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Assalamualaikum Friends my name is Unusual Hacker and in today’s video i’m gonna tell you that how to see all the wifi users that are connected to your wifi router not only after this video you can see them but also i will teach you how to block them all those unwanted people who somehow know the password of your wifi you can kick out those specific users from your wifi and can increase the speed of your wifi because when they’ll be kicked out then your wifi speed will increase ok? i want to tell you something important that has made me soooo upset there is an indial channel called Tech Champion i think what he has done is he copied my recenct video which was titled as how to see others screen he copied my video as it is and uploaded on his channel he’s a person with 2 million subscribers i have modified that app with a lot loooot of hardword and he simply copied that if you want to support me i request you for a small campaign go and search his channel and find that video( COPIED VIDEO) Comment on that video #StopCopyingUnusualHacker and also tell his subscribers that this big channel has copied a small channel’s idea and put all my hardwork in vain and he got more than 400k views i’m so upset and also sad because of this BUT i have a plus point that my idea’s have such values that they are being copied by 2 million subs channels that’s what happening on the internet so i request you to Start the campaign of #StopCopyingUnusualHacker and you guys have to make him suffer in such a way that he never ever tries to copy an idea from tiny youtuber like me got it? I want to say sorry from my heart of the time i’ve have consumed of you guys let’s continue the video. If you are new to my channel i will bring you awesome hacks and tricks because you’ll never gonna find channel like this because this channel is copied by 2 million subs channels so subscribe to the channel and if you haven’t liked the video the do hit the like button so without wasting further time let’s start the video I am making this video on the request of one of my subscriber her name is Anu and she also has her own YouTube channel you can also go and check her channel first of all you have to download this application from play store it is called fing. You can find the link of this app in the description you have to open the application you have to accept the terms and condition then click the refresh button on the top then it will ask for the location permission allow the permission. Then you can see the list of all the devices connected to your Wi-Fi As you can see the galaxy S8 is the device I am using right now suppose that the Google pixel connected to the Wi-Fi is some unknown device actually it’s my phone but let’s suppose for example that it’s an unknown device We want to block the device click on it and then scroll down a bit there you will see MAC address long press the Mac address to copy it now go to your Wi-Fi modem turn it upside down you will see a link there along with the username and password with which you have to sign in I will provide you with some popular IP addresses of some popular Wi-Fi routers in the description like TP link , jio or BSNL I will provide the popular IP addresses in the description open the browser of your phone type the IP address on the address bar which was written on the back side of your modem it usually starts with 192.168 something like that if you have a jio Wi-Fi modem then it will be different I will give you in the description all the codes you will see a login page most of the modems have username and password both admin/admin if it doesn’t work then you can see the username and password on theback side of your modem so in the ptcl Wi-Fi which is usually available in Pakistan you have to go to the wireless click Mac filter there you will see a option called deny you will also see that option in your modem page click the deny button then click add add a page will open you have to type or paste the Mac address here. Then that MAC address internet will be blocked If you are an Indian and you have a jio Wi-Fi connection then you have to type this open the link then click on login as I told you that you can try username and password as admin or administrator but if it doesn’t work then you can see the back side of your modem go to the settings then click on network then you will find disable MAC address filter you have to click on enable then you will see the allow option As I have told you that you have to select the deny option Click add and then type or paste the Mac address here then click on submit then that MAC address will be blocked on jio internet For TP link you have to type this website on URL then type admin admin as password and username once you have signed in click on wireless you will see a DHCP option here where you can see the list of all the devices connected to the Wi-Fi go to the wireless Mac filtering click on deny option. Click on add new enter the Mac address here and in the description you can type anything then click on save BSNL routers open this website enter the username and password you will see this interface click on wireless then scroll down a bit then click on deactivate here BSNL does not have a deny option so you have to click on deactivated. Click on deactivated and then type MAC address here and click on save In all the other routers you can see the details on the back side of the modems then you have to sign in find some wireless or network option then find Mac filtering select on deny type and paste the Mac address simple is that select on deny type and paste the Mac address simple is that if we couldn’t find the Wi-Fi settings of your router you can tell me in the comment section below I will personally tell you the solution to help u block the Mac address I hope you loved the video and I also have that you have enjoyed it and I do not hope that someone will copy my video and take all the credit and can get more than 250,000+ views If someone does that then you have to tell me about that and also you have to teach him a lesson if someone does this in future first of all go to the person who has copied my video and teach him a lesson if you want to talk to me personally then you can talk me on Instagram you will find the link in the description you can talk to me personally there if you suggest me some topic then I can give you are free shout out so I’ll meet you guys in the next video tell then…. Allah Hafiz

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