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  1. Five Minute Social Media - Jerry Potter

    Have you ever had someone cause trouble on your Facebook Business Page?

    I have probably managed 50+ pages over the years and have only had to outright block someone once! More in the video, but most of the time you can get away with just hiding or deleting the comment without any further problems. Only when someone has decided they are out to get you, and has way too much free time on their hands, do you usually need to block them completely.

  2. Melissa Freeman

    Someone is leaving completely disgusting comments on my page and itโ€™s actually scaring me. I really wish Facebook would get this together because i might have to delete the whole page

  3. Nobody Slim

    I hv a question pls…what if i want to ban from viewing your post or copying a picture you post? Cus if i ban them they can still view the pictures and save them to copy an ideal such as cake designs or such…

  4. K.E.

    Here is a question,

    I had a scenario where a PM was sent to the business page saying, in short, "I'm going to leave you a bad review." The name comes up as "Facebook User" so I'll assume they blocked me or my page. I was not notified on any new reviews they are speaking of so can a person who blocked YOU still comment on your business page?

  5. Bryan Melugin

    The option to BAN a person is gone as of this week. Everyone else seeing that? Is this a Facebook update? How do we ban people now? (Last week the "Hide Comment" gave the option to Ban- this week, no.)

  6. Abby London

    I wish there was a way to ban people I've blocked from my personal page preemptively! Wouldn't that be great?

    I just found you and I subscribed, very easy to follow. Thank you.

  7. April Essington

    Hi, Thanks so much for posting this video! I have a question that wasnt addressed on this video. Is there a way to remove someone from your business page only where they can not even VIEW your buisness page any longer? I have acouple of people who have gotten out of hand and I just dont want them to even view and see/keep track of whats going on my business page anymore! Thanks

  8. esisolina1

    Is it possible not only to block a person from likes, comment to that page but also to block him/her completely from that page? to not be able to visit it like does not exist. (like when you block a personal facebook account.)

  9. Andrey F.

    When I click hide comment, the option "block (name)" only appears, not "Ban (name)" like in your video. Did facebook change something? If I proceed and click block, will it not do the same thing?

  10. marie-helene Losier

    hi i'm receiving a lot of sexual harassment and cyberflashing in my page inbox and the person or persons doesn't have a facebook page they only have messenger and i can't block them! could you help me??

  11. Lea Franco

    Hi Can you help me how to Show my Message on facebook page? because our client's didn't sent us a private message and I cant see or show the messages too.

  12. fruzel69

    How can you stop someone who hasn't like your business page from TAGGING your page in their own posts? And how can you BLOCK a person AS YOUR PAGE and not as your personal profile? The person has already been BANNED from the business page.


    Hello, Thank you very much for this video! But I believe there is a way to ban someone from seeing any information at your page… There was a time when I could see Public group of my competitor, but one day he did something so I couldn`t see his group. Whenever I visit his group since then, the only thing I see is message from facebook – """"This page isn't available at the moment
    .This may be because of a technical error that we're working to fix. Please try reloading this page.""" That's all I see since then! nothing else is visible for me… now I can switch my accounts at any time and go back to this group… and then everything is visible again! but it`s still not visible for my main page. So I`ve concluded that somehow I`ve been banned, so I couldn`t even see what`s going on in this group. To be honest, the first time I saw this system message I thought this page was deleted or something else, but now I understand that this guy just banned me, so I couldn`t see anything :)))

    So here is my question – how can I do the same to my competitors, so they could not see ANY activity at my group?! ๐Ÿ™‚ I really suffer, because I constantly boost my product and pay huge money for this. For you it`s probably not much – $100, but in my country it`s big money, many people can live one month for $100. That`s why it really offends me, because I constantly spend lots of money to find new clients, while my cunning competitors just visit my page and steal my clients from me, by looking at publication likes, comments, reviews and so on ๐Ÿ™
    Please help me, Noone could help me to solve this problem…

  14. Maria Goncalves

    Can I ban someone that only put an angry smiley on my posts? A friend of mine replied to my post and his wife got mad and put this red angry smiley, she didn't like the page though, but I am afraid she will use this smiley for all answers my friend will give as they are going into a divorce…sounds silly but don't want this person to be able to interact with my page at all, thanks

  15. Janelle de la Rosa

    I have a facebook business page that somehow got listed on some weird Indian site and now I have literally half a million likes from spammy users. Im trying to go through systematically and ban all the accounts, but the feature stopped working after I banned 200 people. After a certain point, FB still lets me check the box next to users I want to ban, and it says they've been banned, but when I refresh the page, they have not been banned. I tried logging out and using different browsers with the same result. I don't want to delete the page, as probably about 10k of my likes are from real fans who are following me, but I also can't seem to ban the rest using this method! There's also no FB support or chat about this – its just for ad-related questions. Not being able to ban all the spammy accounts really hurts my engagement. ๐Ÿ™ Any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks so much and great vid!!

  16. L VDT

    Hi, if I ban/block someone will that person still have the ability to leave a review/recommendation on my page? Or would blocking them remove their ability to write a review if any kind? Thank you! Very good video.

  17. Guy Maybriar

    What about HIDDEN Likes/Followers that I cannot see in my list? My page is swarmed with 1k+ of these accounts and it's killing my post reach with my organic audience.

    I will hail you as a king if there's a legit way.

  18. Carla Van Walsum Ph.D.

    Thank you! I want to delete several ppl who liked my page – it seems FB doesn't like me to do it. It says: "Sorry something went wrong, come back later". This is going on for a week. Banning ppl works very limited. Two years ago I have posted and paid for an add in NON Western countries: -> Like my page if you agree with: "I an do it". That gave me some likes. FB now restricts who can see my normals posts, I have a few 1000 followers, all of them voluntary, but I am NOT able to change settings from viewing; "Custom" into "Public". Any suggestion is welcome!!! FB does NOT respond (of course)…

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