Beginning Epee Fencing : Basic Epee Fencing

Now, we’re going to try to do a little bit
of epee. There are no priorities. Back up a little bit there. You’re on guard. So, that
means that you attack anytime you want. Okay, ready? Punch. Oh, got him over here, in the
arm. Right? Okay, ready. Punt. Oh, that was a parry repost what he landed. He landed at
the same time. So, we got two points each. Oh! Ha, ha, ha! Here it comes. Good, very
good. Alright. Here it comes. That’s very good, he’s had very accurate precision. Here
it comes. Oh! Oh! Ah! Ha, ha! Okay, ready? Here we go. Ho, ho! Very good. You’re really
jamming in it in there. Now, I’m going to be a little more swift. Oh! Double. Very good.
Ah! This is the point. The point is your first defense.

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  1. Joe Donaghue

    I'm 12 years old and #2 in scotland for foil and have been fencing for just under a year.
    I have done epee twice and could easily destroy the coach with a smaller epee and smaller arms

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