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  1. bleuxgel

    nice video dude! which champ do you think is the best? i got drull right now and its just level 2. i saw a video of drull vs gomor on maximum level and gomor won the fight. and about bunkers what do u think is the best monster to put in it. for now i have 2 daves with rockets & 11 ichis. btw im just lvl 38 almost 39!

  2. SerangelROM

    yup, as long as you can take care of the AA guns (which there are only 2) almost any base will fall to this combo, with champs out and the new heavy traps it makes it alot harder, but its still luck based with the heavy traps and they also have a champ to attack with. the only main defense against this is a never ending chain and hope you can run the clock down before they take out too much of your vital stuff.

  3. chisen chou

    My base can't fall for this combo and its anti ppx the problem is if they kept attacking me with pebble bombs and twigs and my donut base will fall. why dont they try pathing to kill those daves if the enemies dont have zafreeti of course so they must have place that air defense in a non catapultable place like beside silos

  4. The normal one

    Daves are,smart in my opinion, when they see defences and huge pile of resource gatherers,they go for the defence. When there is a large pile of defences, my gorgo goes for the biggest buildings, the town hall and silos

  5. AkaWeed98

    why can't lasers hit daves????????
    how did you get all this shiny???
    now there's is new dave rockets LOL (it's not new it's just how it look like)

  6. Kelwin Li

    R. DAVE ability = gives dave a ranged attk if daves r out of range of tower while tower isw in range of dave then it makes sense that lazor cant hit dave right?

  7. I'll pick a real name later

    I am getting it 😀 I just looted 15 million putty (total out of 5 attacks) and I am a level 33 so that is a lot for me. I am going to spend it on DAVE.

  8. The Millionth Men to Mars

    I am gonna start upgrading D.A.V.E rockets cause they are awesome , you see , I have been saving Putty enough for D.A.V.E unlock , D.A.V.E upgrade to level 2 , Zafreeti Unlock , and D.A.V.E rockets , now I know how much I need to save cause I didn't know how much it took to unlock D.A.V.E rockets , also these will be 6 long days

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