Apex Legends – Season 2: Battle Charge Gameplay Trailer | PS4

Woo hoo! New season. Enjoy the power. We’ve got company. Go in loud! We’re now getting our first look at the
devastation that was done to King’s Canyon… …a massive EMP was detonated inside the… …a syndicate personnel reports seeing
an unknown figure along the Ridgeline Cascasde… …systems caused the tower to collapse
and crash down… …with the Repulser inoperative… …beasts have once again taken
their native place on the island… …established base camps… …the absence of Legends
has allowed certain areas to stabalize and regrow… …personnel have confirmed they’re taking this
opportunity to add some new features to the Arena… But one thing is certain… …Kings Canyon will never be the same. [“CHAMPION” BY
BARNES COURTNEY PLAYING] Hostile spotted. Got ’em. I’m good. What can I say? Did I say that I’m good?
Because, well, I am. Charged and ready. Lights out. I’m going in. Let’s do this. I’m having a lot of fun.

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Reader Comments

  1. Steele Duke

    Sadly the map is mostly the same.
    Lists of demands to beat fortnite!

    #1. Cell-shading
    #2. 3-4 More maps

    #3. Day night/weather cycle

    #4. 5 More characters

    #5. More modes

    Accomplish all of this and it well kill fortnite.

  2. Sentosa Aman

    why does this trailer feels so boring? so many reveals that should have excite me and pull me back into the game, but it didn't.

  3. Samuel G·O

    The map doesnt really look different. I think most people were expecting a change on a scale at least comparable to that of fortnite season changes.

  4. GorostiZapE

    La temporada 2 de apex es basura, de cada 10 partidas solo se pueden jugar 2 como mucho de todos los fallos que hay, te expulsan al menu principal constantementw

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