Build a Gazebo : Designing a Gazebo Base

Hi! Welcome back to Expert Village. My name
is Charlies Folkman and today we are going to continue building our gazebo. Now the next
step in designing our gazebo is the structural layout of the beams. This is the underside
of our bottom platform. Now what we are going to want to do is we are going to want to put
our 2 x 4’s on a 2 foot layout so we will just go ahead and start over here in the left
hand corner. We will have a 2 x 4 right here, come over 2 feet and we will have one right
there, come over 2 more feet and we’ll have one right there, 2 more feet and we’ll have
one there. One thing I did forget to mention is this orange line does represent the 2 x
4 that is connected in this piece and this piece together. Now for structural purposes,
we are going to go ahead and add a center beam in here. Find the center; we will have
one here, here, here and here. Now this should give us plenty of structural support but for
cosmetic purposes what we are going to want to do is go ahead and add in 2 x 4’s throughout
the whole perimeter. So we will go ahead and have one here, one up here and notice that
this is left back just a little bit for the space of that 2 x 4. One here, here, here
and here. It does seem excessive for such a small area but you want this to last and
you don’t want this to bow down in the middle so this will make sure it has the support
and structure that it needs.

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