Build a trike in your backyard pt1

Hey folks! Great you’re watching again Sometime ago I placed a request on Facebook if one of you had a motorcycle for me and Jorn replied on that too Thanks Jorn! Thanks to you I have this Yamaha overhere Nice! The reason I wanted a motorcycle because it’s becoming summer I see everywhere trikes driving around And these trikes are based on a Volkswagen A Volkswagen Beetle They use the rear end of a beetle The front end of a motorcycle and… I want that too! But I don’t have a VW Beetle But I have this VW Golf I think that fits too! Building a trike is very simple First thing to do; Remove all parts of your motorcycle that don’t look like a trike That’s this Screw! At second thought I might add a roof too This is starting to look like it Weld it together! But before welding it together I will strip down that car need to remove the fueltank Remove the wiring almost done Here’s the wiring harness It went all the way back I’ve disconnected it everywhere Here’s some advice For anyone who wants to build a derby car or convert a car into something else and if you want to reuse the original wiring harness Tools to remove the wiring harness Not this one! Don’t cut any wires Not wise Best way; Unhook it Also important; Disconnect all ground connectors and reconnect to the ground later It’s possible if it won’t run anymore and you forgot one of these.. that might be the cause Pay attention to remove important components too This one is pretty important bip-bip; that’s the computer Some cars also have a fuel pump safety switch Sometimes that’s in the trunk or under the dash If you disconnect that one the engine won’t run anymore Best thing is to by-pass that one Lucky enough we don’t have that trouble now Fuel tank has been removed I removed the fuel lines from the bottom They run toward the engine Let’s store those somewhere overhere That’s attached strong I can almost cut it through half We don’t need that piece of car anymore Fuel tank has been removed Fuel lines are here I need to reconnect them later In the meantime I also have this one; Gear selector Dissassembled it and reconnected it and placed it overthere I have to think where to place it Cut piece out of there Ideal; unhooked the cable Put it to the tunnel And reconnected it overthere I also blinded the rear brakes Look overthere Those lines; Cut, bent upward and welded tight Wiring harness, disconnected and placed there in front That means; No vital parts are running to the back No cables, tubes, nothing Only the exhaust, but we’ll with that one later Let’s start the angle grinder! And that neurotic panting; That’s because of this one Battery is in position It’s not finished yet But it can drive The cable overhere That’s the accelerator Overhere we have The gear selector for the autmotic transmission So I can shift it The fuel tank I wanted to say; it’s in place But that’s not exactly what I had in mind but for now it will work Brake.. yeah present, that’s here we can drive I don’t have a radiator But I don’t need that for a short testdrive Let me see Put it in P Like that That’s connected Hoses are connected The ignition lock is still here Let’s see I think you need to press the brake Seems normal Exhaust is overthere No muffler Well.. there are some points of attention.. The front brake is not enough to stop it like I expected.. But it performs nice wheelies Not bad for a first testdrive It’s by far not finished We need a proper fuel tank Gear shifter should get a better place Ignition switch must go to the front We need a radiator Now it doesn’t cool But! Not bad for a first testdrive! This is a sick machine! Good thing to keep the original engine Otherwise I didn’t have any load on the front wheel Then it wasn’t impossible to corner it I was affraid of that But you could see it; it pulls its front wheel up right away And I haven’t touched the accelerator yet I only shifted forward and reverse That was enough to get it of the ground I think this is going to be a wheelie machine Nice! Hey folks, if you want to stay updated on this project; Watch next time! Let’s finish it and test it better! Hey folks, thanks for watching! See you next time!

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