At 1,100 Feet, This Is America’s Highest Outdoor Observation Deck | Fast Company

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– [Narrator] New York City’s new $25 billion neighborhood, Hudson Yards, is almost complete. Its centerpiece will be a
7500-square-foot observation deck, the highest outdoor observation deck in the western hemisphere, and building it has been no easy task. (smooth music) – The hardest part about
building the observation deck, which sounds exceedingly obvious, is there’s nothing underneath it. And we had all of this work to do at an elevation of 1131 feet, so led to us deciding to build
this like a big jigsaw puzzle and assemble 15 modules the size of small yachts offsite in Italy. – [Narrator] The pieces, when assembled, weigh 765,000 pounds, or 383 tons. – We all stepped back and we
looked at an observation deck that was upside down and
sitting on solid ground and said to ourselves, “How are we gonna “take that apart and
put it up in New York?” – [Narrator] The deck was shipped 4283 miles across the Atlantic Ocean. The real challenge, however,
was the 10 short miles from the Port of New Jersey
to the construction site. – When we arrived in a port in
New Jersey with the modules, taking them across the Hudson River and getting them onto
the West Side Highway, shutting down traffic,
removing street signs and traffic lights, and
that last leg of the journey I think was the toughest part. Once we get them onto the site we had months of pre-planning to make sure that they would hoist
itself into position. Getting them through
the streets of New York was definitely the most
challenging part of the equation. – [Narrator] Each piece
required two cranes working simultaneously
to be put into place. Furthermore, the whole
deck had to be built slightly higher than its
final resting position, a guessing game with very
expensive consequences. – We built the tip four inches high, and the reason for that is
that as we pour concrete, install the granite pavers, and have each successive portion of the
loading that gets applied, it’s like a fishing rod,
it starts to come down, and so trying to judge how
high we should we set it so that we end up with
a level observation deck at the end was part science, part art. – [Narrator] The observation deck called Edge is set to open in 2020, and will feature a floor
window where patrons can look down 1000 feet
on the streets below. It’s attached to one of the six
skyscrapers in Hudson Yards, all of which had to be built over 30 functioning train tracks. – The buildings aren’t
constructed on solid ground. They’re constructed over a platform that was built over an active rail yard, and all the while trains
are moving back and forth. The trees that you see
throughout the plaza, they all live in an engineered soil with water-cooled roots so that the heat generated in the yard below
doesn’t cause the trees to always think that it’s summertime. – [Narrator] The new neighborhood will literally be a city within a city, with a school shops, restaurants, apartments, a hotel,
office space, and more. New York estimates that Hudson Yards will generate roughly $500 million in taxes every year,
and create 55,000 jobs. The entire neighborhood
should be complete by 2025. (smooth music)

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