Build a Gazebo : Installing Gazebo Support Beams: Part 2

Hi! Welcome back to Expert Village. My name
is Charlie Folkman and today we are going to to continue building our gazebo. Now after
this one is going to come our 23 1/4 inch piece which is this. Now how we find the layout
for this is we know that we have 6 foot from this end out to this end and we want it directly
in the middle which is going to be 3 feet, so go ahead and make a pencil mark right here.
Now we know on this side is 2 feet and half of 2 feet is 1 foot. So we go ahead and measure
out 1 foot and give ourself a pencil mark right there. So when you are setting in this
beam, you want the center of the beam to be where the pencil marks are. Now the easiest
way to screw these off instead of having to go underneath this whole thing and put a screw
in is what we call a toenail screw. This is where we take a screw and angle it into the
board like this. The last piece that needs to go in is our
8 inch piece. Now since we already have this line on the 6 foot, we are okay on that side.
What we want to do is line it up on that side and we will screw it in just the same with
the toenail. So if you notice, I have this small piece
right here. The reason for this is after we get our two 8 inch pieces installed, we have
this gap here and it’s just for more structure. Now the easiest way to get this is to set
this in the gap, just a scrap piece of wood and set it in the gap, and go ahead and make
a pencil mark right on the line right there. For your height, take it to your miter saw
and cut it off, stick it in and go ahead and just put at least 2 toenail screws in there.
For me, I like to add 3, one on the other side.

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  1. immortalgraphics

    The last part, with the extra little bit 'for structure'………. Wouldnt it be better to do a housing joint out of one peice of wood?

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