Build a Gazebo : Maintain & Care for a Gazebo

Hi! Welcome back to Expert Village. My name
is Charlie Folkman and today we are going to continue building our gazebo. Okay so now
that we’ve actually had our gazebo built, we are going to go over some proper care and
maintenance. Now on the staining, staining is a major factor in this because the mere
fact besides just the color and the prettiness of the whole thing, it has to do with the
water proofing. It protects it from the rain. What you want to do is probably I would say
twice a year is my recommendation, give it another coat of staining. If your staining
builds up a little too much, then you can sand it down, make sure you wear a respirator
when you do sand it down. You can sand it down and redo it from raw wood. Another idea
is to go ahead and double check all of your screws once in a while, every couple of months.
Just go over it, shake the gazebo a little bit and if it feels loose anywhere, check
the screws. If the screws are coming a little loose due to wind and walking around on it
and vibrations, just go ahead and replace the screws. Since we do have lattice work
on here and say you want to put some vines growing around, you know the whole outer perimeter
of this, it is a good idea to have your lattice work really well coated and water proofed
material. Now the stain that we used to actually stain this is actually a very good water proofing
material. So the easiest ways to stain lattice work since it is pretty intriquette work is
to go ahead and take all the lattice work off and put either on drop cloths or somewhere
where stain won’t damage any building materials or cosmetical things such as a pool deck.
You just get a little hand pump sprayer and you just give it a good coat and let it dry;
say 2 nice coats on there will probably protect it. Plants like to suck moisture out of things
and they will suck moisture out of the wood and rot the wood. The other maintenance is
your floor. Your floors are going to get dirty. You know people with your shoes; they’ll just
get dirty your floors. You know don’t go mopping it with Lysol or anything like that. Those
chemicals can actually mess around with the stain. The best way since it is a water proof
material, just take a hose and spray it off.

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