AWAE – S3E1 (Legendado)

this pinecone is the progeny of this
tree mother and daughter family every tree here is connected to each other
wonder what it must feel like to have such a certainty in life what it feels
like to truly belong you’ll know that soon enough won’t you let’s start
thinking of baby news for you of course I’m waiting let’s go and then we’d start our sits idly and
listen to our illusions of some day Ruby
this must be covering the game don’t spare the highlights do we even know the
score it’s just a school newspaper and not the Daily Telegraph don’t even need
an article about the game we’re all here I’m trying to make my peace with what
that Josie they became her sister-in-law sister-in-law all right I’ll write the
article who are the team captains this week Gilbert and whoever dianna to take pity on poor moody you
know my family won’t allow it to rich to be administered as we ice isn’t Ruby
covering the game Ruby’s very preoccupied with a certain someone you notice he will try that ran smile
you’re delusional Gilbert Gilbert looking at the others with uh Mesonet
wanna play a movie this stupid sticks too short from this year being mad take
the blame stick isn’t lousy you are oh they’re
here I will see just how badly you’re gonna
swallow your words Billy Boy oh thank you hello good afternoon I’d like to order a
stick if I may uh I brought money yes you make P drink when ready so when
might I expect it when ready hello there
I’d love to write an article about you and and how you make your splendid
sticks would that be possible what is art – I would ask you questions
learn about you your work and write it down for people to be like this Don does
your new deed Lulla week editing good boo boo boo Delta now you see smart yes
may I come visit your home later it took again so I make me sticky
that’s right you four Doug what did you do is you call the
hollow glass that watch your step Redskin bunch palm and
job what are you scum on what the mother
well oginam sheesh savages I’m sorry he’s very rude is it
alright if I still visit you later it is a long way and not easy anything that’s
worth having is some trouble that way past all fences so away from the ocean
to the dead tree find the thing water that moves travel upstream until all
around you is green trees block with the water the way the Sun Goes Down until
the land goes flat and open our home is there sounds like a poetic paradise we miss you at school this year all the
boys are so immature I gotta get a business so fast I bet my
dad retires soon means the whole enterprise to me
you can’t even add it’s not true that’s not true
privacy please Jane walk further behind you’re meant to chaperone not eavesdrop
oh dear this path is so rough allow me it was just as you said I enjoyed the
journey and looking for clues this spell my friends you can touch her
she won’t hurt you what’s your name
got to have a meaning I love that your name’s described with errors
characteristics my name is for the sea star starfish
must be very resilient what is your name and plane and it doesn’t mean anything
I’m sorry to say well if I was an elder and could choose your name it would be
milk keep that with a moon a strong and brave heart when your eyes seek and your
heart is open that is true brave did I say something wrong no I love it
thank you can you teach it to me now to keep doubt we’ll move Okita boom good
like to see the stick though I’d like to see everything try it
we’re known for our baskets I love to weave your incredibly intricate my
favorite is chickadees you would call it porcupine
tell me what you eat fish rabbits and an eel our hunters are always busy but I
regret that your homes are called wigwams is that correct yes
they’re made from birch bark and skins my father made ours and here the sticks
you live in such harmony with nature thank you for letting me come you
welcome that by do the way Annette cook quit my mother small brother sister laney gosh you do quake with a fetus as
you can well the MOOC was a boondi good day
while I’m on the go she says your hair looks like the earth I think it looks
like fire I appreciate your elemental compliments
I like my hair better now because of them I love your hair tight I usually
wear my hair like Lourdes I love your colorful scarf it’s not perfect because
I met it myself I made these ties also she wanna trade today at home our hunters have returned
for three days away my mother is in charge of food dobson own in bed today
the catch was small I’d love to do there’s not enough game lolly train
brings too many hunters teach me more of your language
what’s your of word for family our words aren’t not like yours our language is
what we see and notice perceive observe observe I observe my father and brother
see this I do it too many things the same so we
say lula na nee c’mon this is who i am connected to because we are so alike so
here our family wonderful does all of your family have your hair of fire I am
they’re so pretty do you have a mirror that was something
to see yourself come it’s funny how people are so quick to
point out differences when there so many ways were all alike alike I have choice before even meal Oh you’re late
sorry difference what’s all that in your hair you look like a heathen where’s
your scarf it’s a big ma stop by the hockey game today and I made a trade
Hindus did they threaten you lovely people yeah good weavers I’ll give them
that hurry and bathe before supper cauliflower before the weekend well son
Jerry get it are you grinning like a Cheshire Cat reason you must contrive to
get Billy to walk you home one more time and then I’ll invite him to call worried
Margaret has eyes for him the little wretch followed his every move at the
game snap him up darling get your hooks in now so he can’t escape
but he’s not in school how can I in my day we had to take noticeboard you take
notice of someone you like could you’d notice if a flirtation and then you post
it for everyone to see it’s a good way to announce a social pairing gracious
Heavenly Father as you recall for some time now I’ve sent you repeated prayers
in the hopes that you’d make me good-looking when I grow up well I’m
turning 16 on Saturday and I now know that was a childish flight of fancy I’m
not a proper prayer and I apologize seems to me that my destiny is to be the
bride of adventure I expect you approve because you sent me on so many now that
I’ve quite developed a taste for them rest assured this isn’t a capitulation
as I’m not an ideal beauty many suitors or even just one but because in my
maturity I’ve come to the happy evolutionary opinion that I am unusual
and I embrace it but I do wonder who I’m like
my parents were unique like me in looks and in character despite the fact that
they found each other wonder if it was a match made in heaven
I guess you would know please send them my love that’s the only thing I want
Peyman he-hello Walter and Bertha in the nick of time the spire is almost
out bring that straight here Sebastian
unless you want your eggs raw shades of our seafaring life a Bosch feed the lady
Trinidad remember that and open to forget Oh will you this wanted my pretty
pretty pretty girl oh there she is there’s that easy TBT pretty baby hey Ricky wakey time for you baby
Oh have a good day Delphine – maybe you should try speaking English to her maybe
someday she’ll actually learn some I’m rather glad your doctor has advised you
more exercise thank you for this escort to school Rachel even though I love
riding I said slow down more often good idea that’s slow I think the doctors
trying to kill me hello dear jeez so did you know they mate for life
Oh surprised you care you certainly have them love of romance I beg to differ
I had a life of love and fun with my exceptional husband her bond was very
strong it’s not that I’m not romantic Rachel it’s just after a year of
grieving him and solitude I’ve come through the other side feeling at home
in myself I don’t need a husband although I suppose it’s fair to say I
miss the nature that companionship we had oh my word I am restored My heavens
I’m just the person can’t breathe if I may be so bold you
may want to forego your course at next time Mary if you miss companionship
companionship you shall have I know all the eligible young men and not so young
from here to Carmody oh you aren’t luck matchmaking is my specialty
oh well come along Mary oh there’s much to discuss courting Oh fun only 183 more days until we’re torn
apart please don’t go to Paris please don’t go to Queen you’ll meet new
friends at finishing school and forget all about me you’ll be in college with
everyone but me and I’ll fade away I swear you are the only bosom friend I
will ever have a letter a day do you think the comforts have any special
surprises planned for your birthday tomorrow even I can imagine that to
Matthew Marilla seemed like giddy tricksters soon I can’t believe mom is
forcing the whole family to go to Carmody tomorrow I saw it to celebrate
your special day with you worried I’ll turn 16 and 16 anything could happen someone has resurrected to take notice
board with the post about me so it’s something that scandalous scandal will
be ruined folks find out it was you you’re a sly one Jane since I’m sure it
was you who put this up who else might have seen me strolling home with Billy
everyone will know now oh dear then again I suppose it’s a good thing since
we should all stake our claim on our paramours the clock is ticking
at this age we should all be promised to someone wouldn’t want to wind up an old
maid run in the family I’m so confused we’re of age now but
Gilbert hasn’t made any advances yet think of all the fresh eye catching
talent that will be at Queens next year but I’m only going to Queens to be near
Gilbert Oh movie I bet I can help hello Anne hi Diana your dress is very
blue a good blue I mean I I like it moody too close to the Sun good morning
morning I’m not sure if you’re aware but they all take notice for it is active
again see take notice yes of someone as a new post on the
board when you want to let someone know that you’ve taken notice it’s a way to
make a casual declaration quiet attention to someone you like yes
not so pointed as to be alarming and not so big as to not be understood a post in
advance of a proper advance exactly because all these little notices matter
when you want to let someone know that you’re thinking ahead to their future
together yes so you’re suggesting I post if you’re interested in Ruby you should
let her know before someone else takes their claim thank you for the suggestion but I mean
not exactly a take-notice kind of guy and when the right person
comes along some day whenever that is I’ll know did you see his face I’m sorry he’s not
gonna seize face when you were talking about me his eyes were so full of
romance I was died happy right up there in them his by I firmly believe his
reluctance to boast this time that he has true feelings but he was waiting for
a much more romantic way to approach everyone perhaps we should begin with
algebra today not very romantic I know but maybe that’s a good thing
I felt emotions of gentleness and pleasure the add lung appeared dead
revive within me I’ve surprised by the novelty of these song
sunset soon associations mercy sensations I becoming quite the young
gentleman is a fine reader to give my best to marry in passion I always do I
enjoy these little visits it’s nice to be of use nice to cuddle that baby
fiddlesticks I may die but first you might tyrant and
tormentor make your pardon no no I discovered it’s the monster
second sign and I can trace my grandfather’s family
line back to 1303 when my ancestor Lord Pembroke negotiated a famous peace
treaty with Scotland on behalf of England his daughter Lady Charlotte went
on to Wed the Earl of Canterbury so I have some very distant cousins in
Kensington Palace that’s it no wonder well done Diana no notes none for me
either besides to say that your lineage sounds
like a fairy tale there’s so much scope for the imagination and yet it’s
Buechele what’s wrong my ancestors keep your me from Queens
from you everything and I’ve just proved your article on the Micmac Indians and
it’s excellent now that our circulation is growing
outside the confines of our school I’m sure everyone will be riveted oh but and
so wordy the price you pay for your beautiful penmanship but take heart I
have some good news I’ve got a line on a printing press it’s
broken but fingers crossed I’ll be able to repair it
soon we’ll be more than a school paper we’ll be publishing for all of heavenly
isn’t that exciting see who’s next on there getting to know
you beat ensuring the comfort I am a mystery shrouded in an enigmatic riddle
the end I’m an orphan I don’t have any information about my lineage just skip
to the next person of course Charlie Sloane carry on reporters and
please come with me I can imagine that was hard for you just know I’m sorry
about that oh that’s all right although I confess I have been wishing more and
more that I did know my history or anything really about my family you sure
you’re not upset very kind milk man at the asylum once told me that I was
resilient I expect he was right I wonder if they know the orphanage they must
have records about you I’ve been wondering that myself that should do it selphie and really took to that bottle
didn’t shake right now I think I still can’t believe it and Mama’s very
grateful yes she I’ll take her thank you no daddy cannot be ch2 since he’s been
so jealous oh she’s mostly just sleeping now oh yes
ma’am backed up just calling my name you have
such a way with her she’s a little miracle you’re the miracle coming here
three times a week you’re spoiling me and I love you for it
I never knew what all the fuss was about until now although my Ann is such a
blessing in our lives it’s her birthday Saturday 16 and you quite believe it I
can it’s all she talks about all right Queens study group stays
everyone else have a nice weekend it’s unfair not only am i isolated for
my friends I am receiving less education I implore you to please reconsider
finishing school won’t actually give me a well-rounded education if I went to
Queens at least I’d have a degree at the end of it but not necessarily a husband
and I’d be with my friends does the current quality of life supersede future
quality of life you puzzle me I will not entertain this conversation one more
time alga your complaints are despicable and ungrateful and I won’t enjoy them
she’s simply too immature to understand the larger picture and well that is
evident do not vex me further if you persist
I shall cancel tomorrow’s special event her little she didn’t need I’m still
damn miss Gilbert Study Group D it is just maybe sleeping and as it study group what happened here
I’m going to clear this away free no touched that uh-huh
hand it over and then off you go my my Tilly has been noticed twice here
you gonna walk home with first did you forget what you wanted to say
vice I I see you good morning dear Snow Queen it’s
finally happy once month time this is the happiest day
of my parents life you set the table don’t dally Oh hurry
up please Matthew the fire’s gone out come here at
once no one I better try now you are too
slippery for bad luck to catch 50 cent piece you spend it however you
want this cake even in my wildest imagination admittedly its exceedingly
wild I could not have imagined a more perfect cake blow the handle before it’s
ruined Oh Matthew I cannot imagine what it
costs there’s no controlling it when it comes
to you figure you’re collect more and more churns Raleigh Ann’s that you will
become as you grow with this hat here this represents the original and that I
met at the train station that day that blessed day when fate brought us
together I may become a family I love it Thank You ritual man and I feel extra
inspired now to start the search for my true origin story I want to learn about
my family I want to know who made me who came before whatever for didn’t your
parents died when you were an infant he did but I feel they need to know them to
learn about my lineage it’s unsafe you’d have to go all the way to Nova Scotia I can travel by train with Gilbert he goes
to Charlotte town every Saturday for his medical mentorship remember Cole
he lives with aunt Jo in Charlottetown so he can score me on the ferry and to
the orphanage would only be a day please let me go would it make you happy what
this is troubling I dare say I’ll have to give it a lot of thought let’s hear
no more about it for now time to celebrate what’s wrong
look at it it’s not the concern you what you’re right leave me alone
there’s something bad out there it’s a prank
Fran’s birthday so I’m making a fast and play-along good let’s go nope oh come on
use an ER legs are dead that’s not true Minnie May is sick again I’m you knew
just what to do last time you have to come has nothing to do with dad’s
birthday please in may I go indeed you must go I hope you were right some of us prefer
men some of you and by you I mean Tilly have a – boy problem right now who seeks
with my eyes and heart open I let me go here and now that I plan only to be princess many mesas weakens more cake
good women before Oh she’s made that journey before sure
enough so and we’re agreed we are and come to the power please know we have
given the matter considerable thought and we have come to a decision we will support your search to learn of
your lineage if you feel a powerful need for it but you must be chaperoned and
kept safe you must take responsibility for this venture right to Cole and
arrange his escort and ensure that you can travel with Gilbert I will thank you
I love you so much oh you’re both scrumptious
he says the happiest birthday i have ever ever had I’m less worried about the journey I’m
about her hard well she finds out something that she
doesn’t want to know what if there’s a distant relative to claim her after all
what if what if she leaves us we agreed we want her to be happy that’s
the best we can do is an with any

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    Eu ia assistir com mh amg em janeiro! Mas parei pra pensar e mano, eu não sei o dia de amanhã.
    Melhor prevenir! Essa série é tudo que há de bom na vida

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