Bowl Skating in Pedro Barros’ Legendary Backyard | Red Bull Skate Generation 2015

It’s fun, it’s exciting, it brings all eras
of skateboarding together to be able to represent
something we love. You got all these generations together and that’s what it’s all about,
having fun all together, so it’s a big family. There are all styles,
from the younger to the older, the average, the one that mixes it all, the streetstyle, the vertical style,
the bowl rider… So, it brings all generations
together, beginners, recognized skateboarders,
those who used to be in the scene… I also like to watch it, so it’s cool being able to skate with these guys, that I looked up to
since I was a little kid and being able to skate with them
and competing against them, it’s a dream coming true. Everyone is on the same skate park, sharing the same platform. There is a great energy that flows
around everybody. Skateboarding which is
what we like to do the most, and I even got the first place, it’s, inevitably,
the best day of my life.

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