Best Dr. Bananas Episodes [Saturday Supercut]

– [Group] Saturday Supercut! (vibrating lips) (vibrating dies down) – Oh no! My motorboat ran out of gas! – It’s about time! – Yeah. Good thing it runs on solar power! (vibrating lips) – And it makes the exact same noise? Really? (laughs) – Hey! Something shady’s going on here! – Greetings and salutations! I am Dr. Bananas, the
inventor of inventions that will both improve your
lives and blow your mind! – Whoa! – I bet he doesn’t have a
solar-powered motorboat. – No, but I do have this! – [All] Ooh! – Hmm, I wonder what that does. (screams) (all yell in surprise) – Sorry, guys. But there’s no safety on the Annihilator. Speaking of which, who
wants an Annihilator? – Yeah, I think we’re okay
on the Annihilator front. – That’s fine. I have many non-lethal inventions as well. Slipper-dippers, Whoopsie-shnookums, and Wham-bam-thank-you-ma’ams. – Ooh! Ow! Thank you, ma’am! (groans) – You’re welcome! That’ll be $1,000! Now, let’s talk about you! Is there anything you
wish you could have or do? Me, me! Ooh, ooh! Sometimes I wish there were two of me so I could tell myself knock-knock jokes! – Then perhaps you’d be interested in my Fruitlicator Duplicator. – Whoa! – No! You can’t do this to us! – You just flip the switch, and… (screams) (yells in disgust) – Whoa! That was totally rad-ish. (laughs) (groans) What, too soon? – Whoops, had the dial set to “decimate”. – What? Why would those two options ever be offered on the same dial? – Now tell me. Do you ever get annoyed? – Who? Me? – Yes, you. – Hey, guess what it sounds like when a motorboat tries to
touch its tongue to its eye! (blowing raspberry) (sighs) – Yeah, I suppose I have
something like that. – Well, worry no more! Because Dr. Bananas’
patented Pester Bester for all your annoyance avoidance needs is here at your service! – Hey, that isn’t gonna
decimate anybody, is it? – Of course not! There’s no “decimate”
on this particular dial. – Okay. – Aha, a volunteer! We’ll simply point this nozzle
in his direction, and voila! (yells) – Whoa! Bye-bye, fly! (laughs) – Oh no! The dial was accidentally
set to “vaporize”. – Again, why? – Hey, hey, Mr. Banana! – My name is still Dr. Bananas. – Sorry! Hey, hey, Dr. Bandana! – Not “Bandana”! Bananas! – Hey! Hey, Dr. Banananananananana! (grunts) – It’s like I made this
thing just for you! – Hey! That makes me the best
Pester Bester tester! (laughs) (groans) (blows raspberry) – Ready, aim, fire! – Nothing happened. – Oh, wait, here’s the problem. It appears the dial was
set to “pizza party”! (all cheer) – Pizza party, whoo-hoo! – Oh, wait. I read that wrong. It was actually turned to “knife”. (groans) (all yell in disgust) Why did I put that on the dial? – Well, that’s one way
to make a banana split. (laughs) – Orange! Have a little respect, would ya? – Sorry, my mistake. Dr. Banana split! (laughs) (groans) ♪ Pear, share ♪ ♪ Pear, share ♪ ♪ Why don’t you have any hair, Pear ♪ – Oh no. He’s singing about things he sees again. ♪ Grapey-grape ♪ ♪ Grapey-grape ♪ ♪ So evil like Severus Snape ♪ ♪ Midget Apple ♪ ♪ Midget Apple ♪ – Stop singing! ♪ Get him mad and he’ll try to grapple ♪ ♪ Banana shadow ♪ ♪ Banana shadow ♪ ♪ Is way taller than Midget Apple ♪ (laughs) – Wait wait wait wait wait. There’s no banana here! – Yeah-huh! What do you call that? There hasn’t been a banana
in the kitchen since… – It is I, Dr. Bananas! Back from the dead! (screams) And now, with the aid of my
Spice Twice Splice machine, I’ll be properly reattached in no time! Hit it, girls! ♪ When two become one ♪ (zaps) (screams) – Whoa! Looks like you were only
half off for a limited time! (laughs) – If you think that was amazing, I can’t wait to show you my Shrinky-Dinky Fruitalizer Minimizer! Only $15.99.95. – Why are there extra numbers? That’s not even a real price! – This machine will shrink anything down to 1/100th its original size! (zapping) – Whoa, what was that? – Looks like he’s gone
banana split-zophrenic! (laughs) – Yay, I love banana splits! – Are you ready? (zapping) – Wait, we didn’t say that. – Here we go! (all scream) – Whoa, look at me! I’m ripped! Guys! Guys? – Awesome. I guess it worked. – Looks like he wasn’t such
a half-brain after all. (laughs) – You mean he shrunk
us and now we’re tiny? – What are you crying about? You should be used to this by now! (laughs) – Oh boy! Look, a unicorn! (screaming) – And all this can be yours for only… Hey, where’d they go? – Ya shrunk them, dummy. – But if they’re shrunken, they can’t buy my Shrinky-Dinky Fruitalizer Minimizer, for only $15.99.95. (zapping) – So unshrink them already! I’ve got better things to do. Hello, ladies. (all giggling) – Yay, I’m gonna ride it! – Marshmallow, it’s not a unicorn! It’s a giant germ! – Geez, Pear. Stop being such a giant germophobe. (laughs) – Giddy up, unicorn! Yay! – Uh-oh! Looks like we’d better booger out of here! (screaming) – Yay! – The Biggy-Wiggy Fruitalizer Maximizer should bring them back to normal. – Whoa, whoa, whoa. How do we know it won’t kill them like all your other inventions? – Good point! I’d better test it out first. Hey, you! (screams) (all shriek) You’ll be fine! He won’t be fine. – Oh, great. That guy owed me five bucks! – Looks like I had the
Biggy-Wiggy Fruitalizer Maximizer set to “explode” rather than “expand”. – Why is that even an option? (zapping) – That ought to do the trick! – Hey, seriously, as a friend,
you should see a doctor. – Well, well, well,
lookie what we got here. I ain’t never seen no
crumbs like this before. – We’re not crumbs! We’re fruit! – We don’t take kindly
to your kind around here. – Looks like we’ve walked
into a crumb-y situation! (laughs) Get it? “Crumb-y”? – I don’t get it! Let’s get ’em! – Wait! Kill Midget Apple first! (growls) – It’s “Little Apple”! – What’s that? – It’s like an apple,
but only more midget-y. (growls) – No, I mean that! – [Marshmallow] Whoo! (screaming) – Whoa. – I can’t believe it. We’re back to normal size! – Well, except for Midget Apple. He’s still a little small. (laughs) – And me! See how good I look? – Whoops, sorry! – Oh no, the fatness returns! – [All] Eww! – I did it! (zapping) My invention worked! So take that! And it can all be yours for
spleventeen thirtwenty-three! – I don’t know. This whole situation
wasn’t very a-peel-ing. (laughs) Hey, where’s Marshmallow? – Over here! Whee! (screaming) Giddy up, unicorn! (laughs) (excited yelling) – There’s so much
technological awesomeness, I don’t think I can contain myself! – Oh, easy, Little Apple. The Eat 3 conference lasts a whole week. You’ve gotta pace yourself. – I can’t! I’m gonna wet myself! I just know it! And guess what? I don’t even care! – Hey, wanna try OcuLettuce Rift? Wired Magazine called it
2014’s must-have item! – What’s that? – It’s a hat of lettuce headset! Head on over and “let us”
show you what it can do. – [Little Apple] Count me in! – But wait! You haven’t tried Dr.
Banana’s driverless car! Perfect for those of us who
can’t get driver’s licenses because of our lack of arms! (zapping) – Wait, I don’t have arms! This product is totally for me! – Oh, but have you
tried my driverless car? – What’s so great about your car, Orange? – Oh, nothing much. It’s just that mine has flames! (cheering) – I’m wetting myself! – I don’t understand! I thought I had invented something no one else could possibly copy! What did you use for the onboard auto traffic detect feature? – Duct tape. – And what on Earth did you use for the computerized intravehicle
communication system? – Duct tape. – But what about the– – Whatever you’re about to say, I assure you the answer is “duct tape”. – Yeah, I’m beginning to wonder if your car is really
all that great, Orange. – Agreed! – Well, it’s not as though everything is made out of duct tape! – Oh yeah? Name one thing. (zapping) – These flames! Am I right? – Ooh! I almost forgot about the flames! – Seriously, people? I’ve spent the last seven years of my life perfecting the nanotechnology
included in the drivetrain. And it’s flame decals that get
you idiots oohing and ahhing? – True or false, Dr. Bananas? Your car has zero flames on it. – That is in fact correct, but– – He said “butt”! (laughing) (groans) (zapping) – Let’s see it in action, Orange! – I thought you guys would never ask! Who wants to take the first test ride? (all clamoring) – Hey, pick me! Pick Pear! – Oh, you gotta pick Pear! – I pick Apple! – Me? Seriously? Yes! Things are finally coming up– (screams) – Oh man. I was feeling pretty awesome about my Wolvetangerine cosplay. Until this moment. – Hmm. Well, I guess there was a
malfunction with my car. – Too bad! Well, it looks as though I now have the only driverless car at the conference! – What are you talking about? I have like 100 of these things! – Huh? – Who’s next? (all clamoring) – Ooh, ooh, let me drive the
one with the flames on it! – You fools! They’re not safe! Did you not see what happened to Apple? (cheering) – Yeah, I look so fast, I have flames coming down the side of my car! (hollering) – All right! (cheering) I don’t even regret doing
this, even slightly! – Look, my car can parallel park itself. It can detect something as
small as a fly in its path. – Oh yeah? Can it detect this? – [Car] Warning: vehicle approaching. – No! My work, it’s ruined! – Sorry, that was the car’s fault! – Sorry, guess the duct tape bumper didn’t really do its job. – Where do I buy one of these, Orange? I’ll pay any price! – Oh really? Would you pay with your life? – Gladly! (screams) So worth it! – [Car] System operational. – Wait, wait, my car’s gonna be all right! – Yeah! ‘Merica! (cheering, Dr. Bananas yelling) – Huh, I don’t see Dr. Bananas anywhere. – Forget Dr. Bananas! Where are all the dinosaurs
the invitation promised? Oh man, oh man, oh man, oh man! I love dinosaurs! – How do you know? You’ve never met a dinosaur. – I watched a bunch of
Barney when I was little. – Littler, you mean, right? (laughs) (growls) – Greetings, special guests! I couldn’t possibly be more excited to show you my latest creation! Real dinosaurs! – Yeah right, dude. Dinosaurs went extinct so long ago, not even Grandpa Lemon remembers them. – It’s true! Also, I don’t really remember last week, so there’s that, you know. – I understand your skepticism
and am excited to squelch it! (zapping) – [All] Whoa! (camera clicking) – Wait a minute. Why is it pink? – Yeah! – I kind of like it. Looks more like Barney that way. (laughs) – All my dinosaurs are pink, you see? They’re pink because pigs are pink! – Huh. – Quickly, to the jeep! I will explain everything! (crash) You see, it’s very scientific. I brought the dinosaurs
back from extinction by using their DNA. I used some DNA from fossils and filled in the gaps with pig DNA! – [Little Apple] Why pigs? – Well, I had a buddy who’s a pork chop who was willing to sign the
necessary consent forms! – So I guess they’re not really dinosaurs as much as they’re swine-osaurs, huh? (laughs) (laughs) – That’s good! I’m gonna have to use that! This is exactly why I asked
you to come here, Orange. Your branding skills are fantastic. I need your input before the park opens. – Instead of calling it “Jurassic Park”, why not call it “Jurassic Pork”? (laughs) – Yes, that’s exactly
what I’m talking about! – Well, why did you invite
the rest of us, Doc? – Pear, you know more about science than anyone in the kitchen. I’d love to have your endorsement. Grandpa Lemon, I needed you here because you can inexplicably
fly a helicopter. And you, Midget Apple, well you– – Go ahead, just say it. You need me here to see if the little kids can ride the rides or not. – But that’s equally important! (zapping) (growls) And now, without further adieu, welcome to Jurassic Pork! (oohing) (ahhing) – A pterodactyl! – More like pterodac-tail, am I right? (laughs) (laughs) – Its tail did come out
rather pig-like, didn’t it? – Hey, what’s in that mysterious
jungle cage over there? – Oh, you see, that’s where
we keep the velociraptors! – You mean “ve-sausage-raptors”? (laughs) (laughs) – It gets funnier every time! (thunder booms) – Aw, man! It’s raining! – Actually, that’s a good thing. That’ll really bring the dinos out. They love mud. They are part pig, after all. – Sure enough, here
comes a triceratops now. – Hey guys, is it just me,
or does that triceratops seem way bigger than expected? – It’s probably just you, small fry. (laughs) (growls) – No, he’s right. – Hmm, that’s odd. The triceratops was normal
sized just a few days ago. – But did you take into account
that pigs grow super huge in a super short period of time? – I did not take that into account. – So, basically, we’re stuck on an island with a bunch of dinosaurs that can grow too big for their own fences? – A slight oversight, I admit. – Hey, everybody! Let’s get a group photo by this lake! – Wait, that’s no lake. – It isn’t? (dinosaur roars, Grandpa Lemon screams) (screams) A Tyrannosaurus Rex! – You mean “Tyranno-short ribs Rex”? (laughs) – Now is not the time, Orange! (screaming) (roars) – Come on, Dr. Bananas! Give this guy the slip! (chuckles) Get it? Slip? Dr. Bananas? (grunts) That’s not what I meant, but thanks. – Where are we? – We’re by the velociraptor cages! – Followup question: Why is there a massive hole in the bars? (dinosaur roars, all screaming) – Guys, the helicopter! Where is it? – My guess is the pork-ing lot! (laughs) – There! There it is! – Run faster! – I can’t! I don’t have any legs! – Take off! Take off! (all screaming) (dinosaur roars) – Holy Toledo. I think I wet myself like,
infinity times back there. (laughs) – Look at his tiny arms. (laughs) (sighs) – At least those dinosaurs
are stuck on that island and can’t get to the mainland. (snoring) (phone rings) (yells in confusion) – Yeah? What? – [Dr. Bananas] Orange, you’re supposed to help me build my experiment! Did you sleep in again? – I don’t know. What time is it? – [Dr. Bananas] It’s
precisely a quarter past one. – Wait! Wait a minute, Doc. Are you telling me it’s
1:15 in the morning? – [Dr. Bananas] Precisely. – Cool! I’ve never been up this late before. Be right there! Yeah! – Behold, my latest invention. A real life, working time machine! – Five more minutes, Mom. 57! – What? Orange, no. Just film me talking
about the time machine. – You’ve got it, Doc! – This is Dr. Bananas
here in Spill Valley, ready to show you my
first temporal experiment. You can see the time
machine behind me here. The key to this whole device
is the Smucks capacitor, the key to time travel. – Blah blah blah blah blah. Come on, Doc. Let’s take this thing for a spin! Yay! – Orange, wait! I haven’t tested it properly yet! – So, you think you can steal our batteries and just disappear. You think I’m an idiot? – Huh. Well, you see. (screams) – Ew! That looked like it hurt. Huh? (screaming) – Oh, there she is. The love of my life. And perfect, Grapefruit’s
not around to get in my way! (laughs) (screams) Oh, my spleen! – If anyone asks, it was his fault! – Oh no. Oh no, no, no, no. You just ruined my ride, butthead! You’re gonna pay for that. – Oh no, it’s Grapefruit! (nervously laughs) – You’re gonna run away like
your little friend here? Like a chicken? – I’m not a chicken! I’m an orange! – So we got a wiseguy here. Tell me, wiseguy, how you gonna fix my car before the big dance? – Whoa, whoa! Grapefruit, what’s that? Hiyah! – What’s that thing he’s on? – It’s a board with wheels! – He’s an absolute dream. – Ew, gross! He looks like your brother! – You’ll never catch me alive! (laughs) – Thanks for the fancy board, butthead! – I don’t think you wanna
go that fast, Grapefruit. – Shut up! Okay, everyone, for my next trick, I’m going to do a 360 backflip. (explosion) I stand corrected. (laughs) (explosion) – Doc! – Great snot! My invention, it’s ruined! – There’s no time for that! You gotta help me! – I don’t even know you. – What? It’s me, your pal Orange from 1985! – 1985? You mean my idea for time
travel actually works? – You bet it works, Doc! I crashed the time machine in town and I need you to fix it so I can go back! – Wait a second. You left a highly sensitive
time-altering device from the future out in plain sight 30 years before it should even exist? – Yeah! What’s wrong with that? – Guys, you may wanna check this out. (zaps) Ow! (cat shrieks) – Come on! We have to act fast! We’re getting this snack to the future! (thunder booms) It’s all fixed! Guess I’ll see you in about 30 years! – I wouldn’t really count on that. – What? – Nothing! – Okay, just load some new batteries and the Smucks capacitor
will be ready to go! – Batteries? I don’t have any batteries. – Orange, this machine
needs an obscene amount of electricity to actually
travel through time. You’re telling me you
didn’t bring a backup? – Nope! Oh, wait, I got an idea! (grunting) Okay, Doc, now climb to
the top of that ladder! – Orange, this is highly irregular. What exactly is your idea here? – Don’t worry about that, Doc! Just don’t move a muscle! – Whoa! – Yeah! Okay, Orange. You only get one shot. Hey, hey, Dr. Bananas! – What? – Lightning bolt! – Oh, now I see what he’s doing. (yells) – So, you think you can steal our batteries and just disappear. You think I’m an idiot? Huh, well, you see. – Whoo-hoo! I’m back! I’m back! – Orange, you saved me! – Sure did! And I beat up Grapefruit,
and there was a storm. – Yes, yes, I remember now. I sent you back when you, wait. I sent you back to the
future and you vaporized me. – Sure did! – 30 years before I would actually invent the time machine which you just used. – Yeah, what’s wrong with that? (screams) (record scratch) Wait. What am I doing here?

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