Now Orange Potter, the
day I have waited for. The day we finally see who
is the greatest wizard fruit. – Oh, is it Kiwi?! – What? No. – Peach? – This is not a guessing game. – Gordy McGordelot? – That’s not even a fruit! – Geez, you don’t have to
be such an apple about it. – No, I am not, wait, how, how did you
know I was an apple? – Well, you do yell a lot. (screaming)
(loud static) (eerie music) Whoa, where am I? – Hello there Orange Potter. – Hey, Grandpa Lemondore, you’re back! – Actually Orange, I’m still dead. – Wait, if you’re still dead and we’re talking, that means… (screaming) – Calm down, you’re not dead! Think of this as a brief stoppage of time to teach you a lesson. The most important
lesson you’ll ever learn in your entire life. – Yay! Wait, what were you talking about now? – Orange Potter you must
listen to me very very closely. Now to defeat Lord Moldywarts
and save your friends you must simply– (snoring)
(record scratching) – Grandpa Lemondore. Grandpa Lemondore! Ugh, now I’ll never know
how to defeat Moldywarts. Wait, what’s that? Ooh! (ominous music) – With Orange Potter gone, there is no one to stand– – Stand? I don’t even have legs! (laughing) – What?! Impossible?! How did– – Hey, hey Moldywarts, hey! – What? What is it? – Apple-cadabra! – You did it, you made
me young and fresh again! – Yeah Grandpa Lemondore’s letter said the key to defeating your
enemies is being nice to them. – Well, Grandpa Lemondore
was a wise wizard fruit. – Yeah, it said if
you’re nice to Moldywarts he’ll never see it coming. – See what coming? – Knife. – Knife! – Yay! – You did it Orange! – Look at me! I’m a real whiz kid! (laughing) Now that that’s over
with, who wants jello?! (laughing) (snicking) – [Narrator] Veggies and gentlefruit, welcome to the 74th annual Hungry Games. I’m your host, Claudius Cauliflower! – What? You don’t look like a flower. (laughing) – I’m not a flower! I’m a cauliflower! – Collie-flower? Is that why you’re barking orders? (laughing) (growling) – Enough! I’m here to present our trib-fruits from the 12 districts of Pancake, shall fight to the death in
the glorious kitchen arena where there can be only one victor. – I don’t want to die. I don’t want to die. – Let the 74th Hungry Games begin! – May the odds be ever in your flavor! (laughing) – Hey, that was my line! – [Orange] Let’s see if
any of our contestants have a fighting chance. (laughing) Oh, and there goes Apple! (exploding) – Ew! – Truly a valiant end for Apple. – Yeah, he really went out with a bang. (laughing) Get it? Bang? (laughing) ‘Cause he exploded, get it? – Would you please let me do my job? – Aye-aye, Colonel! – Ugh! Looks like Melon’s
trying to get to safety. Uh-oh, look out! (loud thudding) Ooh! He should have worn a
helmet to protect his melon! (laughing) – Please, stop talking. (record scratching) – Yes, please! For the love of fruit, be quiet! – Whoa! Who are you? – The name is Sugarcane, the glorious kitchen arena is my design, for I am the Gamemaker. – Gamemaker? I love games! What’s your favorite? Mine’s motorboating! (imitates motorboat) – Stop it! We’ll all be dead if he hears you! – If who hears us? – The all-powerful President Snowball. – Oh, President Snowball! – Yes, the president of Pancake and creator of The Hungry Games. – No! President Snowball! (gasps) – Mr. President! – You will not make a mockery of my games! Do you understand me? – Ab-snow-lutely. (laughing) – Silence, you insolent orange! – Geez, I guess you’re
really are cold hearted. (laughing) Get it? Cold? (laughing) He’s a snowball; get it? – Show this orange an example of my power. – Yes, sir. – Finally! I’m safe! (snicking) – Whoa! Strawberry got skewered! (laughing) – You see, Orange? I alone have the power
to decide life and death. – Oh, yeah? Well, can you spit seeds like this? – No! (screaming) – Whoa!
(loud sirens) Looks like Sugarcane is in shock! (laughing) (loud explosion) – What have you done, you fool?! – Uh-oh! – We’re gonna make it, buddy! We’re gonna make– (loud explosion) – No! – Whoa! Those two really got toasted! (snicking) Whoa! – This can’t be happening! – Told ya, they’re a cut above the rest. (laughing) (screaming) Ooh, and The Hungry Games
continue to be a smashing success! (laughing) – Am I? Did I, I’m alive! – Well, in a surprise turn of events, it appears we have our victor. The winner of the 74th Hungry Games is– – I won– (crackling)
(screaming) – Now, that’s what I
call a bad case of gas. (burps and laughs) – No! This can’t be happening! There must be a victor! – Hey, hey, President Snowball! – What?! – President Snowball, over here! Hey, hey, President Snowball! – What?! What is it?! – Mockingjay! – What? (screaming)
(thudding) – Whoa! That’s too bad. President was a really cool guy. (laughing) Ohh. Hey, hey Mockingjay! (speak gibberish) – I really hope I’m not in the sequel! (snicking) ♪ 99 bottles of bored on the wall ♪ ♪ 99 bottles of bored ♪ ♪ Take one down pass it around ♪ ♪ 98 bottles of bored on the wall ♪ – Stop, now! We know, we get it, you’re bored, okay. – Yeah, but don’t you ever wonder why we’re always bored? – Hmm, nope. Why do you ask? – There’s gotta be a reason
why we’re bored all the time. (ringing)
(ominous music) – Somebody wanna grab that?! – One ring shot coming up! – Hello Orange. – Hey look, it’s Knife! What happened to you? Are ya bald now or did you lose your edge? (laughing) – That’s not a knife Orange, it’s a spoon. – Or perhaps there is no spoon. (screaming) (techno music) – My apologies, I didn’t
mean to startle you. – Wow, bald knife is a magician! Hey, hey, pull the rabbit
out of your hat bald knife! – You’ve been living in
a dream kitchen Orange. It is called the Fruitrix. All that you see around you is not real. – Even Pear?! – Even Pear. – Don’t listen to him Orange, I’ve always been your best– (screaming) Mr. Orange. – Whoa! – Quick orange, you must choose a pill. – Ooh pick me, me!
– Pick me, pick me! – [Spoon] Take the red
pill and you will escape certain death and be
transported to the kitchen of the real world. Take the blue pill and you
can stay here in the Fruitrix and be sliced in half by Knife. – Huh? What about the green pill? (record scratching) – I taste like boogers. – Ew, red pill it is! – He’ll be back. – How could you be so sure? – He is the annoying one. – Yep, you’re right. – Welcome Orange to the real kitchen. – It’s real all right. Real dirty. (laughing) – True, the real kitchen
could use some spick and span but at least we’re safe from the Fruitrix and their master. – Hey, this place has cable! Sweet! – Yes, but we only get one channel. – Ugh, I hope it’s not CSPAN. – Behold, the world as it really is. You see, the machines
who built the Fruitrix need you and your kind to fuel it. – Well, I am pretty gassy. (farting) (laughing) Wait a minute, but that means my friends are, are. (record scratching) – Hey, who wants mango shots! – No! – Don’t lose hope now Orange. There is still something we can do, although I don’t think you’ll like it. – What, what can we do?! – Plug! – Huh, whoa! – A massive download of
information directly into your cerebral cortex. Everything you’ll need to fight the knives and destroy the Fruitrix, forever. – Whoa, I know. Every knock knock joke ever! – Ugh. – I sense a great
disturbance in the Fruitrix. – Hey Newman! All fruit is but fuel
for the machines, yeah! – Oh yeah? Well then get ready for a mega bite! (laughing) – Mr. Orange, any last words? – Oh probably just, knock knock! – Who is there? – The annoying one. (screaming) (loud gunshots) (snicking) Yay, I did it, I destroyed the Fruitrix! – Obliterate the annoying one! And then, more mango shots! – Oh no. – You may have destroyed one of us, but you’ll never defeat 10,000. – Uh oh, looks like I’m
gonna need a bigger boat. Or better yet, a motorboat! (loud gunfire)
(screaming) (laughing) – Orange, you did it, you saved us all! – Yeah, and I thought it’d
be virtually impossible. (laughing) – Ugh. – Finally, we’re free! – Yes, yes you are. But tell me, what will you
do now with your freedom? – Hmm, good question. I was thinking– (record scratching) ♪ 99 bottles of bored on the wall ♪ ♪ 99 bottles of bored ♪ – Truly he is the annoying one. (snicking) – Hey, what’s happening?
(loud siren) And why is it happening right in the middle of my bubble bath? – It’s a tornado siren! Quick, turn on the news! – An F5 tornado is cutting
its way through the city and it could be headed for the kitchen. With more, we go to
pineapple in the field. – Thanks Tom. I’m not really sure I should be out here. Ouch!
(loud thud) But I guess this is what wins Emmys. – What do you see
pineapple, what’s going on? – Well the tornado is super huge. It’s changing course at random and oh, it appears to be heading toward. Oh my– – Pineapple, what is? – It just took out a knife factory Tom! Oh this is bad. I gotta get out of here! Stay strong Pineapple. We need you covering this tornado. – This is no tornado Tom. It’s picked up hundreds,
possibly thousands of knives from the factory it just wrecked. We’re dealing with a full blown knifenado! – And now we go to Byron with sports. – Uh, thanks Tom. The Cleveland Rounds like suck. – Oh man, oh man, oh ma,
oh man, oh man, oh man! You heard him. That kifenado could be here any minute! What do we do?!
(shattering) What do we do?! (speaking gibberish) What do we do?! – Everyone relax. We have a tornado cellar for
this exact type of situation. – Wow! Really? Whew, that’s a relief. – You sound surprised Orange. – Sure am. I thought there was no way
we’d have the foresight to make a tornado cellar. I figured we’d blow it for sure. (laughing) – Orange, last year we tasked you with building the cellar. – What? – You didn’t build the tornado shelter?! Where did all the money we gave you go?! – Definitely not towards
these sweet kicks and chains. – You don’t have feet or a neck! – [Pear] Guys! I hate to break this up but knifenado! (screaming) – Pear, look out for that knife! And that knife! And that knife! And that other knife! And that knife too! – Orange, there are knives everywhere! (snicking)
(screaming) – Oh, who wants to knife limbo with me?! ♪ How low can you go ♪ ♪ How low can you go ♪ (laughing) – Now is not the time Orange! – Little Apple can’t participate
in the limbo contest. That would be cheating. (laughing) (screaming) – Guys, don’t look now but I think the knifenado is headed for another factory! – Hopefully not another knife factory. – Worse, it’s a– – Squash factory! (shattering)
(screaming) – Ah, this is too much! How can I afford all these knives and all these squashes?! – We’re headed for another factory! It’s a TNT factory! (loud shattering) – Now this is just getting ridiculous! (screaming) – Nobody touch the TNT! Also make sure that none of the knives touch any of the TNT. None of the squashes either! – This is exhausting! – Bad news guys. I think the knifenado is taking us toward yet another factory! And this one’s a real doozy! (loud shattering) (laughing) – An orange factory?! Awe come on! – Hey, hey! – Yes, what do you want? – Hey! – I heard you! What do you want?! – Watch what I can do! (speaking gibberish) (growling) – Hey, hey, what rhymes with tornado and is full of knives? – Um, probably a knifenado. – Nope, a Julius Caesarnado. (laughing) – Ugh! (laughing) – Awe man that’s good! – At this point I kind of wish the knife would hit a stick of TNT. – Agreed. The knifenado’s dissipating! We made it through! (loud shattering) (cheering) – We made it! – Oh oh, let’s celebrate by
touching this knife to this TNT! (ominous music) – [Everyone] No! (snicking) (howling)
(ominous music) (laughing) (ominous music) – [Narrator] Evil shall feel the burn of the Flexorcist. (eerie music)
(chomping) – Bobby, what are you doing?! You can’t eat all that food! Stop it! You should get out and exercise! Bobby, it’s just not healthy! (screaming) (growling)
(burping) (doorbell ringing) Oh thank goodness you came. They told me to expect an
old priest and a fit priest. When’s the fit priest getting here? – Present and accounted for. So many stairs. – Oh. – This is father Grapefruit and I’m father Grandpa Lemon. But you can call me Papa G. – Thank you for coming. It’s my boy Tommy, he’s not well. He lies in bed all day and
says things I don’t understand. – Ah these kids today, they got no ambition! Just wanna lay around all day napping. Speaking of which. (snoring) – Is he okay? – Who, Tommy? Yeah, sounds like normal adolescence. Boy– – No, I mean, could you two help my son or not? – Have no fear, I’m
more than just a priest. I’m a fully ordained Flexorcist for almost six weeks now. – Wow. Well I didn’t know the
church still did that. – Well the church of CrossFit does. – Well I heard that was a cult. (growling) – Oh, sorry about that, but dreaming does made me a little gassy. (laughing) – Oh that wasn’t you, that was my son. Please, please, you have to help him. (farting) – Sorry, sorry. Fear also makes me gassy. Should of mentioned that earlier. Great googly moogly, I
can smell the presence of enormous evil. – Ah, I bet little Tommy’s
totally a little faker. We’ll just damn straight and– – Oh is that right father Grapefruit? – That voice. I’d know it anywhere! – Oh that’s great, you two
already know each other! Small world. – Oh I know Grapefruit inside and out. I’ve been tempting him his entire life. – Beware father Grandpa, for we are in the presence of Jucifer, the demonic Lord of laziness. – Oh oh, sorry, we were looking
for some kid named Tommy. So see you later then. – You’re not going anywhere! (loud knocking) And neither am I. Especially now that I’ve plumped up Tommy. This guy is more comfy
than a bean bag chair. – Bad news chump, ’cause I only came here to
chew bubblegum and flexorcise. And guess what buddy? I’m all out of bubblegum. Squat thrust! – The power of CrossFit compels you! The power of CrossFit compels you! The power of CrossFit compels you! (groans while vomiting) – Ew, is this pea soup? – No, Shamrock Shake. (burps) And a little bit of Fresca. – I stand by my ew. – Well two can play that game mister! (groans) – You hit him with the Holy Vitamin Water. Great thinking Grandpa Father. I mean, Father Grandpa. – Come on, can I not get a
Papa G up in this mother? Also, shouldn’t he be writhing
in pain right about now? – Man, what a dick move. Now my sheets are all, they’re all squishy. – You could always get
up, get a little exercise. – No, no it’s fine. Totally cool. I’ll just pretend I’m
in a broken waterbed. – You know for the Lord of Laziness, he’s awfully tenacious. What do you say we take five, huh? – What’s the matter Father Grapefruit? Feeling unfit? (laughing) – I’m fine! I just get low blood sugar. – Get it together Father Grapefruit! Only you can Flexorcise this demon. – What? I thought we were a team. – Oh team, huh? Now we’re a team? You always tell people I’m your spotter. Whatever the heck that is. – Ah! If there were only time for a snack. Maybe a doughnut or some
chocolate chip cookies! – Come to us Father Grapefruit. – We’ll make everything better. – You know you like that deep dish. – Ooh, well maybe just a nibble. Nope, nope. I don’t need you carbs. I’m in the prime of my life! – Ha! Only prime you’ve ever known is prime rib. (laughing) – Oh sorry. He just hit that sweet spot between funny and totally accurate. (screaming and groaning) Whoa! – Hey, who are you guys? What’s happening? And why is my bed all squishy? – You did it Father Grapefruit! The Flexorcism worked! You saved Tommy! You, you– (screaming) – Ah, must resist the carbs! (shattering) Not the ditch! (screaming) – Oh, thank goodness! You saved my little Tommy. Oh my little angel. Oh, you– Wait! Who broke my window?! – That would be my friend. Poor, chubby, and let’s be honest, not-so-bright, Father Grapefruit. We will never forget his sacrifice. May his sneakers rest in peace, forever. – [Father Grapefruit] Uhhh, a little help! You guys know I’m not dead, right? – Aww, you can almost hear him now, calling out from the great beyond. Go into the light, my son. Go into the light. – [Father Grapefruit]
Just some broken bones. (loud crunching)
(groaning) Make that a lot of broken bones. (snicking) (ominous music)
(loud winds) – [Narrator] Predicting an F4, even F5 twister for the entire Hunt County. Meteorologist still
don’t know what’s causing these sudden storms. – Helen, we’ve gotta go! – Daddy?! – We’re urging everyone to
get underground immediately. Including us. (screaming) – We should be safe here. – [Narrator] Honey, the door! – Stay here! – Be careful daddy! – Don’t worry baby, the odds of a twister actually ripping open a cellar door are, well I guess I don’t really
know what those odds are. Huh. (loud cracking)
(screaming) – Daddy! – Stay with me! Just stay with me! – Stay with me Helen! Stay with me Helen! – Huh? (screaming) – I left the stove on! – Down there! (mooing) – That was close. – Where were you back there? That was the third time
we’ve almost died this week! One more and I get a free smoothie! – Sorry, just the storm and everything. I was thinking about my dad. – You can’t bring him back Helen, no matter how many storms you chase. – That’s not what it’s about Bill. It’s about getting to the
cause of these twisters so no more baby carrots have
to see their dad sucked away. Look, these storms seem pretty random, but I think this last one
established a pattern. See. (spitting) – Would you please stop
randomly spitting seeds?! – Okay! – I didn’t think that would actually work. (spitting) – Hey! – You said to stop spitting
randomly, so I did. Now I’m aiming them, see? (spitting) – Oh hey Orange, would
you cut the shenanigans? You’re messing with my work out. – Fine! (spitting) – Yeah, can you turn off the blender too? It’s freaking me out. (loud blending) – But I didn’t spit any
seeds at the blender. – Oh really? Then who did? – Seriously, it wasn’t me. I swear. (growling) (screaming) – He’s right! – Okay, that’s starting
to freak me out too. – Don’t worry, I got this. (spitting) (growling) – Uh oh. – This is where the
next twister should be. Help me with the probes. – Hey, what are you guys doing? – We’re storm chasers. We think there’s about
to be a tornado in here. – What?! Inside? Here? – Yes. We don’t really know what’s causing them. But your kitchen is definitely next. Our probes here should tell us why. – Hey, we make it to
start number four tonight and I get that free smoothie. – Smoothie? (growling) A smoothie, of course. The tornadoes are being caused
by malfunctioning blenders. – Well Alex has been on the fritz lately, just started on it’s own all of a sudden. – Squash, can you unplug it? – Oh no!
(growling) It’s battery powered! (screaming) – Bob! – There’s nothing we can do! We have to get somewhere safe! – The oven! – Steel walls, underground, we should be pretty safe in here. – The probes are booted up! If the twister picks them up we should have a readout on it. More data than anyone’s ever had before. That’s it, we’ve got it!
(beeping) I can finally analyze an entire twister. – Hey, does it seem a
little warm to anybody? – My bad, body temperature’s
still up from my workout! – Ah crap! The oven’s on! – Well, if I’m gonna get baked at least I’m getting
baked with my friends. – I am not getting baked! Let’s go! – Well you can’t go outside either. Maybe we can ride this
storm out before we broil! – Doesn’t look like it. Computer predicts this one
could last a whole hour. We’ll be charred crisp by then. Wait, yes that’s it. Maybe we can jam the blenders blades and stop them from spinning. – With what?! – They’re built to slice and dice. Game over man! Game over – The probes, they’re metal. If we can shoot enough down the cyclone, that should jam the blades. But who can aim them? (imitates motorboat) – Anyone else got a case of cotton mouth? It’s like an oven in here! – Well, you just
volunteered yourself Orange. – Remember, spit as many of
those probes down as you can. You only have a few
seconds before the cyclone sucks you down into those blades too. So be quick! – Sounds like a challenge. They don’t call me the
spitting citrus for nothing! (laughing) – Did we do the right thing? – No, but it is quieter now. (growling) (gunfire) (static) (exploding) – Wow! – You did it Orange! Now we know how to stop the tornadoes! Hey, where’s my truck? (record scratching)
(shattering) – I just wish my dad
could see what we’ve done. He’d be so proud. (screaming) Daddy? – I thought I’d never get down from there. Those twisters kept me spinning
in the air for 20 years! But I knew you’d get me down baby. – A family reunion. It’s so sweet. I must have something in my eye. – Ah, that’s nice. – Agreed. They really know how to put
the care in carrot don’t they? (screaming) (snicking) (upbeat music) – Ah, what a beautiful
day to be out and about. Hey honey? – Oh daddy, that reminds me. There’s a big fun trip I want to go on with my best friend Jenny. Can I go dad, can I go? – I don’t know honey, you’re
awfully young for that. Trust me when I say I’ve got a bad feeling about this. – But daddy! I wanna go! – Sweetheart. (loud crying) Honey. – I hate you daddy! – Ah fine, you can go. What the heck do I know. I’m only a former secret
agent with lots of skills. – Yeah, thank you daddy! If you and mommy ever split
up, I want to live with you. – Oh, I love you too baby. (ringing) – Jenny. Guess who’s going with you? – [Jenny] Yay! – I know, omg! We’re gonna have so much fun! – Awe you’ll always be
daddy’s little girl. They grow up so fast. – Bacon, it’s baby egg. I think something’s wrong. – Oh I’m sure everything is fine. Hello baby, are you okay? – Hi daddy, guess what? I just met some scary sausage men who want to take me far far away! Hold on, I think they want to talk to you. – No baby, listen to me very carefully. You’re about to be– – Taken, yep. It’s already happened. Sorry daddy, but we gotta get going now. – Wait. I don’t know who you
are, or what you want. If it’s ransom you’re after, I can tell you I have no money. What I do have is a very
particular set of skills. Skills I’ve acquired
over a very long career. Skills that make me a
nightmare for people like you. If you let my baby go now,
that’ll be the end of it. But if you don’t, I will look for you, I will find you, and I will kill you. – Okay, well, good luck. (snicking)
(screaming) – What the– – That little piggy went to market. That little piggy stayed home. (sizzling) That little piggy got roasted. Heeyaw! (screaming) And that little piggy got stoned. – Stop! Please! – And this little piggy
got a nice jumpstart. (screaming)
(static) Now where’s my daughter?! (screaming)
(static) – She’s, she’s, she’s– (screaming)
(static) The museum! We took her to the museum! – That’s rather interesting, because you’re about to be history too. (screaming)
(static) – [Narrator] While everybody else is busy, we’re gonna steal all these paintings. – Keep it down you idiot. We’ve gotta keep this quiet. (tires screeching) What the– – Baby? Baby where’s my baby?! – Ha! (squirting) (screaming) – No, not Coco! (loud gunfire) – Whoa, dude. I think somebody’s
trying to rob the museum! – Better tell the boss. I’ll go– (screaming) – Oh my lord! – Boss huh? Don’t worry fellas, I’ll tell him myself! – Oh sorry. I was just looking for the bath– (screaming) (sizzling) – What a breathtaking work of art. You know, I can stare at this all day– – Baby where’s my baby?! – Excuse me, who are you? – Oh my goodness! – Daddy! – Oh thank my lucky stars, baby! – Wait, what are you doing here? Does this mean the field trip is canceled? – Field trip? You’re on a, oh, a field trip. Oh my god, do I have
egg on my face or what? (laughing) Whoops. (laughing) (snicking) – No, no place like home!
– Orange. – No place like home.
– Orange?! – [Pear] Are you alright?! Orange! – Holy shnozberries! I just had the strangest experience! I was in a magical, colorful land! You were there, and you were
there, and you were there! – Was I there? – No. – Awe poppycock, I never get
invited to anybody’s dream. – But it wasn’t a dream, it was real! You gotta believe me! – Sure, we believe you Orange. Call the loony bin. – I’m on it. – Go ahead Orange, tell us
about this magical world. – Well, it all started
when I got caught up in a tornado mixer. (screaming)
(dramatic music) Hey, I can see my house from here! (laughing) But then, I accidentally made applesauce out of some mean old witch.
(screaming) And that made everybody real happy. (cheering) – Come on, come on, do the song! – No I don’t wanna do the song! – Do the song shrimpy. (growling) (upbeat music) ♪ And in the name of the lollipop gal ♪ ♪ We welcome you to munching land ♪ – Munching land, sounds pretty eat! (laughing) And it was pretty easy eat. They gave me a ruby kazoo and sent me off to see the Blizzard of Oz about finding a way home. – Follow the orange brick road – [Everyone] Follow the orange brick road. Follow the orange brick road. ♪ Follow, follow, follow, follow ♪ ♪ Follow the orange brick road ♪ ♪ He’s off to see the Blizzard ♪ ♪ The wonderful Blizzard of Oz ♪ – [Orange] But the trip wasn’t easy. The woods were just crawling with danger. Like onions and wild silverware, oh my! (laughing) But before long, I found a friend. – Hey there, I’m Pearcrow, nice to– (screaming)
(cawing) Get away from me! (screaming) Man, what I wouldn’t give for some arms to keep those crows off me. – Come see the Blizzard with me. I’ll bet he could give you some arms. – You think? ♪ We’re off to see the Blizzard ♪ ♪ The wonderful Blizzard of Oz ♪ – [Orange] And as we went along We picked up a couple more friends. There was the Tinmallow
who wanted to ask the Blizzard for arms too. – Because then I can give everyone hugs! (laughing) – [Orange] And we met a
Grapefruit, he wanted arms too. – If I had arms, why I could wave this truce flag night and day. – [Orange] We nicknamed him
the cowardly Grapefruit. – Ah, what was that?! – That was an ant dude. – It was huge! – [Orange] When we got to the Blizzard, he said he’d help on one condition. – You must bring the wicked
ice queen of the west. (laughing) – I get it, brr, ’cause he’s cold. But this ice queen turned out to be more than we bargained for. (laughing) – It’s her, run! – Why didn’t I ask the Blizzard for feet?! – [Orange] This weirdo
witch had an army of flying monkey bread! Luckily, we were able to get away from the flying monkey bread and got to
the evil ice witch’s castle. (thundering) Then we had to get past
some Oreo cookie soldiers. ♪ Oreo oh oh ♪ ♪ Oreo ♪ But in the end, we got
that icy witch real good. – I’m melting, I’m melting! – Well yeah, you’re an ice cube. Honestly, I’m surprised
you made it this far. – [Apple] So did everyone
get their limbs in the end? – [Orange] No, there was some
junk about how we had them inside of us all along. – Wait, are you telling me I have a foot inside me as we speak? – I guess so, yeah. – So that’s what was messing
with my bowel movements. – And all I have to do to get home is blow my kazoo three times?! (kazooing) – So, you’re glad to be back? – Sure am. The whole ordeal taught me
something very important. There’s no place like home. – Well, that’s pretty sappy dude. – No, home!
(high pitched ringing) – [Everyone] Huh? (screaming) (shattering) (snicking) (loud honking) – Come on, put your backs into it. The sooner we get those nets aboard the sooner we can all get home. (grunting)
(ominous music) – Captain Crunch, did you see that? – See what first plate? – Huh, but it was just there. – Back to work man, we’ve got two more– – Captain Crunch! – Oh what now? (growling) What in the name of– – It’s, it’s– – Oh my gourd! (ominous music) – Welcome to Thousand
Island, I’m pineapple. Thank you for coming to
investigate Dr. Starfish. – Please, call me Dr. Sea Star. – Aren’t starfish and sea
stars the same exact thing? – Technically speaking, I’m not a fish. Not yet. Please, take me to the wreckage. – It washed ashore last night. We have no idea what could have done this to a ship of that size. – Yeah I know what it was. It was Gourdzilla. – Gourdzilla? What is that? – Don’t listen to crazy old Coconut. Gourdzilla is nothing
but an old wives tale. – No no, I want to hear. – Gourdzilla is an ancient beast that terrorized our ancestors. It seems he has returned and he’s angry. – Tell me then, how do we
make this Gourdzilla happy? – We can do only one thing to appease the mighty Gourdzilla. We can die. (ominous music) (roaring) – Something massive coming out of the sea! It’s, it’s– – Gourdzilla! (laughing) (roaring) – Come Dr. Sea Star, quickly! (laughing) (screaming) (roaring) (zapping) – Oh no, he ripped the cap off the salad dressing volcano! (roaring) To the ship, it’s our only chance! (screaming) It’s headed toward the
city of Tokyoyogurt! Darn it, we must warn them! – Dr. Sea Star, you’re the world’s leading food oceanographer. Do you honestly expect us to
believe what you’re telling us? – Yes Mr. President! It was a giant sea monster
and it was like ah! And the islanders were like ugh! And the island got all smashed and then the monster was like peace out, back to the ocean, and we were like whoa. And then– (dial tone) Hello? Hello? (screaming)
(shattering) – Dr. Sea Star, how did the meeting go? – Horribly. They don’t believe me. We’re all in terrible danger! – [Pineapple] What’s this? – It’s nothing! – It looks like a mechanical
fish suit or something. – I said it’s nothing! It’s certainly not a fish
suit designed to allow me to the deepest parts of the ocean floor! And I certainly haven’t been designing it literally my entire life! – Um, okay. (rumbling) – Do you feel that? – The romantic connection we just forged through forced intimacy? – No, that! (roaring) Quickly, into the bomb shelter! (laughing) – And then the dude was like, “It’s called Gourdzilla
and it’s huge and–” – It breathes fire? – Yeah, I said that already? (exploding)
(screaming) (roaring) Send in the Air Force, now! (gunfire) (exploding) Fire breath? Nobody told me he had fire breath. – I like your decor. – Pineapple, can I tell you something very very personal about me? – What, you dedicated your entire life to the unlikely dream of
someday becoming a fish? – Pretty dumb huh? – Not at all. I think it’s a it’s a great dream. – I suppose none of
that really matters now. Or does it? (buzzing) – The city, it’s in ruins. – Someone has to stop Gourdzilla! – That’s impossible. Even the full force of our military was hopeless against it. – That’s because the military
isn’t thinking like a fish. – Dr. Sea Star? – I know what I must do. (exploding) My fish suit is untested, but it’s the only way to reach Gourdzilla deep under the sea where he sleeps. Catching him in the state of rest is our only hope. – You need a nuclear warhead
to kill that monster, but– – But that would mean– – I’m not coming back. – Oh no! – Don’t cry for me. – I get to go out a fish. (beeping)
(ominous music) There you are, Gourdzilla! Gourd bye! (loud exploding)
(roaring) – Oh no, Gourdzilla has returned! – No, look! – [Everyone] Hooray! – It was Dr. Sea Star. Dr. Sea Star destroyed Gourdzilla! – No, it wasn’t Dr. Sea Star. It was Dr. Starfish. – What is she talking about? – Just let it go. (light music) (snicking) (perky music) (laughing) ♪ Put your little hand to mine ♪ – Orange, you awake? It’s Ground Beef Day! Let’s go see if Ground Beef emerges from his meat grinder and sees his shadow! – Woohoo! Let’s do it to it! – Dude, look out! (screaming) You okay Orange? – Yeah I’m all right. Luckily I fell on my thick skull. (laughing) – Who leaves a banana peel
laying around like that? – Sorry, that’s mine. Don’t look at me! I’m naked! – Here he comes folks. – Ouch, this really hurts! – Ground beef, the kitchen wants to know, can we expect nice weather or knife whether? – If I had to wager a guess, I’d say– (screaming)
(snicking) – Ew, there you have it folks. Knives it is. – Now that’s one fine cut of beef. (laughing) – Dude, that was a terrible joke. ♪ Put your little hand to mine ♪ Orange, you awake? – Huh? – It’s Ground Beef Day, let’s go see if Ground Beef emerges from his meat grinder and sees his shadow. – Didn’t we just– – Let’s go, it’s almost time! – Okay. – Orange, look out!
(screaming) You okay Orange? – Yeah, I’m all right. Luckily I fell on my thick skull. – Sorry, that’s mine. Don’t look at me though, I’m naked! – Pear, do you ever get deja vu? – That naked banana just gave you deja vu? – Yeah, I think so. – Dude, you’re a perv. – Ouch, this really hurts. – Ground Beef, the kitchen wants to know. – [Mayor And Orange] Can
we expect nice weather or knife weather. – Or knife weather. – Now a knife kills him. (screaming) – Dude, don’t you see what you have?! It’s not deja vu. – It isn’t? – No, it’s just like
that super famous movie Ground Beef Day. You’re repeating the
same day over and over. – I’m not repeating the
same day, I’m an orange! (laughing) – Yo, that was a terrible joke. ♪ Put your little hand to mine ♪ (screaming) – Wait, wait a minute? Every time I annoy someone
the day starts over. – Orange, you awake? It’s– – I know, I know, it’s Ground Beef Day. Oh, and guess what?! – What? – Chicken butt! (laughing) ♪ Put your little hand to ♪ Huh?! Wow, it worked! Holy wow it worked! – Orange, you awake? – Pear, I’m living the same
day over and over again. – You mean, just like the movie? – Yes, just like the
movie Ground Beef Day. – Dude, think of the possibilities! If you could live the day enough times think of all the fun you could have. Think of all the good
you could accomplish. (gasps) – You’re right! – Orange, you can’t eat all that. You’ll get super fat. – No I won’t, no consequences! – And the winning Power Ball numbers are! (snicking) – If only somebody got
here three seconds sooner! – Let’s do this! There’s just one, catch
I can’t tell a bad joke or else the day starts over. – So just don’t tell any bad jokes. – Okay okay. – Orange, promised me, no bad jokes. You could change the
world if you just keep from telling a bad joke for one day. – Whoop, looks like I gave
that banana peel the slip. (laughing) – Dude! (laughing) Get it?! Slip! (laughing) ♪ Put your little hand to mine ♪ – Awe man, I gotta do a better
job of not telling bad jokes. – Orange, you awake? – I’m not awake I’m an orange. (laughing) (groaning) ♪ Put your little hand to mine ♪ (laughing) Okay, pull it together Orange. – Orange, you awake? Dude, what’s going on? Why are you holding your breath? Okay, well, we should– – I’m not awake, I’m an orange! (laughing) – Ugh, terrible joke dude! I don’t care, it’s so worth it! So worth it! (laughing) (snicking) ♪ Pear share, Pear share, ♪ ♪ Why don’t you have any hair Pear ♪ – Oh no, he’s singing
about things he sees again. ♪ Grapey grape ♪ ♪ Grapey grape ♪ ♪ So evil like Severus Snape ♪ ♪ Midget Apple Midget Apple ♪ – Stop singing! ♪ Get him mad and he’ll try to grapple ♪ ♪ Banana shadow, banana shadow ♪ ♪ Is way taller than Midget Apple ♪ (laughing) – Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. There’s no banana here. – Yu-huh, what do you call that? – There hasn’t been a banana
in the kitchen since– – It is I Dr. Banana back from the dead! (screaming) (perky music) And now, with the aid of
my spice twice machine, I’ll be properly reattached in no time! Hit it girls! ♪ When two become one ♪ (loud static) (screaming) – Whoa, looks like you’re only
half off for a limited time. (laughing) – If you think that was amazing, I can’t wait to show you by shrinky-dinky fruitilizer minimizer! Only 15.99 95. – Why is there an extra number? That’s not even a real price. – This machine will
shrink anything down to 1/100 its original size! (static) – Whoa, what was that? – Looks like he’s gone
banana splits a phrenic. (laughing) – Yay, I love banana splits! – Are you ready? (static) – Wait, we didn’t say that– – Here we go! (screaming) – Whoa, look at me I’m ripped! Guys! Guys? (exploding) – Awesome. I guess it worked. – Looks like he wasn’t such
a half brain after all. (laughing) – You mean he shrunk
us and now we’re tiny? – What are you crying about? You should be used to this by now. (laughing) – Oh boy, look, a unicorn! (roaring)
(screaming) – And all this can be yours for only, hey, where’d they go? – You shrunk them dummy. – But if they’re shrunken, they can’t buy my shrinky-dinky
fruitilizer minimizer. For only 15.99 95. (static) – So unshrink them already! I’ve got better things to do. Hello ladies. (giggling) – Wait, I’m gonna ride it! – Marshmallow, it’s not a
unicorn it’s a giant germ! – Geez Pear, stop being
such a giant germophobe. (laughing) – Giddyup unicorn, yay! – Whoa, looks like we
better booger out of here! (screaming) – The shrinky-dinky fruitilizer maximizer should bring them back to normal. – Whoa whoa whoa, how do we know it won’t kill them like all your other inventions? – Good point. I better test it out first. Hey you. (screaming) You’ll be fine. He won’t be fine. – Oh great, that guy owed me five bucks! – Looks like I had the biggie wiggie fruitilizer maximizer set to explode rather than expand. – Why is that even an option? (static) – That ought to do the trick! – Hey seriously, as a friend,
you should see a doctor. – Well well well, lookie what we got here. I ain’t never seen no
crumbs like this before. – We’re not crumbs, we’re fruit. – We don’t take kindly
to your kind around here. – Looks like we’ve walked
into a crummy situation. (laughing) Get it, crummy. – I don’t get it. Let’s get ’em! – Wait! Kill Midget Apple first! – It’s Little Apple! – What’s that? – It’s like an apple,
but only more midgety. (grumbling) – No, I mean that. (screaming) – Whoa. – I can’t believe it. We’re back to normal size. – Well, except for Midget Apple,
he’s still a little small. (laughing) – And me. See how good I look. – Oops, sorry. (static) – Oh no, the fatness returns! (screaming) – I did it! My invention worked! So take that. And it can all be yours
for split teens or 23. – I don’t know. This whole situation
wasn’t very appealing. (laughing) Hey, where’s Marshmallow? – Over here! Wee! (screaming) (snicking) (ominous music) (suspenseful music) – [Narrator] Whoa, guys! You gotta check out this meteor! ♪ Bored, bored, bored, bored,
bored, bored, bored, bored ♪ ♪ Bored, bored, bored, bored,
bored, bored, bored, bored ♪ – Anyone else bored? – Yes! But mostly just annoyed. – Whew, at least I’m not the only one. (laughing) – Does he have an off button? (screaming) (solemn music) – Orange can you hear me?! – Orange! (static) – Whoa! – So pretty! – S’mores anyone? (laughing) Behold, I am the Mandarin Orange. Bow down before me or perish! – Oh great, it’s another magical meteor that turns people into evil
versions of themselves. – Thanks very much Captain Plot Point. – Orange, don’t freak out, we’ll get you some help! (screaming) – Yes Midget Apple, but tell me, who is gonna help you? – I told you, it’s not Midget Apple, it’s Iron Apple! – And now, time to really cut you short! (static) (laughing) (screaming) – [Apple] Time to finish this Mandarin! (loud lasers) (screaming) (laughing) – Heroes, there’s no such thing. – What a jerk! – Tell me Iron Apple, any last words? – Yeah, Aveggies assemble! – Aveggies? What’s that? – I hope you’ve had your tetanus shot. – You think this rag tag
team of tin cans can stop me? I’m the Mandarine! – Yeah, and I’m a rocket launcher. Whoa, I really am a rocket launcher! (screaming) – Call me snore machine. (snoring) (screaming) – Ouch, I landed on my keys. (laughing) I mean, you will pay for that! – Awe yeah, the Mandarin is toast! – Is that the best you got? – That’s my cue! (laughing) – And to think, I was almost frightened. – Yay! (screaming)
(ominous music) – Whoa, that was insane! – Totally. And yet, kinda sad. – Heck yeah I’m okay with it. Especially if we get to keep the suits. – Yeah, it must be hard to
find anything in 48 extra fat. (laughing) – Orange! – You’re still alive! And you’re not evil anymore. – Yeah, and what about the media? – Don’t ask me, I’m a vegetarian. (laughing) – Yay, it’s still pretty. Marshmallow smash! (screaming) – Oh no, here we go again! (snicking) (light music) – I don’t see Dr. Bananas anywhere. – Forget Dr. Bananas,
where are all the dinosaurs the invitation promised? Oh man, oh man, oh man, oh man! I love dinosaurs! – How do you know? You’ve never met a dinosaur. – I watched a bunch of
Barney when I was little. – Littler you mean, right? (laughing) (growling) – Greetings special guests. I couldn’t possibly be more excited to show you my latest creation! Real dinosaurs! – Yeah right dude. Dinosaurs went extinct so long ago not even Grandpa Lemon remembers them. – It’s true. Also, I don’t really remember last week, so there’s that, you know. – I understand your skepticism and am excited to squelch it. (static) – [Everyone] Whoa! (camera shutters) – Wait a minute, why is it pink? – Yeah. – I kind of like it. Looks more like Barney that way. (laughing) – All my dinosaurs are pink you see. They’re pink because pigs are pink. – Hmm? – Quickly, to the Jeep! I will explain everything! (shattering) (light music) You see it’s very scientific. I brought the dinosaur
back from extinction by using their DNA. I used some DNA from fossils and filled in the gaps with pig DNA. – [Apple] Why pig? – Well I had a buddy who’s a pork chop who was willing to sign the
necessary consent forms. – So I guess they’re not really dinosaurs as much as they’re Swinosaurus huh? (laughing) – That’s good. I’m gonna have to use that. This is exactly why I asked
you to come here Orange. Your branding skills are fantastic. I need your input before the park opens. – Instead of calling a Jurassic Park, why not call it Jurassic Pork? (laughing) – Yes, that’s exactly
what I’m talking about. – Well, why did you
invite the rest of us doc? – Pear, you know more about science than anyone in the kitchen. I’d love to have your endorsement. Grandpa Lemon, I needed you here because you can inexplicably
fly a helicopter. And you Midget Apple, well you– – Go ahead, just say it. You need me here to see if the little kids can ride the rides or not. – But that’s equally important. (static) And now, without further ado, welcome to Jurassic Pork. (loud howling) – [Everyone] Ooh! Ahh! – A pterodactyl! – More like pterodactail. Am I right? (laughing) – It’s tail did come out
rather pig-like, didn’t it? – Hey, what’s in that mysterious
jungle cage over there? – Oh, you see that’s where
we keep the Velociraptors. – You mean, Sausage Raptors? (laughing) – It gets funnier every time. (thundering) – Awe man, it’s raining! – Actually that’s a good thing. That’ll really bring the dinos out. They love mud. They are part pig after all. – Sure enough! Here comes a triceratops now! – Hey guys, is it just me or does that triceratops seem
way bigger than expected? – It’s probably just you small fry. (laughing) (growling) – No, he’s right. (growling) – That’s odd. The Triceratops was normal-sized
just a few days ago. – But did you take into
account that pigs grow super huge in a super
short period of time? – I did not take that into account. – So basically we’re stuck on an island with a bunch of dinosaurs that can grow too big for their own fences? – A slight oversight I admit. – Hey everybody, let’s get
a group photo by this lake. – Wait. That’s no Lake. – It isn’t? (screaming)
(growling) A Tyrannosaurus Rex! – You mean a Tyrannoshortribs Rex? (laughing) – Now is not the time Orange! (engine chugging)
(screaming) (growling) – Come on Dr. Bananas,
give this guy the slip! Get it, slip? Dr. Bananas? That’s not what I meant. But thanks. – Where are we?! – We’re by the Velociraptor cages! – Follow up question. Why is there a massive hole in the bars? (screaming) (growling) – Guys, the helicopter! Where is it?! – My guess is the porking lot! (laughing) – There, there it is! – Run faster! – I can’t, I don’t have any legs! – Take off! Take off! (screaming)
(growling) – Holy toledo! I think I wet myself like
infinity times back there. (laughing) – Look at his tiny arms. (laughing) – At least those dinosaurs
are stuck on that island and can’t get to the main land. (light music) (beeping) (snicking) (snoring)
(light music) (ringing)
(screaming) – Yeah! What? – [Narrator] Orange, you’re supposed to help me build my experiment. Did you sleep in again? – I don’t know. What time is it? – [Narrator] It’s precisely
a quarter past one. – Wait, wait a minute doc. Are you telling me it’s
1:15 in the morning?! – [Doc] Precisely. – Cool! I’ve never been up this late before. Be right there! (shattering) – Behold, my latest invention. A real-life working time machine. – Five more minutes mom. Ah, 57! – What? Orange, no. Just film me talking
about the time machine. – Oh, you got it doc. – This is Dr. Bananas here in Spill Valley ready to show you my
first temporal experiment. You can see the time
machine behind me here. The key to this whole device
is the smocks capacitor. The key to time travel. – Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Come on doc, let’s take
this thing for a spin! – Orange wait, I haven’t
tested it properly yet. (tires screeching) – So, you think you
can steal our batteries and just disappear? You think I’m an idiot? – Well, you see– (screaming)
(snicking) – Oh! That looked like it hurt. (screaming) (light music) – Oh there she is. The love of my life. And perfect, Grapefruit’s
not around to get in my way. (laughing) (screaming)
(exploding) – Oh my spleen! If anyone asks, it was his fault. – Oh no, oh no, no, no, no! You just ruined my ride butt head! You’re gonna pay for that. – Oh no, it’s Grapefruit! (laughing) – You’re gonna run away like
your little friend here. Like a chicken? – I’m not a chicken, I’m an orange. – So we got a wise guy here. Tell me wise guy, how you gonna fix my car before the big dance? – Whoa, whoa, Grapefruit, what’s that?! – Hmm? (loud hitting) – What’s that thing he’s on? – It’s a board with wheels. – He’s an absolute dream. – Ew, gross. He looks like your brother. – You’ll never catch me alive! (laughing) – Thanks for the fancy board butt head. – I don’t think you want
to go that fast Grapefruit. – Shut up! Okay everyone,
(drum roll) for my next trick, I’m
going to do a 360 back flip. (loud thud) I stand corrected. (laughing) (static) (exploding) – Doc! – Great snack! My invention, it’s ruined! – There’s no time for that! You gotta help me! – I don’t even know you. – What?! It’s me, your pal Orange from 1985. – 1985? You mean my idea for time
travel actually works? – You bet it works Doc. I crashed the time machine in town and I need you to fix it so I can go back. – Wait a second, you
left a highly sensitive time altering device from
the future out in plain sight 30 years before it should even exist?! – Yeah, what’s wrong with that?! – Um guys, you may want to check this out. (buzzing) (screaming) – Come on, we have to act fast! We’re getting this snack to the future! (thundering) She’s all fixed. Guess I’ll see you in about 30 years. – I wouldn’t really count on that. – What? – Nothing. – Okay, just load some new batteries and the Smocks capacitor
will be ready to go. – Batteries? I don’t have any batteries. – Orange, this machine needs an obscene amount of electricity to
actually travel through time. You’re telling me you
didn’t bring your backup? – Nope. Oh wait. I got an idea! (drilling) Okay Doc, now climb to
the top of that ladder! – Orange, this is highly irregular. What exactly was your idea here? – Don’t worry about that Doc. Just don’t move a muscle. (thundering)
– Whoa! (engine revving) – Okay Orange, you only get one shot. Hey, hey Dr. Banana? – What? – Lightning bolt! – Oh now I see what he’s doing. (static) – So, you think you
could steal our batteries and just disappear? You think I’m an idiot?! – Oh, well, um, you see– (loud shattering) – Woo hoo! I’m back, I’m back! – Orange, you saved me. – Sure did. And I beat up Grapefruit, and there was a storm, and– – Yes yes, I remember now. I sent you back when you. Wait, I say you back to the future and you vaporized me. – Sure did! 30 years before I would actually invent the time machine which you just used. – Yeah, what’s wrong with that? (screaming) (record scratching) Wait, what am I doing here? (snicking) (ominous music)
(thundering) – I sure do appreciate you boys volunteering to look after my remarkably creepy hotel. – Are you kidding? This place is amazing! (laughing) – Yeah, should be terrifying. – I’m with Pear, little scared. Hey, no jokes. – Awe come on guys. This place is just what I
need to finish my novel. The Grape Gatsby. – Well that’s a coinkidink. My last caretaker was a grape. – Was? – Yes, but by the end of the first week he’d shriveled into
something else entirely. – What, like a raisin? – Worse! A craisin! (laughing) FYI, the dining room is wicked haunted and you probably want to steer clear of it altogether. – [Everyone] Huh?! – Come on now Craisin, let’s
get you to the nuthouse. Later fellas. (laughing) – So, I’m having second thoughts. – Orange too. Well I think he already left. – Hey, hey guys, hey! You wouldn’t believe the
size of this dining room! – Gulp. – I’m gonna go with double gulp. (ominous music)
(thundering) (screaming) So far so good. We’re one day in and nobody’s gone crazy. – [Pear] Speak for yourself. – All work and no play
makes Jack a dull toy. All work and no play
makes Jack a dull toy. (laughing) – Shouldn’t you be typing your novel?! – Type? I don’t have any hands. That’s why I’m dictating it. Siri read chapter one back to me. – [Siri] All work and no
play makes Jack a dull toy. (laughing) All work and no play makes Jack a… – Riding my three wheeler, riding along! Riding through the hallway
as I make up this song! – Come play with us. – Whoa! Hey, where’d they go? – Come play with us Midget Apple. (screaming) – I prefer Little Apple. – Come play with us. – Okay look, I’m gonna open my eyes now and I want both of you to be gone. Okay? Okay? – Come play with us! (screaming) – Dude, I’m a little
worried about Midget Apple. – Just a little? (laughing) – Seriously, take a look. (dramatic music) – Red rum. Well I don’t get it. – Hello, that’s murder spelled backwards. – Um actually, I wrote that. I’m literally a bottle of Red Rum. – Okay. But why write it on the wall? – ‘Cause I’ve got an attitude problem man! Anymore brain busters?! – Actually yeah, why are you here? – Oh, that’s ’cause I’m a ghost and if you can see me that means you’re going insane. (screaming) – Dude, look at this picture. – Hey, those are the twin pops I met. – [Pear] And there’s Red Rum. – [Apple] And, is that the Kool-Aid man? – Oh it gets weirder. Look at the back row! – Whoa, whoa that’s us! (loud banging) – Do you hear that? – Huh? Hear what? – Here’s Orange! (laughing)
(screaming) What? It was an ax-ident. (laughing) (dramatic music) – We’ve been running all day from Orange. Well I can’t take it anymore! – There, the elevator! We have to get to it before it– – It’s closing!
(clanking) Oh no! – [Pear] Oh no! – Yolo! (laughing) – Oh no! – Oh yeah! Oh no! (screaming) – Hey, not cool man! (laughing) Get it, cool man? (screaming) – And, that’s pretty
(perky music) much the end of it. Little Apple and I barely
made it out in one piece. – Well, you guys seem like
you’re doing all right now. – I don’t know.
(ominous music) Sometimes I feel like
we’ll never be the same. – Tell me about it. This is the worst case of
Kool-Aid tongue I’ve ever had. (laughing) Ax! (snicking)
(screaming) (snicking) – A toast to Orange. The most annoying fruit in the kitchen! – A toast?! I didn’t agree to this. – Hey! – Awe, thanks you guys, I try. (laughing) Merry Christmas everyone!
(shattering) – [Everyone] Merry Christmas Orange. (ringing) – Oh, hear that? You what they say. – Every time a bell rings,
an angel clips it’s wings! – That’s right! – Wait, wait, wait. I thought it was gets its wings. Every time a bell rings
an angel gets its wings. – Oh no, that’s sounds awfully
pleasant by comparison, but come here, you should see this. – Hey, an angel food cake. (snicking)
(screaming) Oh my god! (ringing) (groaning) Oh! – Yeah, you do not want
to be an angel food cake around Christmastime. – It’s a bloodbath out there! – Well buckle up, ’cause the clock tower’s about to strike 12. (ringing) (screaming)
(snicking) – I don’t understand
why this is happening? Why are the knives summoned by bells? – Excuse me.
(ringing) Coming through folks. – Would you knock that off?! – Ouch. (snicking)
(screaming) – Hey, bicyclists have
a right to the road too you carbon spewing earth murderer. – Shut up Granola! – Well Merry Christmas to you too. – Guys, we need to stop
these bells from ringing. (honking) – Hello, did I hear someone
call for bell delivery? – No! We want to get rid of the bells. – Oh. So just to be clear, you do not want this crate full of 1,000 bells? – No! – Alrighty then! Let me just take this back to the old– (shattering) Whoa, whoopsie!
(ringing) (snicking)
(screaming) – Okay, enough with the bells! Innocent angel food cakes are getting maimed out there left and right! – That’s terrible! And on Christmas?! Seems like we could use
a little holiday cheer. – Yeah, you know what,
not a bad idea Orange. You’re right. It’s Christmas and I should be looking at what’s right in the world instead of focusing on everything that’s wrong. – Glad to hear it. And in the spirit of Christmas the kitchen’s third-grade
class has prepared a program. I think you’ll all enjoy it. (ringing) (snicking)
(screaming) (screaming) – Come on Pear, get in
the Christmas spirit! – How could you expect me to do that when angel food cake crumbs are literally obscuring the window glass?! – It’s easy. Instead of thinking about bad things, think of all the presents you’re getting! Yay! – Oh, that reminds me. It’s time to open a present! Which one to go with? Hmm? – Pick the long one! – Pick the tall one! (laughing) – I think I’m gonna go with the one that looks like a gigantic bell! – No! (laughing) – Just kidding. I’m gonna go with this huge one over here. – Oh, thank goodness. – What is it Orange? – Yeah, what’d you get? – It’s, it’s a crate full of a 1,000 bells! – What?! – It’s just what I wanted. Thanks guys. This will give me an excuse
to use my new fork lift that I’m really bad at driving. (speaks gibberish) (shattering)
Whoopsie! – No! (snicking)
(screaming) Why are there so many
bells at Christmas time?! – What was that Pear? I can’t hear you over all these bells! (laughing) (screaming) (snicking) (upbeat music)

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