Hey, what’s going on guys nick at nite here today welcome to another episode where we’re [going] [to] be pushing closer hopefully to master three was able to clutch that last season and [Ben] also been playing about the Golem deck but times are A-Changin here on the local leader board then I don’t think you can go more than Maybe two names in a row without finding either a log slash spell bait or three musketeer deck There’s an apparent my couple Lava hounds on here
but really not too many most of its gonna revolver on three muskets and like I said like a lot of log bait a lot of Goblin Gangs little hog Riders Rockets inferno Towers princesses thought I would show it for myself Generally, not what I play, but we’ll try. This is the deck I was pushing with all morning, but this is the one that I’m going to be trying here today It’s uh it’s pretty self-explanatory. What is if you played the game at all recently you’ve probably seen it in challenges on Competitive play, but mmM. I don’t know I was a little off today I woke up really early our dog has bad allergies and had me up at like 4am Had to give him some extra medicine So that’s been a factor, but the game is just kind of felt sort of off I don’t know if we see any more of the same deck. I’m using or a variant with a hog in it or What’s the other one that’s pretty popular right now. That would be Hang on let me think about this once again Or we’ve been seeing a lot of three muskateers with night and minor We’ll see which which [one] we run into here next but not to sure up Holland is coming out So with the hound I’m not fully sure if that was a smart play that was like all day and Olli as arrows Spicy arrows alright, that’s fine. Let’s maybe just put a inferno tower over to the right side and [a] princess I spirit jump Nice, all right. I think we shut that hound down all right Maybe a Goblin gang as well get a little bit of a Forces hand if you will and those minis are gonna have to come back and we do have the inferno tile Oh you put that minor
Really Far back
I can get extra value out of my princess over on the left side I can see what these sects are fun to play you kind of just like our spears the most annoying for your like Jim from school or work and Jim’s always kind of I don’t want to use the word But you know the word you’re thinking of and he’s just like huh, I’m here to ruin your day Oh, I opened my legendary chest and I cancelled the video because it didn’t like how it was going But I have the recording of just that part remind me after this battle. I’ll put it in [I] Guess we’ll get started slow princess. This way. She’ll take absolutely forever to get there What would be a good play here, then I’m just full so I guess we’ll just rock it free rocket It’s free country Manik Manik Manik Iran couple trips planning this year if you guys live in any of those location any of these locations I can’t hear [myself] over the game. It’s roaring in my headphones New Zealand, Australia, Italy and Abu DhAbi or Dubai? Let me know if you guys down below or on Twitter at Nick and I yt live in any of those locations Planning and I might need some tips for travel alright We have a lot coming at us right here, but that never stopped me from giving some spicy commentary before another Inferno Tower why not That one’s fear [Goblin] holding down the fort along with the arena tower right there that’s going to be nice Then we can start a slow princess I Spirit Deep Barrel [Galvin] Gang get that that bait log beta cooking Inferno tower he’s got to definitely defend this right watch out for the Minor I Spirit Princess this is a tank all right. I don’t think anybody’s everybody princess down to the tank before I’m gonna say good game right there, and all right it is what it is from the kings of Iran That’s what made me think of a possible trip Out that way, I don’t know why
Look at that. I hope nick upload soon. I’m bored funny Chap alright so about that legendary chest I actually popped open a Lumberjack, so he is 19 out of 20 one more and we will have a Mac slumbered Jack also inferno dragon I should make an infernal dragon deck and max him out and try them because we do have Maximum infernal dragons other than that just looking for a whiz bandit and then obviously that one more lumberjack But II ways I’m definitely looking forward to getting a couple more or seeing him in the shop because just four more and we will Have a max level electro-Rock Trons Awful films fan mail not yet, edited because those take Friggin forever to edit So expect that on the second channel slash nick and I in the coming days. It’s definitely it’s [films] I had like two ish weeks built up mail That’ll be coming out the second channel Mmm, my goal would be tomorrow to edit that but worst case, Wednesday Mm-Hmm Yes, it would appear that that our forces combined Cannot do it. [no], all right archers. I school um Mega Expo there she blows What she blow expo? helper today, download Expo files dot net for all your expo needs Right that’s when I oh wait. I always tell you guys download Expo files done that what was Expo expo Hacks org I think that was the working one and one of them got taken down Are we can start slow princess all the way in the back left Should be a nice fade away in case something gets deployed in the opposite lane, or she’ll just get logged [Galvan] gangs nice because we know he doesn’t have a log right now and We can do things like Put down a night throw a barrel It’s a goblin Barrel nice now he has the log again, but look at how much damage. We were able to ensue the damage ensues [uh] this this right because that will avoid the Thing alright, this is bad Let’s do one of these What do I do here? Well? He [just] logged Well play it. I guess [alright]. I don’t know what I’m doing. I guess I should just rock it the expo, right He just logged so let’s go hard with the log of all things log back the archers Beer Goblin get in there Yeah, I’ll just I guess rocket it every time we see it princess Oh, oh catch the Mega arm late on the mega Well, we see a log There’s the log the princess is delayed. Oh, let’s save this princess watch this Deep Barrel Rockets away, baby. Oh man Rocket fight Rocket fight he just logged he just logged Ja I actually had no idea if we were gonna win that one, but pipsqueak brings it home Bring it home six weeks up here. You’re never going to be finding. Ooh, lord yaha, Megastars Pk now He’s got the [bowler] baby Dragon, Electro Wizard variant of the graveyard deck again Joey soup Joey sip Sip what up guys it’s sick and bags today. We’re here with steph food talking about the pack go back oh Gosh mom won the world all right. Let’s bring the pictures over here, and we gonna put the night over [here] And then we’re going to calculate trajectory know calculus directory of the log, which should technically go here But we might put it here or it might put here. What if we put it here? Then we put it here Just sort of put it wherever Ya put here and overall our trajectory Should equal a radiant factor of four there it is we know he just logged send out the barrel He’s gonna Ghost arm. Oh wow he’s got it. He’s got incredible log base game right now Just guide that night to the tower with your log mmm All right, what is the play here? I guess inferno would be a good start or a bad one for the princess in the back Shoot the dirt Gob. Thank you, shoot the princess [nice] All right, she’s getting a lot of shots off Goblin getting opposite lane who Wasn’t the best? Alright. He just pre logged. So what should we do in that situation? Well? I want to go night and then a Centered Barrel because he doesn’t have the log, right? Princess for the night because right now. She could take her out before she looks over right? Yeah, I’m doing all the things right We’re doing all the things The problem is as barrels doing better than mine But that last push was incredible or impeccable or packable if you do play the packet. Oh my goodness princess value Calvin Gang gets wrecked my dude. Okay. That was good I Have the best princess rotation to counter his okay nevermind. I almost had it right You can’t win them all Yes, I do have the best princess rotation. I shouldn’t be doubting myself look at this Well he keeps doing the same play on offense, but I think our play is better I Have that tower down. I’m not even sure really why we’re Why we’re going so hard at it Take the shot [nine] And give me that give me that one hit on the Goblin. Oh Hopping in my tahoe. Oh, no Alright that was a solid win right [there]. We just change our mindset. Yeah took him out real the real chill Tanga man, I don’t know there was some pressure I didn’t put on when I needed to I don’t I don’t have like all these cards like in the golem deck I Like I’m best friends with every single card in that deck and I could know in any given moment what I need to reach for And this one I look down, and I see Goblin king and it like freaks me out because I really don’t like how they look And I’m not fully confident with it one bit I’m Gonna bring a rear barrel This should be okay, so that you was gonna hit bolt right there. Oh Neither that’s actually two hits is sort of like that’s fine, right um Playing 12 like a scumbag, but I’m not in like a 12 range. So there must just be good But he got what he got what he got what he got you got that? You got got got got game get it get it got game Get it get it gosh game your hog radha will take you to fame. I want to be Top of the game top of the game top a tough a tough of the game oh What are you missing you missing your plants over there? Dude my dude We’re pulling a lick sir. So may as well hit that night and that tower And ferno he’s gonna want to hog. I don’t know if infernal is the best play it has to be if the only play we got All right, there’s a nice plant on the inferno that’ll shut down his 545 ha ha ha ha I learned that in In my Guerrilla warfare fighting class is on Sunday night. Oh Mm-Hmm. What’s the play here night first yes? Yes? Yeah, those are those who those then a princess fade away, then a log? then Opposite lane Goblin gang to see it. Just see if he answers it we don’t have to do much about that one He does he zapped it fire balling my barrel. That’s real cute Then you tell [him] how cute he looks oh, the cute little barrel you got there Then another princess fade away And then we’re Gonna go Goblin Barrel Goblin Gang And just look at the pat. That’s sheer panic His defense is just screaming. I’m panicked That’s nice Put a nightgown Ok there’s the fireball Got is that but that should be all right? If he’s apps we are going to need a log and a And a rocket. Oh, I didn’t even need to log that stop good gaming me before it’s over to fake me out I just need 64 seconds then we win log just in case Good game. Wow I lately I just don’t feel confident finishing off the battle it just seems a bit, too Not easy hard. I don’t want to say hard, but it’s not not not easy Ting ting ting ting ting ting ting ting ting ting ting ting ting accelerator accelerator Thanks for inviting the accelerator Come back next time enjoy your day in legendary Line cute princess let’s do a counter princess yeah, Cha Cha poop Everything’s locked on the night throw the barrel It’s like it’s like I’ve got it down Drop a log a drop a log hit a hog to win a prize What up accelerator I? Don’t up is just so bad after you’re just used know everything you play got countered beautifully welcome to accelerator oh The Knights leaving the Minion Horde is scary Hmm. Well there’s a log let’s do this and this That fate singing he predicted the rear barrel Why do I feel like we defended that horribly but all I did was minor and Minion horde? That’s nasty Got to put this night down as well, huh? Thing that minion horde scary, I don’t even know how to really defend it properly with this deck. I guess Goblin king in the middle um Alright will feel it out log Inferno Goblin Gang I spirit jump Yikes I guess that Mostly stopped it nice. We got it alright. So he just logged let’s go night Let’s go Goblin Barrel princess for the Rear support There we go Nice, the Princess script is spawning in Princess. Wow I’m going to say You should log that princess adding value Where it doesn’t belong? Bring a half mast night double Inferno tower Goblin Gang no that was force. That should not have gone in there. Nah, nah Dang it Good game. I went all in on that one with the goblin barely didn’t really do anything about the barrel either, but Princess was able to chip them down. I don’t know I don’t really like the deck. I don’t like how it feels I don’t like anything about this. I just want to play the golem, but I just can’t only show you guys golem gameplay. It’s just That’s what I’m good at it’s what I am good at. We’ll see what we get next year Hmm tough cookies on that one It’s trainhard shitter Wow, he’s playing on the letter now. That’s cool. Fierce force Trainer Chitter he’s uh he’s one of my best videos of all time when we finally were able to beat Trainer Cheddar But he is very difficult, but it looks like he traded in some of his legendary cards, huh? I don’t know what to do in that situation a battle ram in the back Hmm ok well? I’ll just rock it all this whoa Well the princess is a nice spread if she shoots the tower if she shoots There’s a big if in that sentence if she can somehow shoe there we go Saying that graveyard still got a couple hundred off there may be A slightly Deeper Barrel He was gambling on that set that it would have worked or not oh Bowler clean off house on my barrel, but the princess is able to get in there and do some nice ship a lip Ok holy Moly 40 bowling ball baba Boss Roy There’s a nice inferno plant About even range on the bowler, but it’s going to be able to heat up nicely Oh wow and an executioner look at a rocket that will take him out fully It’s just kind of feeding our rockets right there right into him I’m just keeping up the chip as much as possible Galvin Gang should be my main counter to this graveyard, but I’ll throw a knight down on this one nice Thats all the night is He’s a beast against these graveyards Because him in the tower just they work perfectly in their timing on what they’re targeting when they’re switching targets It’s really really a good stuff I’ll do a barrel right in the middle princess fade away Alright. He went pretty hard on that stop. I’m actually going to rock at this down nice That was just the best option we had right there Goblin Gang split them Inferno Tower Because they put the battleroom on the inside tile that means it’s going to get pulled otherwise. It wouldn’t have been pulled Oh, wow. There’s a lot of barbarians here um [all] [right] Looking okay. I’ll do a nice spirit this side. Oh Let’s just hide the barrel hide the barrel now. I was late Got it good game Don’t like that. It didn’t have max cards But hey trainer shitter kicking it up at 5300 let’s do one more and wrap it up with a solid win 5341 What are people [chilling] it right now? It’s a 5340 ones like 75 us so [I] really [I] really have to know that I’m playing people around like the best I ever do which is like 25th us like the best I’ll ever push to in a season. So really can be upset about it should be more of a learning experience It’s just been a little frustrating because I pushed too high with the [golem] deck And then had to just play like a hundred percent full force all the time which takes a lot out of you it does Sure that does I know I had some specially means the email throw them at the beginning of this episode here Thanks for the face swaps Thanks for the spicy shop picture someone put a really cool three saviours me pat and bolt on something My face has been photoshop reacting [to] many a chest which I have not opened But I I appreciate the thought on that one. Why mhm? That’s a good luck ba-ba-BA-Ba I spirit Papa Papa Papa princess Finn Cici’s cheese sauce shoes. I don’t have my I Don’t [know] my rock it up, and I’m a bit unsure what to do about it Wow, the the right side the game got like a lot a lot of damage all right? here though I’ll do a spirit, and then maybe a rocket if you pumped, huh, all right. There’s a hound I Think we have to fully defend this one I’m not too sure I’ll put a princess all the way in the back. We have two rocket this balloon Yes, we will Right there is the balloon will rock it right here boom and Then some Goblin gang action nice There it is. Oh he hit the [king] Still got a lot of damage on my tower for hitting the king as well, and my rockets gone. Which is kind of sad Especially when I wanted to use it for that pump night Gallon Barrel get the log ready ah We get a couple jabs in we clean up the skeleton and we force them to Respond to this princess who can help out with a mega? Oh, and the kings up all the ways that mega would have definitely got to swing in right there I’m gonna put a goblin getting in the opposite lane since I got so much time now Because it’s just so much damage. Oh this mate. Oh, this is the freezed one. This is that Lava humphreys deck. It’s definitely tricky [alright], that’s just a group them all together Rocket it all boom I Spirit Goblin Gang nice A Little [bit] of pressure with the princess of the bridge because we really don’t need much Then the log to take out the Goblin king and hit the tower then a barrel I Fear it was the lowest Get it down to 700 for me 863 Dang it. This is kind of tough Rocket I missed the Holland amidst the Hoenn ah Come the arrows flipping a couple goblins No, no That deck is annoying I could see why now wow that was crazy. I I? Must have not applied the right pressure on both sides all right last one let’s end with a win And then we’ll wrap it up there, but I shall let that get to number 1 and number 2 in the world Which [is] quite impressive? Let’s do this Jaywalk Ji. Wah wah wah wah wah wah wah? Jaywalk oh I get it like Jaywalk Wal [okay]. Well the night’s going the wrong way. That’s fine Let’s wait princess slow and steady [get] that cross shot and clip those fear. God’s please please please please [please] release your arrows. Thank you next time quicker Let’s try to grab the executioner’s attention real quick with the inferno keeping the princess alive it does take my inferno Fully auto Rotation We could try one of these surgical goblins plays credit to him for showing me that one I spirit tank Don’t jab that king don’t jab that king thank you Night I Don’t know if that’s a high pressure or low pressure Situation or a low pressure system moving in it’s going to be a little windy and hot tomorrow guys. Sorry I’m a weatherman you [could] call me stan Fleet steamer, I told you that I’m a dreamer. Oh Wow, Goblin King often under defended Will take that pump real quick princess dealing with the Mega and Just going to leave actually right now There she goes Let’s do Goblin Bear off to the side because we tried the back and he tried to tornado it I don’t think [you] can turn 80 anything in that location And then we’ll get a solid log in We’re just kind of keeping control. It’s all we can really do right here Princess will go down. I’ve got night We’ll just put them on the outside Execution has to get deadly closed Goblin gang because he shouldn’t have his for like two more cards Tornado, that’s okay princess Barrel Log for his gang. Oh, I tried to predict the gang that’s going to come back to bite us possibly Inferno tower night princess Rock it for all this stuff get in here there it is There it is thing now I’m feeling it. I’m crushing a golem, and that’s my goal golem’s my deck, and I’m crushing in Golem executioner, I like the deck your game So the ones that we won. I feel like we’re pretty Pretty substantial winds and the ones we lost We’re always like I needed one more rocket or one more log those are quite close and quite fun stuff 5335 is definitely a fun number our Current highest of all time is 55 and 34 so keeping with the threes in in That sense well hope you guys enjoyed some log bait. I almost have more gems than gold and that is a fun fact Hope you enjoyed the video. I’ll see the next time at those written [class] [a] to [b] (outro song plays)

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  1. nickatnyte

    What deck is working for you in the current onslaught of log bait and three musketeers?!
    Let me know some good decks for the coming episodes! Twitter –

  2. Willem

    I tried a very similar deck. One from oj. Just swapped knight and rocket with dart gob and fire spirit. Gotten 500 trophys in 1 day

  3. Jonathan.ツ

    I got an E-Wiz in the shop when I saw it I yelled "ELECTRONS" my mom was like what the heck happened to you? (That happened today)

  4. SuperDuperKyle IsLit

    Thanks Nick! I copied this deck when I didn't have log, and I was in Frozen Peak. I got a legendary chest in the shop one day that got me a log! So obviously I switched it for the zap. I just hit Hog Mountain using this deck! THANKS ! ! !

  5. kljj dajj

    Hey nick I am a fan and I want to tell u how I can get a legendary I can't get one I open a magic chest and 0 legendary zero luck or what

  6. Razvan Dragomir

    The less skill you have, the more chances are to use this deck. Unfortunately, this killed Clash Royale. R.I.P. …. or knight a nerf to bring back to life this game?

  7. koko unknown

    Im from NZ and sure u should come visit us and do some bunjee jumping in queens town, theres a lot of areas you can visit in NZ that will all be fun!

  8. Missael Monroy

    You clearly don't know how to use this deck because you are not supposed to sit with 10 elixir unless you want your opponent to make a big push wich clearly this deck is not meant to counter such a big push

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