[Blind] Let’s Play RimWorld Alpha 14 Part 4: Octogenerian Rage — RimWorld Gameplay

[Whispered] Previously, on the RimWorld. sound of sirens ripping metal. You
barely get to the escape pods before the ship is torn apart.” Oh, Ancient Danger. “As Tomboy
draws near the ancient wall a sense of foreboding overcome her.” “A local squirrel
has gone mad it. Will attack everyone it sees.” Somehow, I’m not too worried about
a crazy squirrel. Ziggy is died because of infection. That’s fantastic. All right Kesa.
Did you ever get that rifle? You never got that rifle. Ok, I am irritated
that you’ve been putting that off. Okay, good. You’ve got that. What are they doing?
They’re shooting at my monkey! It’s just the end of the monkey. Bye monkey. we were interrupted is, we need some fences. As
is obvious. And I think what I might — the way I might do it is — because it was like they
can’t just come through doors. He was attacking that door down there. So let’s
put doors along here. And then I want to put a wall along here into there, and
that will give us kind of protection on this side. At any rate… Yeah, so let’s do that. Also it says need
research project. Let’s figure out how This research works. (We’re low on food
again. Oh well.) Open the research menu and select the project. So, stone-cutting;
building the tables allows you to refine rock chunk into stone blocks used for
construction. That might be handy. Auto doors. That does not sound like a high
priority. Pemmican. A preserved mixture of meat and plant matter that doesn’t go bad for a long
time. And now that we’ve got the refrigerator up, I’m not sure that’s super needed.
Devilstrand. A slow-growing mushroom that is a valid plant fiber. Colored lights. That might make us happy but… Brewing allows you to build a
brewery to transform hops into tasty, tasty beer. Well that probably is gonna make Anna
happy. She, remember, liked chemical entertainment (hem hem). Smithing. Build smithies for crafting metal weapons and tools. That might be useful. Hydroponics. Grow crop indoors. Masking.
Carpet making. Machining. Craft guns and machinery or dissemble dead mechanoids.
OOh, dead mechanoid. That sounds like fun. Explosive things, IEDs? Oh traps. Electric
smelting and mortars. Let’s actually go with stone-cutting. I
think it’s it’s a early thing, but… Anna how’s your health doing? So you’ve
been treated for all this stuff. You just gotta, gotta get better now. Something
else we probably ought to be doing — if I remember right, we can grow things (not
stock, growing zone) I think one of the things we can grow, we can
actually use for healing. Yeah, healroot. Now I don’t know if
anyone has a minimum skill of 8 so maybe we can actually do that. But yeah, it
would be nice. But I got distracted again. So for the defenses we want to come across
— I want to build doors and build a wall across there to there. So let’s
start with that. “Every colonist of the female gender winces in pain. Some
distant engine of hatred is stirring. It’s putting a powerful psychic drone over
this entire region on a frequency that only it seems to affect the female
gender for a few days. Some people’s moods will be quite a bit
worse.” That’s everybody we have so, huh. Yeah,
that’s how it’s gonna be. All right. Back to building. So we want to build a wall
there, there, and there… door there, there, and there. We have so much wood — we have
almost 2,000 wood. That was actually, I think, a big mistake I made when I first started was cutting down all that wood. Because then everybody just got
sort of really busy and you know cutting down wood and hauling wood and not doing
something useful instead. Ok, a monkey named Jubilee, bonded to Kesa,
has died. It will affect Kesa’s mood. Kesa’s been having a bad time of it. I don’t
know can we actually make a grave for… (in miscellaneous? Yeah) — a grave for
the monkey? I don’t really know if monkeys get
graves. Right. But once it’s built we’ll find out. Okay. What’s Anna doing? Building the wooden wal.l Alright. So yes, that will
help, and then I think we want to do something similar actually around this
side. Let’s actually come out — it’s a long ways — let’s come out to here. Because I
said we’ve got a lot of wood, so I don’t know that we got anything better to do
with all of our wood. Yea 245. Alright. Yup. It’s Kesa. What’s bothering you? (Not that I can’t guess…) Psycic drone; Friend
died; Pessimist… Anyway Maybe the thing to do,
actually, while we’re building. Along with building
this kind of security wall, Let’s make some better some better rooms.
So one way to make a better room — let me start with this one — I was looking at
this earlier — floors Yeah. Floors. So we can make a wood floor, just
kind of all in there, and that would — I think that would improve the room a bit.
That’d look a bit nicer. So hows their — they’re working on this. So again we’ll just let
them all get to work and when anything interesting happens, or when they’re
finished, we’ll come back and have another think. Okay, so that wall is done.
And I think now is a really good time to start having to think again, like I
said, about making things look a little bit nicer around here. So let’s go ahead.
Again, let’s build some bedrooms down here. (Not doors — walls.) It doesn’t have to be very big. Now that’s going to
be just a little room where you’re getting healed. And you know, let’s do
some more. we might be getting some more colonists here eventually. Be kind of nice.
So woods — so wooden walls right there. Ooh. An Eclipse. That’s interesting. Eclipse has begun, so
it’s gonna be dark. Kesa, yeah I know, you’re kind of in a bad
mood but I can’t really fix this right now. And we can do floors on all of these. Let’s do beds… let’s see… here, here, here here? And
What else do we have for furniture. We need some more furniture maybe might make people happy. Standing lamp…
Equipment rack… Stool… Oh, maybe a dining area would be good too. Alright, terrible mood. Oh. She went
berserk. Ok. All right. So let’s go to — just go to her.
What she gonna do? Just gonna go wandering. You just wander. Looking for targets, so
everyone stay out of her way. You keep going that way. I’s a good thing right now
you don’t have good eyesight, because — uh oh, stay away, *stay away* [laughts] Anna is cowering. That’s
kind of awesome. Alright girls, just cower. I got that. I
got that. You coming out and checking to see if she’s still out there being angry? You’re
like, “oh no, it’s not working!” Oh, and it’s coming to an end. All right.
That’s right. So Jubilee — that’s the monkey — we wanted to see if we could bury
him. Why are potato sittings out there? That’s great. At Ziggy’s grave. Ok, let’s put a grave next to him. I thought we did already. Maybe it was somewhere else. Yes, we’re low on food. In fact, maybe
we’re going to butcher him. I don’t know. Berries.’ Oh, good job finding some berries. Ok, I get better find some more things to
hun.t Ok. Boom rats. Alright, maybe he makes some good food?
And what else can we hunt? Ok. Boom rats. Alright, maybe he makes some good food?
And what else can we hunt? Oh! Really cool! Some survival meat that
was just sitting there that we missed. That will be helpful. That’s some wood I forbid, because they
keep — kept moving that instead of … It’s rotting. Ok, so now what I wanted to —
what I want to do is actually give — set an owner — give this one to Kesa and
give this one to Tomboy, so they can have some nicer rooms. And I’m hoping that’s
gonna make ’em — I mean, lets see — is a beauty… It’s a little bit better. maybe? It’s dull,
impoverished, cramped, ugly, and dirty. Well we did the best we could. Waybe a
joy…? Huh. I don’t know. Maybe a chess table
will help make us a little happier? I don’t know. I’m — I’m losing ideas at this
point. Maybe, yeah, let’s make a little chess table right here. Now how long does an eclipse last? Like,
several days or what? All right. Now we’re still looking for things to
hunt. Eclipse is ending. Very nice. Glad I asked. Its an escape pod! Oh, cool. Oh and there’s someone there. He’s an entrepreneur. Ok. Alright.
Steel slag chunk; a raccoon sleeping we can hunt the raccoon. But let’s see. Wait. “Shot by Tomboy, cannot hit targets”?? I’m not sure I understand what’s going
on with that. But we could sure use more colonists if we can save him somehow. Let’s see… How would I do this? Ok. So if I draft Tomboy — rescue. Rescue
Martin the entrepreneur. Alright. Let’s see. Do I want to try attacking a
grizzly bear? I’m not sure I do. But I’ll hunt some, some of these guys because we
need it. But, yeah. All right. Let’s go back. Wow, it’s a long way. Tomboy you’re like
the workhorse of our colony, you know that? Well done. Now someone — Oh, Tomboy, you can be undrafted — now someone needs to help. I don’t want to assign train animal. Ok. So, space. I guess maybe by making
their rooms bigger we can make them a little bit nicer? I don’t know. So he can walk now now.
Right. You see his health. So he’s got a
right femur cracked, right arm’s cut… Ok. Now, I should go back down there.Tthere
was a escape pod landed. I wonder, did anything else land with it? Like was
there any — it was down around here — any stuff? I don’t know. Don’t know. Don’t know. All right,
so we’re still trying to keep people happy. Have you made that table yet? Anna is working on it.
Good job Anna. Good job Anna. How’s our research doing? It’s in progress. So
maybe, yeah, once we get stonecutting you can make — I don’t know, maybe like a nice
dining area? That might be something pretty cool. We do have healroots that are
growing. Very good. So, monkey meat. So we are we are going to eat him. We’re not too
good for that. Alright, Martin is fully healed. So now
what do we do with Martin? Where’s Martin? Oh, he’s sleeping. No, that’s Tomboy sleeping. So you
just gonna, just gonna walk off? You’re not gonna like join our crew or
anything? Huh. Well, thanks man. Tomboy has gotten sick from malaria.
Ensure you have a medical bed and a doctor. Make sure that Tomboy gets proper
treatment and spends as much time in bed as possible. So how do I do that? And I
know i can send Tomboy to the medical bed. Okay. Well she’s already there. And
that once Kesa and Anna wake up they can go and tend to her with our three medikits
that are left. We are desperate for somebody else to come along and trade with
because we need some medikits. Oh good. There’s a fire in the home area.
“A battery has short-circuited in the rain and started a fire.” This is great. Alright. Try to draft you
to put out the fire. Yeah, I know. I woke you up. Ok. Good. You put out the
fire. Good job. Now did that disconnect it from the power or is it ok? There’s a raspberry bush — is there a power conduit there as well? Yeah, there is alright. Kesa’s in a bad mood.
Right, Tomboys the one with malaria but Kesa’s the one in a bad mood. All right, what’s bothering you now, Kisa? Here we go. Urgently hungry. Well, I can see that. Stonecutting’s
ready! Okay. That’s nice. You know what… Can Kesa hunt? Because someone is going
to have to hunt. I’m getting hungry just watching these
people. So that was a ding. Low food… low medicine… starvation… and need research
project — well that’s the least of my worries. Kesa, can you hunt? No. Tomboy’s our only hunter and
Tomboy cannot currently hunt. Umkay. Things are looking bad, folks.
Things are looking bad. Oh, but these are ready to harvests. Oh, ok, this
might just — just be in time to save us. There’s no harvest button. Another escape pod. Okay, you know what? The last time we did
this it didn’t really help us. Oh my gosh. I would like to I– ‘d like to
help you but… (That looks like good food. Whoops! No, no no. Cancel.) I would like to help you but last time, you know, all it did
was use up some medicine and someone got malaria. And Kesa’s angry, having a bad mood
because she’s really hungry and we’ve got no food. But yeah, we’re harvesting. So
that’s — that’s good. Kesa’s eating some raw food. Is she gonna go berserk again? You know, she’s, like, not a lot of help. And as
expected — wait, who’s in a bad mood? If Kesa’s gone berserk, who’s in a bad mood? Tomboy! What’s bothering you, Tomboy? You don’t like being on bedrest, huh? Raw food, very ugly environment, disturbed sleep — people are moving around nearby — well that’s because they’re coming in to make you
feel better! For Pete’s sake. Whine, whine, whine. Alright, Kesa’s still berserk. All right.
Well, maybe just — Anna, just away from Kesa, she’s, shes… Yeah, go sleep. Kesa, go play chess or something. Make ya feel better. Geeze. Alright. Well, let’s see. This is getting
harvested slowly but surely. I don’t know, do I have to actually mark it for harvest? I kind of
thought they were doing them all on their own. All right, who’s in a poor mood this
time? Tomboy. Yeah, okay, sorry Tomboy. If you go bezerk then it’s just, like
over. Kisa fortunately can’t see well enough to actually shoot anything. So we’ll just let her keep going. As long as she doesn’t get in the way of the harvest. I mean, that harvesting is pretty, pretty big stuff. On 25-percent grown. That’s too
bad. We need — it’d be good to have more of that because we are, I think, completely out of Medicine. “A
chunk of spacecraft has fallen…” Ooh, a lot of chunks of space craft. I have no
idea what you get when you deconstruct this but let’s find out. Okay, so we get some
steel and some components for it. Well you know, it’s kind of a bad note —
kind of a bad place to stop. We’ve got Kesa who is currently
literally on the warpath, running around with a gun looking for people to to kill.
And of course now she’s exhausted. “Get them some rest.” — I mean, I don’t really
have a lot of control over her right now. She’s had a mental breakdown. Tomboy is
dying of malaria. Next treatment in seven hours, but we don’t have anything left to
treat her with. So things are looking pretty grim, folks. This is a pretty grim.
It looks like, you know, I could easily see Kesa popping off Anna if they get too
close; Tomboy dying of malaria; and kisa starving to death, the way this is going. That might be how this colony ends. Maybe not. We can keep trying keep trying to pull
it out. We’ve had some good stuff happening. I’ll be honest, I really, really would
like to get inside this area here see what made Tomboy so unhappy about it,
before said and done. Because I’m just really curious about that. So I’m going
to call it a day. I think that’s enough for one day. When we come back, you know,
things are all — they’re going to — they’re falling apart. Um, but that’s okay. We’ll send Anna down here
at the beginning next time. Chop up this marble walls. See if there was anything useful
in there. Who knows? Maybe it’ll be a whole storage room full of of goodies
including, you know, nice looking stuff to make Kesa happy, and, and medicine for
Tomboy. Probably there’ll be like zombies in there who will eat our brains and, and
that will be kind of terrible. But hey, we’ll see how it is. Thanks so much for watching! We will see
you next time.

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