Box Office for Rogue One, Collateral Beauty, La La Land, Passengers

hello and welcome to this week’s movie math where star wars thankfully solidify its position as one of the top current franchises in Hollywood it wasn’t close one and had been projected weeks in advanced open where did it around 150 it came in at 155 but then at the last minute I want to have a little bit smaller thursday at night than anticipated it was projected suddenly to come in at 140 so and i’m sure or a couple of nail-biting days for kathleen kennedy you know it was able to still rally and easily outpace the the three of other films that were right behind captain america civil war and batman v superman when it comes to openings for the year it didn’t want to find itself stuck in the same pack as Disney Animation Fox’s Marvel films and then also even suicide squad withdrawal in the 130s but no it’s a solid definitive 30 even pretty close to batman v superman which therefore makes Star Wars clearly a franchise on par with Marvel and the dce you and you’re gonna say for all the all the hits the dcu keeps on taken its numbers are really good what right i mean like it’sit’s a movie it’s a franchise to beat which is very impressive imagine if it had good reviews imagine if it wasn’t the punching bag of the media and some marvel lights but we’re here to talk about Star Wars now of course road one wasn’t as big as the force awakens but it was never expected to be that big and it is the second biggest opening for the month of december which is pretty nice dollars is taken all the record spots when it comes to December and they have one more december to go before they switch to summer with Han Solo will see if thats decision they end up regretting harry potter should get when it was a momentarily a summer movie here and there but anyway world one also help disney get past the seven billion dollar mark 7 billion globally in 2016 they just sent me a press release which is the first time that studio has ever done it all history but I look at that lineup that’s like Yankees lineup right like sure they purchase that lineup but it’s very beautiful and i think it was worth every penny because they certainly didn’t spend seven billion dollars on it right so pretty amazing now another win well it’s it’s a mixed bag but I think in some ways it is a huge win for kathleen kennedy and that’s the audience for rogue one was sixty percent mail but forty percent female which is very unusual for tentpole pictures harry potter excuse a little bit female but if you look at the Marvel the dcu films they would they would kill for those numbers so that’s a good win for kathleen kennedy there but at the same time while she’s getting more women to go she’s clearly getting less men to go because the the overall total isn’t as big as Captain America Civil War and batman v superman so she had to say about the guys going and was able to up the women numbers at the same time she would be in the front and so I maybe you know it’s growing pains maybe they’ll get there with episode 8 & Beyond but very exciting and it’s just nice to see the female audience numbers increasing get up there right now I guess why doesn’t she go fun one of those forty percent women ask if they’re even interested in working on Star Wars although clearly she has a lot of women on the team already and she’s made very clear now oversees our road one pulled in 130 5.5 million as an open pretty much day-and-date I think it really only as China left to go which is a lot a lot of money to be had there but we’re going to talk about China a little bit later on you’ll see why i wrote one did not open I like I’m like it did everywhere else but justice Suicide Squad was an argument for having a diverse cast i think the road one is hoping to be an argument for having an international cast something that was undeniable while watching the film but now we need to see if it’s reflected in the box office numbers you have diego luna from Mexico Donny and John went from China ben mendelsohn from Australia mads mikkelsen representing europe i guess and then of course felicity jones for the UK now Star Wars has always had a strong heritage and you know in the end the UK the films are shot there and although they haven’t had too many leads until lately right you can you take the UK talent but there’s a lot of UK challenge in Hollywood they love him alright so anyway with the other actors though those are all actually pretty big movie-going countries Mexico China obviously australia europe and that means a lot of convincing to see a Star Wars movie but still I you know this is very well designed to every major country they go to they have a star that’s from that country so let’s see if that pays off literally and then also will one did very well on imax screens and that’s a great that’s very important because that gets the ticket prices up and Doctor Strange had a similar benefit and that people really felt the need to see it on a big screen i even said that for in my rogue one coverage i said it wasn’t so much 3d that was important but the biggest screen possible now of course imax only ran a 3d print so that really got the ticket prices up so you can see Hollywood doing their best to use i always like to say use box-office steroids now there’s a chance that while road one didn’t open his biggest the force awakens it could have even stronger legs although the force awakens obviously had very good legs for those who don’t know the term legs means like how long will carry on week-to-week staying power now clearly there are a lot of people who still haven’t seen the movie because the box office opening isn’t as big so you want to get that like a hundred million people or so to come and see it right also they could be repeat viewing I’ve already seen it twice I know many of you have already seen multiple times although that is factored into the 155 darn it but hopefully you know people will keep going and then others a word of mouth and then also passengers and assassins creed or supposed to be two hurdles for rogue one but they are not coming together you know Assassin’s Creed reviews haven’t been released yet passengers reviews have not been good both films could rally but i think that with such negative reviews they’re not going to really be able to rally in a way that’s hurtful to road one the only the middle potentially hurt road one is very strong surprisingly strong box office numbers for awards contenders zero genuine interested in the wards contenders as we’re going to discuss shortly but first it’s time for a selfie montage i asked you guys are we I brought this back one of you said are you gonna do the ticket montages this time for rwanda I had stepped away from it for a little bit and I was like yeah let’s do it so I asked you to tweet me pictures of yourself over the weekend at the theater with your robe one ticket stub now you know either in the lobby here in the multiplex I told you have fun with it you guys really had fun with it and so I’m so pleased that I got so many pictures from you you’re eager to join the rebellion and so without further ado here is the bt road one selfie montage Oh wasn’t that fantastic i hope that you enjoyed watching it as much as i did collecting the photos all weekend and then editing it together for this montage you could feel love but somebody who was not feeling any love this weekend was Will Smith warner brothers and their film collateral beauty which was supposed to be counter-programming to road one but what are brothers as we discussed this morning on morning movie news was shocked shocked at the poor response to the film and have taken to blaming rotten tomatoes unfair unfair assessment of the film ah not unfair alright so as we discussed this morning that the trailer did not want anyone over and I think that did the most damage but i think that will submit it doesn’t help either and if you look at his box office numbers recent box of his openings for similar films this is just the natural erosion of his brand like this was what they were this is what he was marching towards and they couldn’t pull them out of the dive even focus more commercial movies margot robbie open was just 18 recently so his numbers his star power has dimmed considerably and it’s very it’s weird because you know this is somebody who prided himself on you know kind of coming up with a formula based on box office performance of other movies and he made it seem very scientific and for awhile worked i remember he was the guy who owned the fourth of July but his mouth is not working as mass strong right now and I think that he just I think that I wonder how many yes men are around will smith and if there’s anyone who is willing to tell the truth if he’s willing to listen but you know what he really the person he wants to surround himself right now is Margot Robbie you know he wants a dead shot movie but that still like in that just idea phase right now with Warner Brothers going maybe but they’re definitely making gotham city sirens and as many of you sent me he was quoted as saying to mtv he will do anything that margot robbie wants so that he can be in that movie and just continue I think to align his star with her I mean he helped her with focus to some degree and they got a lot of people city over potentially maybe being romantically involved on that film ah but you know I don’t think he got her the harley quinn role because she already had a good relationship with Warner Brothers from Tarzan and some other things she worked on with them so they’re kind of like we’re coming up together and now he just won’t go away so I think if I were more of a Robbie if I was giving her advice I would say thanks a very nice thanks to Will Smith but I think it’s time for you to separate yourself from him and a few and while you’re at it dammit here but David was locked in let’s just not make this gotham city sirens situation any worse but after the overall top 10 mawana struggling interestingly enough to get to 200 domestic after of strong opening based remember all comparisons to frozen i was making the box office comparisons to frozen but it’s just not materializing but that 200 number if it doesn’t get too that would be very embarrassing the last disney animated movie not to get from Disney Animation property 200 million domestic his record Ralph now it’s still got a sequel but i must be because it’s doing very well on streaming etc but tangled and big hero 6 just got into the 200 million range literally for tangled but you totally got to 341 domestic and frozen 404 those of course what I’m to do a billion dollars worldwide one of the worldwide is only 280 she still has a lot of countries to hit but this would make me very nervous about lin-manuel Miranda as i told you disney’s invested quite a bit in him but you know this was his first chance to deliver he did quite a bit to promote this film and to really link his name to it and it did not deliver as we’ve discussed no one’s talking about the soundtrack there’s no videos to are you know you know making a big deal about it it’s just not it’s not part of the it’s only not a Hamilton if you want to put it that way right so if I were disney I’d be like mm uh-huh so but you know just be so full of win right now I hope that doesn’t cause them to overlook problems that could be developing right under their noses they’re very distracted by recounting all that body and also you’ll see that fantastic beasts is holding pretty well number five will Doctor Strange is almost out of the top 10 and worldwide gap also continues to grow with fantastic beasts 7718 that’s very good fantastic beasts warner brothers should be very happy with that there it’s really approaching Harry Potter proper territory and this bodes very well for a follow-up particularly since they’re going to dramatically up this you know raise the stakes for the follow-up so morning brothers I think she feel very good about the future of their you know wizarding world franchise as for dr. strange at 652 i will be great if we could get into the 705 made a doctor strange is definitely a strong performer a huge performer in fact but I you know it’s interesting to see it you know lose a little bit of steam and fall back fall behind in that way and then also you’ll see that manchester-by-the-sea and wall and two big awards contenders it’s those two moonlight basically there in the big three this year and they were in a photo finish but while their box office numbers were closed their theater counts were not and that’s what made this a particularly big deal manchester-by-the-sea what wyd this weekend i said i thought it would wait till the Golden Globes decided to go a little early maybe went too early because i think that there isn’t enough buzz about manchester-by-the-sea one of the way there’s a lot of buzz about lala land also the wall and just as advertises more commercially friendly film actually really disliked it i will review it tomorrow sorry i had to get that make this a priority with them with the ticket montage but i suspect that I’ve suspected lala land will run into a wall board of math when it tries to play in the middle of the country i think it’ll obviously do quite well and in the coastal cities and with cinephiles but i think that it’s not a crowd-pleaser so we’ll see how it’s doing but right now just two hundred theaters it’s on fire but then speaking of limited releases fences hitches for theaters and did very poorly it’s part of your average was just 32,000 it’s really is not materializing both is an awards contender I think it’s getting you know like respect for viola davis and Denzel Washington nominations but it’s really not a strong contender and i think its media campaign to the general public was also pretty weak so I don’t know offenses just relying too heavily on the names of Denzel Washington Viola Davis but i think that they just aren’t doing enough to make it seem like a must see like i said it’s something that really needs to be seen in theaters right now or be voted for right now so it’s a shame because it’s supposed to be so good the Tony you know the Broadway performance couple of years ago when a bunch of Tony’s so I you know you should never take your your audience for granted because they didn’t show up but it’s gonna go wide on christmas day so we’ll see what happens there then overseas in China wide world one open today because a little movie called the great wall opened this weekend and China and that’s the matt damon movie the big star from legendary which is owned of course by wanda group and this is a very big gamble for wanda group through legendary and this is the first major film to be a co-production true co-production between China and the United States and they really want this to work out and you know the Chinese government is very supportive of chinese companies so road one did not open this weekend there and said the Great Wall did and did very well it did 67.4 million and China the fourth biggest debut of the year behind the mermaid civil war and war craft which interestingly enough is also from legendary owned by wanda group so that’s one audience down one to go this movie needed to do well in China and so far so good but also need to do well in the United States that’s the whole point of the movie that place to both audiences but it’s a movie from china and opens here on februari 17th we’ll see how it does i’m we’ll see how it continues to do in china it was just a big splashy opening weekend or if it has some legs there as well but as for this coming weekend we get our early onslaught of christmas movies in fact there’s no big mainstream releases on Christmas of day there’ll be some movies expanding but you know on wednesday just the day after tomorrow we’re gonna get sing passengers and assassins creed and as you can see saying is supposed to dominate the weekend that’s crazy i don’t think that Sony paid jennifer lawrence and chris pratt all that money to come in second to singing animals right although that just shows the strength of animation Assassin’s Creed as you can see far behind but not quite as far behind is why him which doesn’t open until friday and i guess i think the real question is why bryan cranston do you make continue to make movies like this I don’t know what’s going on with his career he’s like he’s just a bon vivant who has so much money from breaking bad you can just do whatever he wants even if it makes no sense alright so that’s this week’s movie math thank you so much for going over the box office with me i look forward to hearing your thoughts about it down below and you can check out some other videos right now

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  1. Brian Mahoney

    The Great Wall will bomb in the U.S…. The only way it will succeed is if Trump gets started building his Big Beautiful Wall and people get confused and go to a movie they think Trump produced in Trump Towers.

  2. Iris van Laar

    Mads is representing Denmark, and the Danish should be proud. He's definetely not representing all European nations. Please don't pile all European countries in one basket and using the EU flag is understandable, but not very diplomatic…

  3. Helena

    Grace, could you react to the new beauty and the beast news please? (posters, the up close images of the costumes, emma not wearing a corset, etc)

  4. Karen Lewis

    business question Grace. Why do certain movies open in a few theatres then go wide? What's the strategy there? I love your channels. I consider myself a cinephile but have learned so much about the business side from you thanks so much!

  5. luxneji

    Rogue One opening , is smaller, but really is stronger than BvS and Civil, just because its december so it will for sure defeat those movies easily, the question is by how much it could even beat dory but it will depend

  6. nightbodega

    OMG, my daughter just fainted when she saw herself on your YouTube video. Took her by surprise. Great pictures from all submissions. Thank you Grace for this montage.

  7. Michelle Duncan

    👸🏾will smith needs to pick betta movies! Then Oscar types! Blah👎🏾 🚨🚨🚨QUESTION GRACE: What do u mean 'Counter Program' movies 🤖?(im i a robot????)

  8. Sophi XRU

    I'm mexican and I love star wars, when I told one of my friends that i had just watched Rogue one, the first thing she asked was, "how was Diego Luna?" and she's just gonna go watch it because of him, it will be the first star wars movie she'll watch, just for Diego Luna

  9. Wayne Greatest

    Grace I respect your opinion but I think you should probably add a little more context in your assessment of Will Smith's box office struggles. I don't think it's as much about him not being a box office draw in general as it is about him picking movies that don't fit his skill set/marketability. Out of those movies you showed it's not a coincidence that the only two box-office successes were action movie(MIB3&SS). The average movie fans simply aren't interested in seeing Smith in non action movies but they'll still watch the hell out of him in an action franchise, SS is proof of that. Now before you say "ppl just wanted to see Harley&Joker" audience tracking suggests they really wanted to see Smith too. According to the audience tracking research done by ComScore’s PostTrak in terms of individual draws out of the entire Suicide Squad cast Smith drew more audience members on his name alone than any other individual cast member. 23% of the audience say they went to see the film because of Smith, the next closest cast member was Robbie with 21%.

    Not saying Deadshot ended up being the most popular character, Harley clearly was. But he was definitely popular enough to warrant his own spinoff film. Again Will can still be a big draw in an ACTION movie or even a comedy similar to Hitch. He made his name as a movie star with action movies when ppl think of Will Smith movies they think of action with a sprinkle of humor. He simply needs to get back to his action movie roots and stop trying to chase Oscars. Worry less about doing a movie that will win him a statue or prove his, "acting range" and worry more about doing what does best, ACTION movies. Preferably ones that don't star his annoying son while being written and directed by M. Night Shyamalan. Will should just accept the sort of film actor he is, there's no shame in being a action movie star. Can't wait for bad boys 3 and would totally watch a deadshot movie. Btw, Focus didn't do that bad it still opened number 1 and made 150 mill on a 50 mill budget.

  10. SirToby

    "Imagine if [The DCEU] had good reviews".
    Imagine if Warner Brothers could actually finish their DCEU movies before releasing them. That would be groundbreaking.

  11. Mar B

    About international, European countries are NEVER represented despite being the a biggest market… I guess they should start complaining as well.

  12. Delboy0

    Does Grace still hold the view that diversity doesn't sell? Disney have embraced diversity more than any other American studio in their films and now they have made more money in a year than any studio in American history. That should be a sign to hollywood.

  13. Delboy0

    Lin Miranda is an America star, not a global star so Disney are making a mistake with him. Most people outside of America don't care about a New York show about a US politician they have never heard of or care about. It is part of the reason why Hollywood favours British actors over American actors now. British actors have greater global appeal because the BBC have greater global influence than the American media in this fragmented media age. There are no American actors under 30 that have global fame any more. No disrespect Hamilton isn't a globally famous show because people outside the USA don't care about American political history like Americans do.

  14. William Ackerman

    Moana is on pace for over 200 million if you look at the daily box office patterns. Frozen was at about 190 at the same point in its run, and then did 210 more.

  15. andrew giordano

    Marvel should be happy with Doctor Strange's high $600 million final gross (or low 700s). The only reason GotG and TWS made the money they did was because there were no major movies opening after them, so they had all the time to make money. That is not the case for doctor strange

  16. Elephant In The Room Sahib

    I refuse to see Rogue One, I won't go into detail. BUT refuse to see it. Also it didn't help that last years star wars sucked!!! it was just a redo of A New Hope.

  17. Black Engineering Student

    Rotten tomatoes has nothing to do. Will Smith was in Suicide Squad which critics didn't really love but it made tons of money.

  18. Door Donut

    I've seen India close to number 1 on most of the lists of top movie going countries, why would hollywood not represent them in these blockbuster movies then???

  19. Max Bingham

    Hey grace had a question the YA (young adult) book to film adaption was once the biggest thing in the Hollywood industry with most of those films making huge money at the box office but now that trend seems to have died with mostly all of these films out now not doing well or just failing miserably at the box office what do you think the creators behind Hollywood's newest biggest trends ex comic book/superhero movies/live action fairytales movies can do from meeting the same fate or do you think this is inevitable cause audience taste will always change absolutely love your shows and watch you every single day and would be amazing to see my question in morning movie news thanks and keep up the good work ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  20. Wysch

    You know what's funny? Manchester by the Sea still not released in theaters in my country. Not going to for next two months.(Release is 02/09/17. Two weeks before planned DVD release. Lol.) Another funny thing – in my country Rogue One wasn't in fact the #1 the last weekend. But the most funny thing is there was absolutely no marketing for Moana in my country. Judging from the numbers in our country – Moana made less money so far than Sing, which is going to be released tomorrow here. That is some professional marketing there, isn't it. ^_^ I'm quite sad about Moana, tbh, not just US-wide.

  21. Omesh Singh

    I had the worst movie-going experience ever with Rogue One IMAX Capegate. 🙁

    The movie itself was great (I reckon it's my favorite StarWars movie), but Ster Kinekor Capegate will not receive another cent of business from me in the foreseeable future. Movie started an hour late. Coffee order was not delivered, Dead pixels on projector. Absolutely disgraceful service! I will rather watch future movies at a normal cinema where my time is respected and my business is actually appreciated.

  22. Tobias Goetz

    Does anybody really care about 3-D anymore!? I was really hoping that fad would be dead by now. They should really stop the 3-D crap and open up a.m. showings😊. It would really help out the people that work third shift.

  23. Returning Shadow

    I think passengers is losing steam because people know what a liberal cunt Jennifer Lawrence actually is with her support of HITLERy ROTTEN CUNTon. Nobody wants to see a movie with the star being a massive idiot supporting an douchebag political candidate. George Clooney can confirm that. He hasn't been relevant in box office draw since he publicly supported the muslim monkey currently occupying the oval office. Lawrence can no longer carry a movie on her shoulders alone. That's why Joy tanked and even with Bradley Cooper she couldn't make Sienna (ever heard of it) a draw AT ALL. X-Men franchise wasn't on her shoulders with the ensemble casts and now Passengers is relying on Chris Pratt but Lawrence's political mouth killed it.

    Will Smith has also become worthless at the box office. It's not a coincidence that his movies are tanking after his public support of the muslim monkey wanting to raise everyone's taxes to 30% 5 years ago. What these liberals seem to forget is that they love to spend money, usually other peoples' money while the conservatives hold onto theirs and they are the ones hitting the theaters more because they can afford it. Why else do you think the producers didn't want him in Independence Day 2, not that it would have made a difference in hind sight.

    The ONLY ones in America who give a shit about movies in China box offices are the studios that made them. The general public could not give a duck fart one China box office numbers.

  24. Lawrence Scales

    If they make Poe and Finn a thing in the next movie or at least have them legitimately flirt.,,, Star Wars will own my ass forever. I've already gotten more and more into the movies as I get older. Such an underdog in the beginning and a stylistic franchise.

  25. Hey Hey

    Realistically, I don't really think people from most parts of Europe care much about Mads Mikkelsen representing them. However, I am from Denmark like Mads Mikkelsen, and even though he wasn't the only reason I saw the movie, he definitely made me not wanna miss it. That doesn't count for much, since Denmark and Scandinavia as a whole (I am also very excited to see other Scandinavian actors in big movies) has so few citizens, but it is probably all it does to draw people in. Hopefully Mads Mikkelsen brought some people in on account of his acting skills and the fans he has made through his work, though!

  26. M-W-X

    Hey Grace, do you think Disney should have released one of moana's songs as a single on the radio. I believe they did that with frozen's let it go. Was that a missed opportunity? Thanks 😊☺😊

  27. Efrain Ortiz

    Suicide Squad was a bad movie I'm shocked it did so well WB is very lucky. I haven't seen BvS so I can't comment on that. I am really hopeful for WW it actually looks really good and might be the DCEU's first critical win. I have a feeling rogue one will do very very well once word of mouth gets around.

  28. BoomStick Critique

    The reason that will smith movie diddnt do well isnt because of smith its because no body cares about that film will needs to be in films people want to see like comic book films an animated flicks

  29. gotta create channels to comment!? WAH

    What the hell is going on with Disney not letting anyone see Rogue One with promo and/or employee passes at theater until January?

  30. SwaggerLikeUz

    The fact that Rogue One came in a very close 3rd when the film is carried by original characters versus renown characters in Batman, Superman, The Joker, Iron Man, Capt America, etc, proves what franchise has the biggest fandom. Rogue One didn't even have the hype, anticipation, nor aggressive marketing campaign those DC and Marvel blockbusters had either. To be the first SW spin off and to perform like this I know Lucasfilm and Kathy are pleased.

  31. Michael Jacobs

    How do they know what percentage of the audience is male/female? I question whether the place they get their data from is accurate or representative of accual numbers. Theaters sure aren't collecting this information

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