Big Bash Boom Review

(crowd cheering) – [Tristan] Bubble headed
players, flaming pitches and ballers throwing actual pies. (lightning thundering) Big Bash Boom is certainly cricket like
you’ve never seen it before. Yet, although this NBA Jam inspired take on Australia’s favorite summer sport is a personality packed blast to play, it’s anemic features set and premium price makes it a weaker value proposition next developer Big Ant’s
more robust Ashes Cricket. – [Pete] Good evening and welcome to tonight’s
BBL match, I’m Pete Lazer. The heat is on, but hopefully this time I remembered to turn
the stove off at home. It’s the Brisbane Heat versus
the Melbourne Renegades at the NCG. – [Tristan] Featuring the
fully licensed team, squads and stadia from the current
BBL and WBBL competitions, Big Bash Boom is a turbo charged
take on Twenty20 cricket, that streamlines the sport to make it as fast-paced as possible. (bat popping) – [Pete] Shot! – [Tristan] There’s no
fussing over such subtleties as pitch and weather conditions, Big Bash Boom is all out arcade action. With pyrotechnics that trail big hits. (firework zipping) – [Pete] Lovely shot. – [Tristan] Goofy celebration dances. – [Pete] That’s worth the celebration. – [Tristan] And a commentator that makes it pun for every run. – [Pete] That’s absolutely Lynn-sane! – [Tristan] Okay, who let my
dad into the commentary box? Hitting boundaries or volleying tiny overs fills your special meter allowing you to use a
randomly allocated power up. – [Pete] Super hero mode
activated for the fielders. – [Tristan] Although some
are more useful than others. For example, getting
a two times multiplier for your next shot as a batsman, can potentially earn you 12
runs off a single stroke, which can be game changing. (hit exploding) On the other hand, the
baller’s flaming pitch ability, which prevents batsmen from
running between the wickets, is really beneficial when your
opponent is far more inclined to swing for the fences rather than try and nurdle
the ball for a quick single. (firework zipping) Still, these power ups are fun to use and presented with
bombastic super hero style, but elsewhere there are areas of the Big Bash Boom
package that come up short. There are no instant replays for example and no option to adjust camera angles, which can become an issue when the wicket keeper is up to the stops and obscuring your view of
where the ball is pitching. There’s also not much to Big Bash Boom beyond the tournament mode. You can’t create a character
or a custom competition. And although the customization options for the licensed players are plentiful, unlocking them with the in-game currency is more of a grind than an
innings from Ellis DeCook. Lastly, for a game that’s touted as being fun for all the family, it’s disappointing that there’s only support
for two players at a time. – [Pete] Bolton, looks like
they’ve been playing fortnight. (crowd cheering) – [Tristan] Big Bash Boom is a fun, flashy, family
friendly cricket game, that takes the raucousness of
the BBL and WBBL competitions and successfully ratchets
up the razzle dazzle. Unfortunately, the absence of
additional game play modes, presentational cutbacks and
a miserly unlockable system haul it back from being a direct hit. For more arcade sports reviews, check out our verdicts on WWE
2K19 and NBA Playgrounds 2. – [Pete] Gone, and what a delivery! (crowd cheering)

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Reader Comments

  1. A1 Gamer

    I have a confession to make:

    I’m not the hugest Smash Bros fan. I absolutely love Nintendo, but I never understood the love for this franchise

  2. The Rook

    Big Bash Boom

    Three words that describe my lifestyle that I refuse to change due to my laziness and constant refusal of reality because games is life.

  3. Generic Fresh Meme Maker

    So i can enjoy this game the same way i enjoyed the 6,9/10 furi?
    Wow thanks ign. Didnt know furi was in the same range as Big boom nut Ball show.

  4. Tj Coley

    Lol love those NBA Jam and those old arcady sports games(blitz, backyard sports) but this feels random, especially the fact it's cricket( which I can understand because it's harder to get official teams for other sports)

  5. Tj Coley

    Did. did the game make a fortnite reference?
    that's litteraly gonna make or break buying this for a lot of people(out of those actually interested in getting it)

  6. Kiwi Fan

    If you want a cricket game buy Ashes cricket. It has all tournaments and teams, you can even play the big bash if you want. You just don't have Big bash licensed players and power ups. Ashes cricket gives you so much more for your money.

  7. Jordan King

    I get why cricket purists would potentially have a problem with this game with the absence and lack of certain modes and everything,. but as Tristan said it's meant to be an arcade type of game. What did you all expect honestly? In my opinion, this game deserves more than a 6 out of 10 based off of what I've seen just now. But then that's just me and everyone is going to have different opinions and your mileage may vary so to speak.

  8. MobileDecay

    I'm just hear because my neighbor is fighting with her daughter in the hallway because she blew off work and got fired. I need background noise to drown it out. Hi guys! 🖐️😁

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