Big Fancy TINY HOUSE with BBQ Deck. Better Than An RV!

I posted a photo of this tiny home on
my Instagram and so many of you asked to see the inside that I
tracked down the owners, Bruce and Lisa and we’re
going to go inside and check
out the interior together. The first time we thought
about having a tiny home, we thought what a novel idea and
it would be a great way to travel. I started looking at builders and we
found Sharon Reed at Seattle tiny homes. We started the building process two
years ago and last summer 2017 we had it delivered and we rented out part time
and sometimes we stay here and sometimes we travel in it. The square footage is approaching 400
square feet with both of the lofts and the length is 35 and a half feet long, so changing lanes is definitely something
to be careful of on the highway. This summer of the summit went with my
husband and friends all the way back to Toronto and Niagra falls it’s quite a
novelty when you pull into a park or an overnight spot. People definitely want to ask questions
about the towing and the house. I think we would like to explore living in it
full time at some point just to see if we like it and we may decide
to do that in the future. So when we thought about
building a tiny house, we wanted to make sure that it was really
comfortable and if someday we decided to live in it, we’d want
it to feel like home. So for me that meant having a kitchen
with ample counter space and we have a five burner stove and
the microwave of course, and a really large
fridge just like at home and the counters quartz. So we spent a long time actually figuring
out the design and which one we liked and we had these gray cabinets chose so that
it just wasn’t entirely white. But I definitely wanted to have
a nice bright feeling to it. So that’s why we chose
the really large windows. And the arch kind of echoes
the arch in the front door. And you a double oven? Yes. Because that way you don’t have to heat
up an entire big oven so you can use the space in two smaller compartments. This has got that fun color interior and
we put in a Bosch dishwasher and it’s tiny but it’s very quiet
and it runs really quickly. This is where the on
demand water heater is. We never run out of hot water because
it’s just available immediately and we have some pantry space And the bathroom is pretty much
a full accommodated bathroom. There’s a full size tub
and this is a hammer sink that I was pretty excited
to find online complete with bubbles and we opted to go with the
separate washer dryer. It runs small loads but it doesn’t
really efficiently and really well. We haven’t had any trouble with it. We kind of liked the models that had
just the washer and dryer built into one unit, but the dryers are notoriously slow
and we just installed this new toilet. which just runs
on electricity and so that’s been pretty low maintenance and also for
off-grid at a park or what have you. We don’t have to hook it up to plumbing.
So that makes it really versatile. Different furniture option that are really handy
for space saving. Are things like this table and it folds down
with both leaves and then when you open the compartment you can see in
there you can fit six chairs inside. It was really tricky finding
this couch. Actually. We searched in a lot of stores in person,
Ikea and what have you and online. And finally we found one
that fit just in the space. Sharon has three drawers
incorporated underneath it, hold a lot of different games and
supplies and blankets and things. Another thing I really liked in some
of the places that we saw was having a fireplace. So this is actually
produces a lot of heat. So the fan is on its electric fireplace
and you can make the kaleidoscope of colors go so you can see
them very real to me, that wall covering, but it’s all
lightweight. It’s on a tiny house. You’re always trying to
seek out lightweight options
because the house is over 35 feet long and it definitely got heavy
quickly putting everything inside of it. This room is really versatile. It can either be used as a
guest bedroom an office space. Eventually when it’s just the two of us, this will probably be an
office slash workout area. There are three televisions,
one’s in the office space, one of the large ones here, and then there’s this third
one upstairs in a larger loft. So we store one of the ladders here
that goes to the smaller loft and it’s folded in half and then it’s out of the
way and then it’s really easy to set up This is the guest’s loft, so
everybody’s got their own reading light. You can see where this handle is located
and this lifts up and the whole floor has storage so you can keep long things
like skis or things you don’t need every day, so that way it doesn’t
interfere with the mattress being here. And this loft is bigger.
This one is 12 feet deep. We just have a few storage units up here. All these are drawers that you can keep
things in we have quite a few of these little stools which are super
handy for keeping extra bedding in. And then there’s another
television up here, the same kind of lighting and there’s
also an emergency door up there that leads up to the deck. I love the idea of
having lots of large windows. So we have all these upper long windows
and then all the blinds are remote. So the blinds that we can’t
reach here in the center part. And even in the second
loft we have remotes for So another thing was we want to enjoy
some outdoor space and have it kind of permanently set up with the
grill and the furniture. So over the fifth wheel we had this deck
built and we have a little ladder here so you can come on up. Just gives you a little bird’s
eye view of the neighborhood. So we have our tiny house parked
at Mount hood, tiny house village, which we actually found
out from you Jenna, because you had your house journey
parked here. And we thought, well, that’s a great solution. People often ask, how do we move this
and it, the house moves really easily, actually the fifth wheels in the
back of the bed of the truck, and we just pull up the truck
to the front and hook it up, and it is a one ton truck
with the dual wheels. Then you see it says wild friends foods. My daughter and her best friend
back at U of O started the company. They sell nut and seed butter and now
oatmeals and they’re in about 10,000 stores across the country.
So as we’re driving around, we like to give a little shout out
to them. So we did look at RVs we went to an RV show, and I
really loved a lot of the amenities, like having a fireplace that gave
me the idea to put one in here. But I also really liked
for the tiny house, how the windows make it feel like home.
And it just felt very comfortable, like you’re in your home on the road. Check back soon for more
tiny house and travel videos.

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Reader Comments

  1. Karen Van Zant

    Nice, but lack of privacy. Also, would have been a better design to build in staircase/ storage for clothes. Definitely a temp vacation tiny house.

  2. Enlightened Hearts

    Wow! Spoiled much??? Big expensive tiny house. Smh dishwasher?? bbq grill on a deck?? 3 TVs??? How is this considered living off the grid and roughing it??? They remind me of people who go camping but stay in the RV and not a tent. But it’s a nice home

  3. Diane Morgan

    Honey….that is NOT a Tiny House, it's a glorified RV, made to look like a house. I have the exact same interiors, except for couch, in my RV. I also have an Arcylic Roof. An electric toilet? Really? Lol. Mine has mobile WiFi, Mobile Direct TV, Washer/Dryer combo…..I just don't go around trying to fake my way into saying it's a Tiny House. Once you live in it FULL TIME…then talk to me.

  4. Vince Diesel

    This is getting ridiculous, tiny houses were made to be inexpensive and small. When you get to the stupid shit you might as well build a house

  5. Crystal Southall

    Very, very nice, but only a build for the people who have $$$$$$$!!!! My goodness it a part time home. It is so beautiful and functional! Great job.

  6. Milana Faldynová

    This is amazing because I thought with Tiny House people need to make a lot of compromises, but as I see it is even possible to have a dishwasher 😁 cool.

  7. Jaki Mathews

    I've seen 2 "tiny homes" that I like as much or more than this one. The other 2 were more luxurious at a price of almost $200,000. They were on HGTV when they had a tiny house show. Your house and the appliances are fabulous.

  8. Susan Sirianni

    This Tiny home is fantastic. Love the square footage. It's great they opted for high-end appliances. I would opt for a 3 burner, smaller stove but love the dishwasher and fridge. Gorgeous design.

  9. freakylion0617 ???

    I love the concept of the tiny house , think it has alot more to offer ,not just thee interior but also the artist look that it has ,then a " conventional trailer" maybe all these years we've been doing it wrong and the tiny house concept is actually more conventional?

  10. Diedra Payne

    The lofts and upper deck are great and as soon as I get back from the Chiro I'll comment ! LOL. This is one of my top 3 homes; simply beautiful and inviting. My only concern….I believe if one is past a certain age they would be up for several future physical challenges. 🤗🤗🤗

  11. Eytan Kollin

    So…., how much? How come that is almost never mentioned in these videos? If you want this movement to go mainstream that's a vital data point.

  12. Sweet 36

    Most of the tiny houses just aren't practical to me. I want a house that I can feel comfortable in with accommodations. This is the first one I've seen that seems livable. I have major envy!

  13. Phil

    What if a truck driver who owns his own business, buys a trailer and modifies it. A 53’ trailer would make a kickass mobile home! Maybe permanently park the trailer somewhere. Solar panels up top that sit flat in transit and move while parked. Maybe the entire inside could be lit with lighting to not add windows to keep the trailer as inconspicuous as possible. Refrigerated trailers are already insulated. Adding more in a potential build is a bonus. Keeping the refrigerator engine up and functional is a monumental task. But they’re programmable to come on at certain times and at certain temperatures. Can anyone imagine the implications for something like this?! It would mean a lot of space to build a potential house. My only concern would be weight and be beholden to DOT laws.

  14. Catherine Leigh

    Is anyone out there that is sick to death of GRAY? As in institutional battleship depressing ugly tired boring. Don’t forget done to death. What happened to warm inviting cozy nurturing. No let’s do what everyone else is doing. Robotic.

  15. MIGUEL DeLaCruz

    The fridge is huge, I think they could have gotten smaller oven and fridge… I think it’s actually pretty big because it’s 35 feet long and bigger then modern Manhattan apartments….

  16. Veritas Gravy Bear

    These used to be called “single wide trailers” and poor people lived in them
    Somehow they’ve tricked the middle class into being happy about spending 10x more on living in a trailer!

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