Brother VS Brother – Minecraft

Silence! Kids of Minecraft! As you all know, I haven’t showered for 10 decades! But that’s not what I’m actually here to talk about! I’ve worked very hard to present you: The very first Minephone! Fabulous, isn’t it? OH WOW I NEED ONE You can buy one here, at the Notchstop. That would be 80 blocks of diamond, please! [Happy music] [Video game sound effects] Hey bro, what are you doing? Oh, hey bro! I’m playing this awesome game called: Best Fiends! I’ll show you! Best Fiends is a puzzle battle game with tons of characters. You can collect and build a team in order to defeat monsters called slugs. Cool! A cellphone?! You can play it without internet! And it’s free!! There will be a free gift on August 6th. So I’ll for sure be playing it! [Music changes] I want to play too! Can I borrow your phone? I don’t have enough diamonds. HAHAHAHA! Really funny! No! This is my phone only! What? ONLY MINE! HAHAHAHAHA! [Music changes again] My brother is so mean! Not even letting me play for 1 minute! I will get that phone! He’ll be sorry! [Music changes yet again] [More video game sound effects] Poisonous arrows! [Music changes AGAIN] WHAT THE HECK?! [Creepy scream sounds] [Bird chirping sounds] [Pop] [Rock and roll music] IS HE SERIOUS?! This means war!!! [Even more video game sound effects] I finally have the phone! 😀 [Cool music that I don’t know the genre of] [Normal man screaming sounds] [Creepy man laughter sounds] [Pop] [Crying man sounds] [MORE video game sound effects] [More cool music that I do not know the genre of] Oh, hello there child! It looks like you’re having a lot of fun! Why don’t you let me play for a bit? lol no its mine you nub! [AMAZING music] WOW, ARE YOU SERIOUS?!? HOW GREEDY CAN PEOPLE GET?! I’LL SHOW YOU!! [Lightning strike] HAHAHAHAHA! One smite? Are you kidding? [Earthquake sounds] [Slugs come to life] [Nevermind, they’re just re-skinned creepers!] What the? This can’t be! The look like, the monsters from the game! The slugs!! [Crazy man screaming sounds] Somebody, please help me! ? [Surprise, surprise! Music changes again!] My brother’s in trouble! [More. music. changing.] Wow, thanks so much, bro! You’re my hero!

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