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– Thanks to CuriosityStream for keeping Legal Eagle in the air. Almost two million
Facebook users have pledged to storm Area 51 to
demand answers about UFOs. The planned event is scheduled
for September 20th, 2019. We’re through the looking glass, people, the truth is out there. The US Air Force has used
Area 51 for nuclear testing, experimental aircraft and defense systems, but for decades, people
have suspected that Area 51 houses dead aliens,
spaceships, and other gear related to alien life. Although the Facebook user
who organized the event has said the whole thing is a joke, plenty of people are
taking this post seriously. If just one percent of
people who signed up online decided to actually show up, the government could have
a big problem on its hands, and the truth could finally be revealed. That’s why the Air Force
actually issued a statement. Area 51 is an open training
range for the US Air Force, and we would discourage
anyone from trying to come into the area where we
train American armed forces. The Air Force is ready to
protect America and its assets. What started as a joke is
evolving into a serious attempt to learn more about
one of the government’s most notorious military black sites. So what would happen if people actually tried to invade Area 51? Well we’re about to find out. (dramatic music) Hey Legal Eagles, it’s time
to think like a lawyer, and today we are talking
about the legal ramifications of what would happen if a bunch
of idiots stormed Area 51. So what is Area 51? Area 51 is the common name
of a highly classified US Air Force facility located within the Nevada Test and Training Range. The US government set up
Area 51 after World War II, when it was developing the U2 spy plane. Area 51 is near a dry lake
bed called Groom Lake, about 90 miles north of Las Vegas. The first U2 planes took flight in 1955, and immediately reports poured in about unidentified flying objects or UFOs. The U2 spy plane was so advanced it appeared alien even
to commercial pilots. Since the US Air Force was
not going to acknowledge the existence of its
super-secret spy plane program, the government dismissed UFO sightings as natural phenomena or weather events, which has spawned decades of
conspiracy theories ever since. Even after the U2 program
stopped testing at the site, the Air Force continued to use Area 51, we just don’t know everything
that they have used it for. The theories about aliens
intensified in 1989 when an engineer named Bob
Lazar told the local Las Vegas news that he had worked on
alien technology at Area 51. – Yeah, I didn’t even
believe in flying saucers up until I was employed at S4. – He claimed to have
seen nine different kinds of UFOs during his work at Area 51. The Air Force of course did
not comment on Bob Lazar. In fact, for years the
government has refused to even confirm Area 51’s existence, despite the many credible accounts that real people were
actually working at the site. – The government (chuckles)
is doing everything but looking out for us. The only thing they’re
looking out is for themselves. – For example, in the 1990s,
lawyer Jonathan Turley represented federal workers from Area 51 who had been exposed to some
kind of burning chemical that had caused catastrophic
health problems. Doctors could not even
identify what chemicals could have caused the damage. Although the government did
finally acknowledge the site, President Clinton issued a blanket waiver letting Area 51 keep its chemicals secret. Interest in Area 51 piqued again in 2019 after Lazar went on Joe Rogan’s podcast to describe his alleged
role in attempting to reverse engineer alien
technology at Area 51. Lazar is a self-proclaimed
physicist who claims to have worked at a facility called
S4 inside of a mountain. – I went into the hangar
door and in the hangar door was the disc, the flying
saucer that I worked on. This was a small reactor
about the size of, hemisphere about the size of a basketball on a metal plate and when it was running, it produced a gravitational field, a gravitational field of its own. – Regardless of whether Lazar is credible, it is undeniable that things
are still happening at Area 51. A secret commuter jet
known as Janet Airlines still transports federal workers
from the Las Vegas Airport to the site, it’s actually the only way the federal workers can get in, and the site is actually expanding. According to a Popular
Mechanics aerial time lapse, a new runway was built,
buildings have been added, and the government is still
excavating the mountainside. So the question is could
people storm Area 51? Well, there are two big
problems with storming Area 51. The first is practical
and the second is legal. The practical problem
with storming Area 51 is how to get close enough to the site to actually do or see something. I’m not gonna go into too much detail about all of the practical
problems of storming Area 51 because Real Life Lore has
already done an amazing video essay about all
of the practical issues, including a lot of information
about Janet Airlines, and the issues of storming an air base in the middle of the Nevada desert. So definitely go check out that video after you watch this one,
link in the dublidoo. But suffice to say, the
closest town to Area 51 is Rachel, Nevada, population of 58. Conspiracy theorists
routinely gather there for conventions and fun,
and the locals play along with souvenir shops, alien-themed
food, and general kitsch. The only hotel in town
is the Little A’le Inn, which is already booked for
September 19th and 20th, so obviously someone intends to show up, and they have already booked their rooms. Rachel is located on Nevada Highway 375, which is sometimes called
the Extraterrestrial Highway. To get close to Area 51,
people must take a dirt road from Route 375 which
leads to restricted lands. You can get about 15
miles up the dirt road before you start seeing
fences and security. Now Area 51 is a classified
military operating area. That means that not all of the borders of the huge area are fenced or walled. However, they are marked by orange posts and plenty of warning signs. The signs prohibit
photographs and trespass. Those who have approached the borders have been confronted by
men wearing camouflage. It isn’t clear whether
these camouflaged men are military personnel
or private security, but Area 51 enthusiasts have
dubbed the men Camo Dudes. YouTuber Adventures With
Christian has made several trips to Area 51, including hiking
nearby mountain ranges and driving to various perimeter points. Christian once drove up to the back gate, which is guarded by a high
fence, several buildings, and the camo dudes. The armed guards followed
Christian as he drove back. On another occasion,
Christian tried to sleep inside his vehicle near a different gate, but he was met by police and again camouflaged military personnel. The police politely
told Christian to leave. Christian’s experience seems
to confirm some of the rules of engagement for Area
51 security personnel. They are reportedly ordered
to observe and act as a deterrent, rather than seeking direct engagement with trespassers. However, they will contact
local law enforcement to deal with anyone who is suspicious. The military uses motion sensors, cameras, and other early warning
devices to notify them every time someone approaches Area 51. That’s why the best way
to see the restricted area might be from the air. However, it’s illegal to fly
over Area 51’s air space. The air space above Area 51 is a 23 mile by 25 mile no fly zone, so don’t expect that you’ll be able to
fly any drones nearby. Even pilots from local Air Force bases in California and Nevada are prohibited from flying over Area
51 without permission. Pilots who have attempted
to fly into one of the buffer zones around
the air space are punished, even if it’s just a mistake, and pilots caught knowingly
flying into Area 51 air space can be court marshaled. Drones are also a no go. When Hans Falkner used a
drone to take several videos of Area 51 from above, the
military quickly posted new signs explicitly
prohibiting the use of drones. But let’s say you manage
to turn down Route 375 and approach the boundaries, will law enforcement be there to stop you? This brings us to the second
issue with storming Area 51, the legal problem, and oh boy, there are lots of legal problems. Trespassing on military bases is a crime under Title 18 Section
1382, no person may enter a military installation
without permission. Military installations include a, quote, military, naval, or
coast guard reservation, post, fort, arsenal, yard,
station, or installation. Area 51 is considered part
of Edwards Air Force Base, so it qualifies as a
place you cannot enter without serious consequences. Those found guilty of
trespass face six months in federal prison, a $500 fine, or both, and the authorities take
this issue very seriously. No kidding. In 2014, a tour bus
accidentally drove past the warning signs and got
just inside of Area 51. Military personnel armed
with assault rifles pulled the bus over and
threatened to arrest the passengers and their guide. They were charged with
misdemeanor trespass and given $650 fines. In 2016, a BBC show called
Conspiracy Road Trip decided to film the perimeter of Area 51. They approached the security hut, but when no one came out, the crew of 12 decided to keep going
past the security hut and see how far they could get. (dramatic music) – [Narrator] To me, it seemed like an ordinary military facility. But my companions were convinced this was the gateway to the
extraterrestrial secrets. – The guards were inside
watching a basketball game. When one of the camera
crew knocked on the window of the security hut,
armed guards rushed out and held the man at gunpoint. They were forced to lie on the ground for three hours while the
FBI ran security checks. To would-be alien hunters
and those who believe Fox Mulder’s claim that
the truth is out there. – No government agency has
jurisdiction over the truth. – These penalties may seem not so bad. It actually gets much, much worse. The perimeter of Area 51
contains No Trespass signs warning people that the
military can use deadly force. Has the military ever used deadly force against a trespasser? Yes, yes they have. Earlier this year, Area
51 security personnel shot and killed a man who
approached the perimeter in a car and blew past security checkpoints. After an eight-mile car chase,
he jumped out of the car, and when the man held a,
quote, cylindrical object in his hands, guards shot
him dead on the spot. In addition to death, which
is probably bad enough, people rounded up after
an attack on Area 51 could be charged with acts of terrorism. The Patriot Act defines domestic terrorism as an attempt to, quote,
intimidate or coerce a civilian population,
to influence the policy of a government by
intimidation or coercion, or to affect the conduct of a government by mass destruction,
assassination, or kidnapping. Although there is no
separate federal offense for domestic terrorism,
defendants could be charged under specific state and federal laws. For example, it is illegal
to kill or attempt to kill a federal agent or to use explosives to destroy a federal building. These kinds of charges
carry serious prison time. Even if thousands of alien
enthusiasts showed up on September 20th, it
looks like the US military would probably be ready to respond. Remember that Area 51 is
inside the Nevada Test and Training Range, where
the military conducts live target practice and
conducts simulated war. I was curious about this myself, so I spoke to a friend who
was a major in the Marines serving as an artillery officer, joint terminal attack controller, and a military prosecutor for
the judge advocate general. I asked him what would happen
if thousands of civilians stormed Area 51 and where
they would be tried. His response was they
wouldn’t be tried anywhere because they’d be dead. So there’s that, good night everyone! But when I pressed him, he said that supposing they actually survived, they’d be tried in the local
federal district court, which would be the federal
court in the district of Nevada. But he also pointed out
that the military is not in the habit of fighting
back in the media, so they would be
especially reluctant to use lethal force against
a huge group of people in a highly publicized event. Now given the forewarning
to the US military, the Air Force is likely building up a supply of non-lethal force. An actual invasion would be met with multiple levels of non-lethal force in ascending levels of brutality. So long as the buildings
and hangars were secure, the Air Force would be unlikely to use more than really, really
painful, less than lethal force. So what’s the verdict? Could people storm Area 51
and make something happen? Probably, but what would actually happen would be mass arrests, and even death if people
got particularly aggressive. Of course, this doesn’t mean
that there aren’t questions about Area 51 that are worth asking. It’s just unlikely that
massing outside the entrance to an Air Force base will
yield any real answers. What has worked? Well, a good, old-fashioned
Freedom of Information Act or a FOIA request. Back in 2005, Jeffrey T. Richelson, a senior fellow at the
National Security Archives, submitted a FOIA request about Area 51. Eight years later, the CIA
sent back the largest cache of documents about Area 51 ever released, and confirming the site’s
existence for the very first time. And confirming once again that the lawyers are the
real American heroes. Now obviously, aliens have
never come to planet Earth, but it’s only a matter
of time until they do. Now if you want to prepare
for an alien invasion, I’d recommend World War
A, Aliens Invade Earth on CuriosityStream. World War A is a great documentary where leading scientists
and researchers weigh in on the scenarios that
might actually unfold if aliens did find us and
decide to visit Earth. It’s a great bit of
speculative non-fiction, and it asks should we even be
searching for extraterrestrial life, and what are the
risks of reaching out and what are the risks if
Earth is found by aliens? CuriosityStream is the home of over 24,000 shows and documentaries
about science, nature, history, technology,
society, and lifestyle. Legal Eagles get a free
account for 30 days by clicking the link below or by using the promo code LegalEagle. Using the promo code really
helps out this channel, so click on the link
below and learn how you can fight back against the
coming extraterrestrial invasion. So do you agree? Leave your objections in the comments and check out my other
real law reviews over here, where I will see you in court.

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Reader Comments

  1. A Charles

    Public: "Let's storm Area 51 on this specific day". USAF/Department of Defense: "Let's just move all Intel and classified material out prior to that date". We live in such a dumbed down society. Nothing like thousands of jobless Millennials with selfie sticks attempting Call of Duty flanking manouvers in the middle of the desert in order to get Instagram clout lol.

  2. Comedy Copter

    After machine-gunning down, a couple of thousand civilians of US citizenship wearing cargo shorts and flip-flops. All associated would be court-martialed for following an amoral order. this happened in Vietnam to Captain Kelly when he was ordered to kill an entire village of men and women. He and his men followed orders but we're then sent to prison for following an a moral order which they knew is wrong

  3. Chase

    The amount of shit the military would get into for opening fire on civilians wouldn't go well with most Americans. I highly doubt they would be able to get away from it unscathed no matter the legality, even though opening fire on your own civilians is pretty much banned without use of certain contingencies used by the military.

  4. TheDaniel366Cobra

    The approval rating for a government massacring thousands of its citizens would go through the floor. Could even start a civil war.

  5. Rcbif

    Nothing about the U-2 looks alien. It has the same generic airplane silhouette as a glider or commercial airliner. People were seeing something else.

  6. William Strickland

    I so freaking hope this happens. I wish 3 million people would surround the base and storm the wire in human wave fashion. I hope it's the most televised massacre ever

  7. Marvin Boggs

    Food drops. Porta-Potties. Sunscreen.
    And wouldn't you think that every airline heading anywhere near that area just might have every available TSA agent on OT?

    I think that the best case scenario is that they stumble upon RBG.

    Reminds me of the scene in Monty Python where the French throw cattle and poultry over the wall at King Arthur and his silly English KKKNNIIGGHHTTS!!

  8. minkymott

    "They can't stop us all". Sure they can. Area 51 is equippped to handle a full scale military assault. A bunch of people might show up, but that's about it. All the military has to do is fire one missile into the ground in front of them and they'll all scatter like a bunch of roaches in a room when the light is turned on.

  9. Marvin Boggs

    The Outer Limits.
    Huge, Big-headed, bald aliens
    "We have translated the book they they brought with them as a gift of peace," as dutiful humans board their inverted pie-pan.
    "The Title is: "How To Serve Man."
    The ramp to the pie-pan shut tight.
    "IT'S A COOKBOOK!!!"

  10. Muru Roa

    It's just a new form of Darwinism: thousands rush to their death by "storming" a military facility, hence removing their stupidity from the gene pool. Hopefully they do it before they have any kids. 👍

  11. MrManerd

    I think you're really overlooking one major aspect. What if 2 million people all together did it at once.All the scenarios you provided are about one or two or five people getting shot and arrested.There isn't enough law enforcement in the country to arrest and detain 2 million people at once. And no military commander is going to order his troops to fire on and kill 2 million civilians, the blowback to that would be immense.

  12. ahmet7890880 aaa1111111

    If the soldiers kills people entering area 51, the riots begin and those soldiers are finally lynched by the American people.

  13. metalgamer 817

    It’s so stupid that people think aliens are in Area 51. I mean obviously they’ve all been moved to Area C-089134675 once we found out that Area 51 existed. The government has been 3 steps ahead this WHOLE TIME!

  14. Reel&Liamtaylor Love eating grapefruit

    Wait wait wait the guards were watching a basketball game I’m sorry but those guards seem to be at fault in some way for not doing their bloody job and watching a basketball game…

  15. Johnathan Kovar

    I have a question. I know that an event like this will cause a big financial issue with just being a threat. Can the individual that created this whole thing be charged with fines or jail time? Something like this, even if only a third actually show up is the kind of thing secret groups from other countries would implant spy’s. As well as terrorist organizations. Turning this into a huge problem. I mean a hairy hippie and an ISIS member share visual similarities…. If the person that started this couldn’t be charged, at what point would they be liable for the financial strain they cause? What point would it be criminal and end in a jail sentence? What about the other people that say they are going or that actually show up in the area? I get it will be highly publicized but so the government would be less likely to go all out. But minus an A-10 mowing down a crowd what are some of the things just the threat could bring upon those that do show up?

  16. ~ Bright Romeo ~

    I can bet you a mill that maybe 1 or 2 out of these hundreds of keyboard kings will actually show up. I like how this dumb people also give the heads up to the guards that they are planing to come and what date. Face Palm.

  17. kauske

    Using lethal force against unarmed civilians would be a pretty big administrative nightmare. Thousands dead? The media would eat politicians alive, and you know those politicians would protect their own asses by throwing the military to the wolves. The knock-on effect could be even worse too, given how partisan the US is getting, and the abundance of anti government nutters. A stupid action, met with a stupid and lethal reaction could set off a chain reaction of stupid.

  18. Nikolaj Rasmussen

    "They'd be dead"
    So there's death penalty for trespassing. Seems like a fair punishment…………. I am so happy i don't live in USA, it seems so barbaric and dumb in many ways.

  19. MiotaLee

    So basically: Don't raid area 51.

    But if you're going to raid area 51:
    1. Make sure that there's a lot of you and that the event is thoroughly documented
    2. Don't forget what Bob Lazar has stated


    I'm just here for the memes so don't really go to area 51 and is there even aliens tbh (if I was an FBI agent I wouldn't be wasting my life on the internet)

  21. equarg

    I grew up as a Military Brat. I am an little Autistic.
    But even I know this idea is a BAD ONE.🤦‍♀️
    No go means just that. No go. Especially on Military bases😓
    I do believe in Aliens, but if they don’t probe me, I will leave them be.
    Heck, I would love to see a “UFO” 🛸. 🤷‍♀️

  22. equarg

    I believe in Aliens. But invading a military base?! Bad idea.
    As the movie “Men In Black” (1st one) pointed out so well,
    “The person is smart, but the people are dumb. They are easily scared, panicky, and you know it”.
    I have a job, I work at a gas station. I doubt a peaceful alien contact (hopefully) probably won’t change much for me as a person.
    Be cool to meet one..even if the alien 👽 lectures me how dumb we are as a species.
    I would have to agree with him on that fact😅.
    Frankly, I would not be surprised there are multiple alien races (some nice, some ass holes, and a few perverted ones apparently).
    Maybe one or two have reached out to our governments to let us know our planet is a universal rest stop or something while galaxy hopping.
    🤷‍♀️ What will be will be.

  23. Don Ogoobo

    Crop dusters with red dye (or puke liquid) to over spray the crowds. Then just start picking up red people and putting them into open fenced areas.

  24. James Burnett

    There are other hazards on a live fire range. Stay on marked trails. Don't mess with stuff you find. It could be unexploded ordinance.

  25. 8-18-88 Lee LooMis RoleModel PowerRanger

    ii Think They're Going To use that one Technology it Look Like solar powders it is a very Loud speaker and when They Not pointing at you and You Dont Hear Nothing ??? or? the other Technology that Heat up our skin scary Times we Living inn with Noooo videos Too disProve The Ends of Day's around The corner

    i Dont think it not possible to shoot us Down cuz other YanKee Doodle those who stayed Home on That Day well Going to have a black mark on our 🇺🇸 country

    With another FaceBook page should Name
    Let's stop paying Rent They can't Evict us ALL

  26. tsohgallik

    It makes no sense that the Air Force would actually start shooting people? Why can't they just smoke people with tear gas and round them up and send them to a prison or local jailhouse for a weekend?

  27. YexaC

    What would actually happen.

    2M+ Idiots would get removed from the gene pool.

    Many new local jobs would be created to clean up the body chunks.

  28. KidFury 90265

    I honestly doubt the whole alien thing, now what makes sense is the idea that they’re creating top secret technology, Area 51 prodduced U2 spy plane also sr-71 blackbird and the b2-spirit bomber and the nighthawk

  29. John Irby

    Doesn't a state of insurrection or rebellion have to exist…the loss of a functional court system and habeas corpus…martial law…before the military has a right to kill it's own people? Did we just say screw the constitution on this one?

  30. reverendsquirrel

    Am I tripping or does it seem like the interest in aliens and UFOs peaks every 20-30 years or so since '47? Proving that the government is lying about extraterrestrial life visiting Earth isn't even on my list of concerns right now; I have grownup problems to deal with.

    And when will people realize that it was the Planet Express crew that crashed in '47 and Bender's head is buried somewhere nearby?

  31. John Morris

    As a former Air Force Security Police I will say this…. This isn’t a joke and the Air Force isn’t looking at it as a joke either and we were trained then just like they are still trained today to protect ALL AIR FORCE PERSONNEL and PROPERTY UNDER AIR FORCE CONTROL against threats of sabotage or subversion. Be assured that this includes all nuclear sites and all above top secret installations under Federal Control. Deadly Force authorized is fact!!!!!

  32. Review

    IF the military opened fire on the civilians I am almost certain Area 51 would be forced to open it's doors because they didn't just shoot each of the thousands or possibly hundreds of thousands of perpetrators but they've angered, sympathizers, their kids, parents, friends, cousins and possibly all the people they're connected to too and then the media will be having a field day… I mean, it's a whole new can of worms, by deterring this problem with lethal force you're then creating an even larger problem and I personally believe the public will be very, very ,very "salty"…..

    This is the government vs the people moment.

  33. Juni Post

    The moment that area 51, if it exists in the way people think it does, got word of this nonsense they moved all the cool aliens and weird paranormal s*** to some other safe location. All anybody's going to find if they break into the place is probably just going to be a couple of boxes of old 1950s parts for airplanes and probably one really old dog that the few poor saps who actually are stuck working at the damn place keep as a pet. And they probably did name the dog Yoda

  34. Juni Post

    if aliens did come,( if they haven't already) they would spend about five minutes observing our media and culture look to each other and realize this planet has no intelligent life. then they'd pack up and leave and never come back probably dropping off some space probes saying "don't come to Earth it's got humans on it they're a contagious infection", like aliens will see us the same way we see the bacteria and germs and such that cause things like German measles or facial herpes.

  35. Jay Larios

    We could get far in if everyone went and it was well organized and when they least expect it. 1% isn't enough. We would make it by the numbers if we all went. Obviously the gov would kill half the ppl the govern and if there's too many ppl to control theyd be hand tied. United we rise. Divided we fall. The gov seems powerful but we the people are 99% bigger in numbers

  36. Jay Larios

    I was stationed next door in the Mojave desert at ft. Irwin and I swear me and my troop saw a ufo up close and personal. The stories are true. It used a mist/cloud to make the light seem like it disappeared tho. The art of illusion. But it was as quite as it can be. Not like a jet or helicopter

  37. Axe Man and Old Guy Fishin

    guys im sure that was the idea behind ww1, machine guns, theres not enough bullets mate, turns out there was and we sat there looking at eachother with millio……………all im saying is your not bulletproof. and they got the bullets.

  38. הודיה בר יוסף

    Realisticly I would imagin that the USA air forse would use non letheal weapons such as rubber bullets, smoke bombs and stinky bombs, paint stream (you splash paint and water in high pressure from a viacle, it might sound stupied but from a short range it can break bones so don't try) and of course the original and known pepper gas and tear gas.
    don't do that, please, it's gonna look like a war zone, litearly. I know that since I live in Israel, and as you know, the people in Gaza has been storming our borders (since in the egyption borders they were just massacared) for a couple of mounths now, sending into our borders bombs (one of them killed a young girl just yaserday) and molthove coctalis, and Israel used all of the abouve against them. but notice, even nonletheal weapons KILL if shot from a close range, if you got close enough to hit a soldies (or stab, if we are talking about the Gazans) you WILL die, the rubber WILL break you bones this close and if it shatters your ribs they would rip your laungs and kill you.
    conclotion: don't storm borders or sacured air force bases, please for the love of G D

  39. Eric Zetterlund

    I object. What evidence can you provide for the statement "obviously no aliens have visited"? You could rephrase and say "most likely" or "presumably". However, you cannot offer any evidence to support your claim of "obviously", therfore your statement is speculation.

  40. DerAnanasKing

    if I was the US goverment, I would play along and offer tours through Area 51 for a select few people and show them some meme attraps, like a guy in a shrek costume, a copy of half life 3 and the cat girls.

  41. rocknny D

    They're going to take years to try and convict 2 million people of trespass on Area 51 and then have to find the room to house those people for 6 months lmao!

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