Best of Jersey Shore Season 1 (Supercut) | MTV

(upbeat dance music) (cars honking) – (bleep) off, (bleep,
bleep) I can’t drive. He’ll get over it. – If we decide, all three of us– – Us three?
– Us three. We could probably do
that ’cause he’s chill, seems like you’re chill. – Yeah, I’m real chill. – Yeah. You wanna do that? – Then we’d have to
decide real quick ’cause people might be showing up soon. – I’m like down. – Damn, this girl is so pretty. ‘Cause I’d love to date ya. – I’m cutting you off bastard, thanks. Ooh (bleep). Ooh, my car is dead! It died! – Yo, yo, yo! – What up homeboy?
– What up? – [Pauly] What’s going on man? – What’s up man, what’s your name? – Vinny, what’s going on?
– Vinny, what’s up Vinny? – First thing I see is a
spiky haired Guido kid, and I’m like, this kid’s perfect. Then I see a big muscular Guido kid. Sammi’s not the hottest
girl, you know what I mean? I would definitely expect
a little bit hotter. – If I was you, I probably go with either by yourself possibly,
’cause you don’t want to get stuck with a jerk. – I don’t know if they next person is gonna be someone I wanna sleep with. – Decisions, decisions, ah God. If the person looks like someone I want to room with, then I’ll
leave my suitcases. If not, then I’m going
to the one by myself. – [Mike] Oh wait a second, oh it’s a girl. – Definitely.
– It’s a girl. – [Pauly] No, no, is it a girl? That’s definitely a girl. – I see her get out of the car, all I see is big fake boobs,
black hair with blonde streaks. You can tell she’s a little
bit high maintenance. – He ran downstairs (laughing). So, I move the bags into
the bed that’s isolated. Because I knew I wouldn’t
sleep in a room with her. – [Pauly] Everybody’s not here yet. – Not everybody’s here, she
still gotta little choice. Who you wanna live with. – Hi.
– Hi honey. – Why don’t you put
something down sweetheart. Just put some stuff down for a second. Take a load of. What’s your name? – JWoww. – [Mike] JWoww?
– Yeah. – Not hating on the girl, but
you can say your real name. I don’t say, hey what’s
up my name is V wow, you know what I mean? – Why did you have to take the single bed? Come on.
– I had to. I’m sorry. – [Snooki] Why is it
making that terrible noise? Ah, God. If I have to wait one more minute to get in this frigging house,
I’m gonna kill somebody. – Somebody here Vin? – Hello, party’s here! – The party’s here? – How are you? Nicole, hug. – Nice to meet you babe.
– How are you? – I’m like wow, she was like
a little miniature Chihuahua painted with some spray paint black. – Yeah. – You guys drinking or what? – Yeah, it’s right here.
– Whoo! Give me a shoot. – [Pauly] You’re crazy. – What’s your nickname? – Snooki. – Snucker, or snook, what
do we call her Snickers? Snuck, snick, snickers. I don’t even know what it is. – I’m a little nervous. I don’t know what to expect really. Yeah know, living in a
house with new people. – No bringing home any wanksters girls. – Don’t bring home any sluts. – That’s all there is in Jersey. What are you talking about? So, we’re like waiting for
this last chick to arrive and we’re all like anxious. – Hey. – [Mike] Hey, what’s up? And in walks in this
girl with garbage bags. I thought that was kinda
like ghetto and like weird. Like you can’t find a suitcase? No in your family has a
suitcase you can borrow? – Cheers, mama. – I don’t have anything
yet, but I’ll cheers. – I think I’m getting
pink eye in my right eye. There’s like a little
bit of a bigger pink bag under my eye, you know what I mean? – I have one too then. – I feel it.
It feels like heavy. – Yeah I see it, I see it, I see it. – I wake up this morning and I notice that my eye is a little puffy. Holy (bleep) I have pink eye. – [Ronnie] That’s what you get for putting a fat girl’s ass in your face. (laughing) That’s how you get pink eye. (laughing) I think he got pink eye ’cause
he was dancing with a skank. You figure diving through
the fat chick’s legs maybe she let something out
when he was sliding through. And he got particles got in his
eyes or something like that. – Oh guys, I gotta let you know something. That’s disgusting. I think I’m getting pink
eye in my right eye. – Yeah?
– So don’t touch me. Yeah. Just to let you know, I
think I’m getting pink eye in my right eye. – Oh damn. Pink eye is very contagious I heard. I don’t know much about
it, but I heard you can catch it just from the air. – [Ron] He’s got pink eye. – [Pauly] We got get PRL in this house. – I thought Vinny has
some disease or something. The way he as acting
like honestly, I was like it’s (bleep) pink eye, like whatever. Take some medication you’ll be fine. – [Vinny] I woke up with a
little bit of pink eye today, so I have a doctor’s appointment at 3:30. I have work today for
my first day and I have to tell my boss that I can’t come in because I got pink eye. I mean I wanted to, I
wanted to work today, but. – I know you do. You’ve seemed energetic about it since day one.
– I know I’m (bleep) pissed. – So ah, but I do need
someone to cover your shift. – [Vinny] Snooks, who you
hooking up with Snooks? – Who I am hooking up with, I don’t know. Let’s find me a man to bring home. – Jesus (chuckles). – What are you laughing at? – Snookers is funny. She likes her pickles. – I do like my pickles. Isn’t there one there
that you eat everyday? – Yes.
– What? – I don’t know. – Yo seriously, she’s like on a whole nother level on pickles. (laughing) – You really are training
to be a porn star. – You’re (bleep). – Pickles is my thing, like. And the boys like always stare
at me if I’m eating pickles ’cause they’re (bleep)
perverts, so of course they’re gonna joke about it. I eat it as specific way. Suck the juice out first. – Yes, oh my God, I like
Snookies she’s funny. – I’m one of kind aren’t I? – Always. – Alright buddy it’s gonna
be a long day, what’s up? – I don’t know. – You don’t know what? If Angelina’s coming to work. – I know that’s (bleep) up.
– Man, I don’t know. – I guess you’re gonna have
to do a lot of work today because we’re gonna be short staffed then. – Let’s do it.
– We’ll see what happens. (Angela coughing) – Just like you know what, I’m thinking about my boyfriend so much and I’m like, I really don’t work today. I just don’t want to do it. – Wanna find a shirt today? – I’m just browsing around. – This store, has like the most, out of all the stores on the boardwalk, the must hilarious shirts. – Danny, Angelina didn’t show. Nope. She’s a no go. – I’m like tired, I don’t feel good. Like, I didn’t wanna go there. I didn’t wanna explain
myself, but I have to do it. It was just a pain in the ass. – What time zone are you in? – What? – What time zone are you in? – I don’t know, I don’t feel good though. That’s why where’s Danny? Like I’ve been sick all day.
– Danny’s not here. I’m here. – Oh, you’re here.
– Yeah. – You were supposed to call. If you need someone to cover your shift, That’s on you man. I can’t have that, it’s August right now. This is the time where I make money. Wouldn’t you think it was more logical to call me an hour ago? – I don’t feel good like I– – Whatever, who’s covering your shift? – Honestly, like I’m sick. When you’re sick, like honestly like. – But, all I’m trying to say is whose gonna cover your shift? Like why can’t you call
have your shift covered? – I don’t have the number for here. – You don’t have the
number to your own work? – I came in here, I don’t
have the number, like there’s people on the phone right now.
– You can walk here. – I don’t have a, first
of all be realistic here. – You be realistic here.
– I don’t have a cell phone. – I was sitting on the couch, I’m like what do–
– You don’t feel good, but you where out last night.
– Yeah. – So, you’re hungover.
– I’m not hungover. I had two drinks last night. – Angelina is making up
this excuse that she’s sick. That is a lame excuse. She just doesn’t want to work. – I had problem last night with
like my boyfriend and stuff. – Alright, what was the first thing that Danny told you when he came? Your boyfriend, all the
(bleep), forget about it. – Come on. Like you’re not, are you getting it like? – I’m totally getting it. – You’re not getting it. – I am getting it. – I don’t have to do
what I don’t wanna do. That’s it. It was common courtesy for
me to even walk over there. If there’s nobody to
cover for me, I’m sorry. And I really don’t care, I don’t care what he thinks about me. I don’t care what anyone in
this house thinks about me. I don’t. That’s it. (Angelina coughs) I’m done, (music crescendo) ♪ Who do you think you are ♪ ♪ Who do you think you are ♪ ♪ Putting all your guns away ♪ ♪ When you’ve mended all your fences ♪ ♪ Just who do you think that you are ♪ – Angelina? Where you at? – She’s upstairs. I think.
– Upstairs? – Yeah. – Wanna get her for me?
– Yeah. – You’ll have her come down? – Uh huh. He wants you to come downstairs. – [Ronnie] I don’t think he’s gonna. – Tell him to come to
the bathroom if he wants talk to me, other than that,
I’m not gonna answer him. – Can you talk to her in the bathroom? – In the bathroom?
– Yeah. – What it’s that hard for
you to walk downstairs? What happened to you today? – Um.
– What the hell happened? I’m not going to go inside a bathroom. – Well then I’m not talking sorry. – I’m not 15 years old. – Alright, well I’m not talking then. – Are you really being serious? – I can’t. – You show me this kinda disrespect after I let you in my house? – Um Danny then, I’m sorry I
don’t know what to tell you. – You couldn’t even give me a phone call to tell that you gonna be late. Not even answering. It was wrong what she
did with the bathroom. Like that’s straight up disrespect. – You call us, a least a phone
call would’ve been better. So I guess you’re fired. So you’re leaving, you’re
packing you’re bags? ‘Cause for you to stay in
this house, you have to work. (Angela coughing) Ridiculous. The way she disrespected
our boss, like come on. She didn’t give a (bleep) about anyone, she’s being selfish. – Ah, anyway. – I was so pissed off. I just wanna leave. That’s it. – What an (bleep). ♪ Who do you think you that you are ♪ (house music) – I like you’re tattoo. – Thank you. – That’s sick. Takes a lot balls tattoo. We we’re all mingling a little bit and I started talking
to this hot older chick. This cougar. Tonya and I we’re vibing, I like her, she’s a cool girl. We start hooking up a little bit. She’s hot, she had a like a sick body and I don’t mind it like
it up against me at all. You who, Danny who? – Me and Danny. – The two of you, oh my God. (rewinding tape) You’re saying like how hot I was. (laughing) – Holy (bleep) I took the boss’ girl. – Uh, Tonya, are you kidding me? – Wait, wait. – Because it’s Danny, I
live in the guys house. He’s my boss. Oh my God, I’m getting evicted. ♪ Oh please don’t stop it ♪ ♪ Don’t stop what you’re doing ♪ ♪ What you’re doing ♪ ♪ What you’re doing ♪ ♪ What you’re doing ♪ ♪ What you’re doing ♪ ♪ What you’re doing ♪ ♪ What you’re doing ♪ ♪ What you’re doing ♪ We’re going to Karma tonight like that’s my (bleep) spot on Saturdays. And when I say I’m ready to go wild I’m gonna go wild. (house music) – Snooki’s snickers came
out of the wood work which was hysterical it’s the best
thing I ever saw in my life. – This little shrimp
thing is bobbing around on the circle and like doing her thing. Doing backwards flips like
with her thong hanging out her whole crotch is in the air. – She was phenomenal it just
made me feel proud of her. I can’t explain like how
(bleep) amazing that was. – I love being center of
attention and I feel like once I get the spotlight it’s
gonna be on me all night. ♪ Down down down down ♪ ♪ I like the girls turn it up ♪ ♪ Turn around and do me ♪ ♪ Hit me on my spot ♪ ♪ Turn me on a lot ♪ ♪ I think I’m beating up ♪ – We’re beating up the beat. That’s what we say when
we’re doing our fist pump. First, we start off banging the ground. We’re banging it as the beat builds. ‘Cause that beats hitting
us so where fighting back. It’s like we beat up that beat. (energetic dance music) I know JWoww’s feeling me a little bit. Jwoww’s funny like that. Jwoww claims to have a
relationship with her boyfriend, but still try to have fun. If it happens, it happens
I’m just gonna roll with it and have a good
time because I’m not trying to fall in love
on the Jersey Shore. I’m just trying to hook up. (electronic dance music) – Are you gonna make it or
do you want me to carry you? – Can I have a back ride please? – Yo boo boo you’re like a mop dude. – What! – I’m going to bed. – [Sammi] Where is he? – Where’s my chain? After the club, I’m going
upstairs to lay down and um, like Jwoww comes
and lays down with me. So, we we’re kinda flirting
with each other all night. So, we just continued that at the house. (exciting music) We’re starting to kiss, we’re
getting little bit crazy. She’s like rubbing on me, I’m
rubbing on her a little bit. We’re gonna hook up, definitely. The party’s in Pauly D.’s pants tonight. – He’s bad news when it comes to me. ‘Cause I technically I guess cheated on my boyfriend with him. – Gym, tan, and laundry. – [Pauly] You’re welcome to come with us. – To gym , tan, and laundry, nah. – You’re driving me driver, let’s go. These guys are robots. Gym, tanning, and laundry
every day since I got here. That’s what they do every morning. Gym, tanning, laundry. That’s how they like make the Guidos. – I like to look very fresh and mint when I go out so everything goes into it. You know, you gotta go to
the gym the whole week. You have to have a little color if you didn’t go to the beach. And then the last thing you need to take care of is the outfit, okay? Now if the outfit is not looking good, then the whole package is
off and if you fell off you’re not gonna have a good night. So, how do you get the best results? GTL baby, gym, tan, and laundry. Because if everything’s put together and you feel great, you
look great, awesome night. – I don’t follow those rules at all. Especially gym, tanning, and laundry. I can see if it was like
basketball, pool, beach, you know what I mean? Gym, tan, and laundry those
aren’t fun things at all. – I like hearing the crowd.
– Calm down Popeye. – Calm down Popeye. – Big arms, little body. – Yo, don’t keep going
’cause I got a lot ammo on you guys up here. – Look at Schnooki, she’s
not even happy right now. – Yeah, where did Snicks
go, did she leave? (blows raspberry) – Go (bleep) yourself Mike, honestly. – I didn’t see you girl what happened was Jenni, you know what I’m saying? It was like a serious height–
– I don’t like you. I don’t like you. – Don’t even get my started Sneaks. – Really. I couldn’t hold back
anymore, like it’s been building up in me, like
my anger towards him. He pisses me off all
the time and he pisses everyone else off. You’re (bleep) annoying, like seriously. – I am.
– Just shut the (bleep) up. ‘Cause no on likes you in the house. – Really oh, oh my God Sneaks
is getting hard right now. You’re getting serious right now. – Don’t (bleep) with me. You piss me off all day.
– What’d you say? Can I have a roll please? – Don’t worry, you gotta couple. That was (bleep) up. – Honestly what you just said, you deserve to get punched in the face. – You don’t call a girl fat. I couldn’t believe he said that. Don’t leave, don’t leave. – What do you want me to do? – Snickers don’t leave. – You’re a (bleep) bro. You’re a (bleep). – Dude, she’s going back and forth. – Ah, (bleep) me. By Mike insulting Snickers,
I wanted to make sure that she didn’t take it to heart. It’s coming from him, it’s coming from one of the biggest douche bags I ever met. – No guy says that to a girl. – But look at him. – He honestly doesn’t care about anybody but (bleep) himself. I hate him. I hate him. – Listen, you don’t have to hate on me. – Stop, just stop.
– She said nobody likes you, so I hit somebody back real quick. – Just shut up Mike and just listen to me. – She said nobody likes you in the house. – Mike I know, I don’t care. Just stop. Mike didn’t even have the audacity to go after her an apologize. He sat there. – Go apologize bro. – I’ll wait till she comes back. – That was wrong bro, go apologize. – It was wrong. – I feel like this is
his defense mechanism to just go after about her weight. Like that’s what he knows. – What, you’ve got the game plan of embarrassing a female at dinner? – No, I didn’t mean–
– Don’t get on her weight bro. That’s just wrong bro. I think for a guy to actually comment on a girl’s weight, your
kinda going for a low blow. – You don’t understand
like in high school, I was like 70 pounds. I never ate at all. That’s a (bleep) sensitive subject. In high school I had eating problems. I would have a cracker a
day and say like I’m full. I have never had so much anger for anybody ever in my (bleep) life. He needs to get his (bleep) handed to him. I wanted to stab in the
(bleep) eyeball with my fork. (music crescendo) (electronic dance music) I’ve never had girls just
run up to me like this before and they were all hot. One of them who I probably
thought was one of the cutest girls there like fake boobs, nice butt, stomach showing, she said she was a model. So I’m like alright cool. – Vinny was hooking up with some chick and I didn’t even know
he was hooking the chick, I just seen him with her. And for some reason, I think he went to the bathroom probably. I pulled a robbery move on him. And I even asked, did you
hook up with my boy Vinny? She was like no nah and she probably did but it doesn’t matter
to me, I was having fun for the night. – I look over, Mike’s hooking up with her. And it just so grimy like, she
has my saliva in her mouth. Like, I wanna know how do I taste? So she ditched a zero
and went with the hero, I guess for the night. – I actually got sick in the bathroom. And it was over like a mixture of things. Between the wine, champagne,
vodka, and like the food. I told Mike, I was like begging him, I was like please, I just
got sick, I need your help. I was like, I’m not leaving right now I’m with this girl right here. Jenni’s like I’m about to fight the girl that your with right now. I’m just like what, are
you serious right now? She smacks me in the back
of the head at the club. And I’m like what, are
you serious right now? She got kicked out of the club like a piece of trash that she is. – Like, I was just so mad. Like, wait till you get back home, like wait until you get
back over to the hotel room. I just kept seeing his
face of like that smirk. It was like ha, ha like
you got kicked out. He had the bouncers escort me out. So when he comes in here, I’m punching him in the face. That’s it.
– Who brought you home? – Myself, I’m gonna knock
him the (bleep) out. ♪ You gave so much of you away ♪ Mike got in my face, was like bye. I was like really, I’m
getting kicked out right now? I said I’ll see you upstairs. – The club closes in like 15 minutes. – Apparently Jenni got kicked for like slapping Mike in the face. – Once he walks through
that door, I’m punching him. That’s it, I’m going to bed. – I’m like do it, like he deserves it. – Lets go, this way. – I was happy that I
found actually a hot guy. We dance all night. I was like (bleep) I’m
gonna get some ass tonight. – Let’s go, let’s go. You’re belligerent, let’s go. – But obviously that didn’t happen. (Bleep) me right? (Bleep) me. Whaaa. (dramatic music) – Yo how do I taste bro,
that’s all I want to know. Yo, how does my dick taste bro? I wanted to make sure that they knew that Mike didn’t take this girl from me. I gave her away as my sloppy seconds. – Obviously you didn’t taste good enough for her to stick around. – Just let me know how I taste bro. Especially after I just made
out with her two seconds ago. Yo, I got her and passed her over to you. Congratulations on my
sloppy seconds my man. – I committed the robbery.
– Ya, you committed a robbery. You better grab a girl tight when I’m around ’cause I
know she’s grilling me. – My sloppy seconds bro. – Congratulations the robbery
was committed, you’re a little upset right now.
– Who are you, whoa. – [Both] Whoa! – Get me kicked out of a club. – Whoa girl, you need to
chill the (bleep) down. You need to chill the fuck down. – (Bleep) kicked me out of the club. – Don’t hit him, what are you doing? – [Woman] Get the (bleep) off me. – You gotta be kidding me right now. You gonna try and hit me. I was hooking up with some girl tonight just like I do every night. – Get off me. – Are you gonna punch him in the face? – He kicked me out of the club. – I’m still not–
– I kicked you outta– – Get off me.
– Are you gonna punch him in the face? – [Everybody] Oh! – You see what I’m saying? – Goodnight. – What the (bleep) you
talking about right now? That’s not for you. Who are you? Go away. Julio orders all of us
drinks, like all of us shots. These guys come over and
they just take all the shots. Like, are you that like frigging that poor that you can’t afford your own drinks? – I got it got you guys. – So why don’t you pay for those? – This guys buying them for
us, shut the (bleep) up. – Don’t tell me to shut the (bleep) up. (overlapping chatter) Get your (bleep) ugly
ass out of our faces. (boom) (overlapping chatter) – This kid just hit her. (Snooki crying) – [Vinny] Are you serious! (Snooki crying) (shouting, arguing) (Snooki crying) – I’m just laying there and I’m like yo what the (bleep) just happened? (shouting) – Me and Sam just kinda like picked her up and like carried her to the bathroom. And her mouth is just bleeding and blood was all over me. – Who the (bleep) hits a girl like that? – [Jenni] She’s bleeding all over. – Who the (bleep) gonna
(bleep) a (bleep) girl bro? – [Ronnie] Stop, just stop. Where all heated at this point. We’re like we can’t
believe that happened like, I’ve never seen that in my life. A guy’s gonna punch a female in the face. It’s crazy. – Go home bro, go home. – I’ve never even
(bleep) seen that before. – Who hits a girl? We we’re just so pissed
and like frustrated. Like we we’re just running around like, looking for his friends. Take out our anger on somebody. – Vin, Vin, Vin just relax. – Where is she?
– Relax. – Let me talk to her. – I missed the whole thing, I’m so sorry. – Oh my God. – Calm down. – She’s fine, she’s fine, take this. – Where’s the blood coming from? – Her mouth.
– Her mouth. – Alright, calm down. It was bad because I was still in shock. I didn’t know what was going on. I was like did I really
just get hit by a guy? Like what the (bleep). – You have a little cut, right there and that’s it, it’s fine. – It’s in my (bleep) gum.
– Okay, I understand. That kid is never gonna
be able to (bleep) walk this earth again ’cause he’s known as punching a girl in the face, okay? This was like just a
regular girl like my sister or my friends and you’re
like a grown ass guy and you punch her in the mouth. The cops are gonna talk to you okay? So I kicked everyone out
and me and Nicole were left. We went outside for the
medical exam to look at her. – When you get back to your room. What you can do is stick
them in the freezer, put it back on what about 20 minutes in between and you shouldn’t have any swelling or anything. – Why can’t I just go home
right now, I’m like fuming. I need to like go home. – Let’s go back to the house bro. My only rule, never fall in
love at the a Jersey Shore. Never. Never, ever, ever. I mean I don’t really
know what love means. The whole thing about this
was pretty much getting laid. Just take your shirt off
and they come to you. Like a fly comes to (bleep). First impression is everything. Everywhere you go, you’re always making a first impression on somebody. The bank account could be low but always have to look good, always
have to get a haircut, always have to have new sneakers, you always have to look fresh. My favorite gel, cologne, more cologne, protein shake. Is there a type for a Guido
guy that always looks prettier than his girlfriend, which is
completely unexceptionable. I can’t be with a girl that
doesn’t look prettier than me. Let’s go. There three words beers,
(bleep), and the beach. That’s all that needs to
now about the Jersey Shore. I work with Ron today but
have the whole disaster and madness that went on last night. I feel like awkward a little bit. – How you guys doing today? You can get a blank shirt and
put whatever you want on it. Yeah the got v necks, whatever you’re looking for. – I’m lucky lookie I found it. – Alright there you go. Can I get property of Craig on those? I don’t know what’s up with Sam. She was doing her ownthing,
she’s not really working. I mean I don’t really know what’s wrong. I’m not really good with relationships. I’m gonna push myself to where it’s like being positive about him but I’m kinda nervous with getting myself involved again with somebody. I don’t know what’s up with her. But I mean I guess it’s a girl thing. I guess maybe she likes me and she doesn’t wanna get played like she’s been played in the past but Sammi would
not be the worst person for me to get serious with. She makes me happy and that’s
all I really care about. I was like in the zone right there making sales as I walk out right (laughs). (fireworks booming) It’s weird ’cause honestly my attitude was like don’t fall in
love at the Jersey Shore. I never ever expected like somebody like really catch my eye like Ronnie did. I never expected to like
really like somebody as much as I like Ronnie. – Me and Sammi clicked since like the third day or what not. Ever since then everythings
been pretty good. We get along well. She’s hilarious she
finds me funny and like we understand each other so
it’s pretty hard to find. (fireworks booming) – Yes I have sex, like hello. You’re gonna have sex
if you’re into somebody. It’s natural. – Yeah we smushed. (fireworks popping) – It was the end of the night. Everybody was doing their own thing and Ronnie and I we’re
kinda like ready to go and so we kinda like
just got out of there. – I’m just gonna shut my
mouth and go to bed tonight. Ronnie and I leave and we see this stupid son of bitch
guy and his girlfriend that’s been at the bar like grilling us, making fun of us the whole night. – [Woman] You all right? – I’m all right, thank you. – [Man] Think of all our jobs (mumbles). – So we keep on walking. They followed us and harrass us. – Ha, ha, ha. – You heard me, I don’t
repeat myself twice. – Come on, she’s a female.
– I said I don’t repeat– – Shut up.
– Dude, stop. – She’s a female, she’s a female bro. He starts screaming at her,
I’m listen bro it’s a woman. But you’re a grown man like how tough do you feel yelling at a woman? (heavy sigh) – There’s no need for that. – I’m not from Staten Island bro actually. – Stop. – You should get your facts straights bro. Getting your (bleep) facts straight. – You guys are like 30 years old. Stop you’re better than that. – You. – I knew that the guy wanted to fight. And Sammi is just like antagonizing it. – Is that a fake Louis Vuitton? – Stop, stop.
– It’s real thanks. – What is that a sundress
’cause I never seen (bleep). Actually I think my grandma wears that. (yelling) – Stop!
– 30-year-old (beep)! – Really bro, stop! (beep), quit antagonizing it. You shouldn’t be antagonizing Sam. I don’t need this (bleep). – When Ronnie pushes me and
I’m like I’m out and I walk. It just went downhill. – Keep walking bro. – Let’s go bro. – Come at me bro, com at me, come on. Come at me bro, come on. I not (bleep) afraid. Come at me bro, come at me bro, – Come at me I’m right here. – I’m right, no, no move. Come at me bro. I (bleep) standing right here. Come at me bro. Put your hands up bro. Come here bro, right here!
– No! – Move your girlfriend
bro, move come on bro. – You have a job! – Don’t touch me stop. Control your girl. (bleep) control your girl.
– All this stops right now. – Get away from me. Get away from me I don’t (bleep) know you. I don’t (bleep) know you. – What are you going to do? – What are you gonna do bro? – What are you gonna do? Come on. – His girlfriend starts swinging at me scratches the side of my face and I didn’t wanna raise my hand to her so I like I just like backing up but at the same time this guy is trying to like swing over his girlfriend which is a completely (bleep) move. – Hit me (beep)!
(dramatic music) (grunting) – Everything just like happened my head was so like oh my God, I
didn’t know what to do. (phone ringing) – Hello?
– Who’s this? – [Vanessa] Vanessa. – Hold on a second there’s somebody else trying to call us. Hello. – [Kaylee] Is Pauly there? – I’m actually on the other line right now and Pauly–
– No, no, no it doesn’t matter who I talk to but Ronnie just got into a fight on the boardwalk. Like really bad. – Ronnie just got into a
bad fight on the boardwalk? – In the middle of the boardwalk now. – Come on. – Stop! – Come on!
– Ronnie come on. (dramatic music) – You have to stop!
– Let him go. (beep) – Where he at? We get a phone call that
Ronnie’s in a fight. So me and the Situation
run down the boardwalk and hoping to find Ronnie. – [Woman] Stop! – Go ahead, go ahead.
– Ronnie come on. Stop, just stop. (beep)
Quit tugging so hard. I didn’t know what to do so I tried to grb the guy’s pants and yank him off. – Get the (bleep) off me. Get him off! – Let him go, let him go. – Get the (bleep) off. – Stop. You started all night at
the bar, stop (bleep). – Come on.
(siren blares) I just walk away because I’m not gonna get arrested for a (bleep) douche bag. – Where’s Ronnie? Looking around for Ronnie,
we didn’t find anybody but we hear like some police siren. – What happened? – Really wanna like–
– Don’t talk to me. – Are you (bleep) serious?
– Yeah. – What the (bleep)?
– You (bleep) starting it. – Stop, there’s no need for
that (bleep) Ronnie, stop. – I mean I was heated, pissed
and I know I blamed it on her. I was just like get the
(bleep) away from me, it’s your fault. – Stop blaming this on me.
– ‘Cause of you! Are you (bleep) kidding me? – [Ronnie] Because of you. ‘Cause you had to call
him a (bleep) right? – And I feel absolutely horrible. I feel so like sick to my stomach and I can’t believe this just went down. – Don’t touch me. Don’t touch me right now. – He didn’t want anything to do with me. – Where’s Ronnie? – [Girl] There right off the boardwalk. – Right now?
– Who? – Ronnie and them.
– Right now? (car horn honks) – What happened? What happened? – What, that kid? – What kid? – Ronnie looked (bleep)
up, his eye is swollen. He had gotten into a
fight with the same guy I told everybody there’s
gonna be a problem with at Beachcomers. – Where’s Sam? – I don’t give a (bleep)! – After the fight Ronnie
like walks home without me. And I’m kinda by myself in the middle of the sleaze. He didn’t give a (bleep)
he just went home. And I don’t think it was
cool that he did that. – [Snooki] Where you going? Between Snickers starting
trouble, the fight, Sammi being mad at me, I was so angry, I was just like I had to cool down. – Says there was drama. – Apparently I caused this which
is (bleep) ’cause I didn’t. When I get back to the house I don’t want anything to do with him. Don’t even (beep) talk to me about him. – And she gets mad ’cause I pushed her. ‘Cause she’s going bro,
she’s going and going, and I’m like (bleep) stop. I’m like I don’t (bleep)
need this (bleep) bro. I’m 24 (bleep) years old, I don’t need to (bleep) fight over a
(bleep) girl at Seaside bro! – I was like wait, he pushed you? And she was like yeah like
I’m done with this (bleep). Like you don’t push a girl. And I understand where’s she coming from ’cause I just got hit the face by a guy. – Come here, come here I
did not mean to push you. – No stop. – No, no, (beep) come here.
– No, no, no like stop. (somber music) – I felt so bad because she was crying like I kinda shoved her which I should have never done because I don’t, I never raise my hand
to a woman in my life. You know what I mean? I have a single mother raised, I don’t do (bleep) like that. – You just (bleep) traumatized me. Do you understand that? You (bleep) traumatized me like stop. – I’m sorry I touched you. I finally cool down
and I apologize to her. Because we both shouldn’t
have been mad at each other, we should have been mad at them, because we didn’t do
anything to each other. – [Sammi] I miss cuddling. (upbeat music) – [Pauly] Holy (bleep). – [Woman] She wants to do
it, so you have to do it. – Yeah let’s do it.
– Ah no, I’m good. – The blonde chick she wants to go on the real scary ride that I love. ♪ I have all ♪ – See ya. ♪ Yeah, all I’ve learned breathing ♪ – [Woman] Stop it! – [Vinny] Hell yeah, hell yeah. Woo yeah! – I go on the ride and I come down. That was crazy. Thanks my man.
(dramatic music) Are you kidding me? I couldn’t even believe it. I thought I was seeing things. – When are we going home? – In a little while. – Oh my God, that’s (bleep) crazy. – Whoa. – You understand what I’m saying? – Wow. Yo Paulie D has a little
situation on his hands. She’s definitely a stage five clinger. – [Woman] Go home. – I am in a few minutes. – In my head I’m like go home. Like I didn’t even wanna
deal with any more. – Shut up. I’ll call you when I get
home, like I told you. This is the third time I told Israeli I’ll call you when I get home. I really don’t know what
I’m gonna do with this girl. – I see her stalking us. – Yeah, the whole time man. It’s crazy. I was like I’ll call you when I get home. – What’s gonna happen? – These girls were so
nervous about Danielle, we end up just saying
goodbye to these chicks. I got the number. We’re gonna end up chilling
with those girls later. They were fun to hang around with. (energetic music) (phone quacking) – This is them watch, they’re not coming. – No, no, no that’s Danielle. – I’m not answering.
– Yeah not even answer it. – What if it’s them?
– Answer it. Just be like, say you’re Mike. – I’m Mike? – Hello? – [Danielle] Mike, can I
speak with Pauly please Mike. – Ah yo, Mike’s not here. (laughing) Hello?
– Yo. Yeah, hello. – [Danielle] Yeah who’s this Vinny? – Nah it’s Mike. – [Danielle] Mike, can
I speak to Pauly please? – Ah, he’s not here
right now he went to um, yeah, he went to the boardwalk. He went to the boardwalk. Mike’s impression goes a
little something like this, yo, what’s up my man at
home yo, the house is cool and everything is copasetic and I’m just going with
the flow and (bleep). Yo, who dis? – Alright, yo Jenni? Yo, you know when Pauly’s coming back? – Hey yo, Danielle you
want me to take a message? – [Danielle] Nope, it’s good. – You sure, you sure? – [Danielle] Yeah, it’s all good bye. – Alright, bye bye. Alright kid so I’ll talk
to you later, peace. – If I told you I would
call you, I will call you. But no, she can’t so,
I’m not gonna call her and then I’ll wait for
her to call me again. ‘Cause I know she will. And then I’ll tell her the deal. I can’t have that, she’s too crazy. (phone quaking) Take the phone off the hook. (upbeat music) (phone beeping) – Yo the Israeli chick
was stalking tonight. – That’s messed up. I’m bored. So wake up Snookers. – No she’s probably sucking
on a pickle right now. Yo, that’s what I wanna do. I wanna put pickles underneath her bed. (laughing) So she’s gonna be like what’s that smell? – I think it smells so good in here. It was about two o’clock in the morning and we decided to play a joke on Snickers. So I’s like you know
what, she loves pickles so much, let me slice up 10 pickles and immediately place them under her bed. It’s not like her room
is neat to begin with. – That’s a lot of pickles. – But her room is gonna smell
exactly the way she likes. – I don’t know. – Alright, I mean here this
is just what she likes. She likes pickles in her mouth but, (laughing) I figured she loved the nice aroma of sliced dirty pickles. You distract her and I
will place them nicely around the room. – Hey Snicks, are you sleeping? (Snooki mumbles) Ah, good night. You’re gonna crash my party? Oh, what a night. – [Snooki] Go away. – Snookers, I thought you was my BFF. Alright BFF. Goodbye Snooks. – Good night!
– Good night. (laughing) – That was a lot of pickles. That was a lot of pickles. Probably more than she’s used to. – [Pauly] What else can we do? – Vinny’s probably knocked the (bleep) out right now, Vinny. – The Situation goes in the kitchen and he starts making this concoction like this stink bomb to
put underneath Vinny’s bed. – Ew. Vinny’s been hating on me. So what I decided to do
was to get about like three inches of grated cheese. Add a little milk, a
little supreme dressing, a tiny bit of mayo, and
little Snickers pickle juice all wrapped in one, a little haterade. (laughing) – You spilled the haterade. (playful music) Snuck it right under Vinn’s bed while he was sleeping like a baby. (laughing) He’ll never find it ’cause
like under his bed already is like socks and it
smells under there already. That hater juice is best served cold. (laughing) (plodding music) (snoring) (flies buzzing) – This morning there’s a really
weird smell in the house. It kinda smells like old funk juice. It kinda has a little
pickly smell to it too. (spray hissing) – I wake up around one o’clock
and I smell (bleep) pickles. Who put that there? It’s like really gross. Ah, God. I knew it was Pauly and Mike. I’m not pissed off that they put pickles under my bed as a joke, but I’m pissed off that Mike and Pauly
wasted like two pickles. Dorks. (phone quacking) (dramatic music) – Hello. – Yes. – Yeah. Yo you wanna take your call? – Who is it?
– Danielle. – [Sammi] Ah yes, yes, yes. – [Vinny] Yeah, let me
get some popcorn hold on. – This Danielle chick is making me crazy. I just met the girl and she
already stalks my whole life. What’s up? – [Danielle] I don’t know what’s wrong with you seriously, but there is one thing you should know about me. – Mmm hmm.
– I don’t like to be played. – [Pauly] You don’t
like to be played, okay. – [Danielle] I feel stupid. – Is it my turn to talk yet? – Wait.
– Okay. – [Dainelle] You (beep)
know what you did yesterday, you (bleep) up. – Okay. My turn yet?
– If you’re not gonna call, then don’t say your gonna call. Is that you ’cause I thought
you were somebody else. – [Pauly] Is it my turn yet? – Wait! – Okay.
– I’m not stupid. – Okay. – [Danielle] If you’re that
guy then we don’t need this. Just go do your thing, go
with all the little girls. Do whatever you need to do and that’s it. Now it’s your turn. – Okay. So, you stalked my whole
life on the boardwalk and then when I got home
I had every intention of calling you, but you had already called and you said wasn’t gonna call. So you stalked my whole
life on the boardwalk. It’s my turn to talk. It’s my turn to talk. You stalked my whole entire life right? And I don’t like that. I do nothing wrong and
you know how I feel about, I’m talking now. You know how I felt about you, you just have no trust what so ever so you thought I was
creeping with those chicks, which I wasn’t. I went on one ride, God
bless me it’s (bleep) summer. Yes I was upstairs on the
balcony with three chicks and three dudes, did I do anything? No. All we did was had a conversation. That’s it. All those girls have boyfriends. If you weren’t such a (bleep) stalker I would have called you when I got home. Instead,
– I am not a stalker. Yes you are, it’s crazy,
I can’t deal with that. – [Danielle] I’m not a
stalker, I’m not crazy. I don’t wanna look stupid. – You don’t wanna look stupid? Don’t you think that
makes you look stupid? You’re like I’m not calling,
you call like 100 times. – [Danielle] I didn’t call 100 times. – How many times did you call?
– I called three– – We took the phone of
the hook last night. All I wanted to do was
call you when I got home so we could hang out. You wouldn’t let that happen.
– Well, I feel like– – You were so worried
on how you’re gonna look because people see me
walking with three girls at, oh my God, blah blah, I
don’t wanna look stupid. Well now look how stupid you look. – [Danielle] What did people
tell you about me on this– (laughing) – Yeah Pauly! – Danielle’s definitely
out of the picture now. I think she got the point. I mean I hung up on her. Danielle is not looking
for like a hook up. She’s looking for a husband. And I’m not ready for that. I’m done.
(giggling) She’ll come over here with a shotgun. Ah, I’m gonna miss you guys. (laughing) Our last night in Seaside. We stook together as a
family, all the roommates. We all grown very close together, I mean it’s sad like, I’m not gonna lie it’s sad. – This was the shortest summer I think I ever lived for.
– Shortest. – Nothing anyone would ever even imagine unless you do it yourself,
you know what I mean? – This is it. We’re never gonna experience this again. You never experienced
this with anyone else but whose in this room right now. – What are you laughing at? – Snookers is funny. – This whole summer has been pretty wild. Pretty crazy, lots of fights, Lots of hook ups, lots of drama. – You’re a (bleep) hater. You’re a real (bleep) hater. – Whatever Mike. – Their taking their underwear off in the (bleep) jacuzzi are you dumb? Hello! – All the nights we went
out, we took the night and we definitely did. (intense techno music) – Woo, yeah! The girl situation this summer was good. I mean I met a lot of girls, but I just don’t hook up with a grenade, c’mon. It’s just not me. (chuckles) (crowd screaming) – The reality is whether we like it or not I consider this house a family. – Gotta love to be an Italian. – The whole summer was unbelievable. Down here at the shore, one minute you got three girls in the
jacuzzi, the next minute somebody’s in jail and
you have to bail then out. That’s what happens down at the shore. – I did this, like I
partied at the Jersey Shore. And there was ups and downs and we had an experience that was
totally unlike anything else. That was just the sickest
memory in my life. – This will never happen
again, we’ll never like be like in this awesome house together again. (cheering) (laughing) – [Together] Ooh! – Grab your chochas.
(yelling) – Definitely memories that
no one can take from me. Definitely something that I
cherish the rest of my life. – I’d like to say that ah,
I want this thing forever. This right here, this right here. – We did it together. – [Pauly] We experienced a lot. – On the count of 10,
run in different ways. (laughing) – I’m running to the boardwalk. It was a good last night. – Yeah it was.
– Yeah it was. – With everybody.
– It was. – This is it. – Yo, it takes a special type of person to get though this and
we all should be proud that we balled out and
had an awesome time. No matter what happens, this summer at the end of the day that’s our fam. We lived together, we sleep together, we fight together, but
we also make up together. I’m actually getting a
little teary eyed right now. Definitely gonna miss everybody. – This was a life changing experience whether you like it or not. – Hey, maybe we should get
a shore house next summer. – [All] Yeah! – All of us! – Let’s do it!
– See you next summer. – Let’s do it, let’s do it! – Hamptons though, Hamptons. – [Vinny] See you next summer. ♪ Where I ♪ ♪ Back where I ♪ ♪ Back where I ♪

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