Box Office for Rogue One, Sing 2016, Passengers, Assassin’s Creed, Fences, Hidden Figures

Hello, and welcome to this week’s Movie Math where Star Wars solidified its hold on Christmas!

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  1. Michael Cannon

    I think the problem with Passengers is the film isn't quite what was advertised. No specifics here, as not to spoil it for those that want to see it yet.

  2. Susana R

    I was able to watch Jackie and I liked it a lot. It's very well written and Natalie Portman is great. Hoping to see La La Land this weekend. Feel bad for Fassbender though, he's a good actor 🙁

  3. hewwo? anywun dere?? owo

    Rogue One was a million times better than TFA but you would never know with how it was marketed and the trailers released. Also I'm so glad Passengers bombed, Lawrence is an awful human being.

  4. Abdo Esper

    grace come on! you're being blinded by the batman v superman situation and I'm sorry to say, a bit delusional. Affleck isn't taking a hit by critics because of his involvement in batman v superman, rather because live by night simply wasn't a good movie. I thought batman v superman wasn't a good movie, and to keep accusing people and critics of having an "agenda" just because they didn't like it the way you did, is unfair.Why can't we just agree to disagree on the quality of a movie instead of regularly bringing up theories on why that movie failed? I'm not trying to are rude, I'm just tired of this subject being brought up so regularly. Thanks.

  5. Connie Kucani

    Question: I know it seems stupid for movies to open at the same time as Star Wars in the next couple of years, but taking one whole Winter month away from all other properties seems a bit drastic, doesn't it? I mean, I get that movies are going to do less business with SW playing at the same time but wouldn't competition be pretty bad in November/October too if all ususal December relases had do cram into those months?
    I'm seeing Moana this evening, it's finally out over here. Other than that I might see Fantastic Beasts for the 5th time tomorrow and La La Land next week when it's out here, but that's it I guess.

  6. Victor Huertas

    Grace, hi! if Affleck is indeed reciving backlash for his B v S film, should that not also have not affceted his THE ACCOUNTANT film as well, i'm not sure, but it did not tanked did? i think you're other idea might be right, about late releasing and not having time to create necesseary buzz, any way Grettins and Happy new Year, cuttie

  7. Abbey Kat

    I saw Rogue One the day it came out and then again on Christmas with my family. We saw Force Awakens for a second time on Christmas as well, so it is becoming sort of a tradition. I really hope they keep Star Wars as December releases. Also I agree that Jennifer Lawrence is sort of ruining her own career. I liked her after hunger games but she's slowly driven me away with her negative comments and ego issue and I have no interest in her anymore. On to next year, I don't think Pitch Perfect 3 will do very well at all. Fans of the first film hated the second one so I don't think they'll bring in a fan base anymore. And speaking as a huge fan of Anna Kendrick, she hasn't really done anything impressive lately so I'm not sure her name will bring people in either.

  8. Vita19a

    I think Grace is overselling the crossover appeal of superhero movies for other movies. I cannot think of a single actor that is consistently benefited from their franchise to their other non-franchise movies.

  9. Steven Dunn

    After seeing that Lawrence interview and how casual she is with her Racist disrespect of native Hawaiians, I'll never patronize any film she's in again.

  10. portantwas

    Aw, c'mon. Noone went to see Guardians of the Galaxy or Jurassic World because of Chris Pratt. They went for the talking raccon and tree, and the dinosaurs. You could've hired anyone in the male lead and I would've still seen those movies. As for Passengers – a romance in space? Why? And I just hope Arrival does better (comparing budget to gross) so we don't go down the road of stupid romance scifi.

  11. Ian Armstrong

    i did not see a film on chistmas day as the cinemas here n the uk are closed on the 25th , i am looking forward to new years day when A Monster Calls opens here as its been getting a lot of good reviews over here and they are really advertising it a lot on TV.

  12. Chrys Kes

    Hey Grace great job bringing us the movie news every week! I haven't watched any Star Wars movies do you think I can go to watch Rogue One and enjoy it? and if i wanna watch SW should I watch Ep.1-3 and then the original 1977-1983 movies?

  13. Neil Talmadge

    If Hollywood hasn't figured out yet that there are no "star" draws (meaning who is in the movie will carry it) at this point (could change when tent-pole movies implode, if they do) then they haven't been paying attention.

  14. Ben Ginsburg

    Grace the problem with live by night is not him being punished for the dceu it is because he stars and directs an action movie which is very hard to di

  15. siriusgray

    How can you say Chris Pratt will be fine? Every review I've read is disgusted with Chris' character in this film while not one critic I read has bashed Jennifer's performance. Critics are accusing Jim of being a perv and stealing aurora's life.

  16. james friel

    and from someone who has seen them all….  1) Sing, great. 2) Star wars good, 3) assassin creed sucks, Passengers, boring. Fences,  great. I haven't seen Why Him or La La land.  Best to see Sing or Fences, then Star wars. Don't bother with assassin creed its horrible. Passengers is ok but just boring nothing happens in it. What you see on the trailers is about it with just 1 little twist that is revealed early, making the rest of the movie worthless.

  17. Cameron Brown

    I don't actually think it was jlaws fault for the poor performance of passengers. I think it was just the rt score. All of jlaws films post hunger games that got bad or okay reviews have not performed well or as good as she usually does. Joy, House at the end of the street, Serena, somewhat x-men apocalypse, and now passsengers. When there are big movies in theaters that get good rt scores (rogue one, sing), its more likely that people will prefer to see those. Movies are expensive to see, so people want to spend their money on quality films and not take any risks with their money

  18. Sara Samaletdin

    I don't think why you compare the first weeks box office of Sing to Secret Life of Pets Traditionally the Osacr films have gome out in December, the fall and summer films being in convention is a lesser thing. But this late in December is too late. Mid November is probably the best, you get the holiday box office there too.

  19. Rosa

    I'm planning to go see Fantastic Beasts for a second time maybe next week. I don't usually do that but my brother hasn't seen it yet and I loved it so much! ❤

  20. xCrimsonxTidex

    Too add to the Jennifer Lawrence problem, it does not help when you go full libtard, criticizing her own state, and team up with Lena Dunham on "wage inequality" even thought they are making more bank than their male counterparts… Middle America (including myself) are saying screw you Jennifer Lawrence.

  21. dosiaman

    Jlaw has never been a boxoffice draw. The hunger games is bigger than her. Jlaw should be earning less not more. The female that draws an audience is Scarlet Johansen she deserves what she is earning

  22. Ajst1987

    I saw Fences the day after Christmas. Loved the film! Denzel and Viola worked very well together. Hopefully it won't be the last time they do…

  23. Brittany Disney/Teacher’s Pet Fan Davis

    Yeah, it's weird that Fox released two movies in the same weekend and two days apart from each other ("Assassin's Creed" on Wednesday and "Why Him?" on Friday).

  24. Roy Coats

    Passengers is an OK film. Even with different talent it wouldn't be any better. The film suffered from a cliche script and misleading the audience. going into the film i was expecting a a space tragedy film with a little of a love story on the side. Instead i got a love story with a little space tragedy on the side. The use of Fishburne in the film was horrible. He was there only to advance the story and his character had no real impact on the film. As far as Oscar's so white, Fences will probably win this year. if you look at the slate of films coming out the only heavy hitter was Silence. This shows that the academy is scared of the Oscar so white movement and is going to give the award away this year. it is sad too because Patriots looks so good and so does La La Land.

  25. Thorn

    Hi grace,

    I'm becoming more and more interested in the world of movies because of you. Thank you for that.
    My question is about the Boxoffice. I try to follow how much money movies make and I have a little knowledge. But if I listen to you I think I'm totally wrong. So how do you know when a movie is successful and is the production budget an accurate number to base my findings on?

    Greets from Belgium

    (sorry no emojis in protest of the upcoming emoji movie )

  26. jimmyboy131

    I always wondered if they'd remake the "Six Million Dollar Man". And of course these days it would have to be the "Six BILLION Dollar Man".

    Dr. Evil: "Six…MILLION…dollars!"

  27. sebirebre

    I'm just waiting for disney to announe Rogue Two -_-
    and for chris pratt: The Magnificent Seven also underperformed..and he was the co-lead there too.. looks like he only does good in brand movies

  28. New York

    I think the problem with Jennifer Lawrence is she has become smug. She's a great actress but you can tell in her interviews that she's not all the way excited about her movies, which never resonates well with audiences. Hunger games was a hit but she never cemented her star power with another big budget hit. Same thing happened with Kristen Stewart, without twilight no one cared about her. Another thing is she demands so much money up front, it's off putting to fans and adds to the idea that she's smug. I like her as an actress and person but all the excitement over her doesn't translate to box office success, like Anglelina Jolie. I think she needs to put more effort in how she is perceived by audiences, although I agree with a lot of what she says she should shut up about it because it alienates parts of the country, and she should focus on roles that will guarantee her success at the box success. Pinning Passengers against Star Ward was stupid on the studios part, she should stay away from movies that are up against major franchises.

  29. Jim Collins

    Grace, which of the following Disney/Disney-Pixar sequels are you most excited for? Frozen 2, Toy Story 4, The Incredibles 2 & Wreck-It Ralph 2. 🙂

  30. Gabby Montaño

    I saw Fences and Rouge One in the same day and I loved both of the films. Fences is such a good film at all angles. From the writing to the story to the acting! Everything was good about it. I really recommend it to anyone who wants to see something different at the movies! I was really skeptical about Rouge One and I'm a die hard Star Wars fan. I was blown away by Rouge One and really enjoyed it. I'll be going again to watch it in the theater and I'll definitely waste some money on some merchandise!

  31. Eddie Palomares

    i agree with your thoughts on joy,but again it went against star wars last year and passengers went against star wars again this wars sucked the money out of passengers,a.creed. and sing.last year the hatefull eight went against star wars and didnt do good.i feel passengers and sing would of done alot better if you take out star wars.note to self jumangi and pitch perfect move your movies to the first week of december.

  32. Delboy0

    I wasn't surprised it made so little because Hollywood refuses to accept that American audiences have changed. Maybe white people don't know this, but non white audiences are more selective about what they see and will no longer turn up for films with no diversity in the lead characters. If they had swapped out Chris Pratt for a Dwayne Johnson, Idris Elba or Oscar Issac, that film would have made 100 million because it would have fresh way to present a love story that would be appealing to minorities. As a non-white person when I saw the trailers for passengers I just thought Nicolas Sparks in Space, two hot white people being romantic and not an minority in sight, so had no interest.

  33. Jker Jrome

    the actual problem of Hollywood today is putting hot people who overshadow a great story. Now they based the movies on actors/actresses names. they had to found the balance between actors and storytelling. Like the X Men franchise, I always praise how they managed to put great actors but not overshadow the film with the big names of the moment. well, except for J-Law but that's just for a contract.

  34. Simoman Bob

    Whoever the Sony executive was that agreed to give Jennifer Lawrence 30% of film profits needs to go.

    After all the issues you're having with your film division the last thing you should be doing is giving out % deals. I'm sure they could've found another actress willing to do it without the need for the percentage on the end.

  35. suerafuls

    I used to be a fan of JLaw but ever since she started hanging out with Amy Schumer she became really disrespectful and gross and the interview where she was laughing about scratching her butt on the sacred rocks really killed any liking I had left of her

  36. Callaboo

    I would honestly want star wars to stay in December. I go to college and I don't have free time during school a lot of time during the year but for my break in December for the last two years now I've watched the new star wars on my dad's birthday with him. I'd love to make this a tradition and I'd be way more open to star wars at Christmas rather than Mary poppin s

  37. RaymBWW

    Will Star Wars VIII be big after the pasting of a star this week 27-12-2016, will more people see Rogue One because of it. I know I have, seen Rogue One 4 time + in 3D.

  38. Jim Rhodes

    Each new Star Wars film has been worse than the last. It won"t be long before other movie franchises start stomping on it's profits. Star Wars is fading into obsolescence…the fan boys are just trying to ignore the death rattle.

  39. Jaime Duncan

    I am surprised that you have "just" 570K subscribers. You are the best movie reviewer/ undstry commentator I have seen. Keep the good work. We will continue doing our part sharing and talking about your excelent work.

  40. Warrenton Maxwell

    Grace can you pitch a live action Sailor Moon movie? I would love to hear your vision for a big hollywood sailor moon production. Thanks for humoring me.

  41. Pedro Guida

    Hidden figures doesn't have nominations to "combat #OscarSoWhite". It has nominations because it has great performances, from Oscar and Emmy winners that have long proven their talent. What you said makes it sound like it had pity nominations.

  42. Sherry videos

    As much as I think Jlaw is overrated and she always tried to hard to be likeable, I think the problem isn't her. Do you remember when Dragon tatoo underperformed on Christmas weekend? I don't know who the hell in Sony thought that opening a dark R rated movie during a family holiday was a good idea. To the credit of Dragon tatoo, being a much superior film to their sweden counterpart and thanks to the amazing perfromance of Rooney Mara (someone another stupid executive in Sony didn't want in the main role) the movie didn't lose money. I'm still angry at sony for not moving forward with the dragon tattoo sequels so I'm pissed off that rather than investing in a project like Girl who played with fire they gave that money to Lawrence.

  43. The Spyro fans

    Great video Grace this weekend i'm going to see sing 2016, i love animated movies and i have all way's since i was a very little girl i used to watch lady and the tramp and lion king when i was little.

  44. Sandal_Thong

    I was so angry because of the plot of Passengers (not shown in the trailers), that I couldn't enjoy the romance – it made me think of date rape. So, I don't think different acting would have changed that. If Lawrence ticked off X-Men fans then she shouldn't have done more SF.

  45. 129das

    I do think the the Star Wars Episode will lose profits if they don't fix the writing it really upset many people and with the greatness of Rogue One. Even know it did not do as well as TFA it created a standard.

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