Beta64 – Yoshi’s Story / Yoshi’s Island 64

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  1. MsmX Music

    Honestly, I liked the beta version more than the official version. It's more realistic, and detailed. Which IS what the 64 what trying to accomplish. Having more detailed games, in the 3D form.

  2. Victinion

    Beta64 – Need for Speed Underground 2

    Beta64 – Metroid Prime

    Beta64 – Pokemon Sun and Moon

    Beta64 – Pokemon Gold

    Want info on these? Cutting Room Floor ( TCRF ) is your best friend for this type of stuff

  3. Petronio39

    For anyone who complains about the difficulty, try an all melon run. The game is made with this self imposed challenge in mind, and it completely alters the way you play and go through stages.

  4. Jackson Rains

    I played Yoshi’s island (not story) on my snes classic edition and I never played it on an original snes. I played it on my game boy advance so it had the yoshi’s story voices so when I played it on the snes there were no voices. It confused the heck out of me! XD

  5. Fart Boi

    terrible rap incoming
    ey.yeah.thats right.ey.
    YE 2 MUCH

  6. Fart Boi

    ok for real the beta of the backround with the pirhanna plants looks more like the animated commercials they had for the other 64 games

  7. MisterNiceDictator

    one of the only 2d platformers (even tho its more of a 2.5) on the system

    makes me wonder what a 2d pixelated game on the system would have looked like

  8. Bryan Autumn

    Honestly I do not like the design change yoshi underwent for this game, I want to go back to hunched over Dino yoshi with the longer neck and tail and the shorter arms…

    But I do so love this game.

  9. TheMack625

    Very nice! Yoshi's Story is my favorite Yoshi game; it inspired my hobby of doing Mario cartoons.

    This was a nice look at Yoshi's Story's development.

  10. Want - Diverse Content

    There's even a very complex challenge in game too!
    There are 30 melons in each stage.

  11. Nigralurker

    I remember being severely disappointed in this game when it came out when I was 8 years old in early 98. Nowhere near as good as the original Yoshi's Island.

  12. Transport & Simulation Hub

    Shame this game was made as a 3D one and have the ability to become a helicopter like the version that had mario in it as a toddler. I think it would have been a better product for the N64. However I still loved playing this game back in the days even if it was aimed at junior players.

  13. PlatinumPluto

    Honestly, I think the game looked better in the beta. Overall throughout the entire the game, the UI looks awful. The game kind of looks too crowded and too colorful.

  14. Speed way picutures. Hammond

    That one part where beta64 missed the jump and fell down tords spikes and cut out the fortige right before he hit the spikes and died.

  15. Jessey van Hoeijen

    I can remember using the "baby mario counter never drops below 1" and "no baby mario crying" cheats so i didnt have to see hunched over yoshi hunched over so much i hated it

  16. Godzillarex

    Really well made video! Just reminded me of how excited I was when I saw that first trailer as a kid. And how disappointed I was with the final game 🙁

  17. sigourney abandy

    Such a fun, charming game that gets way too much hate just for being easy and not living up to Yoshi's Island. YS will always be one of my favorite childhood games!<3 Though, I do wish they kept some things from the beta.

  18. K1naku5ana3R1ka

    Incidentally, a detail about this game’s history: It was apparently intended to be seen as more of a puzzle game where getting a high score was the main point. That’s why the game is so easy (except the boss fights, which are still inexcusable), and why the scoring mechanics are so complex and gone over in such detail while everything else is so simple. See Particular Mushroom’s video about the 30 Melon Challenge; a much more interesting (and way harder) game than standard, and presumably how it was originally supposed to be played.

  19. Flaminstarwarsguy851

    1:13 Ah yes, I love it when logos are arranged in a way that makes me read the title in a completely incorrect order. I wonder if people preferred the beta title of Yoshi's 64 Island?

    7:22 I don't care what possible reason the developers had for removing this song, it was a very bad decision. I seriously want this tune as a lullaby in a music box.

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