Brad Takes Amy To The River To Remember Her Mother | Season 1 Ep. 1 | THE PASSAGE

What are we doing? I thought maybe this
was a nice place for you to say goodbye to your mama. It’s important. There should have
been a service. What do you want me to do? Maybe you can say a memory,
something nice that she did. You mean besides
being a junkie? Yeah, I mean besides
being a junkie. She was your mother. Anger is poison. Maybe you can leave
some of it here. OK. One time for my birthday,
she made a birthday cake out of donut holes, and put
whipped cream on top of it, and let me eat it for dinner. That sounds delicious. What else? She let me lay in
her bed and watch TV. If I ever got scared, she
never yelled at me about it. I like that a lot. What else? She said that I was
the joy of her life. She said that all the time. [sobbing]

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