Benefits of Our Strong Fiberglass Fence Post Design

We developed
our unbreakable fiberglass posts to provide your family with the safest
and strongest mesh fence. They are the only posts
in the industry to include a lifetime warranty
to never break or become bent. Your new fiberglass posts are constructed
with our “quad-built” process. This exclusive design begins
with a UV protective resin which permeates the entire post. Within it is an encapsulating veil
for a smooth finish. This veil surrounds the
outer fiberglass layer which provides our posts
resilience to shock and strain. To provide extreme performance,
we further reinforce our post with a solid fiberglass core. This gives our posts its
unbreakable strength and added flexural resistance
so we can guarantee our posts stay straight and attractive for life. Over the last 30 years
we have performed a variety of tests against many competing aluminum post designs
to showcase our post’s superior performance. It is shocking to see how easily many
aluminum posts could be bent or broken, leaving their fences unattractive and unsafe. In addition to our fiberglass post’s
strength and resilience, your family will enjoy numerous safety
and durability features including: Built-in color
to prevent chipping or flaking Resistance to heat
on those hot summer days No need to worry about rust or corrosion,
especially if you have a salt pool or your fence is near saltwater. You and your family can feel confident
in the protection your new safety fence provides, with our strong unbreakable fiberglass posts
supporting it. Protect-A-Child
Keeping families safe for over 30 years.

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