Botched Beauty: Horror Scenes from Australia’s Backyard Beauty Clinics

The left breast started swelling up and it was really painful, really hot to touch I saw this fluid coming out of it The illegal activities is like the dark web it’s just impenetrable. There are people who have died. We still don’t have any regulation around who can call themself a cosmetic surgeon. I think it’s a failing of the system hundreds of women have been potentially damaged because the regulator can’t get it right. We need to get it right. You’re doing these procedures you’re not properly trained or registered to do. You’re using drugs that are not registered in Australia. I mean, what if you’d killed somebody? [TAP FOR SOUND]

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  1. faith constentine

    If ladies started to love their natural selfs the body they was born with,
    It will stop all the bullshit. No patients no dodgy businesses..

  2. Antonia Fernandez

    how is it possible that in a country like australia that it is already dificult to even study there, that everything is super controled and managed this is still happening? it is a shame that hey are not doing more. This clinic is still working. SHAME

  3. Nancy Spain

    ALL IN THE NAME OF VANITY! ! ! These foolish women give to thought to the possibility of the injector hitting a nerve that would immediately cause paralysis causing an eyelid to droop, or the entire side of the face to fall! Sometimes the deformities heal themselves or sometimes the problem n e v e r heals. It’s that old belief, “It will never happen to me!” Good luck ladies, because LUCK is the o n l y thing that’s on your side!!! 🥴

  4. Joyful Heart

    They are liar they said the result is beautiful but the true is not I have a friend she do same thing spend a lot of money but now she didn’t want she COMPLAINE in here eye bags the result is very bad !

  5. Lala

    Ok sure, these individuals may be insecure, they gave in into the pressure to look beautiful, and made a dumb decision in order to fulfill that. But I think this is a big enough phenomenon that we can safely say, our whole society is dysfunctional and needs to go into metal therapy.

  6. I love Dale Cooper

    People blame all the "surgeons", but don't you all think that fault is also of the people who go for it? Seriously, no one forces you to go for this procedure, and even if, why would they choose the cheapest surgeon that's working in a very shady way? Why not doing a research? So well, all the botched people deserve it, that's a consequence of their foolish decisions!

  7. Lynn Leigha

    Man, you people say schedule so weird. I think every place but the USA pronounces it exactly how it's spelled. You do it with many different words

  8. Lynn Leigha

    Yea but think about it, at customs and places like that, they depend a lot on people's actions, like looking a little nervous. They've got this down, they probably fill up the mules face with so much junk they couldn't look nervous if they tried.. Almost genius.

  9. Josleena Roy

    There is a beauty in aging with nature,I see the 90 year olds in my country having soo much beauty the most highlighting feature is the snowy hair.

  10. Lily Riveryour

    𝒮𝑜𝓂𝑒 𝓅𝑒𝑜𝓅𝓁𝑒 𝒹𝒾𝑒 𝓎𝑜𝓊𝓃𝑔 𝒶𝓃𝒹 𝓌𝑜𝓊𝓁𝒹 𝓁𝑜𝓋𝑒 𝓉𝑜 𝒶𝑔𝑒, 𝓌𝑒 𝒽𝒶𝓋𝑒 𝓉𝒽𝑒 𝑜𝓅𝓅𝑜𝓇𝓉𝓊𝓃𝒾𝓉𝓎 𝒶𝓃𝒹 𝒹𝑜𝓃'𝓉 𝒶𝒸𝒸𝑒𝓅𝓉 𝒾𝓉.

  11. charliel07

    One look at that apartment and I'd be running for the hills! Also how can you feel so confident performing eyelid surgery with no formal training or experience in the industry at all?? I'm baffled

  12. Amaala Scott


  13. Platform Sunshine

    Those medicine are bought in japan and korea and are legitimate but not approved in Australia but the only thing is that they are being administered by unlicensed doctors or quack doctors that's why it's very dangerous.

  14. Lilian in Africa

    I couldn't even see a deep frown line. Should I have my eye tested? And the one with the long straight hair is still so young how will she look when she is 50? Or is she already 50 and my eyes play tricks on me?😀😀😀

  15. barbara henninger

    Cosmetic surgery is serious surgery. You're going to have to research, question, and pay a lot of money to get it done right. The regulators are useless. They get high salaries for doing nothing. We have to depend on our own good sense and let the buyer beware.

  16. chrissie hopkins

    The price of vanity. Sadly society has demonized aging to the point where young women are doing unnecessary work to their faces and other body parts to live up to some beauty ideal that doesn't really exist. Go to a counselor, use the money for that instead as a lot of this is linked to low self esteem or something nasty someone has said about your looks, ignore these people, they are just as unhappy so they take it out on you! It has happened to me too. You are beautiful at any age. Take care of your body and face with facial yoga and a skin care regime, stop smoking and limit alcohol intake, this will all help.

  17. Queen. Leslie

    Your born,u go through life,if your lucky u give birth en watch them grow..then u grow old en finally die..that's a gift.Not many get to experience that.Embrace it
    It's a gift.Either way,no matter how much u fight it..some things r bound to old age..

  18. Life, The Universe and other Crap with MOOCH

    No sympathy next. A u need to be an rn with a doctor present to do injectebiles. These women are a stupid. B. High maintaince d superficial. E. Shallow f. The list goes on. Just drink water ffsake

  19. Nanna Palsson

    I have a frown line between my eyes. i was told it would take many injections to mellow it out. I decided to opt out and keep my frown line. I believe it gives me character,

  20. fkaciggs

    Can you make sure the audio is mixed so it can be heard consistently please. It's all over the place; why would SBS upload to YouTube without chucking some compression on the audio first?

  21. Cherry Barb

    I'm more careful and do more research when shopping for a TV and I won't die or be disfigured when bargain hunting for that. Do these people think that surgery is like having makeup done? A doctor who has "Botox parties" with booze?? Omg. How stupid can you be?

  22. Positionzen

    Title is a bit misleading. I thought I was going to watch more of a compilation or collage of people who got fucked up by cosmetic surgeries. Thanks though. Some decent information and spy cam material.

  23. Brigette 5280

    It’s hard to have a low self esteem.. I for one have had men make me feel like shit about myself. Short fat and ugly… the older I get the worse I feel, can’t stand to look in the mirror. I’m 54, 5 feet tall and my highest weight has been 150. I was told I was fat at 127 pounds. If I had money I’d probably get some work done to feel better about myself. Would definitely be a legitimate surgeon…

  24. Google User 2000

    So basically, they just wait for someone to die before shutting down a clinic. …could be a way of natural selection…I mean seriously, how can some women be so dumb….maybe it's just desperation.

  25. Rita grande

    In the states to do fillers all that u need is a medical license just like Australia. Dentists even obgyns do this here. It's up to the patient to do there homework! I have been getting botox & fillers for a few years now and I always educate myself because I don't want to get botched. I had some cosmetic surgery done (rhinoplasty & lipo) and I poured over reviews, checked licenses, and looked for complaints. Even if the dr is licensed to do plastic surgery it's still a RISK. I know people who went to Mexico & the DR for cheaper work & got massive infections and then when they came back home to the states nobody wanted to fix there botched mess which is horrible. That's why the American tv show Botched is so successful unfortunately. At least those Dr's try to help fix what they can. It's your life when u get this stuff done so u should take it very seriously.💖

  26. aliyamoon80

    It’s the same in the USA. I know a surgeon, who is a board certified ENT surgeon who does breast and butt augmentation. It’s scary. Know who is doing your work!

  27. RemHunter

    Legal clinics should offer aid in different languages if you dont want people to be more inclined to go to someone who they can speak to comfortably, regardless of the danger

  28. cataderian

    How about working on your personality, your demeanor and your soul as you age? Oh, yeah- that's not easy, quick and done by someone else.

  29. Carson Chan

    you ask the devil to help you deceive others with a fake artificial look, and you expect the devil to not deceive you?
    Naive? stupidity?

    A fool

  30. SAM Nassif

    I understand the want to be beutifull, but most these surgeries make people look worse, and cause damage, need to go to reputable doctors with good records, or don't be surprised when you look like Frankenstein

  31. pretty littlething

    Why are we humans silly? Cant we appreciate God's work.look at this doctor.why cant he inject something on his eyes to make them look bigger.foolish

  32. Mandi Tierney

    It's so sad when vain people with tons of money to blow don't get their way…boohoo…how about be ok with who you are, and be ok with the age you are? Oh I forgot that concept doesn't exist anymore

  33. Crystal M

    I used to get Botox for migraines. It was expensive, but it helped. My Dentist, who had just been certified to do botox, offered me a slightly better price than my reg. Dr.

    I was a little apprehensive, but he was persistent in asking. I said yes. He added that he would ‘lift my eyes’ as well. Later that day my right brow was drooping on my eyelid. I went back the next day. ‘It would be fine in a couple days’. To this day 10 years later, that brow still droops if I don’t consciously exercise it!

    Injections take more than certification, they take skill, finesse, and practice. Take care on who puts needles in your face.

  34. Samantha Lord

    If botched procedures were being done to men, especially to their precious nether regions, we can all imagine how much of an outcry there would be and how the practitioner's licenses (if they had any) would be taken away immediately. Think about this in contrast to what we see in this video. Misogyny at work.

  35. Gigi Gigi

    OMG What these irresponsible women esthetician working in her filth apartment without a license is totally Illegal, they should be in Jail.

  36. Jabbers Art

    my breast reduction is going to cost me 15,000 out of pocket. In america my insurance would have helped cover it, it would have only cost me 8000. I'm desperate to be pain free, so i'm looking into Thailand plastic surgery at the moment. maybe instead focus on the ridiculous cost of surgery in this country to detour this kind of behavior.

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