BUCS Nationals Highlights 2019

In February we brought 14 athletes and
our support staff to BUCS Nationals in Sheffield to compete in across five
different sports We had new athletes representing Anglia Ruskin
and in new sports including pole vault and it was great to see our women’s judo
team back on the mat. Our returning athletes improved on their performance
from last year, in fencing, Felix placed higher than he did previously. Our swimming team got five top twenty performances and made the B final of the
relay. It’s good like competing with the highest standard people who are Olympians like
Adam Peaty. With facilities like Ponds Forge is one of the best one where British Nationals are held, so just having a chance to swim with the best. Over the
weekend we’ve had a pretty good times that all together, our best ones are from our
400m freestyle relay we qualified 18th which put us in the B final. None of us, us four here, are like all in out sprinters either. so big step up, like we try our best
and see where it goes coming up the first BUCS nationals
representing Anglia Ruskin, medic student Sophie made the final of the 3000 meters it’s
been really good it was really good meeting up with everyone come on the
chance that campus didn’t get to see how much the Cambridge people so it’s really
good to bond and see everyone and like swimming and then the mascot race and
yeah going to share with tenure and yeah it’s been brilliant there were two heats
and it was first four in each heat and then four fastest losses so all I had to
do was come in the top four so I did that and that was my whole mission so I
tucked behind the two leaders who were taking it out and then I just picked
them on the lines because I felt like I wanted to stretch my legs out of that so
it’s more of already because I didn’t think I would make it so it’s good to
get to the final job done it’s really good to have right all the other people
from the different events like comment cheer me on rich has been a really big
help he looked hard for me like yesterday just before the race and he’ll
decoff me afterwards so he’s been doing a really good job see some of the
students are in their first year of study we look forward to them returning
to Bucks Nationals in 2020 it was a great experience like we came with all
the team and other sports and it was pretty fun and I was a bit nervous
before the competition because you know people has expectations and you put a
lot of pressure in yourself but it’s fine I had a really great time in the
summer I don’t have like really high expectations but for the next year’s I
really want to have at least a medal or something like this I will work hard to
get it

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