Build a Gazebo : Finding Gazebo Designs

Hi! My name is Charlie Folkman with Expert
Village and today we are building a gazebo. One of the best ways to gather ideas about
building your gazebo is the Internet. There are numerous resources including pictures
and designs and places to buy your materials. If you don’t have access to the Internet,
your local library is a great source for ideas. Also, lumber yards and hardware stores usually
have someone on hand that you can consult with. One of the first things to consider
when designing your gazebo is its environment. Is it going to be hot, cold, wet or windy?
All of these things need to be considered in the material and design type. Now that
you have a good idea about what you want your gazebo to look like, it’s time to get on paper.
I find that the larger you draw the easier it is. Be sure to draw it to scale. This will
help you get your angles right, right from get go. The next step is a birds eye view
of the dimensions of the floor and we are going to draw this on draft paper. We want
an octagon shape. Octagon is a stop sign. The easiest way to get the octagon shape is
to draw a square. On this draft, each one of these lines is an inch which will represent
1 foot. We want our octagon or gazebo to be 6 ft. x 6 ft., so we will draw it out 6 feet.
Now the easiest way from this point to get our octagon, is to find the center of each
line on the square which will be here, here, here and here and then we are going to want
to go 1 foot in either direction. Then what we are going to want to do is connect
these points. The points we are going to want to connect is from here to here, there to
there, there to there and this gives us our octagon shape.

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