Beginner Sabre Fencing : Stances in Sabre Fencing for Beginners

JASON SHERIDAN: On behalf of Expert Village,
my name is Jason Sheridan for Sheridan Fencing Academy here in New York City. Today, we will
be talking about beginning sabre fencing. Let’s start with how we hold our saber. Very
important that we’re controlling our weapon with our fingers, we don’t want to be making
movements from the elbow, the wrist, the shoulder or anything like this. We want it to be fine
movements from the fingers. Notice how I’m starting with thumb opposite the index the
finger, about half an inch from the top of the guard. My thumb is also completely opposite
this part of the guard here. I’m holding it in here. This is where the primary control
of my weapon is. I can wrap the rest of fingers around like so and control it nicely like
so. If I hold it the palm like this, I don’t get the same finesse. Now, how are we going
to be standing while we’re holding this? We start with our feet at about 90 degrees, perhaps
a little bit less, something like 80 degrees. Step forward from here and our knees are bent.
My weight is centered and I’m balanced, and most importantly, I’m not tense in this position,
very relaxed. My hand is up with my forearm parallel to the floor and my guard is slightly
turned to the right with the tip in just a little bit like so.

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  1. StallioN0of0MeadoW

    Isnt the tip straigth in the air in attack and the way you showed in defense? because my coach teached us that when you attack with your weapon pointed towards the enmy, it can easily (and its true) be taken down by the opponent, making you lose the advantage of your attack.

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