Build a Gazebo : Make Gazebo Alterations

Hi! Welcome back to Expert Village and my
name is Charlie Folkman. Today we are going to continue building our gazebo. Wow! I’m
sure glad that we are finally done with this gazebo. It looks pretty good to me but you
know if you are standing back here and you are looking at this thing and you are not
actually liking what you are looking at, there are a lot of different configurations you
can do. Take the roof for example, we have a flat roof because personally I like the
flat roof. But you could actually do a pitch roof on here. You know you could shake it,
shingle it and tile it. Whatever you want. Let’s take the color for example, maybe the
stain. Maybe you don’t like the stain. You can get exterior Latex paint and paint this
any color you wish. Then take this lattice work here. If you don’t want the lattice work
on here, they make bamboo blinds. Say if you live in a heavily bug infested area, a good
idea would be bug screens. Those are just basic staple on things. Now let’s talk about
size. We built this just for 2 adults. The reason we did this on graph paper is so that
you can configure this figure or smaller. Say you want to fit a dinner table in here.
Just take those basic graphs that we made and add on to them. Instead of making those
a food, make them 2 foot, 3 foot. They are still all the same design.

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