Apex Legends Season 2 – Battle Charge Gameplay Trailer

[XBOX SOUND] New season! Enjoy the power! We got company. Going loud. We’re now getting our first look at the devastation
that was done to Kings Canyon. A massive EMP was detonated
inside the repulsor tower. Syndicate personnel report
seeing an unknown figure. The subsequent damage
done to the support systems caused the tower
to collapse and crash down. With the repulsor inoperative,
beasts have taken their native place. Clean up crews have established base camps
and are working around the clock. The absence of Legends has allowed
certain areas to stabilize and regrow. Syndicate personnel confirmed
they are taking this opportunity to add some new features to the arena. One thing is certain. Kings Canyon
will never be the same. Hostile spotted. Got them. I’m good, I’m good. What can I say? Can I say
that I’m good because… well, I am. Charged and ready. Lights out. I’m going in. Let’s do this. I’m having a lot of fun. [XBOX SOUND]

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  1. Hero Of Justice

    They need to not have characters who have such happy go lucky personalities they dont make sense in the context of this game

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