AREA 51 (Official Fake Trailer)

Area 51 — a desert coordinated 129 kilometers
northwest of Las Vegas a top-secret military installation that is well-guarded by fences,
radars and heavily armed camoed soldiers no one or anything goes pass. “ OR SO THEY SAID” Dramatic sound drums
beating There hiding something from us “character
shows cool character name” This place is the most restricted landmark
on earth but yet you choose to come? WHY “walking strictly stick on hand ” Gun
shot soundeffect screen black. Conspiracy theroies of connections with aliens
all this information undercover by the USA goverment. These aliens floating in space maybe having
their own alien society with metorpollis constructions and unkown technologies. That’s why we shall undercover area 51 shows
all charcters + name. This is the world’s most highly protected
facility nothing or anything goes past the smell of war in the airs arises the secrets
that’s been hidden for years now going to be uncovered in a never ending battle. The adrenaline courses through those with
numbers those with a purpose. Though thousands of deaths might signal the
battle of Area 51 the secret of the century will be revealed. What occured next affected human society or
did it.!

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