So we’re about to get get underway here. We’re in Gin Gin The sun is rising from the east, anyway, so we’ve got a whole heap of stuff here that we’re just going to be basically destroying This series is basically called we drop stuff on other stuff. It’s good. I want to show the main weapon That is 20 kilos of pure destruction! That’s an anvil and yeah, we were inspired by Road Runner I don’t know why came to mind – no hang on, hang on I was talking to a friend and I was like I need something that’s heavy that’s also destructive that we could drop onto things that’s maybe not too big My friend was like, an anvil That’s what you need, forget the bowling balls, get an anvil. I think I laughed the first time you said it Yea, i think that resonated with the group That’s just a lot of power. It’s 20 kilos are the best from 45 meters up alright So we’re going to be dropping it onto a lot of different things that will start up here Because this is where I think the morning will begin We wanted to make a giant ice block. You guys took it to the freezer in the restaurant of scott’s in-laws – Scott’st in-laws freezer room we called up all the ice works and said do you make massive ice blocks no? No, it was a resounding no, we don’t. We have a fridge Let’s not forget to mention that we have an old fridge that doesn’t work let me just show you what else you got some bowling balls in there. We got pumpkins and melons, we got a toilet Heaps of soft drink cans Giant gummi Bears or some darts there How’s that weeling? All right. Yeah real good. Oh (???) me timbers Came out something happened It’s beautiful.That is amazing. Alright, contest for this one’s going to be great How many hours, seconds, days, weeks did it take us to freeze that iceblock? I can tell you it’s roughly 80 litres And it’s longer than you may think You know how it works: if you’re the closest or maybe you just get it on the head we’ll pin it I think everyone’s a bit excited Just a lot of weight hitting a very solid structure, and that’s got other (nobody xSQ?) about it Not really sure what’s going to happen here to be honest. What do you think is going to happen Scott? Well- I’m not… I’m not sure You want to leave it at that? I mean, I believe you. It’d be awesome to say that it would just annihilate it, but obviously like block that big also sank like the Titanic, so… you know- what that big? Ok, not that big, but you know what I mean I think that ice is pretty strong isn’t it?Like a good example, though Yeah, I mean if the block was like 100 meters tall I can just crack it apart. I mean in a perfect world I’d love to see it hit the middle split it and the Halves fall gracefully But that’s a perfect world.But we don’t live in a perfect world Don’t live in a fallen world if you’ve been following how ridiculous for even the last few months You would know that we’ve really got a bit of a thing for darts at the moment. It’s just good fun What do you reckon should we drop 90 dart on to the ice block. I mean you guys might have a bit of a fun time pulling it out but that’s not my problem if I’m dropping them it’s not oh, let’s do it We’ll do it first all right that over the edge My hands are freezing, but under that don’t let it rain. So feeling 3 2 1 Can they come oh? ah So we had zero in Three like hit the top didn’t stick in but that’s city on their slow-mo might real kind of what happened I Can’t believe they landed tip first and didn’t stick in I thought they would sure all right It’s the moment we’ve been waiting for next up, anvil. I’m actually quite nervous in this one. My heart rate is increasing exponentially It’s a 20 kilo weight and it’s going to be going very fast. I don’t where I’m we’re good Just give us a good loud countdown. So we’ll see it coming I’m going to get it over the edge Not very light all right Three, Two, One incoming anvil oh You miss that is not what we want. Well, I missed That’s exactly what I didn’t want to happen yeah, so you’ve got to move slightly left and a bit closer if you can I know that’s hard ah Anvil’s gone over the Edge three two one oh List it wow Definitely some carnage you’ve hit like the- the front left corner Imagine if it got it just whoa, it’s pretty close. I mean it survived Derick’s had two goes at it. And we just really want him to middle it if he can but it’s- It’s very hard. I mean while I could he never got the roadrunner the other option is we could put it on its side Yes, yes, thank you. That’s a great option let’s do that Derek, I need you to hit right here. Thanks Scott. Oh Three two one. Oh You hit the other corner We’re just really what whatever idea if we can get it definitely moving a movie of it. Yeah Funny we did think an anvil probably won’t move anywhere It’ll just hit the same spot, but I think we’re wrong it Derek said it’s moving a little bit in the air Which is what I think and moving maybe that much and that’s why the cody misses the roadrunner all the time It is a spire with an inches as good as a mile And we were number four Trying to buck this thing apart here. We go. Come on middle. The thing is great suit what? Do it oh yeah, that’s destroyed it. Yeah, oh Yeah, Herron has hit the mark That has destroyed. Oh yeah, boy what I drop this is the closest we get to snow in her yeah Well that was a huge success really awful thing is not at all showing any sort of damages I Know it sounds like a bit of a no-brainer giving a thumbs up if you liked it But we do appreciate it and by the way can give you a little hint on the contest since you’ve come this far I went in after a day Still good. Oh What a ball club is still here. They’ve got a good chance to win the contest today I have it the first of our anvil series and boy. Oh boy Oh, this thing is pure destruction and you guys saw what is in that trailor There’s plenty more good stuff coming your way next week. There is but having said that (putting it down) if you got any other ideas ripper ideas go what we what we could drop the anvil on let us know Look at them mobility. We’re locking up. We’ll do it 44 club then exley

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  1. B. Young

    5:10 and 5:51 that's what I call shaved ice 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️😅😄😃😀😁😂🤣

  2. Dario Impini

    I'll just come out and say it — if these boys were on the Titanic with an anvil and a dart, the Titanic would not have sank that fateful night. They would have annihilated that iceberg straight away!

  3. Genius Zeal

    Hi everyone, ask God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost to show you the athletes from high school that put evil spells and curses on me. Ask God to show you where they learned it and how much trouble they will get into trouble for it. Ask God to show you how to get to heaven.

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