Build a Privacy Fence : Materials & Fence Height for Privacy Fences

Hi! I’m Mark Sullivan for Expert Village and
today we will show you how to build a privacy fence around your yard. Generally you can
cut these off afterwards, so don’t worry too much about getting the height perfect but
some people do. They really want to get it exactly the right height. You can do that
by digging your hole deeper. Generally the holes need to be about 18 to 24 inches depending
on what part of the country you are in. So the other materials you will need is you will
need one of these. I like to put these every 8 feet apart. So that is about 8 feet from
each hole and then you will put your 2 x 4 posts from each 4 x 4 post that you set into
the ground. You will run 2 x 4 stringers in be tween.

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